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  1. I'm kinda bummed....I bought Primus w/o Unicron head last week at my local TRU....I was thrilled they even had him, since they still have about a dozen Supreme Starscreams...all still at $49.99...well I went back to look at what's new today, and they had 2 Primus' WITH Unicron head. BASTARDS! Wal Mart was next door, so I checked them too...picked up Ransack GTS and the Giant Planet mini cons. Added to Deluxe Prime, Demolishor and Unicron I got yesterday, the weekend wasn't too bad. I set out this weekend hoping for Alt Mirage though.....dammit!
  2. I've been lucky....my local Wal-Mart used to be reall crappy...no selection, nothing new...it's probably the seediest looking Wal Mart I've ever seen. Over the last 10 months or so though, they've actually been pretty sweet...keeping fairly up to date with the latest TFs and Joes. I doscovered that usually the 2nd or 3rd Saturday of a month, they get a new shipment in from Hasbro. Today I brought my kids with me and found 3 Deluxes: Unicron, Demolishor and Prime. :clap
  3. In addition to the Cyb Metroplex I already mentioned, I went on a hunt for other stuff I dont have yet, (mainly Menasor, Alt Mirage, and the other latest releases stuff) I found a Mini Con vs pack I hadnt even heard about, Scrap Iron vs Grindor. A mini-Con with a satellite as an alt mode...never seen anything like it before...if he's just a repaint of an earlier toy line figure, I never saw it back then. Pretty neat, but Grindors robot mode is kinda silly...like Happy Meal toy silly. Reminds me of the vintage 80s Wendys GoBot Oddball (the purple spaceship). Dave
  4. Just picked up Cybertron Metroplex yesterday. He looks pretty impressive next to the rest of the Cybertron Gang. He and Starscream are the endpoints in my display. I put a bunch of Mini-Cons all around him in super battle mode....pretty cool. I just wish he was a little more bulky in Super mode...his hips/waist are too narrow in that mode for my taste...when compared to his legs, torso and shoulders...makes him look a little too dainty. Nice little homage to G1 'Plexs ear antennas too. All around cool bot. Dave
  5. Picked up Alt Prime finally, and the Mini-Con versus pack with Thrust vs. Anti-Blaze...also grabbed Nemesis Breaker a few days ago. Still looking for Cybertron Menasor and Metroplex though....
  6. Just picked up Nemesis Breaker today at Wal Mart...they had him stuffed up on the top shelf with other mixed stock. I like him better than Leobreaker...color scheme appeals to me more. I was hoping to find Alt Prime, and Cybertron Metroplex and Menasor as well...those are the only toys I need that are out currently (though has Primus been released yet?) Happy hunting!
  7. Got a nice little haul yesterday when I hit my local Target, TRU and Wal-Mart. Got a bunch of Cybertron figs. Picked up Repugnus and Shortround at Target. I love the colors on Repugnus much more than the greens on Undermine....I also like the nod to Scourge...similar colors....Shortround....pretty cool character Bio, his arms are a little ungainly, but not bad considering the design. On to TRU, where I found Skywarp and Cannonball. The purple on Skywarp is a little loud...others have said he would have looked a little better with darker shades and some black, and I tend to agree. I don't like him as much as Thundercracker, but I gotta have em all. Cannonball is pretty sweet...I love this mold...it's one of my favorites. Good to see it used for a Decepticon. The green artwork on his roof reminds me of the Punisher symbol.... Wal-Mart netted me a nice mini-con vs. pack, Sunstorm/Checkpoint. Surprised to find that one. Nice little haul...I was really hoping to score Alt Prime as well, but I guess he hasn't made it over here to NH yet. Happy hunting all!
  8. Picked up Soundwave this morning at Wal-Mart...they musta gotten a new assortment in, because they had Wing Sabre, Downshift, Lugnutz, CD Hot Shot, Override GTS and Excellion....and they've only had Armourhides and Street Speed team minicons for the longest time. I was hoping for something new, since I have every Cybertron figure released in the US up to now I believe, and I knew Soundwave was out in some areas of the country, but didnt expect to find him at my local Wal-Mart. Can't wait for the other upcoming figs! Oh, forgot, I also won an Ebay auction for a loose, complete G1 Springer w/ metal chest. $37. Looks to be in C7 condition. Sticker and chrome wear though...havnt gotten him yet so I don't know how bad...didnt look to bad in the pics. Dave
  9. That thread has gotten far to long and jumbled IMO. That's why I didnt put it there. I'm discussing TF toys....most peoples "hauls" include lots of things completely unrelated to TFs, so again...that's why I put it here in Transformers Toy Discussion under a new thread. As a side note, I find it slightly amusing that rather than commenting on the toys themselves, for instance, "How are they?" or "Is Excellion as cool as he looks?" or something similar, you take the time to merely state: "This goes in the post your hauls thread". As if I was too much of an imbecile to coherently post anything on an internet forum. To each their own I guess. Thanks for the clarification. :thumb Anyways, Override GTS's paint scheme is a lot more "grown-up" than the previous version, which looks a little more wimpier...more like something in a Happy Meal toy. GTS's darker shades make her look a lot more serious...which of course she should after undergoing what she did to cause the upgrade in the first place. Excellion is a sweet figure...I like this mold a lot anyways, and this new color harkens back more to the G1 Hot Rod than Hot Shots' blue scheme did. Unlike a lot of the car modes in the last toylines, this one is much sleeker and less Playschool Go Bots like. Ramjet and Scythe are sweet little figures...I don't know much about mini cons of the past, as I've only begun to collect them in the current line, but I know many of them are re-paints, but the new color schemes and detail seem to be much better designed and plotted than on past versions. Can't wait for more! Dave     Â
