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  1. Cheers! Yeah I'd like to see a real life xmas tree done up like that :) I think you could actually get away with hanging a load of 'Heart of Cybertron' ornaments on the tree without any friends or family even realising the TF reference!
  2. This is a commission I had for the UK DVD release of 'Dark of the Moon'. Merry Christmas everyone!
  3. Just got these oversized Perfect Effect Reflectors. Cheap and cheerful, but will make good MP Reflector custom fodder... [
  4. i don't quite get why the lack of thumb articulation is a big deal.. from the looks of it.. he'll be able to hold his gun a hell of a lot better than hot rod or mp-01/04.. i also don't get the big deal with the communicators.. they're really that big of a deal breaker to people? that just doesn't quite make sense to me. hell.. i think i've only flipped mine out once.. ever. i would much rather his arm be more detailed for his alt mode than have a communicator. as for the feet.. they look pretty accurate to the G1 cartoon. what isn't accurate is the chest windows.. but for me, the rectangular shape of them really makes the figure look better.. but that's just my opinion. i rarely like something inaccurate. .. but it's not totally inaccurate compared to the G1 figure. and for the forearms.. yes, if you have them hand completely straight down then yes, they look a little long, but i don't know about you but none of my figures have there arms hanging straight down when the figure has elbow joints.. just bend the elbow a little and it's perfect. not only does this figure fit in well with the alternity line.. but it fits in great with the rest of the classics/universe/generations ..etc figures. which makes sense being that those figures are the same size as the alternity figures. i love that now prime can be displayed with the rest of the classic type figures and not look like unicron next to them. lastly, the head.. i've heard complaints that it's too big, i've heard complaints that it's too small.. and i've heard that it's too big.. i personally think it's just right, but that's me. Yeah, I guess I'm sounding like a harsh critic, lol. But I genuinely, honestly do prefer the overall look of MP-01 for screen accuracy. Of course, the new one has its good points; great alt mode, stability, articulation etc. But it just doesn't look like the character to me. So Faith Leader will remain the best MP Op for me. Do folks really think MP-10's head is too big?? Looking at that first comparison pic with MP-01 where they are both posing with their guns MP-10's head just seems really really small. And the side shot of the two of them with elbows at 90 degrees shows both forearms almost the same exact size, despite the size difference in the figures... so somethin' ain't right!
  5. Bah, not impressed. Head too small, forearms too big, windows and chest grill wrong shape, no thumb articulation, no wrist comms... I really hope they reuse this mold for Powermaster Prime and Ultra Magnus though; it's about time we had some variation in the Masterpiece line!
  6. The Hasbro version is definitely a darker red. The Takara gun has no detail on it. The paint apps on the Hasbro gun were a nice touch. Yeah the Takara version is much more of a pinkish-purply red, basically very faithful to Hot Rod in the '86 movie. There are other differences too, like colour of headlights, paint detail on his collar and cuffs, the flame design on the hood, the darker grey face (IMO neither wins on the face - Takara's face is too bland and Hasbro's is far too dark). Personally I don't really see the point in making a toy so awesomely screen accurate as MP Rodimus is, then colouring it so it looks nothing like it appeared on screen; but hey, whatever!
  7. I like this idea. I don't get the concept of collecting multiples... just seems greedy. If I want to display a toy in robot and alt mode, I'll get a variant of that toy, not the exact same one. e.g. I have my Hasbro MP Starscream in robot mode and my Takara MP Starscream in jet mode, and so on. Buying more than one for yourself just seems greedy and you're depriving other people from being able to get one for themselves. It's frustrating enough hunting for hard-to-find toys, but I would hate to think that some toys are hard to find because other people are buying multiples for themselves. Agreed... It's fairly obvious that this figure is scarce and in demand; to go in and snap up three multiples is inconsiderate of everyone else. If he wants three all for himself, fine; but does he need them all right now?! I mean get one now and have some patience for Primus' sake. More will show up eventually, and even if they don't, he'll still have one on his shelf, which a lot of other peeps don't. :roll We're meant to be getting this in the UK, so this specific case doesn't affect me personally. I'm not even that keen on the colour scheme (looks like crap next to the Takara deco) but the Targetmaster makes it very appealing. Most of the time I have no objection to folks collecting multiples (but like yourself Goktimus I see no point in it), I just find it very irritating in cases where something is such blatant hot property as MP Rodimus is.
  8. I was thinking the same, but a Steeljaw prototype has just popped up today! (along with a rather poor Kup and Scourge) Steeljaw, Kup and Scourge at HK-TF
  9. Lol Offshoot looks like he got the orange safety plug treatment! :tflaugh
  10. IGear is going for their own 'PP' line scale, based on Faith Leader as Prime. Ironhide & Ratchet have been shown in comparison pics to be same height as Classics Prime. Apparently Bumblebee will be a deluxe size. Between these and the new third-party Soundwave and Blaster MPs, we're finally seeing the dream of a new G1 toyline... :love I've been praying HasTak would do something like this for years; they don't seem fussed. Guess third party is the Future!
  11. I would much prefer a set of all six together, I mean that puts me off the TFC version - having bits and pieces of Devy but being unable to combine them for another six or twelve months (and also still not knowing what two of the figures even look like!). I will probably get the MT version, and maybe if the price drops also TFC, but having said that I'm going to say something very picky and admit that neither of these is what I consider a 'definitive' Devastator... Both have severe issues going on with individual bot modes looking nothing like they should. As far as I'm concerned there's still room for a Masterpiece or third party Devs that is bigger, better, and more accurate... Bring it on!
  12. Isn't that prime figure that TFC Herc is holding the Mega SCF Prime from about 10 years ago? That figure is around 4 inches tall. Nah it's def Targetroid Prime, which is not much bigger than a legends-scale figure. So bizarrely, even though the TFC individual bots and the MT individual bots are very different sizes, it seems TFC and MT Devastator will be almost the same height in combined mode! It's the add-on parts of the Maketoys version which will beef him up.
  13. Sure, of course, just pointing out that if this R1 version falls through you guys still have an alternative option! :tfgrin
  14. I literally have no idea what or who this thing is supposed to be! Powermaster? Breastmaster? Turns into a... what exactly? :wtf I must be missing something, cos I can't see any possible reason to want it. Surely there's enough genuine characters in need of ingenious third party overhauls without chucking random bits of plastic at us...
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