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  1. Kherns. I'm very sorry to hear that he's still afoot doing this stuff. Best of luck getting this sorted our. I never got satisfaction. I hope you do. - Hal
  2. Whack Whack Whack Yup... the horse is dead. The funny thing here is when and if anything ever does come out of all this... will anyone care either? Guess we'll see. - H Oh yea, on that account thing.. if you could somehow merge my Arceeproto account and my CyberFembot@yaho.com account, that'd be great. Thanks! - Hal
  3. The countdown is almost over... http://www.studiocougar.com/ To what? Paying back old debts? Making good on old promises? Apologizing for past lies? Who can say... but apparently its coming in September. Sounds familiar. - H
  4. What happened to the ArceeProto account? Forget the password? And yeah, thanx to this I'm glad I never bought anything from TFauctions like I almost did awhile back. And I almost bought a lot of shit. It says on this prick's site that "Studio cougar" will be at SDCC 09, I mean it's passed and all now but just sayin. Studio Cougar sounds retarded btw. Actually yea... the switch happened here a while back and the Arceeproto account got lost in the shuffle... I guess I could hunt it down and get it back up and running... but really... that account kinda feels like a beginning that was a long time ago... CyberFembot is more correct. I'm no longer hunting on something i'm never likely to find... I'm the creator and owner of something that I can call my own... so out with Arceeproto and in with CyberFembot.... I loose my post count... but thats not all that important. - Hal
  5. Well here it is again. Another year and another bunch of nothing from Dave... Its been about a year since I heard from him but I figure it doesn't hurt to add an update. I was under the impression that he was going to be at some conventions this year, but I haven't seen any news of this. Anyone heard from him? Worked with him? Got any updates at all? Thanks for the indulgence in letting this post go on for so many years. If even one person can benefit from this, then it may well have been worth it. Cheers All! - Hal RSP - 2009
  6. LOL, yea right you are.... I meant 11 not 1.... I've been recovering from tendon surgery and the meds make me kinda loopy.. More than usual. - H
  7. Ok, So here it is June 24th. This is the day that Dave agreed to settle up with me. He agreed that we could settle our differneces and agreed to a cash settlement to end our dispute. England is 8 hours ahead of us here in Washington state and that makes it 1:30pm there. Late enough I think to consider that yet another promise has been broken by Dave. I did not record the IM conversation where he agreed to this date, or to the settlement and as promised I will not attempt to re-create it here, suffice to say that once again my belief that Dave is everything he was before and continues to be is re-enforced. Good work Dave. Another promise broken. You brought this on yourself. - H
  8. Nope its David Ravenscroft.... (from the links in the first post of this thread. - H
  9. Just so everyone knows... Dave's hooking in fresh people for his project: Artist: http://mattmoylan.deviantart.com/journal/17903269/#journal Dave's Deviant Art Page: http://studiocougar.deviantart.com/journal/17863297/#journal Might be nice if someone other than me warned them of the potential problems they could have with him... Just a thought. - H
