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  1. Hmmm... -> Reissue Perceptor: Effin' awesome, simply because this was one of the original G1's I always wonted (for some reason). As you would expect, he's not as big as I remember... but actually more articulated. -> Deluxe Gears and Deluxe Dead End (ROTF): Got 'em both because I like both molds. Gears' red is thankfully more of a brown and not as bright as the original pics we saw, so he's good. And Dead End looks better than Sideways, IMHO. - > Legends Skids and Scree... err, Mudflap: I made the mistake of getting Deluxe Skids, and won't get Deluxe Mudflap, or HA Skids
  2. Say they were downsized due to energy concerns :) So Activators are Animated Micromasters? :D
  3. DUDE! Hasbro DEFINITELY needs to hire you as the new TF photographer! Your shots blow the 'official' ones away completely, not just with the backgrounds, but with the lighting, camera angles, and poses!
  4. Actually, the typical Deluxe car TF or Basic motorcycle TFwould need figs closer to two inches tall, a decent bit bigger than the Heroscape figs. But many of the Basics (like Clocker) with car alts would be perfectly in scale.
  5. While working on a repaint and mod of Classics Prowl into a new character, I stumbled across a great source of small balljoints for things like heads and such: Knockoff G1 combiner figures. Specifically in this case, the ball from the shoulder for a Knockoff Vortex works beautifully in a dug-out hollow in Robot Heroes Hound's head (though please note, I DID modify it somewhat so he's not smiling and has a few more helmet details, doesn't look like Hound anymore... :D)
  6. Transfan2... are you the ONLY person who still uses this thread?
  7. I bought Movie Voyager Incinerator (clearanced) and Classics 2.0 Deluxe Galvatron. And put them both in the Toys for Tots bin outside the store. A tank and an Osprey for a Marine Reserves run charity? Seemed highly appropriate to me.
  8. Is it wrong if, watching that vid, it looks like Swindle's chest cannon is (at least briefly) a crotch cannon?
  9. Hrms. I remember seeing a pic of a Classics Mirage that was put in with too much acetone... looked like it had just been dipped in the slag pits. :P But thanks, Tentagil! As an FYI, I plan on converting Classics Mirage into a vaguely almost 'toon accurate Devcon, and a friend wants me to make him one, too...
  10. Okay, I got me a taken apart figure, shaved down parts and prepped others to begin a rather in-depth kitbash. I have RIT dye standing ready, and some pots that will only be used for this and nothing else. What are the EXACT steps I would take do dye these parts (they're white), considering that the only blue dye I could find is about four to five times darker than I wanted, but the red dye is the perfect shade? I tried looking in IGTKB, and every time someone asked a question about dying plastics, it was completely ignored.
  11. Umm, did they add knees to LOC Menasor from the Cyb Prime mold, or is that a mod?
  12. (pops back in - not actually participating in THIS discussion) This is almost becoming a spectator sport, watching Tramp dig himself deeper and deeper. So, if Starscream is a YF-22, and Ironhide is a Dodge truck, wouldn't Starscream flatten Ironhide every time?
  13. Tramp... the world is against you. Deal with it like an adult and let the matter drop. You can keep thinking what you think in your own mind, but it's OBVIOUS, BLATANTLY OBVIOUS, that while we are not going to change your mind, you are not going to change ours. So with that, I reiterate that one of my first posts, with the Autobot A, B, and C examples fulfills the INTENT of this ORIGINAL post - as an attempt to give a RATIONAL method of mass-shifting that does NOT require planet-cracking amounts of energy or pseudoscientific references to "subspace" as a possibility for the continuity in the u
  14. Please read the very post you quoted... You want stealth? Bafflers to silence the engine and some form of active camoflage (like the Military is working on RIGHT NOW) make MUCH more sense than the absolute power waste of mass shifting. Sticks out like a sore thumb? Not neccessarily. He drives in close enough, sends in his minions, and then records or broadcasts the info they obtain. And before you argue, does the radio operator at Command level go out into the field to acquire intel? NO. He sits all comfy "in the rear with the gear" and just coordinates or receives the info that fo
  15. As far as I know, Soundwave can READ minds by monitoring electromagnetic impulses in the brain or computer. He CANNOT transmit nor carry on a telepathic conversation nor telepathically implant ANYTHING. He can READ only - reception, not transmission.
  16. As for the alt mode... I was in the USMC as a 2621 manual Morse Intercept / Signals Intelligence, with a secondary as Intercept Analyst / Electronic Warfare. The BEST alt mode for such a situation would be a modified command LAV with various antennae. I worked with such a vehicle, and it would make FAR more sense, story-wise, than a tape player. His minions could be the various specific radios and other comms gear within the vehicle, and the rear exit hatch could be his chest "tape door". This makes a LOT more sense than shrinking down to a tape player. You want stealth? Bafflers to si
  17. Tramp, those "reasons" are about as effective as the Maginot Line. Yes, it was an effective defense. But one completely ignored by the Blitzkreig, which showed how REAL military operations of the time should proceed.
  18. Exactly, P-O. Size-shifting is one thing - those Cybertron Minicons might size-shift, the wayAutobot A did in my example on the last page, explaining why human-sized bots can get large enough to drive (or fly) around in. They become very light cars with panels that slide and shift. Mass-shifting is uber.
  19. The energy requirements needed to rearrange and compress mass would be astronomical. Effectively what your doing is attempting to overcome both weak and strong nuclear forces. If a transformer had the energy requirements to overcome these forces, then its firepower output would be enough to eradicate cities in a single blast. After all, overcoming these forces is the basis behind nuclear weaponry, and that's just splitting it. Compressing it would require several orders of magnitude more energy, on par with an anti-matter / matter reaction at severely dangerous (rad: Possible crust-cracking) l
  20. Dude, I'm referring to Cybertron / Galaxy Force. Where he turned into a Stealth Bomber. And he was recognizeable as Soundwave.
  21. Silicon is silicon, no matter what world it's on. That's why the systems ejected would be comprised of the simpler materials. If they use electromagnetic actuators for movement in bot mode, for example, that's a PRIME source. :P As for the sandblaster bit, it depends on how long the transform takes. Yes, a G1-style "half second" transform with the dust being released omnidirectionally would be a relatively rough shockwave for any fleshies nearby, but not quite damaging to other TF's. If it's a fifteen second long Galaxy Force style, then it's more like dumping it out of the back of a dump
  22. Tramp, did Cybertron Soundwave turn into a tape deck? Was he not recognizeable as "Soundwave"? Or am I hallucinating?
  23. Sliding away from the idea that he HAD to transform for this... REMEMBER, WE ARE NOT USING THE CARTOON FOR REFERENCES!!! The mass of a tape player is approximately one kilogram. Thus, the mass of the equipment of such a mode would be identical. Why turn into a tape player when this twenty five ton, thirty foot robot can simply build something identical into, say, his shoulder? One kilogramwill not exactly suddenly ake him immobile. It doesn't to me. Okay, now he's got all those capabilities in his robot mode. What should his alt mode be? IMHO, something closer to War Within
  24. "DECEPTICONS! Shinju-cat, sic 'em!"
  25. Matzo is unleavened bread.
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