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  1. wtf and all of a sudden im way behind again :tear <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Oh screw you guys, I'm going home. :grr :punch Anyways. :clap Didn't expect to find even half of this, but it's a sign distribution is finally shaping up for us Canadians. :thumb Prowl, and Skids are absolutely awsome but most of you know that already. I'm mixed though on the Beastwars rereleases. Waspinator I like, but Cheetor is as craptacular as any figure can get. Personally I think the Armada retools are more fun and better engineered. Cybertron has completely spoiled me in terms of what to expect. :redface
  2. Just got it. :thumb Nice work.
  3. That Hotshot is incredible, I also really like what you did with Starscream. :thumb
  4. Awsome close up shots. I like the Megatron best though. Very anime. :thumb
  5. My first haul of the year. Cybertron Mudflap Cybertron Leobreaker Cybertron Evac Cybertron Blurr Cybertron Backstop Cybertron Wreckloose Cvbertron Street Speed Minicon team and unexpectedly Alt Deadend. :clap Had to pass on Cybertron Buzzsaw, Runamuck, Longrack, Brushguard, and Defense Red alert. Maybe next time. :redface
  6. Sorry double post. (Time out error) :redface
  7. Nice Bump. :thumb Never saw this one during it's initial release. Fantastic picfic. Very funny. :tflaugh
  8. Good God you're right. :eek Should've looked closer at it. :redface
  9. Awsome collection and great pics. I really like the poses you gave each one of them. At my age when your too old to really play with them posing them is still great fun. The alts are the funnest and by far the most difficult IMO. The Sigma 6 figures are awsome. So far I only have Snake Eyes and he's hanging from the roof in a zipline pose. Someday I'll have to see about getting more of them. Everything about them from the molding to the detailing and articulation as well as the many accessories are all very well done and worth the $20+. One question reguarding your pose of Supreme Starscream. How on earth did you pull that off. I'd assume Starscream weighs a hell of a lot more that Mudflap yet he's dangling off his blade no problem. :tfhuh
  10. This weeks hauls Recieved Tidalwave/Cyclonus and minicon destruction/speed team from Tfan Ervin :clap Also recieved Alts Miester/Tracks/Grimlock from Tfan Xamot. :clap he was also kind enough to toss in a WW comic and a KO Spychanger aparently named Lil Loki. How appropiate ;)
  11. My second ebay haul just arrived today. Hardly inexpensive but well worth the money IMO. The lot included a completed loose but in excellent condition Machine Wars Optimus Prime, A fairly decent G1 Galvatron. Toy is overall good, and the eletronics all work perfectly. Stickers are hell though and he was missing the cannon section, placement holder, and gun which he has now from a UK seller. Also included were G1 Brawn, Gears, and Warpath in next to perfect condition. First Aid was also thrown in but suffers from pin rust and the sticker are no better than Galvy. Seller also threw in as small assortment of G1 weapons and such.
  12. Recieved G1 Galvatron's handgun today from the UK for a cool estimated $10 CND. Pricy yes, but considering most dealers in the States had 12 USD and up buy me options I didn't think this was half bad. :thumb Next to new too. :thumb Now I just have to wait for Galvatron to arrive. :redface
  13. Reissue Rodimus Prime arrived today from endcap dealer KneonT. :clap Awsome, and thankyou much. :thumb
  14. Generation 2 Scouts arrived through Ebay today. G2 brick goodness. :clap
  15. My second Ebay buy. :thumb http://cgi.ebay.ca/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewIt...AMEWA%3AIT&rd=1 A bit more than I anticipated but these arw we;; worth it and probably the only time I'll get nostalgic. I had three originally but sold them off in a garage sale when I finally decided I was done with TFs. Spec cards and all. :tard
  16. :pfx Awsome haul. Damn and here I thought I was finally caught up again. :tard Ah well more to find next time around. :clap
  17. That is an excellent haul. :thumb I would've picked up Armada Predacon from a specialty comics shop in the city a while back but the owner feels he's worth at least 50 CND. Not happening. :tdown
  18. Awsome. :thumb Now all you need is Megatron, unless of course you have him already than never mind. :tflaugh Personally I'm waiting him out. He's warming shelves everywhere in larger than normal numbers so I expect a slight price drop in the near future. Same as Supreme Starscream.
  19. On the internets, perhaps? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Niether. :D I found him in a specialty store. Comics America. The owner was selling him for $51 CND. I almost passed it up entirely thinking yeah right, but then realized it was Labour Day weekend and everything in the store had a 35% off price cut. :thumb I wouldn't have ever noticed if it wern't for M.O.P pointing it out. Guess I should save the box to this one, eh? :tflaugh
  20. Walmart finally did about half of there restocking today and not only did they get in wave 1 Scouts but these bad bots as well. :clap Highs: This completes Wave 1 of the Cybertron scouts. :thumb Lows: Another $30 CND in overdraft. :tdown I hope to get pick and a fairly sizable review up later tonight or possibly tomorrow for those of you who have yet to find these. :thumb
  21. Finally have access to a cam so I thoght I'd thow together a couple goofy TF poses. Unicron's seen here PWNing M.A.S.K. "Give the dog a bone." I also attempted some light piping shots. Scourge is one evil badass with those eyes. Wish I had a better camera for this one. The only way I could get Crystal Widow's eyes to light up is to shine a high strength camcorder light directly behind her. Creepy IMO. :eek
  22. Just bought Cybertron Crumplezone in a Walmart in Thunderbay this past week. Crumplezone absolutely rocks as a transformer, and totally exceeds the articulation on Vector Prime. The Cyber key gimic is pretty decent too. Also bought a ML Juggernaut on a whim for cheap at some obscure comics place. Now this guy looks mean whichever way you pose him. :thumb
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