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  1. who is this character? I don't recognize him, but he looks like Rodimus's off-his-meds cousin. He's an old Simon Furmann UK comic only character. You can check him out on Jhiaxus and Monzo's obscure characters site.
  2. Given the way most of these have been based on previous recolors and remolds I'm surprised the didn't jump on Scourge first. Maybe Machine Wars Prime/Thunderclash? He used the same box art, came out around the same time, and had a face.
  3. The stock look, while wearing a weird expression, is much more G1 Kup than this one. It's just more toy accurate than show accurate. This new head is the recent IDW comics Kup. That's where the "cigar" comes from, not "original" as in the OP. It's supposed to be some sort of energon dosing medical device that helps him with his addiction to that weird crystal energy from his IDW spotlight comic. In fact, we've been getting a lot of IDW influenced figures lately: Blur, Perceptor, Thunderwing, and of course Drift.
  4. Seibertron's gallery has pics with all three. Classics at the top, Henkei in the middle, Challenge at the bottom. Note that the new Challenge matches WORST because of the different colors used for EVERYTHING including windows, body and tires. If you get protector and Sidearm, they provide you with gold chromed parts to match the Henkei.
  5. Yes. It's the same toy, only in different colors. It will work, but that version has a much lighter color scheme. Color key wise, the classics version is probably the ideal version to use, (just because you have worry about chrome damage on the henkei.) I dont think theres going to be any chrome on the 2 pack release. There was on the 3 pack Takara version but I think any chrome in the pics for the 2 pack will be painted silver instead. Much like what happened with Sea Attack Ravage. Actually Breaker, there was no chrome in the challenge of Cybertron set. I bought it and there's no chrome on Hotrod, it's exactly the same as the american version figure Really? Exactly the same? Because from what I've seen it is VERY different, but I've never seen the new one in person... The black sprue is done in gray, so hands, tires, communicator, gun and boots are gray instead of black The transparent blue sprue is done in opaque solid red, so windows and missile are solid red painted sky blue The maroon sprue for the body is done in the same red One of the orange sprues is done in yellow, so the spoiler and rear axles are yellow instead of orange The headlights are painted yellow instead of silver The hood is painted solid yellow with a faction logo instead of gold flaked flames The black and silver shoulder detail paint was changed to a gray An orange paint application was added on wrist There are completely different paint apps on codpiece The yellow paint apps on the helmet, an homage to Energon Rodimus, were removed and a silver paint app was added So yeah... there's no chrome, but it won't color match to the armor any better. In fact, it will probably be WORSE.
  6. My idea is a Bludgeon Marvel G1 figure to match Universe Thunderwing. I'm thinking of using one of the larger, samurai robot revoltech figures painted orange and gray with a revoltech skeleton swordsman head and a minicon port added somehow just above the left elbow. Much like Thunderwing's drone, transformation is totally unecessary. Of course, I'd need a classics minicon Broadside with a painted purple barrel and maroon face to "powerlinx" there. :con I'm really struggling to find just the right samurai-esque body and helmet, that's where you guys come in. Suggestions? I've looked at Gurenn Lagann, but that makes the vague, face shaped elements in Bludgeon's faceplate a little too literal.
  7. Black Shadow is a completely different character. Thunderwing did not exist in any Japanese continuity, and Black Shadow did not exist in any American continuity. As far as the toy... Thunderwing was retooled with a less organic, more robot-like head and torso (this was all one part on the original mold) and extensively recolored to be Black Shadow. I expect the same to occur here. The real question is whether Thunderwing will come out in JP and Black Shadow in the States this time around.
  8. Just some extra information from someone whose played around with this guy a little more. The two cannons can be pegged, on into the other, like one of the old mini-targetmasters, into something that looks more like his Marvel comics weapon. Also, the air to air missiles on the sides of the weapons are 3mm in diameter, so they fit the new weapon clip system used on Straxus and Ironhide. You can really build a super weapon!
  9. So... I've gone through two figures and I've noticed the same problems on both. The barrel of the tank cannon is twisted on both about five degrees counterclockwise from square with the ground. The missile cluster/launcher accessory on both has stress marks on the socket of the ball and socket joint and pops out far too easily.
  10. In-game EVERY characters has a hover mode that allows a full range of manueverability, including side strafing. Wheels or treads pop out when accelerating forwards, but they dramatically increase turn radius. I'm glad to see that detail made the cut with at least one of these molds.
  11. To the people complaining about color: Where do you find a consistent record of what Hot Rod or Rodimus Prime's coloration is "supposed" to be? I can find everything from straight of magenta to a dark brick red on both of them in Marvel US, Marvel UK, and the animated serieses. In TF: The movie both are magenta But in TF season 3, Rodimus is usually darker red, and then turns magenta when he gives up the Matrix However, Rodimus is also sometimes darker red Sometimes Rodimus turns so magenta his gun turns with him In headmasters, the two colorations seem more a trick of lighting than anything and end up used regardless of the Matrix Marvel consistently made Hot Rod nearly purple with blue accents But made Rodimus brighter red than anyone else! So... Is there really enough consistency to say for certain that Hot Rod is pink and Rodimus is maroon?
  12. FINALLY we see the gun separated too! And confirmation of a Matrix compartment! Jeez I need some cash now!
  13. In the film, Hot Rod grew at least a quarter larger in every dimension to become Rodimus. His coloration also grew slightly darker, but then in the third season of the show it was all over the place. The face change is dead on though.
  14. In previous pics Rodimus's face is longer and has bags under the eyes. Not as obvious in these because of the resolution. Also, look at there the waistpiece hits the thighs. It looks like they are cheating Rodimus some longer legs with a joint that slides down from the top to the bottom of the waistpiece. I am pretty sure the rifle separates into two pistols (there's a seam between the two handles) for Hot Rod as well.
  15. There is a longer face with bags under his eyes for Rodimus. There also appear to be small extensions at the top of the thighs and where the calf meets the boot. Not to mention the two guns sliding together.
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