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  1. Yes, actually! I spotted Wheeljack and Warpath at the Target in Largo on Ulmerton and Missouri just last week. There may have been a Thundercracker left, too.
  2. Ooh, I'll have to check the TJ Maxx here to see if they have any! I would pay $19 for him. Not any more than that though. :P
  3. Picked up Terradive FINALLY the other day. Been looking for this guy for a LONG time. He is amazing. Believe all the hype about him. Some unique points that earn him extra cred in my book: 1. Trident weapon - how many TFs have ever had this weapon? Off the top of my head, I'm guessing one of the Seacons and RiD Bruticus kinda-sorta had a 3-pronged flail. 2. Two-handed weilding - another new trend that is amazing, given how many TFs are given weapons that obviously require two hands to operate. 3. Nosecone transformation - the way his chest folds around is fun and creative. Amazing how many jet-formers are out there and yet they still find new ways to TF them. 4. Solid paint apps - the use of silver and gold on his face and select parts really makes this figure pop. All the right areas are highlighted, showing off the great sculpt work. 5. Opening forearms - yay, no fold-out hands! I hate the gaps caused by fold-out hands. The rotating piece in the forearm completely alleviates this and makes an immense aesthetic improvement on the figure. 6. Low-kibble design - everything tucks away nicely on this guy. No giant backpack syndrome or anything. It all integrates and accentuates the bot mode. Easily the best TF of the year, IMO. 10/10 :thumb
  4. Amazing! You not only got him to stand up, you even got him to look forward instead of down! Great shot!
  5. It's not a bad deal to have some options when displaying MP Screamer, that's for sure. Still, it seems like an answer to a question nobody asked. Was anyone really clamoring for side panels that make the figure un-transformable or a mini Shockwave?
  6. I finally had some cash left over and got to pick up a new TF. I went with Straxus, and as much as I was looking forward to him, having him in-hand is even better than I expected! Awesome character choice by Hasbro to give fanboys something to squeal about and newer TF fans a nod towards a piece of TF lore they've probably never experienced. I hadn't planned on getting Skullgrin, but after seeing pics and knowing how awesome this mold is, I may just break down and double up here before getting some of the other G1-inspired goodness currently gracing shelves! My only complaint about this toy is the sometimes awkward angles on the hook-system weapons. Not being part of the main toy, though, I can't deduct any points for that. 10/10 :love
  7. Wow... SO many toys to choose from! Let's see... RiD: Ultra Magnus. Ridiculous bot mode, really just an afterthought so he could be combiner parts for Omega Prime. Armada: Can I only pick one?? After the fantastic complexity and originality of RiD, this whole line was a disappointment. Sideswipe is an epically bad figure, as is Prime. I'm going to say Prime was the worst because his super mode was literally a brick. Who molds legs in place anymore?? That's like back in the day when our He-Man figures would "ride" their mounts by plugging into a hole on their back and the mount's saddle would have fake rider legs molded onto it! Energon: Bots definitely got screwed in this line. Fatty Prime takes it, though. I would also mention KB Toys Demolishor, since it was a 2nd repaint of a lame Armada figure, and further confused by having the same character in the main toy line with an entirely new toy to match his look on the show. Cybertron: I can't name names because it was too awful to watch; I caught the original Japanese version online instead. I think Supreme Starscream has to be the worst though. Unicron and Primus should be the only Transformers offered at this scale. Just look at Supreme Cheetor, ROTF Devastator, or Ultimate Bumblebee. Which leads me to... TF2007: Ultimate Bumblebee. 6 times the size of the deluxe, and for what?? Lights and sounds?? Classics: Skipping recolors, I'd say Hasbro's voyager Megatron or the deluze 2-pack Prime v Megatron. Voyager Megs was a fine toy, but I don't understand the Nerf colors. Takara's version looks fantastic. As for the 2-pack, Prime's punch gimmick messes w/ articulation and his design is a little wonky. Same goes for tank Megs in this pack. Overall though, this line was AMAZING. Animated: Voyager Grimlock. Snarl sucks (flaming Cheeto, anyone??), but Grimlock should have been so much better than he was. That chest gap in dino mode is unforgivable. Universe: Hot Shot. The figure was a good step forward from the original, but he took up a valuable spot in a lineup that could've gone to a character far more deserving of an update - so while the toy itself isn't a disappointment, Hasbro's decision to green light him instead of another character is. Classics 2.0: Ironhide, Ironhide, Ironhide... So much potential, so terrible as a figure. From his smurf face down to his tangram, gap-riddled alt mode, this figure is just awful. Try getting him to look straight ahead instead of down at the ground. It's not possible. They could've gone way simpler on this figure and had a total win, but they overshot the mark and made a red and blue plastic turd instead. ROTF: Scalpel. Nice idea, terrible execution. Jolt could be in the running too. Awful bot mode. Generations: Thundercracker - cuz he's not out, and probably never will be. Really, Hasbro?? You're gonna give us 5 of the 6 seekers and not the last one??
  8. This is probably hoping for too much... does the Japan store there carry Hasbro or Takara versions?
  9. Clearwater - Gulf-to-Bay Super Target: Sidearm Sideswipe Jetblade Tuner Skids(? - the green one) Generations Red Alert Generations Dirge
  10. Tangent on this: favorite aquatic themed TF for me is definitely Energon Mirage. Pure awesome in style, design, and TF scheme.
  11. Protoforms spotted at Target in Strongsville and Parma. Still no Alt Ravage or Rumble, but thanks to death333 I have a pair on their way to me. :clap
  12. The Target 4-pack is $9.99. I might actually pick those up; haven't decided yet, but they're nice and cheap desk decorations for the office. ;-) Coincidentally, they have a rack just like in that pic at the Parma Target. Found Constructicon Devastator @ Brooklyn Wal-Mart 2 nights ago. The other 3 sets seem to have disappeared since. Alt Rollbar and Ricochet are down to $10 each at that store as well. No sign of Rumble or Ravage. :-(
  13. Crap in a hat! Has ANYONE spotted Soundwave @ TRU yet?? :tfhuh
  14. Picked up the Magnus vs Skywarp set @ Target in Parma... still no luck finding Cliffjumper. Oh yeah - spotted Titanium Soundwave and Rodimus at Wal-Mart in Strongsville. (Not a fan of the Titaniums.)
  15. Just got back from Target in Northfield, and... SCOOOORREEE!!!! Ramjet. Mine. No one else's. :tfgrin
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