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  1. Well, it made me smile. I just wish it was easier to get certain other TV series as complete DVD/Blu Ray box sets.
  2. I wonder if the Matrix will turn Smokescreen into Optimus Prime II. That may be what the Transformers Prime series is actually about. We get the veteran G1-equivalent of Optimus who in turn gets succeeded by a new younger Prime (perhaps the equivalent of the Transformers Animated one). If Transformers Prime has sequels, the new Prime (if there is one) will have to prove himself as a worthy successor to the old leader (I can already see Grimlock causing problems). I guess it will be quite a while before old Rodimus makes his debut, if ever. Of course, he might already exist somewhere in the Prime-verse.
  3. Hanzkaz

    Omega Supreme

    I liked the way they combined the iconic Ark and the once- 'Autobot's last line of defense' into a single entity. I was really disappointed when I found out we weren't getting an Animated Omega Supreme.
  4. Hopefully someone will make a version similar in size to the WST Fort Maximus.
  5. I don't think I appreciated these upgrade sets until I came across the TF: Prime Voyager 'weapons' (I'm not really a great fan of 'MechTech'). About the only weapons I like are Megatron's - for all the others, it a case of 'What's that thing stuck to his arm?'. Hopefully, we'll eventually get something for Bulkhead, Starscream, Dreadwing and Skyquake, too. I know there are ways of modding their weapons, but I prefer not to have to, if someone comes up with something better.
  6. Maybe Breakdown has a twin brother somewhere - that'll have to do. From the article: Hopefully they just mean Gaia Unicron. The Hasbro version could be called something else, with a different colour scheme....
  7. I was wondering how many people go to Botcon to see the third party stuff. I mean you've got the exclusive TF sets which may be an incentive to attend, but some people may see the availability of third party products as also being one. I've never been to Botcon myself, but I was getting the impression that people had gotten used to Botcon being more than a Hasbro-exclusive event. To be honest, I've found a few of these third party items more interesting than a lot of what Hasbro comes out with these days.
  8. I was thinking Main Bad Guy One is more brutal and direct while trying to make a name for himself, but is actually being manipulated by Main Bad Guy Two. While the good guys are preoccupied by the upstart Bad Guy One until they manage to defeat him, Bad Guy Two will have have been working behind the scenes to arrange things to suit himself. I've got this idea where Optimus Prime defeats Bad Guy One, but decides not to kill him - 'There has been enough killing' (Yeah, unlikely, I know - maybe Main Bad Guy One runs away). Bad Guy One goes back to his base, only to be killed by Bad Guy Two, who takes over as the new 'Con Leader.
  9. Armada Unicron was what convinced to start collecting Transformers again. I remember walking into walking into a Toys'r'Us one day, and being shocked at the sight of Unicron sitting on the shelves. I hadn't watched Transformers since the G1 cartoon (though I was more a fan of the UK comics). The Armada line wasn't the greatest, but it had some gems. There were quite a few bricks in the line, but some were worth getting (My favourites being Tidal Wave and the Optimus Prime/Overload combo.) I also liked Megatron and and Starscream.
  10. Hasbro really has to come out with updated versions of Powermaster Optimus Prime, Ultra Magnus and Rodimus Prime (and Metroplex and Fort Max. while they're at it). They do sometimes give the impression that they're not interested. However, the forthcoming Combaticons are a step in the right direction. I'm really curious about those 40 Generations figures planned for next year. Hopefully some of those are larger than deluxe size.
  11. I'd vote for Straxus or the Liege Maximo. I think there should be two main villains - one the more obvious threat, and the other the hidden one. I don't want them to bring back Megatron (again). The movie version was a little disappointing. The Leader of the Decepticons got demoted to sidekick status. The 'Cons need someone who bows to no one..... Of course Movie Galvatron could be created from the fused remains of Megatron, Sentinel Prime and the Fallen by Unicron. That would make him very dangerous and really insane. Or how about the Quintessons making their live-action debut? That should stir things up.
  12. Leader Class Blackout Leader Class Fallen Leader Class Shockwave Leader Class DOTM Megatron Leader Class Optimus Prime/Trailer Combiner (with the combination being more akin to Powermaster Optimus Prime than the DOTM toy) Deluxe Laserbeak without a weird head. Deluxe versions of Mudflap and Skids remolded as new characters with more normal heads. (It was the freaky faces that put me off from buying them. You know - nice body, really a pity about the face......) I would have liked Soundwave to have been some kind of Voyager Class stealth jet.
  13. Isn't it about time Hasbro came out with a decent updated Powermaster Optimus Prime?
  14. I find Optimus Maximus a little interesting. It vaguely brings to mind Powermaster Optimus Prime, Fortress Maximus and Metroplex - three toys I'd like Hasbro to release updated (Classics/Generations style) versions of. However, the sight of 'little' Optimus's legs dangling from the chest is somewhat off-putting, not to mention the 'hollowness' and lack of poseability. I might consider it if I saw it on discount, though. I suppose they could in theory give Optimus Maximus a new head, repaint it, give it a different 'side-kick' (or three) and two red guns like G1 Metroplex (Metroplex has to have his twin guns) . It would be the closest thing we've had so far to the original toy. Hopefully, though we will eventually get something better. Ideally I would like toy versions of Metroplex (and Fortress Maximus) around the same size of Energon Omega Supreme (F.Max gets a Mini-con head).
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