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  1. so apparently if you try to run to much through your PC processor it catches fire...interesting...had to get a new comp...

    1. Lord_Onslaught


      Now that takes talent, unless its an HP or Compaq

  2. been out of commission for a while..got married...went to england for honeymoon...now im back in action

  3. i caved and bought the deluxe knock-out since its gonna be a while for the takara one to come out. i like him. his upper half actually has a rather unique transformation sequence. i can get over the colors. as he is going to be my first foray into customizing. got some paint pens and what not and as soon as i get up the balls im going to give it a go and paint him to be more show accurate.
  4. Lebanon Walmart has wave 2 and 3 deluxes. well all except Vehicon. and they have wave 2 voyagers. Picked up Bulkhead last night finally. they also have Ironhide and Dreadwing. and all the new BotShots. Got Lockdown and Jetfire.
  5. Prime RID Deluxe Ratchet...love the guy. One of the best deluxes yet. I like him as much as i like Soundwave. solid 8 out of 10. Floppy swords. weird behind the leg kibble. other than that hes great.
  6. I agree about Voyager Prime's gun. It really is terrible. However, if you ever decide to get Arcee, the massive gun she comes with is a great substitute for it. It looks much better in Optimus's hands since it's literally as tall as her. thats actually what i was going to do...you read my mind sir...just gotta find an arcee..
  7. Got the entire first wave of Prime RID toys minus BB seeing as i have the FE..here are my thoughts: Cliffjumper- i like him...hands down..i know alot of people are complaining over him being inferior to the FE mold..i can agree with this....however to me that doesnt mean its necessarily a bad toy...yeah he kinda has gorilla arms...and im not down with the hammer thing...but its still a decent figure for the most part...the transformation is interesting.....the detail is nice and i love his head sculpt.....though he is my least favorite out of the first wave deluxes i still like him...he will do nicely seeing as i cant afford the FE... 2 1/2 out of 5 Wheeljack- this guy is fucking great...love the car mode..love the bot mode...cant really think of any thing good to say that anyone hasnt already said about this guy....couldve used a bicep swivel...other than that..no real complaints with the guy...absolutely love his leg transformation...very creative and thought out....second favorite of the first wave..... 4 out of 5 Voyager Prime- Meh....dont get me wrong...the robot mode is nice...its those clear blue forearms and those terrible weapons...total crap...his truck mode is really nice though.....nice articulation....nice detail...just the weapons kill it for me....gonna find another gun from somewhere for him and paint those forearms...then he'll be great...once again..cant afford the FE... 3 out of 5 Voyager Megatron- My favorite of the two voyagers...i actually really like this version of this toy....great robot mode...i can live with the vehicle mode..with as out of the ordinary as it is...hasbro did a good job with what they had to work with on the vehicle mode....robot mode is fantastic....dont mind the "wings" made from the back kibble...can just take them off....cannon doesnt really bother me that much either to tell you the truth....with some paint and a little modding itll do just fine..... 4 1/2 out of five Soundwave- last but not least...my absolute favorite from the first wave..and incidentally the first one i bought thanks to a kind member of the forums here...thanks man......this figure is absolutely perfect in every way...period....predator drone mode....A+ Robot mode...A+ the inclussion of Ratbat (its Ratbat to me, get over it) A+..... i love this dude....amazing posability...amazing detail..fantastically accurate in both modes...what more could you ask for....it even exudes creepy as hell...just like in the show.... best of the line IMO....get him if none of the others.. 5 out of 5
  8. sorry if ive come off as rude or angry in any of my post the last few days...my 12 yr old pit bull just died the other day and im not handling it to well...sorry...

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Breaker


      When mine passed I had him for about 14 years and it was so sudden. I hope yours went peacefully.

    3. Noisemaze75


      thanks for the kind words guys...and yeas she went peacefully...best i could ask for i guewss..

    4. bugstomper1973


      Youch! Sorry to hear that man. Hope you get in better spirits soon. Time will heal all wounds.

  9. I was considering getting him to display with my movie toys. Do you think he'd fit in? as a whole i dont really think the Prime toys fit the movie aestetic at all to tell you the truth...i mean if thats where you want to display him more power to you..i just dont think thats a good spot for him...then again i dont display my toys buy series...there just kinda put on the shelf where ever i feel like putting them
  10. just got Prime RID Cliffjumper about an hour ago..i caved cause of the outrageous internet prices of the FE..and he was only 9.88 at walmart...i have to say..hes better than i thought he would be..im not really feeling the hammer...so i gave him the pistols from RTS Outback/Fallback/whatever hes called....hes actually a pretty decent figure if your like me and cant afford the FE.....these RID deluxes are starting to grow on me...cept that god awful BB....may go back to walmart tomorrow and get Wheeljack and Voyager Megs...if they still have them that is...if you see him get him...you wont be disappointed..
  11. just got my TF Prime Soundwave...hes fantastic and creepy...best deluxe of the line IMO...better even that Wheeljack and Starscream...and i love the Starscream..

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. TheTfboy


      Same here in florida. :/

    3. Noisemaze75


      i didnt find it..a kind member of the boards here found it for me

    4. HnH


      pff we wil not get any of them out here in the netherlands....

  12. i just recently (3 days ago) finally picked up DOTM Voyager Megatron on clearance at Walmart, and i actually really like the guy. Hes definitely got alot of charm in bot mode. And i love the truck mode. That said i had a lot of difficulty with the transformation the first time around. And the hinge that becomes the trailer articulation on his left leg snapped when i went to transform it...the transformation joint that ends up his hip on that side was super tight. No worries though, super glue to save the day. he still transforms just fine now. Just no trailer hitch in truck mode anymore..not that i care....all in all i say hes a decent voyager...nice bot mode, nice truck mode..i just wish he had the shotgun instead of the tank gun...oh well...hes great..
  13. HOLY S***!!!...FOC Combaticons toys confirmed with pics..F*** yes..i almost teared up when i saw the pics....ITS GLORIOUS

    1. Shadowpanther


      i was super excited when i read the pics & info. having 5 FOC combaticons merge to form bruticus is as awesome as it gets. can't wait till hasbro's nyc toys next week.

    2. Breaker


      Yeah I literally jumped for joy. I havent really had anything to get excited about with TFs but now I do.

    3. HnH


      looking freaking awesome

  14. i finally got Generations Wheeljack and Warpath.....i have to say i like Wheeljack a whole lot more than Tracks...stumpy legs and all....and Warpath....hes great....all around....hes fucking great...had to clip that damn to long missile though..
  15. TF Prime Deluxe class Starcream....AMAZING figure....well worth picking up....theres really not much i can say about this guy that hasnt already been said....if you see him and dont have him...get him..you wont regret it....hes great...
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