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  1. Got me to be a BW fan ( warmed up to it because of this episode but before this I loathed the series)
  2. Henkei Minibots Content per pack #3 'bots #3 biocards #1 instruction sheet (Pics on the way) Just picked up all #6. So what's the complaint? Well some mix up between the Spy team and Attack team. In their bios, Beachcomber is more of a pacifist as portrayed in the "Golden Lagoon" G1 show while Warpath is more like Gong personality. Well the teams are divided into: Spy-team: Wheelie,Adams,Warpath Attack team: Gong, Cliffjumper, Beachcomber I'll begin with the Spy Team: 1. Wheelie has been upgraded into another concept car that transforms into a"near"accurate G1 robot representation of himself. For his size he has 8 points of articulation and goes well with MP Grimlock. He is highly detailed from his blue optics down to his energon "slingshot". But Takara kind off dropped the ball by going for the lighter yellow color instead of the G1 orange. I give him a 4 out 5 (for loosing the color) 2. Adams (Cosmos) another great upgrade.......sort of. He still transform into a UFO disc like vehicle but this time he's got a rear fin. Colorwise, almost like the Universe version except instead of blue markings along his circumference, it is silver. He has this cybertronian markings around his arm, his arm btw looks buff compared to the G1 version. Positives, the original's head tend to collapse on himself while this one, it stays up. Very detailed down to the blue optics and his colors is a darker green than the original. He tends to be back heavy. Points of articulation 6. I give him a 4.9 out of 5 3. Warpath: my personnal favorite. The tiny titan with tourrettes syndrome. An excellent representation of the character. If you can get a hold of the old Marvel comic # 16 - #17, Don Perlin drew him this way so for all sense and purposes this is his true cybertron mode. Does he have gimmicks? Takara added a feature where you can retrack his gun barrel, which is very nice but he lost the 360 ability to point the weapon as opposed to his G1 counterpart. I also like the red/maroon shiny plastic used on him, nicer than the G1 color. Points of articulation? 8 if you adjust his rear threads, he can also bend his arms at his elbows. I give him a 5 out of 5 Now the attack team: 1. Beachcomber: an upgraded dune buggy with a machine gun on his back. Simple in transformation with an anime accurate face/mouth plate. He is a much lighter hue of blue when compared to the Universe version whose color is more G1 toyish. I noticed that my universe version is somewhat misshappened on the front so it transform a bit misaligned. Details? same as the other two (for its size) and has 6 points of articulation I give him a 4.8 out of 5 2. Gong/Brawn: a change in vehicle mode but still an SUV. Color is more of a military drab green as opposed to the Universe version. And his chest module is more yellow than orange. Fore arms too have been repainted into a more silverish color. Details? One complaint is like the Universe version, the face shouldn't have been black because it tends to obscure his face details. POA around 6. I give him a 4 out of 5. 3. Last but not the least, the paranoid 'bot with the big gun fetish who is probably overcompensating because of the shortness of his stature (a lot of short things do that I suppose)..................Cliff/Cliffjumper. Basically a mini me of henkei/universe Bumble B. A very simple transformation of the former and can stand side by side with the G1 original. POA is 6 and I noticed his back pack doesn't snap tight to the back groove making it a bit loose. Of course, monetary considerations aside for Takara, re-using the Bumble B mold and then slapping the name Cliff on him, I'd have given him a 5 out of 5 if he had his own original head molding............so instead 4 out of 5. A great effort by Takara/Hasbro though the henkei version wins hands down (with the exception of Wheelie) for the packaging. Here are the comparison shots..........Henkei and G1: Wheelie: G1 and well............ With old Grimlock himself..... Old short stuff himself with the gun fetish Gong......... Hippie boy Beachcomber Cosmos And loudmouth himself.........Baam, boom and zowie!
  3. Yup. Some showing their age but basically in pristine well cared off condition.
  4. Thanks for adding me to your circle of friends bro!

  5. Fenrir72


    Nope, not from BBTS.........direct from a source who gets it from Hasbro China. More or less US$ 60 equivalent. No shipping cost 'cause I personally picked it up.
  6. Fenrir72


    Contents: #1 plastic container #1 instruction manual # 6 Seacons # 7 biocards (1 for Piranacon) with a metallic type finish # 4 target master base stands # 4 target master support stands (long thingie) # 4 target master connectors (small square thingie) # 1 Piranacon head # 2 robot fists (with a clickity click locking mechanism) # 2 feet modules # 1 chest plate (with chromed blades) #1 chrome sword # 10 guns Background: Besides Predaking and Bruticus, this bruiser has been re-issued like 5x already. Personally, he ain't one of my most wanted figs (second to Predaking but he grows on you) given he's a 'con with all the horrid colors (he was G2 before his time). But in Masterforce, he was a bad@ss gestalt! Though his limbs more or less functioned as mindless drones. Anyway on to the figure itself. The figure: This review will be for the Piranacon figure itself and I'll gloss over the individual 'bots that make up the team. Snaptrap has this pom pom effect switch on his back for twin guns mounted on his backpack. Switch the peg back and forth and you'll know what I mean. The rest of the beasties that make him up ain't to shabby though. Above average looking mech beasts who share their Scramble City origins (limbs are interchangeable with no specific assignment). I use overbite by the way as the "target master component. One more thing that makes this set a must buy (if you are a hardcore g1 fan and don't own one) Piranacon was never released as a set "complete". Back in the late 1980's, when fan interest was dying and to off set costs, the Piranacon set was sold sans one part (Nautilator for the US version). King Poseidon was complete if I'm not mistaken). Another thing I noticed, the original Overbite was colored violet purple while this one, well pink purple. Snaptrap's head was originally colored black , joints now riveted and not screwed etc etc. so this isn't exactly a carbon copy of the 1988 version but amazingly close. Now the good/ bad news ( view this objectively brothers) 1. Expect a lot of molding degradation. ('nuff said) This is like over 12 years old baring the 5th time it's been released. If it were up to me, I wished it were all smooth and all but hey that's life...........(expected) 2. Pre applied labels (a mixed bag depending on your taste, me I'd prefer applying them (it was quite fun back then). In my unit, the labels were nicely applied anyway. (depends on your preference) 3. Chromed sword (not the BBTS version btw). The original G1 version for both Piranacon/King Poseidon was pink. (Good) 4. Loose connecting joint on Snaptraps right leg. Remedied by changing a specific limb Seacon. (The original gestalts had very tight clamps.) (Bad and good depending how OC you are) 5. Reports at seibertron.com member Diem was unlucky enough to get two clunkers (one missing either Seawing's gun or Nautilator's connecting pin) (verified with pics so HasTaks QC might have been slipping again........like henkei Starscream.................so it's like a hit or miss) Mine thankfully has no such problems. So good and bad again The verdict: I never owned one. Now I do! In a consumer friendly price. Sure it has a lot of molding issues (which was expected though it would have nice if this was minimized) Plus verified QC issues don't help either. If you have never owned one get him now! Once in a lifetime opportunity. Get him while his hot! So I give this a 3.9/5.0..........that is my honest opinion. Edt: I was recently corrected that the BBTS version has a chromed sword
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