  10. It's seven monts later, to the day since my first posting on this subject. In seven months I have recieved one single e-mail stating that he was sorry for waking me up so early to yell at me and that he would be making good on the charity auction and other goods he'd promised me. That was on August 27th of 2007. Since that e-mail. Nothing. No contact. No goods. No money. No advertising. No follow up. ZERO. In the last 4 or so years I've been involved in this community and making toys, I've done some really stupid things and have made my share of enemies. I have not however ever cheated, lied or stolen from anyone. In chases where people felt that they had been treated less than fair and I was aware of the problem, I've contacted them directly and worked out the issue untill we were both happy. I know what its like to be busy. Full time job, family, toy projects after hours, Ebay auctions, shipping, casting, molding, on and on. I can say with complete confidence that there is time to do the right thing. And for what Dave has chosen to do, there is no excuse. http://www.tfauctions.com/ - Down http://www.cougarhq.com/ - Down http://www.studiocougar.com/site/ - Online (Along with Jeep, Lotus, Quantum, Subaru, Fast Quality Printing, BOEING is listed as "coming on board soon". ) I have not contacted any English authorities as I said I would at the end of last year. I just haven't had the time to waste on something I don't belive will help. One last thing. I think his adds should be truthfull and clear. Here's what I propose: I'm even happy to go one step further with this. Dave claims he's got sponsors? I think they should know about this thread and have the opertunity to read about all the people he's lied, cheated, and stolen from. Here's some links to his sponsors, do like I've done and contact them with both this information and if you've had business dealings with him, how they turned out. Be clear and above all be honest. JEEP Lotus Quantum Quads Subaru Boeing Studio Cougar Web Designer (Email link) Lastly I've got a personal message for you Dave. If you're reading this I'd like to thank you for another 7 months of lies, cheating and stealing. I really wanted to believe you could change. But at this point I don't see how that can happen. - Hal RSP 2008
  11. Nope, That'd be Jack. Dave is the one who's defaulted on a bunch of people and "owns" www.tfauctions.com. - Hal
  12. Quick update. Still nothing from Dave. No package - No money www.cougarhq.com - Down www.studiocougar.com - Down www.tfauctions.com - Empty Hope is fading. - H
  13. Sorry man, I opened the topic back up here. Mr Ravenscroft has agreed that this topic would be closed when he pays everyone he owes. That said, there will be no witch hunting here. If you want to post your grivences and stuff here, that's fine. But please none of the talk about giving out personal info in public. That is not allowed. FWIW. I know these people posting here have a legitimate beef as Dave also owes me payment for 3-4 packages, a pile of toys I sent him in trade and for the CougarHQ.com site development that was done for him in good faith, but has since been taken offline because he never delivered on anything. That includes the Alternators prizes that were promised to the staff and winners for the contests we ran in conjunction with TFauctions. So Dave, I know you're reading this stuff. PLEASE pay up man. No one wants this. But honestly man. Its clear you have cheated a lot of people. We all want to patch things up. Its totally your option to heal this. Agreed. No need to be rough. Just square with those you owe, say your sorry and mean it this time. And all can be forgiven. Nobody wants bad blood, and everyone deserves a second chance. The ball is in Dave's court. Lets see what he does with it. - Hal
  14. Iron Maniac, I got a couple cardboard backed games, kind of a mini-pinball game with a plastic ball and a plastic launcher... blister plastic front with internal stuff... very low quality. I think a spark gun... the kind where you pull the trigger and sparks shoot out the tip and some other stuff I don't remember. Nothing like what I was told I would get. I should have taken a picture of it to show exactly what was there but really I wasn't thinking like that at the time. I was told on the phone earlier that year and in person with Dave that there was loads more coming and that it was being shipped. I also didn't recieve the move I purchased from a seperate seller on TFAuctions. I talked to Dave about it and he said he had it and that he would send it along with my stuff. To date. Nothing.
