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  1. CHAPTER XXI Twelve hours earlier It was very quiet inside the Captain's quarters as Galvatron sat at his desk, staring at the Covenant of Primus that lay in front of him. It had been an hour since he gave the order for his fleet to prepare for the attack against Omega, and he was starting to get impatient. He thought waiting in his room would be a good idea, since he would have time to examine the relic of the Primes. But instead he had just passed the time by staring at the book, having suddenly felt indecisive about it. 'Why did I pick this up? I mea
  2. CHAPTER XX The breeze was soft and calm as it brushed the long grass which then gently moved in a unified effect, looking like an ocean at peace as Ser-Ket took in her surroundings. The Predacon found herself standing a valley that seemed to spread out all the way to the mountains in the distance, with two moons overhead that were surrounded by hundreds of thousands of stars. It left the Femme breathless as she enjoyed the peaceful sight, her spark completely calm and tranquil. But it was not meant to last as a sudden gust of wind blew through the valley, making all
  3. CHAPTER XIX Rip-Claw stood in the Achilles's ready room in front of a large holo-screen, which came to life and she found herself face to face with Galvatron. "I received your message, Lord Galvatron. How can I be of service to you?" she said in a loyal tone. "I have been meaning to contact you, Rip-Claw, but have found myself continuously delayed due to our preparations." the Predacon Lord replied, earning a curious expression from the Femme. "Preperations, my Lord?" "I will be leading an attack against Omega in a bid to wr
  4. CHAPTER XVIII Two days had passed and Quickstrike was lying on his side on the cold, hard floor of his cell. His entire body was shaking, but not because of the temperature of the room but from the pain that was coursing through his body. Because the Autobot had just gone through another torture session with Rip-Claw, the sadistic Femme that took pleasure in inflicting pain on to others. And what Quickstrike had gone through in the last twenty-four hours could only be described as hell, pure and simple. That Predacon bitch was going throu
  5. CHAPTER XVII "Galvatron!" a commanding but distorted voice called out of the darkness, echoing around the Predacon Leader as he looked around the void that surrounded him. "Who,...who said that?" he called out in a nervous tone, the voice not recognisable to him. 'Who was that? I could not make it out, but surely it wasn't Megatron.' he thought as he stood there in the blackness. "Galvatron!" it called out once more, but again it was so distorted and without direction, Galvatron could not make out where it originated from. So he began wal
  6. CHAPTER XVI Eight years previously... 'It was early evening on Rannoch as it's sun began its descent below the horizon for another day and there was not a cloud in sight for miles, Orion was with Nightracer and Jetfire as they stood beside the training shuttle that they had just landed. "Another great lesson you two, keep this kind of pace up and you will be ready for the Autobot Academy a year earlier than your supposed to." the tutor said with a proud smile as the pair of teenagers stood in front of him. Nightracer was managing to look like the prais
  7. CHAPTER XV The last few minutes had passed like a blur for Liara and because of her current state of mind, she didn't understand any of it. The only thing she did know was at this moment was that she was standing in the room that currently was home for Orion's Aunt, who was in a coma while bed stricken at the other end of said room. "Liara?" a very familiar voice asked, bringing her attention to Orion who was sitting at Chromia's bedside and holding her hand in his own. He was looking at the Asari with a confused expression, but Liara felt no hostile intent from him
  8. CHAPTER XIV The fires were finally snuffed out in the Normandy's CIC as the crew began work on trying to repair what they could of their ship, while in the cockpit Rodimus, Orion and Jet-storm were all looking at the holo-screen which was showing the damage that the vessel had sustained. They had only twenty minutes earlier witnessed the Nemesis leave the system via its own Space-bridge vortex, even though the battle-ship had them dead to rights. "I still don't know why they had left us alone like that. We were completely disabled and just to easy a target to leave
  9. CHAPTER XIII Galvatron stood over the fallen Prime, holding his blade over his head with smiling darkly down at his defeated opponent. "Time to die, Jackson Prime." he said as He suddenly swung the blade down upon the Autobot leader, making Arcee lose complete control of her emotions as she watched. "NO!" she screamed in response, but her eyes suddenly widened as confusion took hold at what happened next. For Galvatron stopped himself, leaving the razor sharp tip of his blade mere centimeters from the Prime's chest. Jack too was confused as he looked u
  10. CHAPTER XII Garrus looked through the scope of his sniper rifle and scanned the horizon around him, his eye took in all the death and destruction that this new enemy had inflicted upon New Iacon. If he was an overly emotional man, this probably would have made him shed a tear for those that had already been taken from this world, but Garrus had already seen his fair share of war and had grown accustomed to keeping his mind in the here and now. For he was a Turian, and as a species they were always one of the most military-centric in the galaxy. So he kept looking th
  11. CHAPTER XI As the shuttle flew low toward the half demolished Decagon, which had the unknown cruiser buried in it's side. The Pilot suddenly put his hand to his com-link and listened as he kept his other on the flight controls. "Sir, I think you should hear this." he then said, gaining Jack's attention as the Prime moved to the Ensign's side. The pilot then pressed a button on his holo-controls and a familar voice could then be heard through the vessel's inter-com. "This is Arcee to any Autobots in range of this signal..." 'Arcee...' Jack
  12. CHAPTER X A Terracon stood at his post on the bridge of the Icarus while his brethren worked around him, manning the other stations such as engineering, security and helm. He himself was working at Communications and so far the Predacon soldier was having a busy day, since he had been relaying messages between the other ships in their growing armada as they were being sent to different coordinates in and around the Sol system, and even though their Lord Galvatron would not come out and say it. The troops could see that he was planning something big, and the Predacon Leader was ba
  13. CHAPTER IX The noise felt almost unbearable as it filled the room and his ears, making him open his eyes slowly and stare up at the ceiling above him. He needed at least a minute to fully comprehend his surroundings at this point of the morning, but that damn sound was drowning out his very thoughts so he rolled on to his left side and looked down at the floor beside his bed. His eyes fell upon a small squishy grey cube that had a green holo-image of the time being emitted on it's side which said five am, so he picked it up and threw it away. The cube bounced off the wall to his
  14. CHAPTER VIII Liara was lying down on a berth in the Normandy's medical bay as Red-Alert attended to her injuries, injuries sustained while under the 'care' of the slavers and then Donovan Hock. The door that connected the medical bay to the rest of the ship opened, gaining the Asari's attention as she saw Nightracer and a Male Turian enter the room. "How are you doing, Liara?" the Femme asked as she smiled at Liara. "I feel fine now, Nightracer. Thanks." the Asari said before Red-Alert looked up from her work. "You are only fine now becau
  15. CHAPTER VII Orion and Nightracer entered the large ballroom which had multiple light sources, shining multi-coloured lights in different directions all over the room. There was two levels to the room, both had a dance floor but the bar was only on the ground floor. There was also numerous sofas and chairs scattered about the place as well as an all Asari band playing music which could be heard loudly around the entire room. The ballroom was also filled with scores of guests, made up of what looked like nearly every species in the galaxy. There were Asari, Turian, Salarian, Huma a
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