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  1. Very cool. That $150 price point is shocking. This thing will be sold out immediately and then pop up all over the webs with hyper inflated price tags.
  2. So awesome looking! I take it there are no pictures of Superion yet?
  3. Breaker

    Pacific Rim

    I've never seen that show but I'm with you. I think before Transformers a big budget movie in this style would've never made it. Regardless of it's influences I think it'll be a lot of fun to watch.
  4. Breaker

    Pacific Rim

    Looks like a movie that could be a lot of fun. Robots (aside from the NFL's Cleatus lookalike) look cool. Makes me wonder what the Bay movies would like like if the robots weren't so complex. Granted their aliens and these are man-made, but still. Also love that Del Torro put GLaDoS in the film. With some slight alterations this movie could've been Voltron. Those monsters could easily be robeasts.Or Power Rangers I guess... if your into that.
  5. She'll never see this but happy birthday to my mom! Without whom I would never know the joys of TFs, TMNT, Joes, etc

  6. Breaker

    Omega Supreme

    I always thought a JOE crossover making Omega the Terrordrome would be sweet. Hey Prime was a HISStank wasn't he? EDIT: Actually I just thought of something. I'd rather have him as the Terrordome from the original TMNT cartoon :D
  7. I would include some scenes that would actually show us what happened to some characters that go missing after the movie like Mirage and Shockwave, but nothing that would change the story or any other scene. Probably just additional fight scenes to make the battle at Autobot city longer and more epic. I might even throw in a few scenes to shed some additional light on the origins of new characters like Hot Rod and Kup.
  8. No more TFs for me. I think I'm doing pretty good cold turkey. Except MP Soundwave calls me...

  9. How about having some revenge in ROTF? Bay took the badass Decepticons in the first movie and transformed them into pussies. You don't feel like the heroes are in danger when they are capable of slaughtering like 30 dudes untouched. Was the Fallen's revenge supposed to be Prime's death? Freaking weak. How about a movie that sympathizes with the Decepticons as they struggle to free themselves of the murderous Autobots? DOTM just made it worse. Decepticons may have been cruel and vicious, but they are god damn weak as hell. Megatron was made weak. The Fallen was uber weak. Starscream was weak. Everybody except Bonecrusher died like a bitch. Blackout: shot in the groin=bitch Brawl: killed by humans=bitch Megatron: killed by a human/executed like a=bitch Jetfire: committed suicide=bitch Ravage: fatality=bitch Rampage: bitch kicked to the back of the head=bitch Devastator: killed by offscreen humans=bitch Demolishor: executed like a punk/like a=bitch Sideways: murdered while running away=bitch Soundwave: failed trying to execute someone who was on their knees with their back turned=bitch etc
  10. Would anyone like it more if it's name was Hun-Grr instead of Predaking? Seems to me you people want more homage to go with the name. Let it go. It sucks by the way but NOT because his name is Predaking (or that hes not Predaking enough).
  11. Love the Dragonfly. Wouldn't mind starting to collect these Arms Microns.
  12. Michael Bay's production company is down the street here. Don't know what they're filming but there are a lot of special effects people.

    1. puma


      Hurricane Katrina...The Movie!

    2. Breaker


      Actually its Homefront

  13. Ugh. Must. Survive. Black Friday prep. At a retail store... *gunshot*

  14. .....and then he was resurrected by Magmatron in issue 2 of Beast Wars: the Gathering.... .....or in Binaltech when he was resurrected in an Alternate timeline from the aforementioned comicbook. Comic books dont hold the same weight a show does. Its not the same. Honestly, I don't give a crap about the comics. That moment was still great. And hey, Optimus came back a zillion times and his death still gets to be an iconic moment. Even Dinobot (sorta) came back.
  15. Really? How long has people on this board mentioned merging or doing away with one of those threads and now it's noticed? Yeesh.
  16. I blame distribution, price hikes and Aaron Archer.
  17. I check it weekly for the QBs on Facebook. That trash talking is pretty funny.
  18. Jason Statham is awesome on film but he's kind of a dick in person. He was at the store the other day with his silverback body guard and let me paint this picture: Employee: "Anything I can help you find today sir?" Statham: "......." *looks at him like he's retarded for asking a question, walks away*
  19. At least Animated appearing on the Hub is a step in the right direction.
  20. Breaker

    Omega Supreme

    I thought Animated Omega was badass. And I thought WFC alt mode was terrible. It just looked bad while it was chasing you around. At least Animated Omega looked like something in alt mode, not just a robot on it's belly with all it's limbs facing one direction.
  21. I agree with everything you said. The death of Optimus Prime in the 86 movie and Code of Hero are the best. I would also like to point out Ravage's death in BW. A life millions of years long dedicated to his faction led to him standing up and accepting his inevitable doom with a proud phrase, "Decepticons Forever!" That hit home.
  22. I'm 27 so I vaguely remember G1 reruns/vhs tapes but Beast Wars was prominent growing up. With the writing and CGI, Beast Wars was/is my favorite series. Transmutate is an incredible episode, but nothing stands up to Code of Hero. Transmutate was great because we really got to see Rampage develop as something more then a rage monster. Code of Hero was the best because it sent off a beloved character in a epically appropriate way. Even though Dinobot died, you didn't feel jipped (at least not until Dinobot 2 showed up) deep down under the sadness at seeing him go there was a great sense of satisfaction. Being able to effect me as a kid in such a way with fiction hooked me. Not like in Prime where all the hype around Cliffjumper was brought crashing down into a zombie oblivion straight off the bat.
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