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  1. Brave Liner Dagwon Train Combiner
  2. Recieved this thrid party figures set. PE-11 Scouting force. b(aka Reflector) These figures in my opinion are worth evey cent! The parts that are detachable are not wasted space. They double as storage for the weapons. Even the tripod is one of the figures weapons. The len section stores all three laser rifles. Even the figures themselves can store their knives on their bodies. As you will see for size comparison, they are abit smaller than my original reflector figures. VERY COOL! Highly Recommend! Scored a big haul today from local Walmart! Just put out the DOTM figures! Scored Sentinel Prime, Shockwave, Megatron, and Optimus Prime (w/o trailer version). **Arrivals from mail today include: Primal Prime (Beast Machines version) The red, blue and white colors. Simply a beautiful color toy. This is the color varient Beast Machines should have gone with it in the BW series. Also got Generations: Perceptor, Wheeljack, Tracks and Wreckgar.
  3. I really love these third party transformers companies jumpin on the fan bandwagon! They have been producing neccessary accessories and upgrades for G1 figures and more! I always wondered why my G1 Ironhide and Ratchet did not come with normal robot heads like all the other figures. Without proper heads they looked too much like the GoBots. But little by little thru the years third party companies have kept evolving the head molds for G1 ironhide and Ratchet. It started with the reissues having a paper cut head versions: **Then they got upgraded to a real plastic head mold that attached to a slot on the back of the figures. They also were allowed to fold the head down and allow them to stay attached to transform to vech. mode. **And now the latest upgrade I have find is by a company called GEAR4Toys. Got my set thru BBTS. This upgrade allows the whole figure to look more fuller and what it should have looked like it first came out. It comes with Head attached to a upper chest half attached with more flexible arms. It also comes with hand pistols, an extra light up battery. Yes!!!! One extra cool feature the eyes light up by simply pressing a small button on the back of upgrade. The only two slight down sides are: 1) You have to use the figures original arms and fold them around to the back of the upgrade pieces and them rest up agaist the piece to keep it attached. The upgrade pieces do not snap on or attach to the slots on the figure's back like the earlier head molds did. 2) These upgrade pieces cannot stay attached when transforming to vech modes. Not that big of a deal though. Overall I am extremely pleased with the new improved overall look these upgrades give my G1 figures. I love the light up eye feature and the heads do turn a complete 360 degrees around. I highly recommend these latest upgrades if you want to finally give your G1 Ironhide and Ratchet a more fuller robot look!
  4. Here's my latest haul: I found two Megatron-gun acutal working cigarette lighters. Neither one has a robot mode. The big one lights by pulling the trigger. The smaller one lights up by cocking the hammer. Pull the trigger and it lights up with a laser light!
  5. I won this on Ebay a couple of days ago. It's a colored clear vesion of G1 Prime. Very solid and cool looking. It's like the all clear version one I already have too:
  6. has not set their status

  7. I have a couple of questions about a custom figure i am planning to embark on in a couple of weeks. I want to make my own custom painted Marlboro Wheeljack figure out a junker G1 Wheeljack. The question is: how do I modify the head to look more like the Marlboro head? What would be the steps? Also do you think using Tamyica Mica Blue spray paint would color the windshield and wings the right color? Thanks!
  8. I got my KMC figure yesterday. It does have alot of cool features. But I still like Eric's HOS Prime orginal design better. Besides this company copied his design. And Sabrina...I gotta give her major praise for a excellent paint job on the HOS Prime version. Here's pics of them side by side.
  9. I just recieved my G2 version of Jazz! Love the different stickers! Here's a group pic of my four different varients of G1/G2 Jazz. Question...how many various version are there of G1 Jazz? I'm not talking about pretender Jazz or other Transformers series versions. Just the G1 version mold of G1 Jazz? I've got these four...I don't have the real Diaclone version or the KO version of G1 Jazz. Just curious!
  10. Found another mint Taiwan G1 KO Transformers figure. Diaclone Takara Cassetteman. (G1 Soundwave) It's actually like the real one! Very tight joints and solid. Here's the pics:
  11. Nope its the real deal! It was put out by Takara and it plays Ipod nanos and some MP3's and the sound quality is surprisingly good! The Prime hean is modified and actually resembles more the G1 cartoon prime head and face.
