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  1. Wait, wtf? K-Mart has Transformers Animated toys? ... you're kidding me.
  2. :awsum haul from SakuraCon in Seattle (www.sakuracon.org) today! Transformers 1x Revoltech Hot Rodimus 1x Revoltech Starscream 1x Masterpiece Skywarp 1x SDCC Hot Rodimus Ford GT Alternator 1x Takara Re-issue Ultra Magnus $270 is all for those 5! Non-TF 1x MGS3 Version Solid Snake (20th Anniversary figure) 1x "Photoshop Hero" Penny Arcade T-Shirt ("You've Got Filter Power!") 1x Penny Arcade bumper sticker set (Broodox and Mr. Period) Only about $40 more!
  3. I'm glad I finally got one too, as my Xbox 360 JUST red-ringed the other day. At least I have something to play.
  4. I've had trouble finding them in the US myself siburke.
  5. Thanks for the tip, he's definitely on my trade list in End Cap!
  6. Sounds good. Is this like other die cast stuff, which can have problems with joints getting loose and paint chipping, etc? Or is this of the quality of Binaltech figures (which I've had no problems with)?
  7. I've been thinking about getting it for a while, as I do not have THS-01 either. Would you recommend this figure? I think I can get a good deal on one from a local guy.
  8. Need some numbers to track down Allspark Deluxe Cliffjumper, Landmine, Stockade, and Voyager Jetstorm and Wingblade. Anyone that can help with these?
  9. Hmm, I probably should have picked up NW Prime, he's pretty cool.
  10. I have only seen Allspark scouts, not deluxe or voyager... and I really want the two TRU exclusive voyagers... I had Target pull out a case for me, handful of '08 bees, an Arcee, and a final battle Jazz. Saw a number of Nightwatch Primes today... Anyway, got really lucky and found this gem at Wal-Mart today (opened but still complete, not sure why).
  11. w00t! A figure I've been wanting for a while. Import Car Robots (RiD) Black Convoy (Scourge) from a local hobby shop.
  12. Titanium Megatron (GI-Joe one) [Fred Meyer] Classics Voyager Prime [Fred Meyer] Classics Voyager Megatron [Fred Meyer] Protoform Optimus Prime [Toys R Us] Protoform Starscream [Toys R Us] MP-04 Optimus Convoy [Kicks Hobby] MP-05 Megatron [Kicks Hobby]
  13. Does this thread have anything to do with transformers collecting anymore? Correct me if I'm wrong, and I may be, but I certainly don't care about you pre-ordering Spiderman 3 for the PS3, buying Power Rangers, etc. Flame away, but I think it's a reasonable request to keep this thread related to Transformers toys, since this is definitely in the "Transformers Toy Discussion" thread. I had to check to make sure. Though if you want to brag about pre-ordering games for a dead handheld system, I thin INH is always looking for new members fixed. Very Wrong, I collect these for my collection for these reasons: MISB / Robot Mode / Vehicle Mode / Combined Mode <--if there is one. My own money went into these things and if you think I am a hoarder, that's your opinion, but I am happy regardless. If you get upset when you can't get something, It's called "Disappointment". Let me do what I wish to do, Cool? -TF2 owned was i? i dont think so. no one needs that many duplicates of one figure. heres what i pictured in my head: any walmart i ever went to never had more than three of one kind of alt at a time, which leads me to beleive you saw those 6 alts all fresh and out of the case at the same time, and just scooped them all up. not thinking if any other fan would want one, or god forbid a child. lets just say you wouldnt want to run into me going up to a till with all those in your arms. and if i ever did something like buy three of one (exclusive and sought after) figure i would not post a picture of it in two different threads. id keep it to myself and be ashamed. also i didnt say scalper either. i know you dont sell anything. s'why i chose the word hoarder. flame me if you want, it wont change my opinion and i wont respond because this doesnt need to go further than this. this was just me explaining my initial post.
  14. So I just found out that basically no Wal-Marts on the West Coast got Rumble/Ravage? Is this right? None of the Wal-Marts in Washington got them anyway.
  15. Pretty sure I said I love to see pictures here, just not pictures of THAT ONE figure over and over, but read it however you want. Also, love the pic of the Blues Brothers.
  16. Lol. I figured that might rub some people the wrong way. I do appologize, and didn't mean for it to start a fight or something. It's just such a pic heavy thread already, so it's a bit of a pain to see so many repeats. I know he is the "hot new thing".
  17. How about if you got MP-05, don't post pics of him. We have seen him over and over in this thread now, not to mention the 1346534 MP-05 threads on the first page of this forum. I mean that in the nicest way possible, but I love to read this thread, and I'm bored to scroll through Megatron after Megatron (especially with a figure I don't like all that much). It's just so much of the same :) I'll go start an MP-05 pose thread to collect them all in one place if we want :)
  18. I see classics Cliffjumper, Optimus Prime, Megatron, and Mirage everywhere. Something is stopping me from buying them, and I'm not sure why...
  19. I'm not sure I understand why people always want bar codes for their toys, and why there is a huge bar code sticky thread. Can somebody explain this to me? Thanks!
  20. Update: Just took Longrack back and got a refund. Decided to go on a small hunt to see what classics/titaniums I could find. Ended up walking out of 6 stores with 4 total figures. Classics: Astrotrain, (Hot) Rodimus, and Bumblebee. Then found Cybertron Dark Scorponok at my last stop (a really really crappy K-Mart). Good hunt, and I'm done till I hit the import circuit in a few weeks.
  21. And wouldn't you know it! I managed to get a Longrack that was broken out of the box, and I still can't figure out how to get Ricochet's two feet to stick together (looks like I'll need to shave the peg down a bit). As for Quickmix, he seemed fine. I temporarily broke him, but snapped him right back together. He is the only one I haven't transformed yet (as well as his minicon), but it looks like it will be fine. Now have to stop back at the store on the way home from work to return longrack. That sucks :(
  22. Just did a lunchtime run to Fred Meyer and got Alternators Ricochet, Cybertron Longrack, and Cybertron Quickmix. I might trade these guys later on, but they all looked cool so I did an impulse buy (two were on sale so it made it easier). The one bummer is that the Alternators Ricochet doesn't seem to completely snap together on the back. He isn't broken, but the way his legs come together seem to stop his license plate from fitting together flush, and it makes the passenger side door pop out a bit. I should be able to fix this with some careful manipulation.
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