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  1. wow. I remember when this board was helpful.. huge and booming. Community of people helping each other. Is it just a newsroom now of no interaction at all???
  2. Hello???? Does anyone here know the difference and how to identify the KO from the authentic - by the box or otherwise???
  3. I am playing a little bit of catching up getting a few MP figures that I missed and still want. I had given up on the MP line years ago when they changed the scale and were in a constant repeat of the same molds. It is nice to see they finally began making what many collectors had been wanting for years. Anyways - I want to get the MP-16 Frenzy and buzzsaw - but I see that it is sold out everywhere. I see a ton of them on ebay, however it seems that 90% of them are KO (knock offs). How do you tell the difference from the true Katara figure and the KO??? Does the true Katara MP's all come with the 'coins' anymore?? I see that even bigbagtoys sells the coins alone. Don't the coins come with the figure, as part of the authenticity and to add to the collectability value? Also, if anyone knows where an original is for sale, I'd appreciate a link. Thanks TF community! :)
  4. DJBomb, thanks!! I appreciate the list. Yes, I had a few rants about the MP mold - LOL - to say the least. In the end, it is why I got out of TF collecting. MP-10 really did it for me. I do like the new direction, and had said Soundwave would make the perfect new mold. Plus releasing some of the cars, is great as well. The buy-in to catchup is a bit steep now - LOL - but i'll do what I can. As far as the seekers, I have the 3 Takara versions, along with the ghost SS. I went with the Hasbro versions of the G1 colors, and had SS and SW - but was missing TC. From what I gather from your list above, there basically is no Hasbro V1 TC - that is the one missing. They remolded the seekers, before releasing it - and just redid SS and SW. I'm not really interested in changing them out- I kinda like the storyline of one.. then changing the mold to the other and having them both on display. Plus I like to stay closer to the 1st releases when possible. Kinda like Greenscream - a lot of people hated it after the G1 came out - so they got rid of the green for it. The more people getting rid of it - just increased the value of it in the long run. Again, I really appreciate your thorough listing for me. It is much appreciated. And thanks for remembering me as well. ;)
  5. Again for confirmation... and my understanding.. Thundercracker was released in japan - meaning a "TAKARA" TC - ie, sold in the traditional black box. But the Hasbro TC was not originally released. The current Hasbro TC is a REMOLD and thus different from the Hasbro Starscream and skywarp??? This is the part i'm trying to understand. "OR" did they release a Hasbro TC in the same mold as the Hasbro Starscream and skywarp?? I posted the pictures above - how the Hasbro mold of SC and SW (which are done in original G1 colors and different than the Takara releases) had the hip kibble - and the Hasbro TC does not seem to have that. Am I missing something?? Was there 2 different molds of Hasbro releases?? Did Hasbro have 2 different seeker molds??? Did the Hasbro (not takara) releases get released in a different mold for US and Japan??
  6. ok, just for confirmation tho... there is not an "old version" of thundercracker, right?? Last i recall, they had released starscream and skywarp (which didn't sell well because of it's price) - and then they didn'dt release thundercracker. That is when I took a break. Did they ever release TC in the same mold as the old one? Or did they just remold the seeker, and start off by releasing TC as the first one - the missing seeker, which has a different mold???
