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  1. Thanks again to FP! Theyre the BEST! Protector is nice. A great update to Classics Rodimus... I pulled the face plate down just a enough to see some silver above the blue eyes. It "hides" Rods chin just a bit... But it dosnt bother me one bit. The silver chin just looks like a silver neck to me... I'm more bothered by the arms and shoulder articulation. Its kinda tight up there! I almost wish I could pull out Rods arms a half inch more. On the two side slides... Legs barely clip in but they sure hold on tight. Its amazing! Gun is cool. But I have to position Rods original on its side to fit Protectors fists and forearm... I dont care for the base. Its nice, just not my style... Score: 8 / 10
  2. Thanks for the update! Truck mode looks nice. Simple and clean... Painted rims would make it perfect! The Mechtech ports look fine... Not to obtrusive and nicely positioned for fun. The bot mode has potential. A variation on the movie 1 and 2 voyagers. This is a voyager, right? Missing alot of paint apps. Hasbro never seesm to get it right the first time... How many times have we done this? Just give us a premium. We'll buy it if it looks good... Head is perfect. Better than Jungle Attack / Recon IH ??? Here we go again with the mismatched grey plastic again... Uhg! Why? And whats up with his chest grill? I see a ball jointed piece of bumper and blinker on his cannon arm?
  3. Battleblade BB is the nicest DELUXE BB. But that little guy owes it all to Human Alliance (Voyager) BB... My HA BB has two Battleblade blaster plugged into the forearms and the leg mod...
  4. Yea, QC totally dropped the ball on that one... I'm kinda partial to my Energon Baricade as the "Onslaught" of my FP Xfire 2 C3 Bruticus... I like the colors. Kinda reminds me of the G1 coloring...
  5. HA Bumblebee Has anyfan noticed you can unscrew the forearms of the new deluxe Battle Blade Bumblebee and use both the ax and blaster (or two blasters) on the HA figure? The notched peg fits perfectly! Who needs those crumby seats, I've got dual blasters!
  6. Sgt York, Sorry, the car modes may not be spectacular. Wrong adjective... But the two that I have are darn nice... Silver Convoy looks nice and Skywarp, too. It's nice to see painted tail pipes, radio antennas, disc brakes and the tinyest Nissan logo you'll ever see. I really WANT to love this line, but it's not quite perfect. Especially for the price.
  7. Hey Veld! It was me! Thanks for your help. TRU Elizabeth had a decent supply of movie deluxes, Voyagers and exclusive Universe Ultras on the shelf. Discounted 3 pack sets and buy one get one 50 % off on all TFs! Great deal! One new Leader Starscream left (which I already got from TRU.com) and 2 pegs full of PCC. (Dont bother with them.) There was one new Jetstorm which made me think. The pegs are overstocked with movie figs. If there is new product on the pegs, where is the rest of it? So I went to customer service and had them look up the stock in the back. TONS of new figs came up boxed in the back warehouse. Also check the video game isle. There were Generations figures on two shelves. I guess because of the War for Cybertron game... But I took a few Drifts and BB's and stocked them in the TF isle for ya's... Picked up Drift (who was kinda disappointing), and a BB Bumblebee.
  8. Good questions. Even though this line replaced the Binaltech line, it's still worth a second look. All the car modes are spectacular and the tires are all rubber. They included die cast metal so these figs have a little heft to them and are well designed, too. After all the fan reviews and prototype pics, I bought Silver Convoy and Skywarp so far... Convoy is packed with great details. The paint apps are nice and simple. I didnt like the red because I like Prime as a truck. So to me the silver version is Jazz. Or a character other than Prime... The legs are thick and has strong ratcheting hips. Hands are ball jointed with nice wrist mounted lasers. Could use a little more silver paint on the black arms and hands, though... Head is awesome with blue chrome eyes! The die cast is mainly on the figure's "spine". The only major design flaw is the way the doors are mounted on the shoulders. Every time you rotate the arm, the doors will move with the shoulder. So the whole "winged doors on the back" fails miserabley. You kinda have to pose him with his shoulders in the same position, unless you like an asemetrical bot... I bought the silver version before the black version was announced... Black looks nice... Megatron looked OK. The dual swords. The samurai armor. The bucket head. Everything looks right. But look at his lower legs. They are both hollow and bow out forward. I think they look terrible for the fearless tyrant. I passed on the silver, blue and black versions. Black and orange would have been my pick. Bumblebee looks OK. Twin hand guns mounted on the legs was a sweet touch! But the pot belly really turned me off. I dont mind a little chunkyness, but this figure looks very fat. So I passed. Of special note, though. Most fans believe the red paint job on Cliffjumper to be outstanding and shiney. So if you like the red paint, go for Cliff instead... And last is Skywarp. Simliar to Convoy only that he is almost perfect. The wings and hip kibble really bring the figure down. Dont get me wrong, I think this mold is second to Convoy. The head is much better than Starscream. Starscream's eyes are kinda bug-eyed. I thought the next repaint would certainly be Waspinator with that head! Ha! The arms have tons of joints and swivels for sweet null ray action. The legs are long and have little wings inside the shin. A nice nod to the jet fighter alt modes of G1. The car can deploy the little back wings kinda like Tracks. Nice! The lavender paint apps are a little gay. And sparce, too. As his primary color is a DEEP purple with lots of black. I would have liked a little more silver paint... Now Thundercracker looks to be the third product of this mold and looks to be even better. As the blue dosnt look to be quite as dark as the purple and will be a nice contrast... I tend to pose Skywarp with his hip doors directed up to mesh and cover the hood / trunk wings... Please check the fan pics and make an educated decesion on these figs. They are expensive... My picks: Silver Convoy Black Megatron Cliffjumper Thundercracker Check it!
  9. Amethyst Ed

    Cancled TFA Megatron

    Dear Hasbro, I WOULD BUY THIS! Thank you.
  10. Next to Masterpiece (please dont break because I spent a hundred bucks) Megatron, my vote is with Alternators Wheeljack. I'm still hunting for Alt Grimlock... The Alternators are IMO one of the BEST Transformers ever produced. Here's hoping the Human Alliance figs keep coming from the third movie...
  11. Yep. TRU.com is the place to beat. 3 days free shipping (if over 50 bucks). Picked up Leader Starscream, Powercore Smolder and Huffer for half price. You just cant beat it... Thanks for the heads up TFans! PS: Leader Starscream is AWESOME! You guys are gonna love this fig!
  12. I found a way to pose the doors to "add" to the wings...
  13. Alternity Skywarp from BBTS.com Nice figure. Less Diecast than convoy... Nice paintjob. Simple and not alot of color patterns. I still think he could use a few drops of yellow. The deep purple is awesome and the lavender is kinda gay. But they didint use alot, so I'm OK with it. There is a little silver, too. Car mode is freakishly awesome. Kinda reminds me of a manta ray crossed with a car... Nice touch to flip out the back wings for flight mode... A Tracks repaint would be perfect! Bot mode is a mixed bag. Nice proportions. Though at times kinda lean and beanpolish. Head is awesome! Very seeker. Very Decepticon! TONS of articulation in the arms and legs. Balljointed feet and semi ratcheting hips make the fig very stable. The arms are super balljointed and swiveled which is nice if not overdone... Fists are ball jointed too. I found a way to convert side kibble into wings! Check the pic! Just swivel the dooors back and up to pose into back wings! They kinda hide the assemetrical hood / trunk wings. 7 out of 10
  14. Pic 1 Great new fig. Thanks to Hasbro, TRU.com and TFans for the report. Ed
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