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  1. Worst TV Show - Oddly enough, Armada wasn't as terrible to me as Energon and Cybertron were. Not a big fan of RiD. So I'd say those three, E/C and RiD Worst Toy Line - Easily Energon. Some Armada guys were actually pretty cool despite being bricks for the most part. (Oddly enough I liked Armada Jetfire) but Energon Autobots were inexcusably terrible both seperate and combined. Decepticons were okay.. Worst Figure - 07 Payload. Say what you want about Armada Sideswipe or 07 Dreadwind, but at least those guys don't literally crumble in your hands. He's the only one that I really wouldn't recommend to anyone.
  2. ROTF Skids - gold tooth variant. Must of lucked out. I like him. backpack was a pain in the ass getting it positioned right. Dirtboss - Convincing Forklift.. robot mode is pretty good too.. Rollbar - Loose joints. Tremendously out of scale. Not so good robot mode, but the alt mode is lol
  3. ROTF Rampage .. Not my favorite so far. Bulldozer part keeps popping off and serious lack of paint apps makes me :tfgrr .. I mean, seriously. He's missing his flippin faction symbol on his chest? The sole good point of this guy is the Rubber Treads.. which I'm assuming is where this figure's budget ended up going. :shrug
  4. Sideways Chicken Shit ... he is indeed as awesome as he is claimed to be. I think that it's funny.. everything in his Tech Specs is 100% dead on. Yer cannon fodder. Target Exclusive Superion too.. I haven't opened them up yet. Not high expectations.. but eh..
  5. OMG Thomas the train combiner? :eek
  6. Is there a sale going on? Dude, if there is.. I'm goin to get me some more Deluxe Lovin. :tfgrin Yeah heard deluxes were $7.99 and voyagers were like $17.99 Man that sucks.. I was there last week buying ROTF stuff.. if I knew this I would of waited... well, looks like I know what I'll be doing tomorrow. :tfevil
  7. Is there a sale going on? Dude, if there is.. I'm goin to get me some more Deluxe Lovin. :tfgrin
  8. So THATS why I haven't been able to find Soundwave anywhere! :tfevil
  9. ROTF Ransack and Sideswipe.. Dont care much for Sideswipe's wheel feet.. struggled trying to get the guy balanced right for 5 mins.. but daymn he's so friggin awesome outside of that. Mechalive is pretty awesome once you see it in action. Haven't put ransack into biplane mode yet. I should try that out. $29.99 It's quite a good deal if I do say so myself. I'm going to run by Target and pick him up tomorrow. Just did!! RotF Superion Fallout 3 (360) - Been playing Mass Effect again right now. Probably play Fallout 3 later next week. Ninja Gaiden 2 (360) - Finally!! Took me forever to buy this game. Damn i gotta keep my eyes open for Superion..
  10. Glad someone likes them. I bought Ironhide when he first came out a few months ago in excitement and then once I opened him and transformed him in robot mode, that excitement quickly diminished. The blue face just wasn't working for me. Needless to say that I did not purchase Ratchet for that fear. In fact, it kind of killed the classics line for me with that too; however, it was mostly due to a lack of space for these figures. Out of curiousity, does Ratchet have that 'blue face' problem as well? Also the gun attachment for both figures are just meh. Anyways, nice find getting them on clearance. :) My God man, it seems like you are buying new stuff every day. Where do you put it all? I cannot imagine how much money that you spend on a monthly basis for your collectibles. Anyways, good job...I guess I like em mostly because I'm a diaclone junky.. not to say I have any true diaclones or anything. As the characters they were made to be on the show, they're not so good.. so yeah, I can understand. Definetly not THE BEST Diaclones or TFs on the board.. but they got worse.. Twintwist and Topspin? Throttlebots? Can't get much worse and "cheap" as that. Atleast these guys have some sort of care put in to them. It's not their fault their old as crap and really didn't age too well. :tflaugh Blue face.. are you talking about the Stickers? I don't apply those.. on all my reissues. Too much hassle when they get old and the stickers start peeling. Makes em look gross.. so they're redfacing.. both of them. And they'll be that way till the end of time.
