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  1. I broke the right foot (the one formed from the bike's front fender) off of my RTS Wreck-gar, so I need a new one to scavenge for the broken part. Actually its not the foot itself thats broken, rather his 'ankle'...the part that balljoints up into the bike's fairing. I can use ANY version of the mold, provided that part is intact. Even if someone has complete Wreck-Gar, Junkheap, Scrapheap for sale reasonably priced, I might be interested. Can paypal right away.
  2. The whole drone thing was doomed to failure, but just the same I think the PCC line had potential. It just always seemed halfassed, and that was the problem. That said, the ideas were there, the execution is what sealed its doom. So here are my personal thoughts: The good: The 2-paks were pretty cool. The way the figures were laid out was much better than the 5-pak ones, IMHO since they interacted with the minicons much better. Speaking of the minicons, these were some of the best minicons ever. I like the idea of them being a more jack-of-all-trades type of targetmaster that can enhance both the robot mode(s) and the vehicle mode of the commander. Tiny little vehicles that are out of scale with everything and have no real theme with the paired figure is just stupid. Some of them were pretty decent homages to G1 combiners. The Constructicon set in particular was neat-o and I still have that one. I like that the steamroller and driller were different construction vehicles that have never been explored in past construction themes. The snowplow was a different take on the same old dumptruck. That orange thing was kinda dumb though, and I hate that Steamhammer is so damn tiny compared to every other commander. The bad: The repainted and swapped around drones were mismatched horribly. The protectobots in particular made no sense at all, and the one with Spastic or whatever his name was proved fairly idiotic as well. Had the line continued, they would have REALLY painted themselves into a wall with the dinobot and constructicon sets if they were to keep the pattern going. Mudslinger was a dismal dissapointment for me. I really had my hopes up for that guy...Im a huge, HUGE fan of big tired 4x4s and especially of anything post-apocalyptic. So when they managed to sneak both themes together I was stoked from the initial pics. But they used the cheapest, flimsiest possible plastic on this guy, his vehicle mode was poorly designed (half GTP racer, half dodge ram knockoff), his robot mode was awful with its monkey arms that lacked any real articulation and his retarded gorilla faces. And he's the worst offender in terms of not being able to really use one of the minicons, especially in the combined mode. On top of that, he had that gawdy early '90s neon paint job paired with some rusty and dusty wasteland prowlers...wtf? Not quite as bad was Icepick. I still like the guy a LOT. For one thing, Im a fan of halftracked snowcats, that spiky plow is money and I like that his combined head is kind of a giant yeti head carved out of 'ice'...thats just badass! He's kind of everything that Energon Snowcat SHOULD have been in terms of how he tf'd and how the bot mode was laid out (no giant beer gut)...but the damn arms! Really? I could live with the garden rake hands if only the forearms werent so spindly...and if all this sort of locked down in the combined mode. The ugly: The neon blue connectors. Its been beaten into the ground left and right, but I have to bring it up. Black? Grey? Anyone???? Automorph gimmicks. These things sacrifiece SO much for this stupid gimmick. Who gives a sh!t if the thing automatically transforms when you pop it into the socket? They would barely stay attached and the final result was a mis-shapen brick of a limb that usualy barely resembled an arm or a leg as opppsed to a wrecked vehicle attached to a robot torso. The solution: Oh yes. Anyone can just sit around and bitch...but I never complain about anything without presenting a better idea. The drone thing is kinda lame...yet if properly executed, it COULD have worked. First thing Id have 86'd is the autotransform b.s. If getting super articulated combined mode limbs meant having to live with drones instead of separate robots, Id have been ok with that. Obviously 5-man combiners would have been best and we've already seen how some of the 3rd party guys are addressing that. Another thing is, the drones were ridiculously out of scale with the commanders in some cases. That snub-nosed towtruck with Mudslinger comes to mind, as well as that POS that was Double Clutch. The way the Dinobot set was is just ok...although i hate beastformers. Id have really put some time, thought and effort into how the drones were executed and done. All the drones were 4 separate pieces based on a common theme--repaints excluded. That works in some cases, but a little outside of the box thinking wouldve been nice. Examples: Double Clutch's commander should have been re-done entirely, but why not 2 other drone cars sized on the same scale as the commander that would separate into 4 limbs? Why not use the Huffer mold in a semi truck that has a cab and 2 small 'pup' trailers, each of which can separate and form 2 of the limbs? For the train fans: How about a steam engine that pulls 4 rail cars that each become a limb? Maybe a Jeep that pulls a trailer with 2 quads or jetskis each of which splits into 2 limbs and the trailer becomes a sword and shield? Maybe each drone could have a 3rd 'battle' mode kind of like the cars in the old M.A.S.K. series? Id have made all the minicons in solid colors as opposed to the clear plastic. They wouldnt look like gummy bears, and they wouldnt be prone to fracturing. Although i do hope to see these minicons repopped, as well as new weapon/vehicle accessory minicons in the future. One idea I had was a minicon that would turn into a huge bullbar/skidplate for a Jeep. AND with a working winch like some of the Armada minicons had...
