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  1. I hope this is a precursor of things to come. I'd like to see a Titan Class Fort Max with Master Sword. And Cerebros comes with a smaller Master Sword. And of course withMetroplex you'll need Trypticon. And with Fort Max you'll need Scorponok. An updated Omega Supreme would be nice too.
  2. Cool paint, but I have to agree about the random red triangle in vehicle mode however.
  3. With a little cutting and some creative positioning, I took the two side cannons from Topspin and gave them to TF:Prime Starscream and angled his hands in so it looks as flush as possible. The posts on the cannons need to be trimmed to fit in the hole in the inner arm so you don't shove the fins back down (which looks incredibly stupid and makes him appear even more girlish than he already does, almost like flared sleeve cuffs).
  4. Sweet. That's awesome. Is that the center part of Laserbeak's weapon? I'm gonna have to get a few extra Laserbeak figures for those. They look like the movie weapons Wheeljack/Q gave him.
  5. Are those human alliance figs...if so, which ones. I may have to start getting them if they have a weapon mode like that possible.
  6. I can't wait to get mine. I'm jealous Goktimus. Really jealous. I can't wait to get mine. I'm jealous Goktimus. Really jealous.
  7. I'm constantly tempted and I may go and pick up the Cyberverse Powerglide figure to stick with my Classics/Uni 2.0/Generations guys just because he's just awkward as an Ultra Class figure when all the other mini guys are either small Deluxes or Scouts (with the exception of ROTF Brawn who's standing in as an updated G1 Brawn, but for him, that seems right. Same with Seaspray).
  8. Looking forward to mine. Just clicked ship my loot over at BBTS. I like my stuff to arrive on either Thursday or Friday just because I have the weekend (or what counts for my weekend from work) to enjoy it.
  9. It has potential. I don't get why all sorts of TF series last for only three seasons. The entire A/E/C saga was almost like one loosely connected series, with each season having a different name, and that was only three "seasons". BW was three seasons. G1 was three seasons. BM was two. RiD was all by itself in one. Animated was three seasons. Heck, we're getting a third movie (here's hoping to a fourth with someone new at the helm, though I will say Bay has done a good job). But still, if they follow the formula, I foresee this series lasting only three seasons. I hope I'm wrong.
  10. I don't go for the Marvel/SW TF crossovers, but now I'm gonna have to pick him up just to give my MU Ghost Rider a sweet ride that's better than the bike I have him on now.
  11. Perceptor, Wreck-Gar, G2 DLX Prime, Scourge and Kup. Perceptor rocks. Interesting alt mode, moderately complex transformation for a deluxe, CHROME! Nice update to his G1 self. Wreck-Gar is interesting. A little difficult to get into bike mode, but other wise a great figure. Nice posability, though mine has a bit of a loose waist. Kup is great. A nice solid figure that goes in well with Classics Rodimus and Magnus and Generations Blurr. Now give us an Arcee and a Springer (for those of us who don't have Warbot Defender) and we have the cast from TFTM. Scourge is a nice update as well. Will definitely pick up a few more of this guy for his Sweeps and make some paint adjustments to mark them as such. G2 DLX Prime's development went something like this I believe: G2 Laser Rod Prime: So you want to update me for your 2011 toyline which is a lot of G1 characters redone Hasbro: Yup. And to help cut costs, we're gonna scale you down in size G2 LRP: Wait a minute... H: And to help us we got Michael Bay G2 LRP: Whoa, whoa whoa, now wait a minute. Let me say... Michael Bay: We're gonna give you a paint scheme similar to my Optimus Prime, shrink you down and cram you with awesomeness G2 LRP: @#$!^* And now we have a very cool toy, nice posability, cool sword, nice vehicle mode, light piping everywhere looks neat too. I'm pleased with him and he's sitting with my other Primes on my Prime shelf.
  12. That's not bad. I like it. It's a decently close approximation to it. Considering what you have to work with.
  13. Just found out that Megan Fox is going to be on SNL...

  14. WTF man? I wake up to this crap in my inbox? Nice to know I'm not alone.

  15. I know the quote, but considering the context, I'm not sure I follow the idea here. Two...what? Megs is holding a cannon in one hand, but he also wants the other. Notice Brawl is missing one on his back. Ah. Gotcha. Understanding makes it funny.
