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  1. Picked up Bludgeon today at Target. Awesome fig. Box is even in great shape. Incidentally, can anyone explain to me how to post pictures so that they show up in the thread without people having to be signed into the site? I can't seem to figure that out.
  2. Wow, dude, that's the crappiest Christmas story I've ever heard. Beats my dad opening EVERYONE'S presents one year, and then getting coal the next. lol You were totally justified in rubbing their faces in it the following year! Nice job. hehehe As for me, picked this beauty from a guy off Craigslist today. Always nice to not have to deal with Ebay.
  3. Wow, dude, I totally CAN'T relate to that kind of willpower! lol 2 months of packages just sitting there waiting to be opened? You're a better man than I. :tflaugh Does make for one hell of a haul, I'll bet!
  4. The real question is if Mom got me any toys this year. She's gotten me one every year since Armada Unicron came out. She knows to how to pick 'em too. Energon Shockblast, Cybertron Vector Prime, SWTF Millenium Falcon to name a few. Those are some sweet toys! But she said at my wedding that she'll leave it to my wife to buy me toys from now on. WTF? I hope she reconsiders. lol Right back atcha, bro. If it's a sweet haul, you can bet it'll be up here. Later!
  5. Thanks man! I'm kind of waiting to see what she got me for Christmas. The way she's talking, it should be pretty good! :tfgrin Of course, it might not be a TF at all; never know with this girl. lol
  6. Birthday haul from yesterday: 25th Anniversary Optimus Prime from my wife. I wasn't expecting this at all so it was a nice surprise. Vintage Hot Spot and Onslaught boxes. Really nice shape, glad to have them.
  7. Hey, I got one of those two! Right around the same time as well. Here's a pic of our cake toppers. :P G2 Optimus Prime with a 25th Anniversary head on it (the suit overwhelmed the small original head), and TF1 Arcee standing in for Elita One. Also a good day today, with TRU Exclusive Perceptor and Insecticons, G1 Astrotrain complete and my ROTF M&M's candy dispenser. :yay Cool cake toppers. very original. I had a pair of autobot face cufflinks for my transformers contirbution to the wedding. BEST party ever!! Thanks! Love your cufflinks. On my first b-day when we were together, my now-wife gave me a set with one Autobot symbol and one Decepticon symbol. They were on the sleeves at my ceremony! :-)
  8. Hey, I got one of those two! Right around the same time as well. Here's a pic of our cake toppers. :P G2 Optimus Prime with a 25th Anniversary head on it (the suit overwhelmed the small original head), and TF1 Arcee standing in for Elita One. Also a good day today, with TRU Exclusive Perceptor and Insecticons, G1 Astrotrain complete and my ROTF M&M's candy dispenser. :yay
  9. Hi there. Don't usually post here but it's been a pretty good week for me, so I thought, what the heck? Plus, I can hardly contain my excitement over this G1 MIB Trypticon I got. I've never had Trypticon before, but this figure is friggin' sweet! Plus, he came with unapplied sticks and all paperwork in a really nice C8 box. He required some minor surgery when I got him, as one of the metal bars that hold his sides in place was coming up out of it's place, so I had to take off the head and tap it back in. Still, awesome. I even got a thrill up my leg when I put the batteries and he started walking like brand new. Also, got a nice G1 Soundwave (which I discussed in another thread), 25th Anniversary ComicCon Soundwave, Masterpiece Skywarp and a Takara Megatron reissue (this is like my 4th one, I swear I'm not selling this one! lol). These last 3 all came from TFSource, btw. Also, picked up a couple graded comics, Marvel #1 (cuz ya gotta have the very first one!) and #5 (cuz that's just a friggin' awesome cover). Both got 9.6, and are the first graded comics I've owned. Oh! Also got a couple of sealed G2 pieces and a couple of new busts. I really like the busts, think I'm gonna try and get all of them.
  10. Thanks for posting the He-Man dvds. I've been wanting them for a while, and was able to pick up the original 2 seasons for $9.99 each. I wouldn't have otherwise known about it, and am really glad to have these sets now. :word
  11. A few recent items. G1 Kup and Rodimus Prime MIB, Season 3 Part 1 dvds, Powerglide with backer card, HOC Prime, Megatron, and Rodimus Prime.
  12. G1 Soundwave, MISB. Pics in the auction didn't really represent the item very well, but meh, whaddya gonna do? I probably paid too much, but as the economists say, it's a sunk cost so I might as well enjoy it. Will probably grade an AFA 75 or so. Also got a vintage story record from 1985. Kinda cool, I think.
