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  1. Well, got the latest wave in of generations and i've gotta say, i'm impressed. Starscream is pure win. love this fig, the only downside is (to me anyway) his legs look a little blocky and stiff. and as Exvee pointed out in his review, the peg holes for his weapons get stressed rather easily. Air Raid is pretty cool as well, and a great use of the shockwave mold. his weapons are bulky and impractical but still awesome. the new chest piece, head, and the colors really differentiate it from shockwave. his giant gunblade of death folds up under the main part of the alt mode though, throwing off balance pretty badly, but still a solid figure. Ultra Magnus is a great re-use of a mold as well. everyone was saying that that mold would look better as magnus anyway and we were all right. the gun/blade combination is really well executed, and a blast (hah!) to play with....um...i mean pose...and...set up and stuff.....like adults....yeah, adults. only thing i can say bad about it is the head looks a little disproportionately small, but given that his head is more involved than primes (i.e. the stacks) and it still had to fold up in the same space, i can forgive that. Sideswipe is a wonderful upgrade of Jazz. the re-shelling of this fig really changes the complete look of both the bot mode and the alt mode. the bfg is a bit unwieldy but still cool, didn't actually know it folded up until reading Exvee's review. Kickback imo is absolutely awesome. i know this is going to sound a bit like blasphemy but i've never really cared for the insecticons, and even completely passed on the reissues a few years ago at tru (even when discounted to 20$) and never felt guilty about it. but this figure is amazing. the colors are perfect (maybe not for the character, but they look damn good on this mold) and i love the way his legs fold up and you basically turn the bot mode inside out for the alt mode and vise versa. the bot mode just looks so cool standing there all intimidating. the disc launcher is very large and cumbersome but i prefer his blades/wings anyway. just never been a fan of beast modes, but it's pulled off really well in this fig. still don't like the overall shrinkage of the deluxes though. also visited ross yesterday due to these boards stating that prime had hit there and got very lucky i had passed on preordering thundertron at bbts because again....don't really care for beast modes (and yes, i know beasthunters is coming) but picked him up for somewhere around 11 bucks yesterday, and pretty cool fig. i've yet to discover if the blade locks into the open position like Ultra Mag's hammer did but i've got it tied with a clear rubber band (and the batteries removed so i don't get blinded everytime i fiddle with it) but love the whole pirate theme. read somewhere that his removable foot can turn into a parrot, and i can see that, i just don't know how to attach it after that. it looks to me like the peg is supposed to be the beak with the claws as tail feathers. (it may be in the instructions...i honestly don't know, i've not looked at instructions for a transformer since RiD Megs and Galvatron.....and still have to break those out from time to time) but anyway, cool figure. and SCORE, nabbed three vehicons for 6 bucks apiece. never found this fig in any store till now. and reading on here how awesome they were was frankly starting to tempt me to visit ebay. but gotta say all the praise heaped upon this figure is well deserved. looks very cool in both modes. someone had said the alt mode looks like a batmobile and i can totally see that. very glad to have found them. also available were rumble (frenzy? whichever name they used) and kup for 5.99 also, but i had ordered those from bbts a while ago. so if you need vehicons, hit up ross. also, F-4 Phantom arrived the other day as well, and this is a sweet figure. the size comparison from G1 to this thing is mindblowing when you think about how much bigger Superion is going to be. Another great fig from TFC. and on a final note my miniwarriors hench fig had arrived from bbts a while ago without a head...well now he is complete. bbts came through for me. i was honestly suprised, as initially i was told i'd have to send it back and basically re-order the fig, but seeing as how they had risen the price of the fig by 20 bucks at the time i was hesitant to do that. after being out of town for a week i noticed that the price had dropped back down so i shot them an e-mail asking about it. long story short, they got in a new supply and just sent me the missing part in my latest pile of loot. gotta say, he looks a lot better complete than he did before. and the more g1 face on the back of the head is a nice touch.
  2. just noticed on bbts the repaints for the originals are listed at $40 apiece. that's one hell of a markup for a new coat of paint. granted that they're much more limited productions runs and that bumps up the price a little, but from $18 or so to $40? wow
  3. well, TRU masterpiece prime arrived in the mail today....but unfortunately my wife says i can't open it until christmas. (though i may be able to wear her down over the next couple days) so, um....as for my verdict....it's a really nice package? it's sitting on the shelf next to all the other masterpiece's, human alliance's and alternators (all opened, mind you), in front of the original mp 01 prime with the justitoys trailer (too cheap to spring for the official takara one). and it's taunting me with all it's unopened glory, mocking me with it's potential awesomeness. it's smacking around my imagination with...oh you get the idea, it's calling to me must...resist.... can't....defy...wife...
