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  1. Got Cybertron Primus & Metroplex... That was an expensive trip to the toystore I must say :tfevil
  2. No new TF for a while, but now I'm more into Lego's again. Ive recently got most of the Ferrari -series and the biggest Technic -kits as well (Crane and the Truck)... But sooner or later I'll convert back to TF again :thumb
  3. Haven't got that many TF recently, but got these for Christmas: G1 Mirage, G1 Sludge, G1 Beachcomber and G1 Cliffjumper... Now I have all Dinobots & Minibots :clap Also got some Lego -sets: Lego Technic Streetbike & Lego Racers Ferrari F1 Racer...
  4. It's been a quiet month, but I managed to get the following: MISB Cybertron Override and Red alert, MISB G1 Dirge reissue, MIB Macross VF-1S Super Valkyrie (this Jetfire variant is good enough for me) and a Diakron Sunstreaker. A huge thanks to kailinds for the last 3 figures :thumb Oh yeah, also got Reprolabels for G1 Dirge, G1 Rampage, G1 Razorclaw and G1 Megatron...
  5. Got a MAJOR G1 haul today: Swoop, Slag, Pipes, Huffer, Bumblebee, Razorclaw (plastic ver.), Rampage (same), Wheeljack, Blaster and the best of the lot: a complete Megatron :thumb Now I'm broke again...
  6. Completed my G1 Defensor with First Aid finally, also got a nearly complete G1 Thrust and a G1 Frenzy... A small haul, but a bigger one is on it's way :clap
  7. Got myself 5 of the 6 Cybertron Rail Racer (Micromaster Sixtrain) figures, the only one I couldn't find was Tankor... So my Sixtrain is missing an arm, the head and gun. Also ordered Cybertron Optimus Prime and King Starscream, they should arrive next week :thumb
  8. Got Armada "Prime's Pants" Jetfire yesterday... Finally I have my Arnada Prime in super robot mode :clap Also, my long waited G1 Devastator arrived today :thumb
  9. Arrived this week: G1 Grimlock, G1 Snarl, G1 Dirge (loose, missing some parts) and a complete G1 Bruticus :thumb I already have RID Ruination, but I just had to have the original Bruticus... Also, ordered a complete G1 Devastator :tfevil
  10. Got the rest of the missing parts for Metroplex (Scamper + arms, shoulder antenna and 3 missiles)... Can't wait for reprolabels stickers to arrive, then my Metroplex will look as good as new :clap Also got Galvatron's particle cannon, G1 Skywarp and G1 Groove. Also, G1 Grimlock and G1 Snarl are on their way :tfevil
  11. Ordered few parts: almost all of the loose parts for Metroplex (only 2 small guns to go), G1 Galvatron (without his particle cannon, it's coming a bit later; the electronics work beautifully), G1 Doubledealer (missing only his chestplate) and Menasor's chestplate arrived finally :clap Phew... After this lot it's breaktime again, and maybe in august I'll look into buying Takara reissues again (Megatron, Perceptor, Insecticons, Soundwave and Sideswipe)...
  12. Got G1 Blot for my Abominus, so he's complete... Also got Strafe for Computron + feet, fists, etc. Now I have 6 complete G1 combiners :clap Other hauls: G1 Roller, BT01-04 + Red Meister + BT 11-12, MP-02 (finally), and G1 Metroplex for $20 (he's loose without any parts, gonna get them later). A good week all in all :tflaugh
  13. 2 complete G1 Powermasters: Darkwing & Slapdash :thumb Now if only I could find a complete Dreadwind to pair up with Darkwing...
  14. Got a huge lot of G1 combiner parts, now I have 5 complete: Piranacon, Abominus, Ruination (Bruticus basically, right?), Menasor and Superion... Gonna complete Computron also in a few weeks :clap
  15. Ordered quite a bit of TF parts: G1 Menasor: Chest plate, feet, fists, waist plate, gun, head and of course Wildrider G1 Abominus: Head, chestplate, feet, fists, Sinnetwin and Cutthroat G1 Piranacon: Right foot G1 Prime: Roller , gun and 2 missiles... I probably could have gotten whole gestalts cheaper, but it's more fun this way :tfevil
  16. Yay, my complete G1 Superion, BT Laserwave and new G1 Snaptrap arrived today... Also got one of the footplates for Piranacon, the other one will arrive shortly. So no more lego-feet for my gestalts :clap
  17. Got a huge amount of TF this week: Alternators: Windcharger and Battle Ravage Binaltech: White Meister & Blue Tracks WST: Ultra Magnus (Chase), Bluestreak (Chase), Optimus Prime (the one with black windows), Bumblebee, Prowl, Red alert, Sideswipe and Thrust Misc G1: Motormaster and Ratbat Incoming next week: BT Laserwave, a complete G1 Superion and Snaptrap (I broke my previous one).. Safe to say, that my bank account says zero :tfevil
  18. I've got quite a bit of new TF in the past 2 weeks: Almost complete G1 Superion (which has 2 Skydives and Slingshot, so only one arm, going to get the rest later) Energon Terradive and Windrazer G1 Ultra Magnus G1 Drag Strip and Breakdown
  19. G1 Insecticons: Bombshell, Kickback and Shrapnel plus Hun-Grr :clap And, Takara reissue Soundblaster, finally...
  20. E-Hobby Detritus... Takara Soundblaster should arrive next week :clap
  21. Got a nifty haul today: E-Hobby Jazz (Electrum Jazz), Starscream (an older Takara reissue), Ruination (good overall condition, but lacked almost all guns) and G1 Warpath :clap Also ordered Soundblaster...
  22. Life's really smiling at me: my friend just informed me, that he had received the Takara reissues I wanted: Blitzwing, Astrotrain, Hound, Stepper and Hot rod... And as an icing to the cake, a God Ginrai!!! Man, I really couldn't be happier :clap Soundblaster didn't arrive though, but I'm gonna get him sooner or later...
  23. Taka reissue Jazz and Prowl plus Smallest TF Megatron and Starscream :clap
  24. Almost complete Piranacon (missing some weapons and both footstands)...
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