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  1. Part 2 of 4 of my review of the Maketoys Giant Type-61 set, looking at the equivelent figures of Long Haul and Hook. Enjoy!
  2. Since TRU.com hasn't shipped the Hasbro MP-10s yet, and since I've been sitting on these guys for a little while now itching to review them... I'm plunging ahead and starting my review for Maketoys Giant Type-61. This review is being split into four parts, so here is part 1, Scavanger and Bonecrusher. Enjoy!
  3. The final review in my lead up to my eventual review (assuming TRU ever ships the bloody thing) of Hasbro's version of the MP-10 mold, here we take a look at Hybrid Style Optimus Prime. Enjoy!
  4. Howdy folks. Bit of a delay here, but not as bad as when I accidentally took a month off, ha ha. Anyway, here you go. Have a review of MP-4 Masterpiece Optimus Prime, as part of my continuing lead up to when I'll review the new MP-10! (Which hopefully I'll get soon!) Enjoy! (Edit: Just fixing the thread title, where I meant to specify MP-4.)
  5. Last time, I took a look at G1 Prime. Now, I'll take a look at what would happen if you stuck him in the laundry. (What, you didn't know Optimus Prime was dry clean only?) So here us my review of Smallest Transforming Transformers Optimus Prime. Enjoy!
  6. Sorry for my lack of updates last month... life got busy for a bit! But I'm back for October with a review of none other then the classic Generation One Optimus Prime! Also looked at in this review is the BTS-03 Matrix of Leadership accessory set, and Pepsi Optimus Prime. Enjoy the review!
  7. A lot of that would be superfluous to me. While they are a bit annoying, I'd rather leave him transformable then replace the hip pannels. The Shockwave could be neat, but the rest of the extra weaponry included there is uninteresting to me. As it is, even though it is anachronistic, I have my Starscream, in his coronation gear, holding Legends Megatron. He used to hold the Masterpiece Optimus's Megatron (and mine held it quite well), but alas the stock extension broke. I still have all of the pieces, and maybe one of these days I'll pick up some superglue and fix it... It wouldn't bother me if the stock was extension was permanantly attached. If I ever do fix it, I suppose I'll give it back to Starscream and let Legends Meg go be a robot somewhere. Still... that Shockwave is nice... probably the only thing in the set vaguely tempting to me. But not enough to make be bite.
  8. Tall & Small Month continues at Yotsuya's Reviews with a look at Generations Deluxe Warpath and Universe Legends Warpath. Enjoy!
  9. Here's a look at the Deluxe and Legends Class molds for Classics Bumblebee, as well as bonus looks at Deluxe Cliffjumper (with Devil Horns upgrade) and Legends Goldbug. Enjoy!
  10. In the words of Bender, "We're Back, Baby!" Been a while since I wrote a review, as I was busy for a bit getting ready to move residence, and then actually doing so. But now I'm back, and here is a review of a pair of Classics style G2 Megatrons, in both Deluxe and Legends classes. Enjoy the review!
  11. Sorry to not have been quite as active this month, folks. But I decided to slip one more review out for June, and here it is! Spike & Daniel, in toy form. Enjoy!
  12. I know lately there's been a lot of love for the third party Megatrons, but I do still quite like the official Masterpiece one, myself. (Well, once he has a few third party accessories, I suppose!) And, since I am going to something today that requires formal dress, since I was dressed apropriately, I couldn't resist grabbing Megatron and doing this: :D
  13. A look at the ever popular Classics Seeker mold, first looking at Starscream, Skywarp, Thundercraker, Dirge, Ramjet, and Thrust. Then... looking at some... (cough) bootlegs... Enjoy!
  14. My first review of June, a look at two different mini Megatrons! First, Hasbro's Reveal the Shield Legends Class offering. Then, MS-01 MegaGun from third party manufacturer MasterShooter Collectables. Enjoy!
  15. Well, there was one thing once upon a time that made me stop collecting Transformers... Puberty. Then I finished growing up, realized that there were no rules that said that grown-ups couldn't have toys too, cursed myself for all of the toys I used to have that I wished I still did, and started fresh. My current enjoyment of the hobby? Nothing can kill that. And believe me, Hasbro seems to be trying. (But they get props for letting me look forward to MP-10 for a reasonable price!)
  16. Something a little different for my last review of May: a look at the transforming Target Gift Card and DVD Case Optimus Primes. Enjoy!
  17. Well, in any event, I think most would agree that the Classics version managed to be a much better match (in robot mode) for the animation model for those who were disapointed by the G1 version... while at the same time still managing to pay homage to elements of that very same G1 version.
  18. For my latest review, a look at 2006's Classics Voyager Class Jetfire. As an added bonus, some Macross Valkyries (or Veritechs, for the Robotech inclined) make some guest apearances. Enjoy!
  19. But if you want to get really technical, Macross II isn't cannon. :P
  20. I would certainly agree that a proper Gerwalk needs arms, and you'll certainly notice that my contributions all have 'em. I wasn't going to be a stickler for it on other's posts, though. Even in Macross, you occasionally saw a Valkyrie with the legs out but the arms still stowed away. (Usually in situations that required fast breaking, or VTOLs. Never in combat.)
  21. Sorry for the crappy cel-phone pics, but I seem to have temporarially misplaced my camera... Anyway, here's a few. Thunderwing Bumblebee If my camera turns up soon, I'll retake these and edit this post. But I did say earlier I'd try to add a few more contributions, and didn't want to not be a man of my word.
  22. Some of those look quite good! Others... not so much. :P I dunno, usually Gerwalking (if I may turn it into a verb) cars and trucks doesn't really come out well, in my opinion. The Bumblebee one seems to work, though. But not so much some of the others. And that Megatron? Looks like someone just got frustrated half way through transforming him and gave up. Hmm... I suppose it has been a while since I asked what everyone else might come up with. Suppose I should grab a few more of my own Transformers and see what I could do. Maybe, just as a challange, I'll even try a few land-based vehicles, myself. Hopefully, I'll be back later with a few pics!
  23. Hello, VB-6 Konig Monster's Gerwalk mode. Nice and all... But that's a Macross mech with an official Gerwalk mode, not a Transformer's fan-made Gerwalk mode.
  24. Anyone familiar with the anime series Super Dimension Fortress Macross (or the version that was brought to America as the first third of Robotech) will know what a Gerwalk (or, in Robotech, Guardian) mode is. It is that mode of transformation that is half-way between robot and vehicle. The original G1 Jetfire (which was the same toy as the main vehicle in Macross) even included this mode in its instructions. So... what Transformers do you have that you can make good Gerwalk modes out of? Classics Jetfire on the right, along with two Macross Valkries. (The one on the left is the same basic toy that was also used for G1 Jetfire, although sadly I don't have the Super armor for it.) Lugnut gets a Gerwalk mode!
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