  12. I finally found a Diaclone Devastator..sort of....it is a very good KO version from Taiwan. It looks almost exactly like the real one. Same colors and quality. I've purchased one other Taiwan KO...LioKaiser. The quality of this KO is very solid. In some ways it seems to be more sturdy that the real Hasbro versions. The KO has diecast metal just like the real Hasbro ones. Also...there is one major difference as you will see in the pics. The breast wing plate has a slot to secure it to the body instead of the peg on the Hasbro versions. I like this feature better, b/c it holds more securely and actually helps make the figure more steady. And now...here is a group shot of my green G1 original Hasbro version, my two color Hasbro G2 versions and the Diaclone KO version: **Real Diaclone Devastator pic for comparison: Back to KO Pics: ***Note: Yes I know that the crane truck's legs are not transformed properly, but these figures are like brand new and very tight joints. It would not budge at time of pic. Didn't want to force it and possibly break the legs off! ***Slot located in middle of the little panel section:
  13. My patience finally paid off! I finally snagged an Animated Arcee! It was the last one on the shelf at TRU! Now I add her to my collection. I now have three versions of Arcee: Animated,ROTF, and a G1 Custom Motorcycle one.
  14. “The Revenge of Bruticus” http://transformers.wikia.com/wiki/The_Revenge_of_Bruticus I forgot that I had ordered these two Justitoys WST figures. It was a great surprise today! I esp. love the WST Shockwave! He is alittle more sturdy than Blaster. Mine has a jammed right foot pice that will not move. I've afraid to apply too much pressure, b/c he will easliy snap in two. Same with move his legs further out to the sides. There is space to do it, but again it didn't act like it wanted to budge and I was afraid to break him. Did not know it came with a right fist to hold the gun! I've attached the episode "The Revenge of Bruticus" to go with the pose pics. Kinda disappointed in the lack of quality in WST Blaster though. His parts fall off way too easily. And though his chest plate opens the the cassette inside I guess is suppose to be steeljaw, but it looks nothing like him ...it's nothing but very loose and losable pieces.
  15. I just picked up this cool looking bad guy...ROTF Shadow Command Megatron! I think I like this repaint version the best out of all my ROTF Megs!
  16. I finally gave in and bought this playset. The Igear Computer Control Center (Teletran-1 inside the Ark) I wish they had made this back in the 1980's with the release of the original G1 figures! This thing is huge! It's over 2 ft., 5 inches long and 10 inches tall! Yes it's alittle pricy, and the pieces don't snap together very tightly and the stickers aren't very sticky and come off easy. BUT>>>> This minor issues can be overcome with a little dap of super glue on the stickers, and some smaller self-stick velcro on the backside. It really helped make the pieces more sturdy. Here's the pics with G1 figures in it:
  17. Here's what arrived today in the mail: The Tripticon Transforming Laser PC Mouse. It's pretty cool! His decepticon symbol lights up when plugged in and he's pretty easy to transform. I like the transformation to Dinosaur. He operates like a regular mouse. Little disappointment doesn't have any hidden programming like Ravage. Here's pics:
  18. Transformers Device Label USB Flash Memory (2 GB) - Ravage This device actually is pretty cool! Will use it to save my research papers for college!
  19. I grabbed these two NEST figures at my local Walmart! NEST Dirge & Bludgeon. Both very cool looking figures. When you move Dirge's arms, his "nipples" move! LOL!
  20. I found these two actually working KO AM radio bots! Thought they were cool looking! The red one in the face looks alot like G1 Megatron, so I'm gonna add him to my G1 Megatron collection! The blue one I call "Axer."
  21. KO Reflector is bigger than the original G1 version. Here's a comparison pics: I got that set off ebay a couple years ago but mine was all red. I repainted them in the G1 toy colors.
  22. The pics of Prime in truck mode is the clear Henkei version, the pics of Prime in robot manning the guns is the Chrome Henkei version. :yay
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