  3. I like bikeformers for the most part. But while bike Arcee was a cool twist in Energon, it seems that bike Arcee is becoming the main version of her (like tank Megs, semi Prime, Ambulance Ratchet etc), which I think sucks. She was a car back in the day, and in Animated.
  4. Dont have any of the HA figs but at one time I had several BT/Alts. My hands-down fave was the Jeep mold since Im a Jeep guy and Im torn between Swindle (since he's a dead ringer for the Jeep I drive) and Rollbar since I love orange on Jeeps and both had the grille guard and lifted suspensions with bigger tires than Hound. That said, the mold has some issues such as limited arm articulation and WAY to clunky up top. The chest/front clip couldve been worked out better since its too big and looks hollow from the side. The arm transformation wouldve been better if handled similar to the Mustang mold and had the front wheels on the forearms. But that said, the representation of the vehicle mode is pretty faithful to the real thing and the bot mode is the best that any TF has ever produced from a Jeep alt mode. Honorable mention would go to the RX-8 and Mustang molds. I love both of the real world cars (alt modes make or break the overall TF for me) and the bot modes both came out looking good and had good articulation.
  5. Lookin at that alt mode, there's one thing that comes to mind: Paint it like the Mystery Machine!!!! I have no idea what the head would be in 'bot mode for a wacky homage like that. Maybe a Scooby head, maybe Fred...maybe just a skull or random ghost or something? But it would be pretty sweet. And that brings me to another idea: Wonder if these 3rd party companies should release versions like this molded in all matte grey or a dark silver and offer them in kit form? Of course the windows and tires could be clear and black, respectively but this would allow the customizers to go to town on them. I say grey or silver since any TF thats painted is going to experience some wear from transforming it, and if paint scrapes off over grey or silver it will just appear as the 'normal' wear and tear a metal object would get.
  6. Man, Soundwave looks great! Yeah the legs are a bit wonky. And I like that alt mode for him. Personally I wouldve preferred his head design to be more like the ROTF version, which had just enough geewun to make him recognizeable. I like Laserbeak in those colors too...maybe its the camera, but he looks kinda purple...like ratbat. But what is his altmode and how does he interract with SW? And Im almost suprized he wasnt that little version of bumblebee in HA form.
  7. Zombie CJ is pretty awesome, but a regular version SHOULD have come first. But I do love Bulkhead's alt mode! Reminds me of a GI Joe Vamp and I love that vehicle mode.
