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  1. Best Official Toy: Combiner Wars Prowl. ( He just looks so nice, especially when you compare him to the rest of his team. ) Best News Item: Combaticon Awareness Week. ( I just though it was very interesting to remind myself of all the good and bad that a Bruticus had to offer throughout the years. ) Best Toy Reveal: Masterpiece Optimus Primal ( As someone who doesn't currently collect Masterpiece figures and is a huge fans of Beast Wars, I am excited for this. I home it turns out well. )
  2. Everything shown here looks very cool, except for: Sky-Lynx's combine mode looks.. off, and I'm a little upset that Blast off isn't a Shuttle... Other then that, I'm looking forward to what's next.
  3. Woah.... Just, woah. This looks amazing. *Adding to MUST HAVE" wishlist.*
  4. I'm actually pretty excited about this. While, I do understand that third-party figures have created better Constructicons in the past, that doesn't mean that this is a bad figure. Yes, some of the robot modes are a little... off, but we knew the robots modes were going to be simplified, and I'm ok with that. I'm probably going to be displaying him in his combined forumanways, so as long as he hold together and stands just fine, I'm ok with paying one-third of the price to get this Devastator, because even while the third-party options are probably better figures, they are NOT worth three times the price, to me anyways.
  5. The Armada Megatron looks off too, and I think that's because he lacks the silver paint in his..... antenna(?) on his head as showing in the first images we got at BotCon
  6. Ya know, dispute Megatron being a leader class, he does scale quite nicely with the Combiner Wars Optimus, and would look great for anyone collecting Generations figures
  7. Already? But.... I just spent most of my Christmas money on Leader Jetfire...
  8. This look fantastic! I want this. I really want this. Also, I am surprised as how little the topics in the thread gets looked at. It's such a shame. :/
  9. Yeah, rubber plastic on the antenna does bother me, but other then that, this figure looks amazing. Also, I love how strong the ratchet joints are. That was one of the main things I was worried about, but it looks like that won't be a problem.
  10. Although it is quite obvious that this mold was designed for Motermaster, it's not too bad for Optimus. The only thing that bothers me is the Combine mode head and upper legs. Even the long robot arms aren't too big of an issue, but that's just me.
  11. Interesting. Personally, this seems like a good way to get another chance of getting those classic characters without having to go on eBay and pay ridiculous amounts for the classics figures. ( Like myself )
  12. As someone who just beat the game and all of the DLC on the Revengeance Difficulty yesterday, this looks fantastic. Also, where are the swords/blade things.... from? They look familiar...
  13. Something about him makes him look... awkward to look at in robot mode. Not sure what it is....
  14. Nice. All of the deluxes seem to share a basic design, but each figure looks to be very unique in there own right. I cannot wait for this line, I personally love combiners ( which is why I think FOC Brutucis isn't horrible... ) and I really want to make my wallet cry by buying everything this line has to offer.
  15. Nice reviews Diecast. One thing I will say is that I'm liking the fact that more of the joints have more pins and swivels rather then just a bunch of ball joints. Dunno if I'll get anyone other then Grimlock, but that's just me.
  16. I want these... I want these so bad. Personally, I don't mind some of the changes to the team. I'm actually looking forward to it.
  17. Well, I think most of us saw this coming, although the other 95% of people who will watch TF5 didn't, and probably will have no idea about the Quintessons and will probably be upset that Optimus Prime dies. ( Though he did return later in the series, but then again, I don't think the general public will be too happy about ( or even aware while ) waiting for TF6 for Optimus to come back. ) This is going to be interesting to see how everyone who isn't aware of the 1986 film reacts...