  15. And the latest from Dave: His e-mail after his 5:00am call... and my reply... My reply first followed by his mail to me.... I'll believe it all when I see it. It comes down when you make good. I'm sorry its come to this but I have to stand up and say enough. - Hal [ removed by admin ] I don't think I've said anything wrong about Cougar, Fenrir, Furman, or any of this dealings. Its been total opinion an speculation on my end. That is, afterall, my right as an American. I get to say whatever I feel, and so does everybody else. Unless something changes and or Dave makes good. I'm taking nothing down. I'm sure his sponsors and Simon Furman would like to know if they're involved with someone unreliable. I know I would've liked to have been given advance warning. - Hal
  16. Rodimus Max, I agree completely. Ive run into several problems. 1. He's in the UK I'm in the US. 2. Its WAY past the deadline for PayPal (which I used to pay) to start a case. 3. I've looked into legal representation and it will cost me almost as much as I lost to sue him. Not really worth my time since I'd get about $50 back after all was said and done, assuming a finding in my favor, and a boatload of additional hassle in the bargain. 4. Dave, in my opinion is a complete deadbeat. I believe he's got nothing. No money, no honor, and nothing to sue. Even if I won he'd still have to pay and I think he's ass broke. It'd be like squeezing blood from a stone. I treated him like I treat all people I encounter, with honestly, friendship and trust. He took those and threw them back at me and then got upset when I protested. I think he's a bonifide liar, con-man and cheat. He's a triple threat. LOL. If you know anyone who'd be interested in helping me recover my losses with this guy I'm more than happy to accept help. I am seriously considering sending my case and information to Hasbro UK and The Red Cross. If this isn't resolved by the end of the year I will be. Maybe that makes me even more of a sucker but I really try to believe in people. Even if they don't deserve it. - Hal
  17. Blitz, I've been as patient as I could be with him, I was nervous over this whole thing as he was new to the scene with TFauctions.com, and after talking with him in person after I won the auction he talked a pretty good game, rough around the edges to be sure, but I gave him the benifit of the doubt. After a few months of nothing and more empty promises and several cases where he point blank said "I've mailed your stuff" and it never arriving, I got fed up and requested to meet with him in person. Even that didn't make any difference. I think looking back I should have put an end to his lies earlier, but honestly I really wanted to believe that he would come through. At this point, after all this time and his latest "wake Hal up as early as possible" tactics I'm completely cured of my good will and abillity to overlook his shortcomings. Its very simple. He's lied, cheated, and mislead me from the very beginning. I believe that he's taken advantage of my good will and friendship and has strung me along so he could suck as much out of me as possible. Well that's over. And I'm done keeping his lies confidential. Everyone needs to know what happend and how he's dealign with it. If for no other reason than to avoid him and his dealings like the plague. - Hal
  18. Aquarion, You know I think you have to have some ego and belive in yourself to be involved in any industry or you get eaten alive. The thing is that if it was just ego that'd be fine with me, its his lying, stealing, cheating, dishonesty that really gets to me. - Hal
  19. He lives in the Manchester area... I was in England in 2006 with my family visiting my wife's mother and we met in Manchester at some big Galeria... I remember this impossibly big escalator right off the train line.... - H And Supa Tman... I remember as I was placing my $600 bid on it... "I know this is for a good cause but I hope that the "big box" is actually something good... I figured that since Hasbor UK and the Red Cross were involved I had a good shot of not getting screwed... Guess I was wrong. I wonder if either of those organizations know how it all turned out? I'm sure they'd be unhappy to learn that they were involved with someone who took thier names and used them for his own personal gain of goods and services. I remember him describing the stuff he'd gotten from Hasbro... he was listing it off and saying how cool everyting was. I guess it was cool enough for him just to keep it all and stick it to me. I think you did well to not be involved. Its been nothing but empty promises and lies as far as I can tell so far with him. - Hal RSP