  8. Dude, this kick ass. Love the chains and the weathering, and Igor is just plain nasty and creepy looking!
  9. I had the scrawny little dude at TRU climb up and pop a new case of Voyagers, since all they had was like a billion Primes. I guess ol' one eye is shortpacked or something. Anyway, here are my thoughts on the guy: I heard a lot of b!tching about his WFT-is-that cybertronian tank thing alt mode. Well, I for one think it looks pretty good, and it makes perfect sense. Shocky didnt come here to hide, or blend in. He's here to F some sh!t up, and a huge gun with tracks/wheels seems like a good choice to me. My gripes are few, and he only real issues I have with him are the looseness of the knee joints in his right leg. I tried to tighten the screws, but theyre overtightened and stripped from the factory, so Ill just try some Future floor wax in the joints since this has worked great in the past. They should have flipped his lower arms around so that the screws werent exposed when he's in robot mode, this is kinda dumb. Im not really sure what to do with his right hand...leave it folded away, so it looks all GeeWunny with a giant gun for an arm? But then its obvious he has a hand tucked into his forearm. On the other hand, his having two 'normal' hands doesnt quite feel right either. The design of his feet and kneecaps looks great, but they do obscure the cool looking tracks when he's in vehicle mode. His hose just seems to kind of get in the way no matter what you do with it, so its in my storage box. Again, these gripes are very minor. There's a lot to like about this guy. The articulation is great, I like the 'ribcage' thingy, and the head looks like Shockwave a-la Bayverse. The light piped eyeball lites up nice I just cant decide if Id like it better in yellow. His mechtech weapon is about the least stupid of them all--outside of Fireburst Prime's axe/rifle. The two smaller swing-out barrels are ok, personally Id have liked the feature to make the gun become a double bladed sword or something. The other little bayonet blade on his left arm is a nice touch, so he's got some melee weapon action going on. The sculpting on the figure is very nicely detailed, and the customizers who like to weather everything should have a ball with this guy. I may even attempt some of that myself. I tried to perch Laserbeak on his left arm and while it DOES technically work, I just cant seem to get it to look right. Again his alt mode seems to suit him very well. A big ass halftrack cybertronian tank in purple could be no one else. Even though they seem an afterthought, the little front wheel carriage thingy is a nice addition, and keeps him from looking too much like a re-hashed version of Energon Shockblast's tank mode. With all the obscuring parts on his front set of tracks, these wheels were needed to make him look more vehicular, I think. Overall Im pretty happy with DOTM Shockwave. Great representation of the character, well put together outside of the assembly flaw in mine, and Id call him a must-buy in the DOTM line.
  10. Pretty much every concept drawing of Prime's battle mode(s) were a zillion times better than what they actually came up with. And whats up with 'Steeljaw'? Obviously he was the precursor to Q/Wheeljack and wouldve been a LOT better had they done him that way. Looks like he turns into an older design ragtop Rolls-Royce...I like how they made the convertible top from the car into a kind of cloak/kilt.
  11. Jason Statham as a grown-up Sam? WTF? That is BEYOND dumb! Dont get me wrong, Im a huge HUGE fan of Statham but I wouldnt buy him for a second as Sam in __ years. I dont think he would be that much of a hardass or develop a lite british accent. That said, if he became a main human military character or better yet Rodimus Prime then Id be in full approval mode. OR, if Galvatron were portrayed more as a younger upstart type of character (kind of like a Decepticon Rodimus) then that might work too.
  12. That X-Wing fighter looking backpack on Op is WAY cooler that mosquito/space polio prime. The driller just looks like one of those little earworm parasite thingys from The Faculty...
  13. Havent seen it yet, but Im going to for sure. From what Ive been reading, there's gonna be some stuff Ill like--Shockwave, more Soundwave, Laserbeak, more Sideswipe, the Dreads, Mad Max Megs, and lots of death and dismemberment. There will be some dissapointment--Not near enough of the guys I just mentioned, no horrible grisly death for the twins, and DAMMIT....I really, REALLY am still bummed that giant red 'Rollbar' monster jeep didnt turn out to be in the movie. That said, Im gonna pay my 2 bits and see some big ass robots with vague references/similarities to the transformers I remember as a kid and see lots of sh!t blowing up!
  14. E-prime was a crap mold to start with. What Im suggesting is a way to get a little more mileage out of existing molds that are pretty nicely done. Maybe as an exclusive or something.
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