  18. Not bad, but this is actually a repaint/slight retool of ROTF Sideways, not Sideswipe.
  19. So, basically, I am having a predicament on which deco of the Evasion Mode Voyager Optimus Prime Mold I should get. I am considering any Hasbro version, including Multi-packs, but I'm not importing anything from Japan, because I don't think that that mold alone is worth the cost of Importing. So far, Hasbro currently has 5 different repaints that we know about for this mold. I have set up a poll in this thread, and you can choose more then one if you feel the need to. If you are not aware of all of these repaints, here's a list of them below: #1 The "standard" Evasion Mode Optimus Prime: http://www.hasbrotoyshop.com/transformers-age-of-extinction-generations-voyager-class-evasion-mode-optimus-prime-figure?BR=496&SBR=417&ID=32983 This one is the first release of the mold and it currently out in stores now. Personally, I don't mind the blue shoulders as much as everyone else seems to be, but I was holding out on getting this one because of the next one. #2 The Platinum Edition Optimus Prime and Grimlock two-pack: http://www.kmart.com/hasbro-transformers-age-of-extinction-generations-voyager-class/p-004W008035584001P?prdNo=9&blockNo=9&blockType=G9 Now this is actually the main reason that I was holding out on getting the "standard" Evasion mode Optimus Prime, as well as Grimlock. I personally really like the chrome on both much better than the "standard" release, but as you can see in the link to K-mart, he is priced at $60, which is a bit higher then I would prefer to spend on two voyager figures, even with the chrome. Also, the main reason I created this thread was because I saw option #5, which I will get to soon, which has made me very tempted to get that instead of this... #3 The Optimus Prime Evolutions Two-pack: http://tformers.com/age-of-extinction-optimus-prime-evolutions-two-pack-new-images/23509/news.html Now, this is a weird one for me, because although i think that this repaint of the Evasion mold is the least appealing to me, I really REALLY want that classics Optimus. You have no idea. I was planing on selling the Evasion Optimus from that two-pack, but if you think that this deco isn't as bad as I say it is, vote on it to let me know. #4 The Breakout Battle Three Pack: http://tformers.com/ig.php?mode=view&album=23900&pic=Botcon+2014+Hasbro+Booth+Age+of+Extinction+Display+%28192%29.JPG&dispsize=600&start=80&sl=botcon-2014-age-of-extinction-updates-in-the-hasbro-display-case Announced at BotCon, this is an interesting Repaint because it is the closest we've seen this mold look to how he was in the film, even better then the Takara version. He does however come in a three pack with Rollbar, who is based off of Shane's car in the film, ( Almost exactly screen accurate ) and the mold is from the Generations Skids, and then we have Vehicon, who is based off of James Savoy's vehicle that he chased Shane's car in the movie, as well as the mold is from the DOTM Crankcase. Now, I do have both Skids and Crankcase in my collection, but I actually don't mind getting Rollbar, as I might just keep his displayed in vehicle mode, I do however, didn't like the Crankcase mold, mainly because my legs were so loose, but we're not here to talk about them. If you think I should go for a more rusty, screen accurate, Optimus Prime, then vote for him and let me know. #5 The Platinum Edition Autobots United 5-pack. http://tformers.com/botcon-2014-transformers-4-age-of-extinction-exclusive-multi-packs-and-deluxe-hot-shot-promotional-photos/23895/news.html Now, this has really REALLY tempted me into waiting for this. For one, I do not own Hound, Drift Bumblebee or Crosshairs molds from this pack, and they all look like they are painted up really well, including Optimus. I'm even tempted to stay that I like this deco better then the Platinum Edition with Grimlock deco. One thing that I am curious about is the price on this set. At the moment, if I were to buy the regular rental versions of these molds, ( two voyager molds, and three deluxe molds ) The price would be $95 before tax ( ($25x2)+(15x3) so seeing this set retailed at $100 would not be surprising, but I would prefer to see this set a bit cheaper, but regardless of price, let me know if the Optimus in this pack looks as great as I think it is by voting. That's all the decos that Hasbro will be repainting this mold into that I am aware of. If I missed one let me know. As for the poll I will probably keep it open for a while, at least a month or so, and I look forward into seeing what you all this is the best choice for me. Thanks in advance for your opinion! -TheTfboy
  20. Oh wow. I did not even realize that the Armada Megatron was a Retool of the IDW version. I really want to get both, but I don't like getting two Transformers with similar molds. ( Although I was perfectly happy with the Generations Springer and Sandstorm sharing the simular molds. ) I might be leaning more towards the Armada Megatron, since I think a leader IDW figure is a bit too big for scale with the other Generations figures that I have ( Although I'm perfectly fine with Jetfire since he is suppose to be bigger. ) but this is all just my opinion.
  21. Brainstorm actually looks pretty cool, although something about this Optimus looks a little too... "kiddish" for my taste, but that's just me. :shrug
  22. I actually showed this to my little sister. Surprisingly she's more interested in Chromia rather then Arcee, but that's just her opinion.
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