  4. love these guys, and have all four. only problem is my hench arrived from bbts w/o a head. got an e-mail into them to (hopefully) get a replacement head, though i like the bigger size, but also wish all four were the same size as well. the two newer ones are almost deluxe sized. (and with the new smaller deluxes, they may be)
  5. okay, finished opening the haul, and i gotta say i totally agree with Transmitte on all points on kup and rumble. love the way the lower arms on kup transform (much like masterpiece sideswipe's arms come to think of it). the only thing i'll add is that the only thing that really makes rumble identifiable as rumble is the pile drivers, other than that he could almost be any robot. there's nothing that just screams "RUMBLE" to me. cool little fig though. Bruticus is pretty awesome. yes he looks a little lanky, yes his arms are a little wonky, and yes his gun looks like a giant mess of combined parts, BUT he's still bruticus and he's awesome. some of his parts seem thin and on the verge of being brittle (namely the arms on Onslaught). I think my favorite is Brawl (though that's probably my macho tank-loving man genes talking *grunts like tim taylor*) i may be wrong but i think these figs are bigger than wave one of the WFC figs (i'm just too lazy to break out prime or shockwave to find out). Sideswipe is pure awesome, absolutely freaking amazing figure. the ONLY thing i can think of that's at all negative is that the port on the roof for his gun in alt mode is a little tight and it might eventually cause paint wear over time. the mini warriors are great too, thought there was a problem with one of mine, Hench arrived with no head. i've shot bbts an email about it so maybe it'll be resolved, though i've never had a return with them so i don't know how they handle it. love the way his legs fold over to reduce kibble too (just looks weird to see him w/o a head...) Ufo is a cool little fig, great idea that they included the stand with it, only complaint is the head can be a little hard to pop out as it's rather tight, may just be mine though. oh, also got Hegemon in today, and i can't say enough good things about this fig. it's absolutely amazing. great rendition of a great character. so...other than that disappointing business with the cheap feel of ultra mags, a pretty awesome haul. (and honestly ultra mags is a great fig....he just has a thin, cheap feel to him). oh and his hammer/gun thing is a little floppy right out of the box, but love the fact that his weapon actually has a locking clip to keep it in hammer mode, just have to take out the batteries otherwise the led will stay on full time. Forgot to mention this is the Voyager version of Ultra Mags, not the deluxe. (don't have him...yet)
  6. okay, my pile of loot arrived today, and among all the awsomeness which includes masterpiece sideswipe, generations bruticus, kup and rumble, the two new mini warriors.....and voyager ultra mags (as well as some misc. marvel universe figs). i gotta say...i love my hasbro and rarely order tak/tomy...but this ultra mags feels cheap as hell. haven't opened anything else yet, but had to let you guys know the plastic quality is very very poor on this thing. even had some untrimmed plastic flash on his hammer/gun thing. the figure itself is great, love the transform sequence and everything (very animated feel to it) it's just the plastic feels so brittle i'm afraid i'm going to snap it. i'm almost afraid of opening kup, rumble and bruticus for fear of the same cheap feel. i know they raised prices but i didn't think that meant lower quality. it's totally possible that this is relegated soley to my fig, but be wary.
  7. ahh, so this is the sixth figure. was wondering when we heard that it was going to be a six fig combiner. intigrated weapons, a transforming shield, this guys shaping up to be all kinds of awesome.
  8. scored most of the available figs from prime now. skipped bb simply on the basis of all the horrible comments i've read about him, but loving everything else. i have to agree, the ratchet is amazingly awesome. the only complaint i have is that his head feels like it should pop up a little more, i don't even mind the rubber swords. tf-ing it back to alt mode can be a bit of a pain in the neck though. finally found megs today and so far i'm loving him. don't get the hub with my direct tv service so i've only seen 1 ep of prime for comparison to the alt mode and bot mode but there are pics on the package and he looks pretty close to that. (though his alt mode looks like a twisted up pile of plastic more than a cybertronian...jet...thingy) arcee is alot of fun to tf, and the bfg looks really cool on her. soundwave is really cool, love his transformation, though lazerbeak is a bit weird also scorred dotm ultimate prime on clearance for $35 today and the more i play with it, the more i like it. really dig the exo-suit, but the robot on its own without the trailer suit attached looks really wonky. but this thing is really cool and massive. takes up a lot of shelf space.
  9. my black friday haul nabbed three of the PCC two-packs from wally world one of the construction combiner with the construction commander as the pack in one of the protectobots with the mudslinger(?) repaint pack in and one with dinobots with the decepticon boat pack in all great figs, already had all but the boat and the dinobots, just wanted extra drones. the boat's great, great transformation and great bot mode the dinobots are also very cool, the one leg is a bit wonky, but still pretty cool also grabbed voyager sentinal prime (for 15$!!) neat fig. dont really care for the fact that his faux chest just kinda shifts to the side and sits there under his alt mode, and his front wheels can be a bit of a bitch to get into the right place for transformation, but still cool fig. really really like his gun also nabbed cyberverse roadbuster and topspin like roadbusters transformation but topspins kinda....eh
  10. picked up cannon force ironhide the other day. completely skipped on the first DOTM ironhide having heard that this repaint was coming out so this is my first exposure to this mold. the arms are a little....wonky, i guess is the best word, but the mold itself is pretty cool. i really like how the feet fold up into the bed of the truck, and then the tailgate folds up into the feet for transformation. the cannon was neat, if a bit oversized (which at this point is common with all DOTM 'formers) though i remember reading that all the voyagers weapons locked, but i haven't found how this one does. all in all, i like the repaint, wish it was all red rather than two tone, but i still like it. on the other hand, his head is almost too red, maybe another paint app would have broken that up a bit. but still cool figure. (also picked up another legends megs at tj maxx)
  11. found Guzzle the other day at wally world i'm loving the cyberverse commanders more and more everytime i get another one. this little guys's pretty cool, and the fact that his two weapon pods combine for his rifle is nice. i actually have the original and i gotta say....the comparison is appalling. the colors are the same, but that's about it
  12. Me Grimlock combine with you...but me Grimlock combine with you ALONE!!
  13. cool, thanks i've yet to break out my master screamer, figured i'd throw out that question
  14. :alert WHERE!?!?!?!?!!!?! :alert RTS legends OPTIMUS PRIME RTS legends MEGATRON RTS legends GOLD BUMBLEBEE RTS legends STARSCREAM AND THE CREW! cool pics. just got these guys in today. btw i remember reading something about megatron would be able to be held by one of the masterpiece figs or something, and i know the handle is way too big, but he does have two tabs on one side that could concievably be used fore such a thing. anyone know anything about it?
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