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  1. As soon as I saw the Combiner Wars Megatron figure I knew he would also make an impressive Galvatron. Throw in some 3D Printed parts and the legendarily poseable KFC hands and BOOM, Galvatron is born! The replacement head, chest, cannon cover and knee pads were 3D printed and the KFC hands were modified to work with the existing hand posts. Painted with a semi-metallic Grape Pearl. Up on the 'Bay. Enjoy!
  2. I took the Generations Roadbuster figure and added a 3D printed head, the rifle from a 1/60 Gundam Wing Zero figure and cobbled together his mini-gun from my junk bin and viola! The old guy looks good! Thanks for looking. Also up on eBay.
  3. Voyager Tarn from Generations Springer and Sandstorm. 3D printed parts. And...a piece of yellow tape I didn't see until later :-P Enjoy!
  4. The Duly Appointed Enforcer of the Tyrest Accord is tired of the Decepticon Air Supremacy. He will no longer stand idly by on the ground, as they fly about causing unrest and destruction... A modded Generations Jetfire (new head and rear wing modification) with a spiffy UM paint job, shoulder rockets and a huge honking rifle. Now up on the 'Bay. Enjoy!
  5. I was disappointed by the recent CW Optimus. It's a well articulated fog, well balanced too. But his short legs and the head bummed me out. So I CAD drafted and 3D printed a new MP-10 styled head, a more G1 like Ion Cannon, leg extensions and gas tanks. And WHAMMO, Leader Class Prime, standing just over 8" tall, he stands eye to eye with Leader Class Jetfire. The Alt mode is a little awkward, but I think the bot mode makes it worth it. Enjoy!
  6. Tarn is the leader of the Decepticon Justice Division, a group of Decepticons tasked by Megatron to hunt down traitors to the Decepticon cause. I usually don't create Decepticons, as I'm a big fan of the Autobots. But if you've been reading the current IDW Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye comic (You TOTALLY should be!), you know that Tarn is a unique character. Eclectic, intelligent and sadistic. I liken him to great villains like Hannibal Lector from Silence of the Lambs. Even though he's fearful and intimidating, your intrigued by his personality and, in some ways, his nobility. As well as his addiction to transforming and classical music. No to mention this evil bastard can actually TALK his victim to death. Tarn was created from Marvel Crossovers Hulk, Energon Bulkhead, Human Alliance Jazz and DotM Deluxe Class Ratchet. His head, dual fusion cannon, shin covers and feet were CAD drafted and 3D printed. His cannon contains 2 purple LEDs and his head contains a single red LED. Both have independent switches and power supplies. Tarn stands 8.05" tall from head to foot and 10.25" tall from cannon tips to feet. Additional leg articulation added at the knee, mid-shin and ankle make him very poseable. Combined with his 3-part ratcheting and adjustable 360º/ 180º/ 90º shoulder joints and 360º/ 90º rotating elbows give him a wide range of options when sitting him on your display shelf. Now available on eBay. Enjoy!
  7. It's always nice when your homework and your hobbies coincide. My CAD Professor got a REAL kick out of this one. This is what I call a midterm By CAD drafting and 3D printing a replacement chest, Galvatron is turned into Nemesis Prime. The head is from the Evasion Optimus mold, his buster cannons also drafted and printed. And yes, I got an A Enjoy!
  8. LOVE Impactor. He may be that Autobot who is as close to the mindset of a Decepticon as you can get. I created this custom from the Generations Roadbuster figure. The chest, head, shoulder plates,shoulder cannon, harpoon hand and knee guards were CAD drafted and 3D printed. Up on the 'bay as we speak. Enjoy!
  9. Lets see. The 7 included weapons plus a 3D printed automatic shotgun, a HUGE chain-gun and a larger trench-style combat knife. I added chain ammo to his large tri-barrelled gatling gun and of course, a 3D printed G1 inspired head.and a shotgun ammo belt. AOE Ironhide...NRA approved :-) Enjoy!
  10. I tried to detail the Heck out of this guy. And a nice 3D printed sword to boot. I love the IDW take on the character, especially in his Spotlight comic and the All Hail Megatron story line. Now available on eBay. Enjoy!
  11. More Grimlock is always a good thing :-) I painted him in homage to his G1 color scheme, and gave him a big ol' spiky meat cleaver, to cut through anything that gets in his way. Enjoy!
