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  1. It's been a while since I sat down and blasted out a review but Shockwave intrigued and impressed me enough to turn that camera on!
  2. Oh.By.The.GODS!!! Shame on you Hasbro! Pretending Knock Out has paint and then serving up a piece of red and grey plastic! Bad hasbro! Anyway, with a few paint apps this guy really pops and I highly recommend him if you're willing to do the work.
  3. Probably not, this just seemed like an easy one to bat out. It's my first finished custom so still early days! Although, Prime as Motormaster.....Soundwave as Dead End.....hmm.....
  4. The best reason to buy Fall of Cybertron Jazz? To do this repaint! I used acrylic paints with a clear coat on top. I'm thinking of picking up some enamels as well, I shouldn't have to do the clear coat afterwards and I imagine they're more protective against handling.
  5. Ew....although his gerwalk mode does have that iconic chicken walker look
  6. Wow! Just wow! I had no interest in the previous use of this mould (Tomahawk yeah?) but when I saw this deco I HAD to have it! It's excellent! Yes the legs are very very movieverse but the rest is pure Classics Springer!
  7. So people have being raving about Vehicon and proclaiming him as one of the best Prime RiD toys. Well he is one of the best of the line but that's mostly because so much of the line doesn't do it for me. It's a cool toy yes but has enough problems that are made worse *because* he looks so cool and *because* his transformation rocks so hard. As the sub title says, so close yet so far.
  8. Breakdown as in a review of several toys, not of a toy called Breakdown!
  9. It's not a new toy but it's the figure that when people pick up collecting will probably want to get, doubly, triply so if they head down the CHUG route. So the Henkei release actually features *less* paint apps than the Hasbro one (with all its pointless yellow) but it cuts a much more impressive figure and just screams Optimus Prime! Well, Convoy..... So watch, enjoy, comment and maybe even subscribe.
  10. @ Goktimus Prime, are you really comparing a KO G1 Grimlock to it's price back in the day? A real G1 MiB Grimlock would, I imagine be rather expensive so even the KOs of the Dinobots that are out there will go for a good amount. Hell, I've seen KO Starsabers and Deathsaurus' going for around the £100 mark! Personally I think that if someone bought a "G1 MiB Swoop for only £40!" then they're an idiot. Yes not everyone is savvy about prices but seriously? Or the CHMS Punch/Counterpunch for only £35 when it cost around £100 from TFCC? Really? Someone's going to think that's legit? Then they deserve to be taken advantage of. At the end of the day KOs can no longer be clumped together and 3rd parties more so! Yes "Chinese reissue" has some legitimacy but at no point has there been a Chinese reissue of the Classic Seekers. As has been said, collecting hobbies are a luxury and if you're going to partake of that hobby then you need to know your stuff or suffer from your own idiocy. CHMS are seeing a market gap and offering up versions of exclusives that are difficult to get, if someone thinks they're real then well, that's their fault. I know why 3rd party companies or TFCC have high prices and small runs but I also think it's bull and that FP could sell City Commander at £50 a pop and sell plenty more. Plastic moulds cost a lot but after that the price plummets. They have the mould so only making small runs is their choice, not something as hindered by cost as many would think. Hell, TFCC are probably given the moulds by Hasbro, at a cost I'm sure, and all they do for the most part is change the colours! So the high costs they charge are utter rubbish! I'll gladly give them the two fingered salute and take a KO of their exclusives.
  11. In a bid to get more feedback about the whole discussion (and maybe a bit more exposure too!) I've been doing the rounds with this idea about KO toys! For starters, here's the video that started it all So KOs are changing. How are they changing? Well it's no longer a case of shoddily made crapfests! A lot of KOs these days (mostly from CHMS) are of quite a high quality and of very very particular toys that most of us cannot afford, toys like Botcon exclusives of TFCC releases. I ask you all then, where do you stand on the subject of how legitimate or moral these toys are, which are at the root of the matter KOs and illegal and on the subject of actively pursuing a KO release over the original? In some cases it's place holders, in others it's the out right buy! I've got a KO City and Shadow commander and am actively waiting on the Launchers and gun KO kit being released as the official one now costs about the same as the entire City Commander kit when it was first released! Crazy stuff! Is it all okay as long as they are clearly marked as KO and not as the original? Isn't it still stealing? But are companies like CHMS not giving us the buying public what we want, that being access to exclusive and expensive toys?
  12. So when I got the City KOmmander kit I was a bit gutted at the shoulders and hands/forearms. They were practically useless. Yes it's a KO and it's supporting terrorists but I'm still waiting for FP to make another run of the kit and retail it for £40. First of all, besides these problems the kit is great. Oh I also made a video going over all of this. The main problem areas were solved by just super gluing some plasticard in suitable and effective locations to give more flush joins. For the shoulders, a thin piece of plasticard on the forward, inside surface was enough to reduce the gap and give a snug fit. Pictures a bit washed out but hopefully they get the point across Second problem was the fists. Finding the best place to put some plasticard took a moment but in the end the best place was a small groove which runs over the top of Magnus' foreams. While this is slightly visible in robot mode the white on white isn't bad and not immediately obvious. So easy, simple and a great fix for the kit.
  13. And through the magic of copy/paste.... So I got a bit excited while doing this review....I'm really on something of a G1 kick right now. I know a number of people aren't really for G1 but to those who are....HOW AMAZING IS SNAPDRAGON HUH!? So yeah, watch, like, comment, subscribe and enjoy!
  14. I'm a good at talking utter bull. I do it in most videos!
  15. If you haven't seen this exact thread over on TFW.... KO City Commander. It's actually pretty amazing. The shoulders and forearms are super loose but in the video I show the easiest and most effective way to fix this without too much work. If people ask more for how it's done I might do a more detailed video once I buy KO Shadow Commander or just show close ups of what I did. Once these fixes are made, this kit goes to hyper levels of awesome and for like a quarter of the price!
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