  13. Man, I'm sorry to hear that. I'm in the same boat, I've already ordered another Omega from ToynK. We'll see how it looks when it gets here. After my recent fortune, I'm not all that optimistic. I've got to get another Sky Lynx too. I'm thinking I may try LAFToys for that one. Thanks to the commenters who offered advice on other retailers!
  14. Ugh I know how you feel. I got a 20th masterpiece prime from this guy on Ebay. He shipped it wrapped in nothing but a brown paper grocery bag!! He didn't put it in a box. No styrofoam peanuts or anything to protect it. The box was trashed! The figure was still in great shape and as I display ALL of my figs and stow the boxes, it wasn't that big a deal. Still it's the principal of the thing. For the record the guy is no longer allowed on Ebay. He had WAY too many complaints and negative feedbacks on that one. Yep, I hear ya. In the last few weeks, I've had 2 Encore Ratchets and 1 Ironhide show up damaged, a Sky Lynx arrive with a beat up box and tape misplaced making it actually not "MISB," a Protoform Prime arrive in a paper envelope and now this Omega Supreme. It boggles the mind. I'm of the opinion that if you're a grown-up spending $100 on a toy, it probably won't bother you to pay a couple bones extra for bubble wrap or packing peanuts. Or they could just build it into the price of s/h. I think I'm just going to pay the higher prices at established on-line stores for new TF's instead of relying on Ebay for them. Ugh. People suck. Speaking of which, can people recommend online stores? Or point me to a thread where it's discussed? I've had good dealings with ToynK, but have not heard good things about BBTS. Brian's Toys seems to have outrageous prices, and poor TF selection. Is TF Source the best place to go?
  15. Here's my stuff for the last few weeks. Encore Omega Supreme came today and the box is pretty farged. I'd stay away from Ebay Seller ID liqdeal, store name SPAM. I've already got another ordered. Why the farg can't people pack their stuff properly? How farging hard is it? I sat at work all night just waiting to get home and open the box only to find a giant glossy turd waiting for me. On a positive note, I actually was able to buy Encore Ironhide and Ratchet off the shelf. Was up in NYC a couple weeks ago and came across a Japanese toy store (Adrianna from "The Soprano's" happened to be standing right outside it too). The price was a little high, but at least I knew exactly what I was getting. Several other stores in Chinatown had Takara TF's too. It was kinda nice to not be buying off the Internet. But they wanted $140 for Sky Lynx. Way too much, in my opinion.
  16. G1 MISB Ultra Magnus today. Very nice piece. A small ding in the front, lower left corner, and the beginnings of a flap crease, but no color is broken. I'm really happy with it. Now I have the blue-helmet variant and the regular silver and blue variant. :clap Also got Commemorative Series Battle Armor Skeletor, LOTR Two Towers Aragorn, Galadriel, Twilight Ringwraith, and Return of the King Frodo in Goblin armor (Got the LOTR figs for $.50 each plus shipping, $11 total, awesome!). But I won't make you look at them. :tflaugh
  17. Thanks, man. Gotta love tax refunds, right? lol I'm with you. Couldn't bring myself to get leader Megs, but might do it for the Premium version. Incidentally, how do you properly quote people (to get the black header at the beginning of the quote?)
  18. G1 Grimlock, MIB with bubble, sealed weapons and all paperwork. Wish the seller could have mentioned it smells like a stale, nasty bar. Luckily we've got 30 mph winds and sunshine today, so it's sitting outside right now to hopefully air out a bit. Also got a beautiful, nearly case fresh G1 MISB Perceptor today. Only flaws are a very faint flap crease, and a spot of shelfwear along the bottom. Other than that, awesome!
  19. This is a good point. I agree that robot related stuff such as Gundam and Macross is appropriate in this forum. I draw the line though at Power Rangers, Yu-Gi-Oh cards, Star Wars, GI Joe, Gilmore Girls dvds, statues of scantily-clad anime girls, etc. I don't say this to be critical, but only because when I come to this forum, I want to see TF related items, things I don't have and, as corny as it sounds, share in the excitement of someone getting a sweet haul, like a nice Fort Max or something. When I see posts have been added and I come in to check them out, and it's something totally not TF related, it's a waste of time. But in the grand scheme of things, it doesn't really matter all that much. As for me, some G1 Action Card packs today. Kinda cool, I think.
  20. Finally broke got down and got this. $20 bones at Target, plus Peter Cullen's voice, so I figured why not? How can I not have a giant Optimus Prime head in my collection? Still can't bring myself to buy Leader Class Megatron, though...sighhhh...it's just so damned ugly...
  21. G1 Silverbolt arrived today. Jazzed to get the display bubble along with it.
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