  12. A commission I was HAPPY to take on for my good friend and customer. We are both HUGE Bleach fans and making another Ichigo transformer was too good of an offer to pass up. Ichigo's base is a M.A.R.S. Converter "Accelerator" figure. The head was cast from the Play Arts Tensa Zangetsu Ichigo figure. The hands are from an Alternator Skids and the Shikai Zangetsu and Shikai Fullbring Zangetsu were designed and 3D printed special for him. They are also available from my Shapeways store. Enjoy and...Getsuga Tenshou!!! Ichi 00 A by AutobotX23 Ichi 00 C by AutobotX23 Ichi 02 by AutobotX23 Ichi 09 by AutobotX23 Ichi 10 by AutobotX23 Ichi 13 by AutobotX23 Ichi 14 by AutobotX23 Ichi 16 by AutobotX23 Ichi Alt 00 by AutobotX23 Ichi Alt 01 by AutobotX23
  13. Can you post a pic of that Sportage kit?
  14. I have a serious obsession with Grimlock. When I was a kid, I thought of the Dinobots as the thugs of the Autobots. if Optimus Prime was the MLK/John Wayne type character, then the Dinobots were the Ice Cubes, Tupacs and Mobb Deeps of the crew. I've created several weapons for ol' tiny arms. 2 3D printed melee weapons called Spark Drinkers, available at my Shapeways store. One measures just over 6 inches tall, the other at right around 4.75 inches. He also carries a BFG, homaged after his G1 dual barrel pistol. He also includes a custom 3D printed head (which simply screws in the place) and his other accessories included with the stock figure. Him, Grimlock, say "Enjoy!"
  15. "I love the smell of capitalism in the morning"...said some greedy bastard :-) If I could have chosen the look of Optimus Prime through out these past 3 films, this would be it. In addition to the weathered paint work, Optimus also carries 2 3D printed ROTF inspired Buster Cannons, a shoulder mounted chain gun and a my take on an updated version of his G1 Ion Cannon, also created with a 3D printer. His cab roof gave me some drama in his Alt mode, but I really enjoy this bots great look. Enjoy! He's up on eBay, wish me luck! http://www.ebay.com/itm/231235623380?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1586.l2649
  16. So, I wanted a BIG Beachcomber, not a scout sized figure. After modifying the head from Generations Sandstorm with the modded face from Generations Blitzwing and some styrene, I altered the body of Generations Sandstorm by removing some of his flight mode parts and repainting him up Beachcomber style. Enjoy! Now on eBay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/231129530544?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1586.l2649[
  17. Take the magnificent Toy World Orion figure, add black, silver, turquoise and red, throw in a lil' dry brushing and a ball jointed head and he looks FIERCE. The additional canon is from the HALO Warthog add on kit. He's now available on eBay. Enjoy!
  18. Thanks! I was really disappointed with the official release. No head swap...poopies!
  19. Lio Prime has been an iconic character since the Beast Wars series ended in the states and continued over seas. I was excited to see a release of the figure in the Beast Hunters line, but disappointed when it was revealed to be a simple repaint without a new head mold involved. The figure on auction today is a repainted Beast Hunters Thundertron figure using the head of a TF Prime Optimus Prime. It has been meticulously painted and detailed to become a centerpiece of any collection. He includes the following features: Articulated thumbs and fingers (including forefinger and knuckle joints!) Ball Jointed head for superior poseability Several weapons including: Ion Cannon Battle Axe Sword Full Body length shield Enjoy!
  20. I love the new Beast Hunter Voyager class Prime. It reminds me of the Cybertron Leader Class Prime from years back, my all time favorite action figure and the the figure that I cut my teeth on when I was learning how to customize Transformers. That being said, when I saw this figure and got it in hand, I HAD to paint it. I didn't add much, just a huge sword from the Gundam Seed Astray MG 1/100 Blue Frame 2nd L, and the impressive automatic chain fed rifles from Mifume's Last Stand APU from the Matrix Revelations. He's a bit intimidating, if I must say. Forgive the color quality in these pictures. I was using my second best lens and a horrible warm yellow bulb :-(. Enjoy!
  21. Thanks guys. No, he's been placed on eBay via 7 day auction.
  22. Over a year ago one of the writers from the IDW staff saw a deluxe sized Origins styled Megatron I posted at Sector 70.com from a contest they had there. He wanted a larger version of the figure, more closely based off of the comic book art. I was happy to oblige. A year later, and I hadn't made much progress, mired in divorce and a career change. I refunded him but never moved him away from my desk. It was like he was taunting me to finish him. Daring me, that since I was now knee deep in vector graphics and marketing plans I no longer had the balls to finish him. Freaking Decepticons... Megatron was built from parts from Energon Leader Megs, Energon Jetfire, an NFL Robot, Cybertron Prime (shocker!), 1/60 Gundam Exia and Gundam Stroke Freedom, GI Joe Tanks, TFTM Leader Brawl, several Zoids, Iron Man and War Machine figures, styrene, epoxy putty, apoxie putty, epoxy, super glue and some of my blood (damn Decepticons). He stands 18 inches tall and weighs 7 pounds. articulated fingers, magnetically attaching fusion cannon, ball-jointed head, 360 degree rotating wrists, 5 pointed jointed thighs, ball jointed and pistoned feet and ankles, rotating waists and independently moving shoulders and shoulder vents. He has a red LED in his eyes and a blue super-bright LED in his cannon. Both are powered and switch on and off independently with industrial electronics switches. Megatron transforms into a mechanized gun turret. Enjoy!
  23. Just your basic massively overarmed Darkcave Custom. Guns, rocket launchers and swords...oh my!! Hands attach magnetically. Enjoy!
  24. Roughly, around 8.5. In scale with rest of the Alts and some of the MP figs.
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