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  1. Beautiful bot mode for this Legacy Blitzwing. But that tank mode and now the jet mode is really bothering me. The tank is almost perfect. I guess I won't transform him that much and TR blitzwing will serve for the alt modes.
  2. Looks great! Are the laser/energy fists his accessories? I hope the tank mode is mistransformed, that cone/head sticking out is bugging me a lot. It disrupts an otherwise excellent looking figure and toy.
  3. So...this figure is kind of cool, for diaclone fans. But what is it going to take to get Ironhide and prowl re-released? Could we get them as buzzworthy figures? Hasbro could recolor the windshield and change the color of the upper legs like they are doing with Buzzworthy cliffjumper. It seems to me that if Hasbro is going to keep reusing molds, they might as well 1) re-release figures that are/were exclusives and did not have enough units to satisfy the community (they can use the same seller as before if they want) or 2) redeco the figure and re-release them. I guess I just really want earthrise prowl and ironhide but don't want to pay the current ebay rate. Or I suppose we could see new versions in Legacy, but they will probably not be G1 earth modes.
  4. That is a good thought. It does make sense to update Menasor because he did have a lot of issues as a combiner. And when I look at the combiners I do own (bruticus, Abominus, POTP starscream, devastator) I don't think they need updates right now. Though for some reason I feel bruticus is the weaker of the ones I own and would be intrigued to see a new onslaught. Commander class is also a good way to go with combiner core figures. They can pack in blast effects, combiner accessories like hands and feet, and do the tooling necessary to make them great. Another question is whether the figure will have a new combiner joint system/attach system or not? On a different note, I want more Armada! Starscream is a good start.
  5. wow, what a list! So, we are getting new combiners it looks like. On the one hand, I am excited because I did not get motormaster and only have two of the CW stunticons. On the other hand, does this mean I will be replacing my bruticus in the coming years? And is commander class really where that character should be? Perhaps motormaster will be like Rodimus prime where the figure is smaller but has the extra detailing and tooling necessary to pull off everything they are supposed to do. It will be very interesting to see how Hasbro updates the combiner feature, if they do in fact combine (and why wouldn't they?). I think that is the biggest reveal for me. I think I like the direction legacy is going of pulling from all years of Transformers. I just hope it does not lose the cohesiveness of previous years. War for cybertron started great and while it was bogged down with exclusives that were very hard to get, I enjoyed the design decisions that were made. I think it is time for transformers to get a dedicated collector line like the other series; the movie figures will likely fill in the general releases. I hope it stays strong for years to come.
  6. This is so great! Nostalgia does make a difference when producing new content that relies on the original material. This made my day and gets me hyped to look for some of these more hard to find figures.
  7. in the alt mode picture, could that be tigatron in the background? I like the look of this figure. I do not have cheetor, so I do not know the mold issues. The feet do look a little odd. Too bad he is an exclusive though. We shall see how hard he is to get at msrp.
  8. 80 dollars for a more articulated voyager figure with a trailer. Hmmm. Really wish we would get a commander decepticon, though I am not sure who they could do ... unicron trilogy scorponok? Wishlisting there but mostly because earthrise scorponok is too big for my collection and kingdom scorponok disappoints me as being a little too small (though I may still get him). Oh well, most of the figures so far are amazing, so skipping some helps me focus on who I want to collect.
  9. Why is he an exclusive? Did hasbro decide not to do another official wave and just make everything unreleased for earthrise exclusives? The two-pack from Amazon was hard enough to get, but with more than half of Earthrise being exclusives they are making it very hard to get some of the mainstream figures. I am glad they are releasing more, and more versions but I wish distribution was better. They could at least share exclusives on hasbro pulse so buyers have two options instead of one.
  10. This is encouraging, no ball point joints! Warpath is also exciting to see; wonder what the story will be to have modern earth vehicles and dinosaurs/animals. maybe time travel like in that one G1 episode...
  11. I am a bit surprised by the return to ball point joints after both siege and earthrise have provided toys with top quality articulation and long term stability with the pin and lever joints (or however you would describe them). Interestingly, it was the introduction of the ball point joints which allowed Hasbro to make the original beast wars toys beast mode/robot modes work and be similar to the on screen characters. I wonder if the other beast bots will get similar treatment? Of these three, the generations one jumps out as the better figure.
  12. Coneheads at last (had to comment as I have been wishlisting them here for years it feels like!) They all look good, even the maverick figure. Cyclonus alt mode looks so sleek, though my second look at his robot's shoulders remind me of the universe/classics version I already have (shoulder articulation is somewhat limited). So hopefully better articulation than the picture shows. Also, I did not like earthrise megatron's digital renders (too similar to siege) but the in package photo intrigues me...
  13. They are up on Hasbro pulse now pre-order, pulse members only this weekend plus a 4 pack of redecos for the spy patrol, read the description, fans get to pick which is rumble or frenzy, red or blue, lol!
  14. Some thoughts: Megatron: missed opportunity! He is siege Megs with new parts, color placement, tooling, and head. I was hoping for a different alt mode at least; jet maybe or homage to Armada/Energon. Too bad. If his articulation was better than siege, I would upgrade. Doubledealer: a little hollow on the legs but nice overall. I am glad they seem to be steering away from a blitzwing pre-mold; not sure if we'll get WFC blitzwing now. All the base mode bots look swell and I dig the two headed battlemaster; the battlemasters are awesome for the effects parts alone. Scorponok, I really wanted to pass on him because I don't have space for titans but he looks so good! Can't wait to see more pics of all of these. I hope earthrise brings us forward in transformers; the decrease in articulation on some of these is a bit of a let-down
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