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  1. I broke the right foot (the one formed from the bike's front fender) off of my RTS Wreck-gar, so I need a new one to scavenge for the broken part. Actually its not the foot itself thats broken, rather his 'ankle'...the part that balljoints up into the bike's fairing. I can use ANY version of the mold, provided that part is intact. Even if someone has complete Wreck-Gar, Junkheap, Scrapheap for sale reasonably priced, I might be interested. Can paypal right away.
  2. The whole drone thing was doomed to failure, but just the same I think the PCC line had potential. It just always seemed halfassed, and that was the problem. That said, the ideas were there, the execution is what sealed its doom. So here are my personal thoughts: The good: The 2-paks were pretty cool. The way the figures were laid out was much better than the 5-pak ones, IMHO since they interacted with the minicons much better. Speaking of the minicons, these were some of the best minicons ever. I like the idea of them being a more jack-of-all-trades type of targetmaster that can
  3. I like bikeformers for the most part. But while bike Arcee was a cool twist in Energon, it seems that bike Arcee is becoming the main version of her (like tank Megs, semi Prime, Ambulance Ratchet etc), which I think sucks. She was a car back in the day, and in Animated.
  4. Dont have any of the HA figs but at one time I had several BT/Alts. My hands-down fave was the Jeep mold since Im a Jeep guy and Im torn between Swindle (since he's a dead ringer for the Jeep I drive) and Rollbar since I love orange on Jeeps and both had the grille guard and lifted suspensions with bigger tires than Hound. That said, the mold has some issues such as limited arm articulation and WAY to clunky up top. The chest/front clip couldve been worked out better since its too big and looks hollow from the side. The arm transformation wouldve been better if handled similar to the Mustang
  5. Lookin at that alt mode, there's one thing that comes to mind: Paint it like the Mystery Machine!!!! I have no idea what the head would be in 'bot mode for a wacky homage like that. Maybe a Scooby head, maybe Fred...maybe just a skull or random ghost or something? But it would be pretty sweet. And that brings me to another idea: Wonder if these 3rd party companies should release versions like this molded in all matte grey or a dark silver and offer them in kit form? Of course the windows and tires could be clear and black, respectively but this would allow the customizers to go to tow
  6. Man, Soundwave looks great! Yeah the legs are a bit wonky. And I like that alt mode for him. Personally I wouldve preferred his head design to be more like the ROTF version, which had just enough geewun to make him recognizeable. I like Laserbeak in those colors too...maybe its the camera, but he looks kinda purple...like ratbat. But what is his altmode and how does he interract with SW? And Im almost suprized he wasnt that little version of bumblebee in HA form.
  7. Zombie CJ is pretty awesome, but a regular version SHOULD have come first. But I do love Bulkhead's alt mode! Reminds me of a GI Joe Vamp and I love that vehicle mode.
  8. Dude, this kick ass. Love the chains and the weathering, and Igor is just plain nasty and creepy looking!
  9. I had the scrawny little dude at TRU climb up and pop a new case of Voyagers, since all they had was like a billion Primes. I guess ol' one eye is shortpacked or something. Anyway, here are my thoughts on the guy: I heard a lot of b!tching about his WFT-is-that cybertronian tank thing alt mode. Well, I for one think it looks pretty good, and it makes perfect sense. Shocky didnt come here to hide, or blend in. He's here to F some sh!t up, and a huge gun with tracks/wheels seems like a good choice to me. My gripes are few, and he only real issues I have with him are the looseness of th
  10. Pretty much every concept drawing of Prime's battle mode(s) were a zillion times better than what they actually came up with. And whats up with 'Steeljaw'? Obviously he was the precursor to Q/Wheeljack and wouldve been a LOT better had they done him that way. Looks like he turns into an older design ragtop Rolls-Royce...I like how they made the convertible top from the car into a kind of cloak/kilt.
  11. Jason Statham as a grown-up Sam? WTF? That is BEYOND dumb! Dont get me wrong, Im a huge HUGE fan of Statham but I wouldnt buy him for a second as Sam in __ years. I dont think he would be that much of a hardass or develop a lite british accent. That said, if he became a main human military character or better yet Rodimus Prime then Id be in full approval mode. OR, if Galvatron were portrayed more as a younger upstart type of character (kind of like a Decepticon Rodimus) then that might work too.
  12. That X-Wing fighter looking backpack on Op is WAY cooler that mosquito/space polio prime. The driller just looks like one of those little earworm parasite thingys from The Faculty...
  13. Havent seen it yet, but Im going to for sure. From what Ive been reading, there's gonna be some stuff Ill like--Shockwave, more Soundwave, Laserbeak, more Sideswipe, the Dreads, Mad Max Megs, and lots of death and dismemberment. There will be some dissapointment--Not near enough of the guys I just mentioned, no horrible grisly death for the twins, and DAMMIT....I really, REALLY am still bummed that giant red 'Rollbar' monster jeep didnt turn out to be in the movie. That said, Im gonna pay my 2 bits and see some big ass robots with vague references/similarities to the transformers I remember a
  14. E-prime was a crap mold to start with. What Im suggesting is a way to get a little more mileage out of existing molds that are pretty nicely done. Maybe as an exclusive or something.
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