  16. :rofl That's great. I just tossed movie 1 Optimus into storage cause I still have a place for him later in life possibly just to display the different versions of Movie Optimus. However, I like your idea too :tfgrin I know the quote, but considering the context, I'm not sure I follow the idea here. Two...what?
  17. I want him now. Sideswipe has always been a preferred character for me. Not an absolute fave, but definitely in my top 50 Autobots/Maximals picks. I'm looking forward to splurging what money I've been squirreling away for the past few weeks and months for the toys. Problem is, I'm not going to be able to start until after 9:30 pm May 30. With any luck, Wal-Mart will still have some Leader Class Primes and Megatrons available for me. I refuse to buy DLXs there since they're a dollar more than at TRU or Target.
  18. Say they were downsized due to energy concerns :) So Activators are Animated Micromasters? :D Sure. Wasn't even thinking that, but hey, it makes sense. I'm always doing things like this. I already had a Classics 'Bee, so Legends became Hubcap.
  19. Say they were downsized due to energy concerns :) However, I'm trying to find Activators TC, cause then when I get Skywarp, sans the Ramjet colored one, I'll have the clones. I'm not that great at painting to make a completely workable custom full sized TC and RJ. I'm good w/ touch ups and possible improvements, but that's about it.
  20. I'm debating about getting these guys now that Sunstorm is out. If they plan on releasing all the clones for sure, then I would definitely start picking them up. Clones available: Thundercracker (Activators), Skywarp (Voyager), Sunstorm (Voyager). As for Ramjet and She-Scream, nothing so far. There's also supposed to be a Dirge clone in the Activators class, just not sure if he's out yet or not.
  21. I still can't find Skywarp anywhere. The dude is either elusive or he sells out faster than I get to any store that might have him alongside Shockwave, who I have seen (albiet not in great numbers like I am any Voyagers preceeding them).
  22. I see we have the same idea. I've been slowly building up some of the characters from the Marvel Universe, and picked up the comic version of Wolverine from the Wolverine movie line to make the New Avengers team that teamed up with the TFs. Got Iron Man, Spidey, and Wolverine. Need Cap, Miss Marvel, Falcon and Cage. But considering how cool they were, I've also picked up Daredevil, Black Panther, and Silver Surfer. Got a movie Hulk to throw in there as well and it works well considering the size. Plan on having them stand with my Autobots. Nice scale too, especially with the MPs.
  23. Had to go to the grocery store tonight, and right next to it is a TRU, and in the same area, but kind of behind the plaza is a Wal-Mart, and across the street is a mall, with a plaza with a Target it in it, so that's my general shopping area. I had some time to kill after the grocery store and went to TRU. Nothing but three Universe Cheetors, which I got one last Tuesday. Went to Wal-Mart... SCORE Picked up: Univers Cyclonus Universe Hound Animated Swindle Animated Blurr They also had Animated Blazing Lockdown, but I had to show some form of restraint. They also had Universe Starscream, but from what I've been reading about him, I decided not to.
  24. Though it shouldn't be too hard to modify them to plug in depending on what kind of connections they used. The front of the construction-train vehicle plugs into the rear end of the battleship. Imagine a boot tip so far up where the sun don't shine. If it was a matter of just a tab here and there, ala the Bullet Trains from RiD, it'd be a doable mode, but for vehicle mod. For the robot mode, it wouldn't work at all. It doesn't fit together that way. There are back panels that won't attach to the front. In all, it can't be done.
  25. You just got the armor. Dude...well, hope you enjoy it. I've had mine since the middle of October and have been absolutely loving it (came on the same day I was told about my mini-promotion). Your recreation of Prime's death scene in TFTM is pretty cool. Now, if they'd just do an updated Perceptor for the Universe line, along with a new Arcee, Kup, and a proper Springer, that'd be great. Stick Cybertron Blurr in there (I have him lumped in with the Universe figs along with Cyb Runamuck). Then your scene could be redone even more properly
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