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  1. Yep. TRU.com is the place to beat. 3 days free shipping (if over 50 bucks). Picked up Leader Starscream, Powercore Smolder and Huffer for half price. You just cant beat it... Thanks for the heads up TFans! PS: Leader Starscream is AWESOME! You guys are gonna love this fig!
  2. I found a way to pose the doors to "add" to the wings...
  3. Alternity Skywarp from BBTS.com Nice figure. Less Diecast than convoy... Nice paintjob. Simple and not alot of color patterns. I still think he could use a few drops of yellow. The deep purple is awesome and the lavender is kinda gay. But they didint use alot, so I'm OK with it. There is a little silver, too. Car mode is freakishly awesome. Kinda reminds me of a manta ray crossed with a car... Nice touch to flip out the back wings for flight mode... A Tracks repaint would be perfect! Bot mode is a mixed bag. Nice proportions. Though at times kinda lean and beanpolish. Head is awesome! Very seeker. Very Decepticon! TONS of articulation in the arms and legs. Balljointed feet and semi ratcheting hips make the fig very stable. The arms are super balljointed and swiveled which is nice if not overdone... Fists are ball jointed too. I found a way to convert side kibble into wings! Check the pic! Just swivel the dooors back and up to pose into back wings! They kinda hide the assemetrical hood / trunk wings. 7 out of 10
  4. Pic 1 Great new fig. Thanks to Hasbro, TRU.com and TFans for the report. Ed
  5. RE: Generations Cyb BB and Optimus I gotta say the plastic on both are very nice. Optimus has little shimmery specs (similar to Animated Arcee) in the red and BB has a kinda pearlescent yellow. They are both great new figures. And take a look at Optimus back (under the kibble plate). Is that a "pre" Autobot symbol? I am already thinking of modding Optimus back kibble... And BBs hands... Bumblebee is near perfect, though... Nice job Hasbro! If this is the future of TFs, I'll support it. Ed
  6. Just received both Cybertronian Optimus and Bumblebee from the Generations line. Thanks to the news boards I bought them from TRU.com per the headline from last week... Wow! Optimus is VERY intricate to convert and full of amazing details. This figure is very good. My ONLY complaint is he is way to small. The fig would be AWESOME if it were Voayager sized. Didnt Hasbro learn from Classics Prime? Bumblebee is not as complex as Optimus, but I think he's better. What an AWESOME BB figure. One of my new favorites! Exellent paint apps and packed with details. Car mode is OK. But bot mode is excellent. A very articulated toy. I recommend both. As I was reveiwing the instructions (as I keep them with every card back) I noticed something on BBs. Look at the head. It looks alot like Cliffjumper. And not at all like BB. Are we getting a repaint? I'll buy one as this figure is simply great. Now if they could only upsize Optimus... Ed
  7. Yea, I just picked up Animated Arcee, too. Nice figure. I have to immediatly give her points just for being the first (non-repaint) Arcce mold. Ever... The Pink plastic has nice little shimmer speckles in it and the brown paint (which we saw on the original prototypes) has been replaced with black paint (thank goodness). The brown was terrible... The car mode is OK and the detachable white spoilers are kinda lame. I've already tossed them in my "bag o parts". Hasbro even took the time to paint them with a splash of silver... I agree about making them more functional. Pistols would have been grand... I feel the front of the car (lower legs) could use some white paint above the tires. To match the car rear... The Hands are very brittle on mine, too. And the thumb looks like it will eventually crack off. So a word of warning. NEVER "snap" anything into your Arcee's hands. Always slide up from the bottom or slide in from the top. The swords are pretty sweet. But I snapped mine in and I regret it. I think I made her hands more stressed by the "snap". Sliding the swords in will be easier for the plastic... The bot mode (which we all bought the figure for) is pretty nice. The chest and waist are good. I dont mind the huge bottomless pockets on her belt. It adds to the hips. Lots of ball joints to go around. And my swords snap into the back very tightly. The swords have a nub on the hilt witch snaps into the backpack. The head sculpt is nice. But she has no lipstick and the back of her head is kinda transparent blue. I would have liked a little more white. Yea, the lower legs could have been "filled in" more. But I guess we should be happy with the little folding cover above the foot. And the backpack could have been jointed a little better. I almost feel this figure was kinda rushed. But I still appriciate an Arcee. However flawed she may be. Score: 8 / 10