  10. What a good week! I was idly browsing the toy departments of my local Wally world, Target and TRU, not really expecting to find anything new and fresh...most of em still have stockpiles of Armourhides and Runamucks, and Battle Ravages and Windchargers, but this week was surprising. Picked up Wing Saber and Sky Shadow on Monday I think it was, then scored Scrapmetal on Tuesday, and tonite I just found Excellion, Override GTS and the Ramjet/Scythe minicon pack. Woo! My wife is getting very annoyed with me....she wants me to move my G1 and Cybertron collections into our bedroom, cuz she says they embarass her when company and relatives come over. I look up to the sky and ask Primus to forgive her, for she knows not what she speaks. :tfgrin Seriously though, I do need to reconfigure the living room...the collection is getting to large.....must buy a house or something....apartments suck for expanding collections. Dave
  11. Snagged Dark Crumplezone, Sky Shadow and Wing Sabre today at Wal-Mart, and finally got myself a cheap (fairly anyways) Supreme Starscream off Ebay. :thumb Dave
  12. Ok, I havnt really bought much since after Xmas...well, I've gone retarded....I've bought a shatload of Cybertron over the last few days.... It's easier to say what figures I still need to get rather than list the ones I have. My wifes not been happy with me the last few days :tftongue Out of all the Cybertron figures released in the US to date, meaning, just the actual Cybertron Scouts, Deluxes, Voyagers, etc etc, not talking about smallest transformers, Legends, Heroes, and all that stuff I only need Megatron, Supreme Starscream, and the upcoming releases....I'm not sure whats out now...I dont have Defense Scattorshot or Hot Shot, I dont have Menasor, Dark Crumplezone, or Wing Sabre, Sky Shadow, Lugnutz, Scrapmetal etc. I also just picked up Sunstreaker finally, so i have all the Alts out now. Dont have any of the BTs. I'm seriously running out of room again.....and my corner nook of the living room is pretty much filled up. Oh, I dont have the Thrust vs Anti-Blaze Minicon 2 Pack, the Sunstorm vs Checkpoint Minicon 2 Pack, or the Ramjet vs Scythe Minicon 2 Pack but I have the others. I dont have the Costco exclusive either, cuz theres no Costcos around here in NH that i know of anyways. I'm still waiting for megs and screamer to come down in price.....screamers $30-$35, but I'm still holding out for that $22 and change I read about on the forums :tfgrin I have Galvatron, so not too crazy about getting Megs, but wanna complete the series. Galvys so much cooler looking. I hope the next waves come out soon...it sucks going shopping and sneaking over to the action figures and not seeing anything new. Dave
  13. I have serious issues....my wife is getting really irritated at me :tflaugh1 . I went out and got a bunch more Cybertron figs....got Scourge, Galvatron, Crumplezone, Wreckloose, Swindle, Swerve and Runamuck. Yeah, a couple of those were on my "Cybertron figs I think are crap" thread, but I'm a completist. Still havn't gotten Backstop or Undermine yet. I just can't quite bring myself to get those ones....Undermines head looks like a canary beak. Backstop is a Happy Meal toy....... :tftongue Dave
  14. Went to Tilton, NH Wal-Mart last night looking for any Scouts and Deluxes I didnt have yet, and their shelves were damn near bare, but they did have an Alt Tracks in the new packaging, and that was it for Alts...never saw the tag or SKU# for Alternators anywhere in the aisle either...wierd...so I grabbed Clocker because I needed a fix. :tfgrin I was bummed out because they didnt have Streaker or Skids. So I went home. Clockers great, simple, yet satisfying. Well, the next morning I had to go back to get tires for my wifes car. As I'm waiting for that, I go back to the action figure aisle and SLAM! They had completely restocked and organized everything that night. Tons of Star Wars Transformers (not really into those), a crap load of Cybertron, but dammit! Still only that one Tracks (ironic that he'll likely end up a shelf warmer now, after being so rare scalpers were getting quadruple retail on Ebay...anyways, I didnt see anything I wanted to spend the money on (waiting to see if I get the Cybertron figs I asked for for Xmas, and failing that, hoping for gift cards) since most of the Voyager class figs I plan on using gift cards to get. Then I look down and see.....the Deluxe bonus packs!!!! 2 Deluxe figs for $9.87. SWEET! Pawed through them all and found Dirtboss/Hotshot and Thundercracker/Override. There were many others too, but the only one left I didnt have was Red alert (which was one I asked for for Xmas :tftongue ). So, to recap: I got Clocker, Thundercracker, Override, Hot Shot and Dirtboss. I'm happy! Hope I get another haul later tonite and tomorrow once we hit my family and in-laws. :thumb Dave Went and had an early Xmas at my grandparents house, mom, aunts and all were there, I got money...so on the way home I stopped at another Wal Mart and picked up Jetfire and Buzzsaw :tfgrin They also had Thunderblast and Brimstone...still deciding on wether or not I want those....probably....so many figs...so little cash :tftongue
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