  11. Encore Ratchet and Ironhide.. Say what you will, but I personally like them. They were also on clearance.. :tflaugh
  12. Blitzwing - Back me up BIG BOY! Lugnut - ... I lack the glorious articulation... *bumdum tissss
  13. - Wreck-Gar interupts a ninja session I AM WRECK-GAR!! I R TEH NINJUH!! Prowl - No .. your not .. Jazz - Get outta here bro.. you smell..
  14. Recent purchases TFA Wreck-Gar - Full of Character Bio Win *Believes everything he reads on the internet is true .. and the only TF Garbage truck.. AND one that has the proper weight distribution to lean down upon smaller robots and wave without falling.. (prefect buddy for Basic Rattrap) Animated should of had a Rattrap ... TFA Man-E-Faces AKA Blitzwing - Big ass non connecting TF.. really good management of kibble between all modes.. but some connector pegs really would of made this guy stellar.. I imagine if political correctness takes an even more ridiculous step, Nazi Bot here probably will be the last of his kind. And with that... the Galzamus is offically broke.. :tfsad Just have Sidecar Prowl, Jetfire/Jetstorm on the radar currently (and Arcee when and if they release her.. begining to feel in the winds she's going to be cancelled just in spite.. and whenever Mix and Scrapper - Dirtboss?? show up).. wrappin up animated nicely :tfgrin
  15. Classics 1.0 G1 Prime/G2 Megatron .. birthday present. My mom tried.. little does she know the suckitude of these guys. Thanks anyway mom! :tfgrin Probably will join the few TFs that will remain MISB .. I wonder if the value for these guys will ever go up.. TFA Sunstorm/Activators Ratchet .. Sunstorm seems loosey.. not as tight as Screamer.. but atleast his fingers stay in their sockets. Activator Ratchet is pretty cool though.. I WOULD of had Sidecar Prowl.. but I got skunked.. someone returned their original prowl and stuffed it in a samurai prowl box.. I wasn't paying attention when I picked it up.. <_< man such shady baby collectors out there. Grow a pair people.. sell what you don't want on ebay and quit stealing toys. :tfgrr if you're paying rent and bills like a grown up, theres no excuse to act like your in elementary school.
  16. I still can't find Skywarp anywhere. The dude is either elusive or he sells out faster than I get to any store that might have him alongside Shockwave, who I have seen (albiet not in great numbers like I am any Voyagers preceeding them). I haven't seen Skywarp myself... I need to get that guy .. I wish Thundercracker wasn't an activator though. But I know the chances of seeing a full scale one is next to nil .. They need to start making Seekers Deluxe Size .. better chance of getting them all made. Anyway.. some new stuff! Swindle attempts to sell some wheels to some Beastformers .. Waspinator contemplates the deal.. Black Aracnia grows impatient with Waspinator's haggling. Megatron debriefs his favorite One Eyes
  17. Prime hires his lady pal and her lackey to take down the douche bag. (he'd do it himself if he didn't want to get court marshalled)
  18. Big animated haul.. Order from awesome to least.. Sentinel Prime .. Hulk Smash? Waspinator .. eh, it's not the same thing as BW.. Swoop .. Awesome snooty character. Love this guy and his molded arrogance
  19. My contribution .. probably more of a "caption it" .. Shockwave attempts to pull the wool over Blurr's eyes :eek Spiderlegs are more than just decoration :epic
  20. TFA Shockwave An instant favorite! Alt mode(s) are kinda meh, but Robot mode(s) :thumb .. and the articulation is fantastic. I like Shockwave mode a lil better though.. Longarm's "no neck"ness kind of bugs me a bit. Such an amazing figure though, seriously.. buy it!
  21. Wow.. now thats a nerf gun that's ready to shoot foam darts with deadly accuracy..
  22. Original BW Rattrap! Just one more BW Guy and I'm DONE .. unfortunitly, it's scorponok .. fortunitly he's my least favorite character.
  23. How did you clean up the yellowing? I got a Tigerhawk with an issue.. :redface
  24. TFA Ultra Magnus TFA Blurr I like Magnus more than Megatron .. and Blurr is pretty damn awesome as well.
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