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  1. excited for cosmos! i hope road rocket is the G2 version. Assuming this will be a red retool/color or Arcee. still have the G2 original and if thats who it is I'm all in for that. depending what the blurr is i really dont care for the others.
  2. the color i wish kingdom was done in. and a missed opportunity for the legacy release.
  3. Can't wait to get blaster and that box art is just awesome. Really wish they had gone more cartoon accurate with galvatron to make it worth a repurchase (I got the wrong shoulders)
  4. this makes me wonder if we will get a cartoon accurate red alert.
  5. cartoon accurate cliffjumper! WTF! why couldnt we get that to begin with? I'll be getting it for that alone. How how about a cartoon accurate wheeljack?
  6. the funny thing is a few of those screen captures from the show have the wings looking purple. Maybe not as dark as the toy, but its at least tinted purple.
  7. I don't see the use of Scourge as a stretch and I've seen a lot of customs made from the titans return mold that work very well. If you compare the 2 characters Scourge shares a lot of similarities. I would honestly prefer a R.E.D. version that is completely G1 accurate since it wouldn't sacrifice his look for a transformation and because he never transformed in the series. If he is retooled so he looks as G1 as possible that would be best. And possibly able to make him transform into the Ark which many have said a gold painted Scourge would resemble, sort of.
  8. I have the light kit and let me tell you its amaz-balls. makes him look so damn good @ $16.99 USD. I also bought the ark and quintesson kit (though not for the quintessons as that set looks stupid installed). These magnet lights are awesome. And that maw kit looks pretty sweet. Might go for that too if its not to expensive. used the light from the quintesson kit in my mini 3d printed matrix (intended for robosen prime if i can figure that out)
  9. I was initially going to say "wtf more peg warmers?", but then i thought about how these might actually be neat for the bases and such. Then i saw that starscream head and said "wtf, that white head looks like crap". Now i kind of feel like going back to "wtf more peg warmers"
  10. that blaster looks so good. and eject has elbows!!!!!! i bet thats what the new rumble for SS86 is going to be. exactly that. kinda sucks for those that already have frumble, but I'll take some better cassettes.
  11. I'd argue that hes like one of the fans with how he presents himself. Do I like the over excited hosts they get on their streams? no. they just seem fake. But at least John Warden seemed to have some excitement over the product he was showing like he was proud of it. And I won't diss the fact that they are at least attempting to show off more product instead of saving everything for the "main events", but the Transformers fans first are always so small compared to the other brands. I mean, at least show the stuff that's been leaked. All you see on a Transformers stream is everyone saying "thats it?" and "wheres this or that?" Hell they could have at least shown an updated real model of victory saber. I guess all im saying is dont hype everyone up and have everyone expect something big, like they did with 1027, and have it be for one figure and some brown boxes. I felt i wasted my time for nothing. I thought we were going to get BIG news and we got a repaint of a lesser known figure.
  12. and yet we cant get a good G1 colored optimus prime (white crotch/thighs, full red arms, full blue lower legs, full yellow and blue on the crotch). 35th anniversary did it, though i wasnt a fan of the cell shade. This is just a higher price tag for more "battle damage". Didnt need it or want it on the original toy and wont pay twice as much for more!
  13. Another lame Transformers panel. Can they get a product person that is actually excited about the product they are revealing? that guy just looks like he'd rather take a nap. No energy, no excitement. Its sad really. Every other brand has something special. I mean come on, they could have at least revealed any of the crap thats already been leaked on youtube.
  14. I'm sorry but with Bay having any sort of influence in the franchise I don't feel that these movies are going to learn from Bumblebee. Maybe he wont have any influence, but if he's there..... I was not a fan of the bayverse. The lack of color in the character models, the sexual innuendos, not enough focus on the bots, it just didnt do it for me. bumblebee fixed most of that. mirage as a porche? it just doesnt feel right. Just makes me feel like someone is swimming in the bay sauce. can i get a movie based on the first 5 minutes of bumblebee? please? I'd watch that....more than once. thats the movie I think we want. All bots, familiar character art, kick ass action. throw in an 80's rock theme and BAM, 1986 brought to life. hell, can we just get 1986 remade into live action with maybe some updated story?
  15. well, at this rate transformers shelves will be full this season. Not of figures anyone wants. But full none the less. thank goodness for these and cyberverse crap changers for keeping those shelves warm this cold holiday season!
  16. i guarantee you we get to 20k at this point. I didnt think it was going to happen, but we dont know how many Japan orders havent been calculated and i really do not think HasTak is going to let this fail. Unicron was in the same boat. It looked like it wasnt going to succeed and then all of a sudden it did. And later there were left over orders that came up on BBTS for a stupid doubled price.
  17. i doubt it comes with a trailer too. but I know HasTak likes to keep things secret until fully revealed. So i think its still possible. That would be the only way $75 would be fair. Personally i wont get it for that price unless it did come with a trailer with a combined mode. I'm surprised a diaclone version hasnt already been annouced as much as they reuse this particular mold. but Hasbro is known for its missed opportunities.
  18. Wanted to make my Siege Megatron more G1. I designed a new barrel with a swivel hinge to be pegged into his back for the G1 look and can be pegged in the fusion canon in alt mode. I also wanted to go full G1 and make his silencer and stock. Obviously the stock cant be used like it did for a gun, so i took some liberties of updating it. In tank mode the silencer still attaches to the new barrel just like it does on the gun. This gives him a HUGE canon for tank mode. The stock breaks down into a radar/sensor turret that pegs into his hand for lack of another port. In robot mode the silencer and stock can combine to do the fusion canon turret thing like the MP and G1 toy. When not in this mode the stock and silencer can be broken down to weaponize Megatron in just about anyway you can imagine. Some configurations you can achieve are chainsaw single arm blade scissor arm blade dual wielded arm blades small guns/canons shoulder canons fusion canon additions many different canon modes I've shown off many different ways the stock and silencer can be broken down and combined. The possibilities are plentiful! And because you cant have Siege without blast effects, all of the parts feature a 5mm port or 3mm peg to attach blast effects giving you a reason to arm Megatron to the teeth. I think this captures the effect of what Siege was all about while giving Megatron back the parts he was missing from his G1 counterpart. I plan on doing a similar kit for Earthrise Megatron as well. Currently I do not have these files available but I may post them on cults 3D for a small price.
  19. not going to lie, i kinda like it. I might be in the minority here, but i like it. i really really hope they retool the trailer part so it looks different than magnus and give him a kick ass combined mode. Even if it was like a fake powermaster prime, a homage to something else or something completely original.
  20. yay more peg warmers! all target has is pegs of megatron and/or optimus. sigh.
  21. 86 Arcee? oh man, I surely hope thats not earthrise Arcee with a "premium" paint job.
  22. dubbing the Victory series would be awesome. oh how sweet it would be if they dubbed all 3 japanese series. I absolutely hate trying to watch the show while reading what is being said. Totally ruins the experience when you cant really watch the show because you are reading text.
  23. I hope the count doesn't include non-pulse orders. To be honest I'm surprised this is puttering along like it is. I expected this to be funded in a few days. It's big, its way cheaper than unicron and its a figure a lot of people have been clamoring about. Yet we haven't even made it to the funded goal and there is no way we are going to make the top tier. Hasbro needs to show some color photos, even if they are digitial renders, tell us what all tier unlocks are and do some friggin marketing! the fans first reveals for transformers are so damn terrible. the guy with the beard looks like he wants to take a nap rather than show off new content and the reveals are so lame compared to GI joe and Marvel legends. These guys really need to get off their asses and show this franchise some love and get the excitement going.
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