  20. Just in! Dave called me this morning at 5:00am PST. I can't tell you how pleased I was to be woken up that early and yelled at. In between telling me that I better @#$@#$ take down this post and that his sponsers, specifically BMW would be "in contact" I got the distinct impression that he was upset with me for sharing my bad experiences with him. I told him at 5:05am that when he fufilled his end of the Charity auction and sent me both the items from that as well as the movie he owed me, I'd be happy to say that he'd lived up to his end of the deal and be done with it. However, that message didn't seem to get through so in the middle of a loud angry tirade, which woke up my son in the next room it was so loud, I hung up on him. Sorry Dave, it was really early and I just couldn't listen to any more crap. I went back to bed quietly swearing and beginning to wish I'd never heard of David Ravenscroft. 9:10am rolls around. Dave calls again. This time he says he's calmed down and he again ask me to take down this post saying that its damaging his reputation and the reputations of his sponsors. And that hes worked out toy deals with HappyWell toys and that both Cougar and Fenrir are not copies of anything, they're his own orignial ideas. Whatever. He then proceeded to tell me how the work that I and RSP have done has been nothing but "rip offs of Hasbro ideas". At this point I told him that I would take down the stuff about Cougar and Fenrir, and the rest when he shipped me what I was owed. And said I had to go.. which I did, to work. I should note that at no point during either of the two conversations did he say when or if he'd be sending along my items. Not once. The bottom line for me is that I was promised things that I'll likely never recieve. I put out HUNDREDS of dollars in both goods and services and I have NOTHING to show for it. $600 for Charity Auction - Small box of 4 items that looked like they came from a dollar store. $200 in GI Joe Six Sigma figures (including shipping) that I bought, packed and shipped at Dave's request as he told me that they were unavailable in the UK. He actualy recieved this box and its contents and confirmed how happy he was with them. This was done as a friendly gesture on my part, something you might do for a collegue who asks you a favor. $350 in CyberFemobt goods $100 in Ancient goods $100 in custom video work done ( never asked for a penny) As I see things I'm $1350 into dave (cash out of my pocket) and I've gotten little to nothing back. Sure some of this was out of friendly generosity.. but its not been recipricated. Nothing. Oh yea... There was also the Cougar Statue that he's promised me... And Add space in his "comic" as well as a listing on TFAuctions in the categories section. Zip - Nadda - Nothing. I guess we'll see how many times he calls my house tomorrow morning. - Hal RSP
  21. Just found this: http://studiocougar.com/ And this: http://simonfurman.wordpress.com/2007/08/2...-wrap-cougar-1/ Which mention Dave's baby, Cougar (You know the transforming Jeep that isn't Swindle or Hound or Rollbar... its a BRAND NEW AND ORIGINAL Jeep. And His Arch Enimy Fenrrir, no not the Norse God Wolf Fenrir... the Happwell Roadbot Humvee copy Fenrir. Looks like Simon Furman is drinking the David Ravenscroft Cool-Aid heavily now too. www.cougarhq.com - Dave's original cougar site with the staute pics and such is "down for maintanence" and has been for many months. You do remember Cougar right? http://TFormers.com/ig.php?mode=album&...800&start=0 I guess we'll see how this all turns out. I think I find it most interesting that the studiocougar site lists Jeep - BMW and Subaru as sponsors... I wonder how much they've actually contributed or if they even know they're logos are being used. - Hal
  22. www.tfauctions.com Anybody know what ultimately happend to Dave and his site? I got involved with him years ago with the "Charity Auction" for Hurricane Katrina. I waited ages for anything to come of my $600+ I spent on the winning "HEAP of TOYS" that was advertised in the auction. http://www.TFans.com/talk/index.php?showtopic=34076 http://TFormers.com/article.php?sid=5029 http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/new..._by_robots.html I met up with him in England at one point and recieved several small items in a used Non-Hasbro box that didn't retail for more than $20 and were certianly not from Hasbro direclty as advertised. I was promised the following as he described to me what came in the "Big Box" from Hasbro: Black Unicron Several Alternators Bunch of Minicons Bunch of Deluxe Bunch of other various stuff. "The box is HUGE and weighs a ton!" I gave Dave two of our limited figures - A CyberFembot and an Ancient that were displayed at his "booth" at AutoAssembly a year or so ago. http://www.cyberfembot.com/CustomToys/Owners/TFA.htm I helped him out with his "advertisements" a while back http://www.TFans.com/talk/index.php?showto...p;hl=tfauctions I talked back and forth with him for the better part of 2 years until now his site is gone, he's apparently gone and I've STILL not gotten what I was promised. Oh yea. I'm still waiting for the Transformers Reconstructed DVD I won at TFAuctions more than a year ago now. Though at this point I'm sure its gone the way of all the other things that I was promised from Dave. In that big HUGE box of lies that he managed to string me along with for more than 2 years. I'm looking for any information on what's happened to Dave and if anyone else got the shaft from him? Thanks! - Hal RSP
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