  7. I had a local carpenter make these for me a few years back. I looked at various curios, but was never happy with the price point and small size of them. Shelving was not deep enough, nor the cabinet high enough. I had these made for about $650 each. My biggest problem now is - all the shelves are full, and I have need to add in the new MP cars and MP Soundwave. I don't want to go outside of these 2 cabinets. *sigh* My collection includes: - Original G1's (most of them i'm the original owner of) *ended* not going to include anymore - Complete Binaltech collection *ended* Nothing more to add - select Movie pieces (no desire to add any others) - Masterpiece line. (After the announcement of MP-10, I quit and considered this complete, I was stopping at MP-09/Rodimus. Absolutely prime mold rediculous. New scale pissed me off also. But Soundwave, and the cars are pulling me back in. But where will I put them???? Cabinets Cabinets with Displays Some closeups
  8. Hey guys, I took a break from TF collecting after the release of MP-10. I just couldn't stomach any longer another "prime" release - and then in a different scale. That really sent me over the edge. I have recently checked back in to see what has been going on - and "WOW" new molds, and the release of Soundwave??? I had been calling for him as my #1 choice for almost 2 years. It's about damn time. Of course, now i'm so far behind, it's going to get expensive trying to catchup. ANYWAYS... I have a question about MP-Thundercracker. I know they released all 3 seekers in the Takara versions - Greenscream, skywarp and thundercracker. However by Hasbro, they had only released Starscream and skywarp. It seemed they did so poorly at their price point, that Thundercracker was not released for a long time. I see now, he was finally released!! FINALLY!!! To my question - was this MP Thundercracker released in 2 different versions - ie, a US release and a Japan release??? Again, i'm not talking about the Takara MP-7 thundercracker. I am talking about the Hasbro version. The reason I am asking, is I am looking at my starscream and skywarp - and it seems the appearance of the thundercracker is different. First, in robot mode, there is no sheathing piece from his tail that sticks out along his sides, almost looking like swords. This is a huge difference in their appearance in robot mode. Second, their decals are different. Starscream is one solid color - while TC has an outline around it. I am curious if there are 2 different versions, and perhaps I got the wrong one to match what I already have. I am going to try and include some photos of the two. Maybe someone can clear this up for me. Let me know if there is simply a difference in the transformation, or there was indeed a difference in the mold itself, or perhaps different versions. Thank you!! http://i293.photobucket.com/albums/mm41/sgt__york/masterpiecethundercracker.jpg http://i293.photobucket.com/albums/mm41/sgt__york/Curio%20-%20boxes%20open/DSC03585.jpg
  9. I agree 100% and this has been the biggest disappointment in Bay's movies for me.
  10. OK.. finally had time to open things up and check them out... ALTERNITY: I have to say, I'm even less impressed after seeing it. The scale difference bothers me more than I thought it would. And all of the panel breaks really detract from the vehicle mode. Why in the heck, couldn't they keep the quality and scale of the BT, and do everything else right they did?? *heavy sigh* I'm back on the fence about this one - whether I want to invest the buy-in for this line at all. IGear CONTROL PANEL: The earlier review was spot on. I managed to get past the wall issue - it seems that some of the pieces that are suppose to fit in, are simply not molded well. They had pieces of plastic that I had to shave off with an exacto knife. After that, they fit together much better. It is a tad bigger than I realized it would be (which is nice). I think the overall display will be fairly nice once complete. It's definately going to take a little crazy clue to ensure it's not flimpsy tho. I cannot say enough how CRAPPY the glue on the stickers are. They won't stay on for anything. Going to have to add some adhesive. For all the issues and quality, this thing should have been half the price - hands down. Still when it's said and done, and all the extra work is put into it that a person shouldn't have to do -- i'm going to like the final display product.
  11. Liege will give me hell about this.. lol but in the mail today, arived my first Alternity. It was Silver Prime, simply because he is getting more difficult to find, and I wanted to get it before it goes the way of the red Prime (which i'm tracking down right now). The latest showings of Alternity starscream/Skywarp are sucking me in. They are doing a few things better than the binaltech line did -- the balance of autobots and decepticons; releasing 2 of each mold so that you can display them in both forms without having gone crazy in repaints; and the order of characters being released. I'm beginning to feel like this line will compliment the BT line well, and will not be just a quick series that is gone before it gets going. I still think the BT line has a bit more quality to them. Some of the breaks in panels in the Alternity line irk me - makes it seem more like a toy that transforms instead of looking more like an actual model car (and thus realistic) - but overall, the line is winning me over. I'm on the verge of buying in, and getting caught up. As Leige pointed out in the past, some of the biggest critics will eventually become some of it's biggest supporters. Well, that amount of support is still a bit away - but I am getting won over. Also, the IGear Control Panel - for a G1 display piece came in today. Yea yea, i overpaid for it. But I'm into displays, and I think this will be a very nice piece to put in with my G1's. I'll get back to everyone after a bit about whether I had problems putting the walls together like someone else that posted a review of it.
  12. Dude, your collection is awesome! I like that huge display case!

  13. Thank you for the friendship :)

  14. I'm not involved with this.. was just reading out of curiosity.. when I heard the site was back up I went there today and it was indeed up - altho I have no idea if it is owned by the same person or not as it includes options about "antique Auctions".. and "real estate auctions" etc... but I was very curious about something... the young lady smiling there... does that not look a helluva lot like this lady (Kherington Payne) - one of the new people on So You Think You Can Dance that they say has such a commercial face. It sure looks like her to me, I was just curious if it was.
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