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Optimus vs Rodimus vs ... ?


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Ok, so this is kind of a multi-part topic. A couple of weeks ago I got done rewatching the entire G1 series, start to finish.


My first thought was this (and I'm sure the hate will flow but ... lol): Why the hell is Rodimus so popular?!? He's a cry baby who can never make up his mind if he wants to lead let alone whether he CAN lead. I liked Hot Rod, but once he became Rodimus, he was such a disappointment.


My second thought was a spin from the first one. We all know Optimus, but when/if he dies who SHOULD become leader based on capability alone? (Ignoring ranks, and which universe it fits into but trying to keep within the same time, such as not counting Alpha Trion, or previous Primes, etc.) Ultra Magnus had a shot, and probably could've done a decent job given time. I think he would've grown into it just like Optimus did, despite not actually wanting to lead at first. In the Ongoing comic series, Bumblebee is being pushed as the leader (given his movie popularity with kids, it makes sense even though I'm sure most of us agree it's pretty weak haha). I see Ironhide being a popular choice, but he's not without leadership flaws that could potentially put the team at risk.


So what's everyone's thoughts? :D

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I have always felt, from a story telling standpoint only, that Bumblebee was the one that should become the next Prime. The young scout, the one always connected to the main human character, going through the pains of war to become a trusted warrior, and soon becoming leader of the Autobots. Its similar to Optimus, who started out as the most unlikely Prime candidate, and grew to become the greatest of Autobots.


Bring on Bombus Prime.

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Maybe it's because there aren't any winnebago's where I live, but I always considered Rodimus his altmode to be a futuristic truck. Optimus was an 80's truck in the 80's and ROdimus became Prime in the future and therefor IMO transformed into a futuristic truck. (Besides, his altmode doesn't have windows on the side and those motorhomes do :P.)




Rodimus Prime was just so extemely poor written. He's actually a lot like BW Primal or Animated Optimus: a great talent for leadership without experience but suddenly thrust into a the role of leader. Only those two were well written and RP just wasn't.


Add to this that Rodimus was made to play second violin throughout the whole season (unlike Optimus he wasn't even center stage during the opening credits) with capable officers at his side who could take over. Compltely different from the situation Optimus was in during s1 and 2: none of the other Autobots could've taken over as leader because none had the combination of strength, strategic insight, charisma, etc...etc... to not only lead the autobots but also to fight the Decepticon leaders and see through the Decepticon plans (such as they were in the cartoon). But during season 3...well, Ultra Magnus was clearly also capable of the task, but he just didn't want to. While poor Rodimus was capable but stuck in meetings because the was was now more galactic.

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Rodimus was popular because he was a hot rod Winnebago... nuff said

lmao ... I love the design personally.


But even friends of mine who are into Transformers, when the subject comes up, almost everyone loves Rodimus and his character and personality. I just look at them in bewilderment because I seriously don't see his draw, other then his alt mode is entertaining as hell. As a character and toy, he's fairly solid, but as a personality and leader, I spent more time wanting to slap him and force someone else to take over then I did anything else lol.


Jazz, Prowl, Magnus, or even Kup all would've been better choices imo. I do see your point Mr. Chaos about Bee though. Personality-wise him and Prime are alot alike, I just don't see Bee being the warrior type that would be needed. To me, BB is always a lil too thought out before he acts, whereas Prime was much more balanced. He rushed when needed, but not to the point of risking everyone else, ya know.

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Think of it this way. He was a character that showed potential but wanted the easy life. He was instead thrusted into a leadership role that, while being capable, didn't really want. It was like he was forced to do something he didn't want any part of. Plus you have to admit that his 'shove it' kind of attitude was at least comical. Yes, he sniveled and lamented, but look at why he did. He just wanted to relenquish his responsibility as leader to go back to who he was before.


Not sticking up for him, mind you. I liked his rebellious side but thought he was a douchebag for whining so much :tflaugh

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I don't care what any of you say. Wheelie all the way....



OK I'm fucking about. :lol


On a serious note, I think Perceptor has the right stuff to probably make a good leader, if only he was a bit tougher

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They went the right way with Rodimus Prime in the movie, but when it came to the show, I firmly believe they had every intention of bringing back Optimus before season 3 even aired, so they wrote Rodimus in a way where people could not connect to him like they did with Optimus, thus forcing Rodimus to be delegated to the side and becoming another character in the universe.


Rodimus has so much potential, but people could not let go of Optimus Prime. That Rodimus will never get the treatment he deserves. Instead they insult him with hot crap shot.

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Lmao Blitz ... such a way with words my man. And yeah the "shove it" attitude was fun, and I would've been ok with that from a newly raised leader IF I didn't have to listen to him whine every episode. Hell, Carly had bigger balls and more self confidence than he did most of the time. And you're right, he had tons of potential, but the writing failed him horribly (luckily it wasn't a sign of the entire series).


And nicely put Onslaught. If they would've kept movie Rodimus, it would've been ok, but series Rodimus was just sad. I can't even say forgettable because he's not. He's very well known to me, as a whiner lol.


You know I thought about Perceptor too. He'd be a great leader, except like you said ... not nearly enough combat experience or willingness for that matter, he was too diplomatic and not enough action it seemed. I really think if you could've mixed Perceptor and Ironhide, you would've had an incredible leader.

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