  8. Had a great weekend with 3 new figures. 2 of them were on sale at Target! ROTF Mindwipe ROTF Lockdown and ROTF HA(D) Barricade Wow. Some nice details and sculpting on these new movie figures... (as always) Barricade is nice. So many sweet details and an awsome car mode. Robot mode needs a little modding, but overall he is nice. Above Sideswipe yet below Bumblebee. It's hard to beat HA BB... I'm trying to mod his silly blade hand into a gun. Still trying to figure it out... Mindwipe is OK. Very evil looking. Awesome head! Articulation could be a little better and the wing gimmick is kinda lame. But he has all the basics for a good voyager class Decepticon. The feet are a little unstable, but I use doll stands on my flying figures. And the hands are kinda offset with the dagger feature... I also dont pull out his lower legs from the jet. it reduces the skinny ankle syndrome... Lockdown is a mixed bag. The amount of sculpting and design in this $9.99 deluxe class figure is simply amazing. I appriciate every detail and every paint application. But the arm kibble is the ONLY flaw on this figure. He is SO ripe to be modded. If anyone can mod his car parts into armor or wings, let me know. I'm thinking of using a rotary saw and cutting up the kibble to be more symetrical... This is one figure all TF fans has to see to beleive. For ten bucks, you cant go wrong... Wait till you see the triple jointed neck! The long deluxe legs. And the head sculpt... Ed
  9. ROTF Deluxe Soundwave is one of the worst figures of the line. There is alot of crap in the line and Soundwave was one of the first little nuggets... The Meeting at Nemesis blue paint job helped polish the design. But IMO, he's a still a shiney G1y goodness piece of crap... The arms are terrible to pose. My legs keeping popping off at the ball joint. And they cant support the wieght of that pointless winged backpack (which I cant see a decent configuration for)... Buy Sideswipe. Or Bludgeon (the Metallikato repaint). Those are excellent deluxe figures...
  10. ROTF: Human Alliance Skids. PROS: Outstanding car mode. 9 / 10 Very detailed and well painted. Sweet forearm mounted cannon in bot mode. Great amount of posability and articulation. Double jointed knees FTW. There is a waist, but very limited by back kibble... Nice use of a "hook and cover" back kibble, too. Hasbo: Thanks for matching his green plastic, this time. Yea, it's one shade of green and that's how I like it... CONS: Decent robot mode. 7 / 10 (extra points for the insane amount of little details) Arms are a little long with giant "palms up" hands. WTF? I like fists on my battling robots... Legs are small, but fine... Head is horrible and sits in his chest? Gold tooth and all... Very small compared to HA Bumblebee. Just a tad taller than the Deluxe for $20 bucks less... Yes, my wallet is crying... SCORE: 6 / 10 Anyfan have a "hand mod" or "head swap" for this figure?
  11. Yea, Landfill is cool. But (Target Exclusive) Universe Devastator is MUCH cooler!
  12. Here's my Leader Prime... I just added some silver painto him. I'm far from a pro. Or even kitbasher, but I do like my metallic paint pens... Added paint to the following areas: Head: Silver around the eyes (like TFTM 07 Robovision Prime) Neck. 2 red sections... Chest: Windows have silver rearview mirrors and the bottom half of the blue is added. Also added Windshield wiper blades. Back panels. Added a few silver highlights to the amazing circuitry on his back. I'll take more pics later with more paint apps...
  13. Hasbro could learn a thing from these Road Bots... This guy is HUGE and for under $20 bucks?
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