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  1. I got Autobot Skids last night and he's a mixed bag. He's become a line filler in the ground war for the Autobots to front linesman with all the weapons his frame is carrying now. Two shoulder mounted weapons, the under slung forearms weapons, two retractable missile pods along with two hand held weapons that combine for a larger rifle. This bot is ready to lay forth with the damage. He makes for a nifty little squat racer too and has some nice designs and the G1 inspired red/white on the sides of the doors. I appreciate the red paint apps for the rims on the wheels instead of just full on black plastic all the way around and the silver for the grill and lights(I was hoping they would not do a TF Prime Rumble set up on again and low and behold, they didn't!) His bot mode is pretty nice too and he has a very well designed head and face. Now the real business: He's a bit back heavy with the roof/windshield back piece and the wings/doors and without some form of a heel spur, you have to find a way to balance him so he doesn't topple backwards. Speaking of those feet, the transformation to get his feet out and how they engineered it is neat/fun, so that does help as well, and not to mention it looks like he has thrusters in the bottom of his feet to boot! His shoulders are limited in movement and hamper pose-ability but we've all come across before. One thing I did come across was the hip pieces were not allowing him to bend his upper legs forward do to a small plastic ridge design on the top of them and rubs the top inside of the pelvic area*. This was causing a lot of issues with balancing, so I popped the legs off, switched the upper thigh/hip joint parts on the legs and that made a huge difference(*the cup that the ball joint fit into are not centered in the hip socket on the leg joint, hence...) but now they won't quite bend backwards, which is not a total loss/deal breaker. Upside is that this did not alter the altmode and it fits together and transforms just fine. I would have to give him a B-. possibly a C due to having to do some parts switching and work with him on his balancing issues, but the sheer amount of firepower he brings to the table keeps him in the game. I do recommend you get him if you see him.
  2. Interesting fix I came across over this past weekend. Rubber bumpers. TFC's Not Superion and Not Devastator we're having issues not standing up right/doing the splits due to being on surfaces that are not conducive to polished plastics standing upright without a serious base on things slick/easy to slide surfaces like a shelf or a desk top(and also because the plastic is somewhat shiny/slick as well). I found these little bumpers at wal-mart(about 2.50/3.00 a pack) in the hardware section and applied them to the bottom of their feet, one in front, one in back. Granted, this does not fix the real issue with the hips being a little loose on the combiners themselves but it does keep the feet planted instead of trying to just slide out from under the torso and crotch area where the weight distribution begins on these combiners. The minor downside is that it looks like the are just ever so slightly floating, but in the midst of multiple figures around them, that gets lost in the clutter. Perhaps a little shaving down may help that. So far so good after five days and no sagging of the stance of the figures and they even seem somewhat more stable. Hope this helps some of you out!
  3. That's sad when a KO company is improving on your toy for you.
  4. I like the look over all but I'm iffy on the half track/treads however.
  5. Horrible shoe color and design(IMHO) and yet another high priced repaint. Go out for a PASS "megatron".
  6. He's kinda rough in alt mode but it is prototype stage after. Bot mode looks kinda beefy however.
  7. Ugh, seeing them side by side, I'm getting a serious dislike of "Butter Thighs" even more.
  8. I'm already debating selling this guy. I don't think a new head will help with his overall looks.
  9. If these are a fairly decent representation of Grimmy at half or so the cost, I'm okay with this. If not, take a leap you toad.
  10. I'm really starting to get combiner fatigue. I'll finish getting "Diesel" for the FP Menasor, but after that, my wallet is on hiatus for several months.
  11. Yo dawg, I heard you like add ons...
  12. I'm going to get this simply because it's a markedly better look for the combiner mode, but this will most likely be my last TFC purchase. I feel like they're taking advantage of the fan base by throwing on this add on for yet more cash. The price they charge for these figures should already have these added in.
  13. I finally found an Orion Pax locally last night. I was initially going to pass on this figure due to size and modest indifference but after seeing some reviews and actually seeing it in person, I gave in. This is a fun figure despite nearing scout class in size but having better than average deluxe figure joint capabilities makes up the difference. Having two weapons, his Ion Blaster and enrgon Axe(more like a halberd) really helps round out the toy. I would have liked to have seen a voyager Pax, but I'm not sure where he would fit on the shelve in the size motif of things, but that's nothing new to us buyers of all things bots. Great articulation from ankles all the way to his ball jointed neck with the only real draw back being no rotation joint above or below the knee joints, but his has hips and thigh rotation, so a fair trade off(not to mention it might have made the transformation a bit odd/difficult). Even his wrist have rotation which is a nice touch to the stow away hands feature which normally is not added. His head is on the small side but it does have excellent detail for a decent trade off. His alt mode as a truck of sorts is kinda nifty and is a fun transformation to and from with a healthy nod to how Optimus transforms to and from. I've seen a custom of this mold made into Kup, and to be honest, it really suits it damn nicely(Ya listening repaint happy Hasbro?) If you're on the fence about him, I'd say do it, especially since they are only 12.97 at wal-mart, but if the IDW line is not your thing, fair play there too, but as a TF fan, you would be doing yourself a disservice by skipping on him.
  14. Hate to sound like a basher of movie toys but unless they are supremely kick ass, I'm off that wagon. Too much other good stuff I would rather get than what they have put out toy wise of late when it comes to movieverse items.
  15. :agree And yes, WTH is FECJ already???
  16. I finally finished the Uranos/Not Superion set. The individual bots are pretty decent, Blackbird/Silverbolt is probably my least favorite of them. He's not entirely poseable with the super size back pack(removing the engines does help, but not too much) but he does have a good amount of joint/articulation. His rifle/fuselage weapon is a bit on the atrocious side and somewhat unwieldy for him just due to size alone and extending the barrel turns it into a Mother of all Sniper Rifles, gatling cannons included! I've taken to calling him "Butter-Thighs" due to the yellow color of them, an inner dialogue has cropped up about painting them... His SR-71 mode is actually quite enjoyable if not the standard "Bot pinned to the underside of the plane" design motif. I'll also add it's a nice work of engineering on how he comes together in the alt mode unlike another SR-71 based from a certain movie-verse that was damn near impossible to transform into alt mode. Oh yeah, and X-47 Phantomray? I've got nothing good to say about this and quite frankly think it should have been left out and the chest piece done properly. The rest of the Group, Air Raid/F-15 Eagle, Skydive/F-16 Falcon, Fireflight/F-4 Phantom & Slingshot/AV-88 Harrier II were pretty decent figures if not somewhat fiddly with all of the wing folding/popping off. I seriously enjoy their alt modes better than their bot modes, whereas it's usually the other way around for me on most TF's. They do have great poseability and can pull off some nice looking moves and the missiles/gun-pods for weapons offers various modes of weapons from individual guns to an over/under configuration that I actually enjoy quite a bit. It did bother me that only the F-15 & F-16 came with some form of stand and post for them, granted I know they had the feet parts to work with but it seemed a little unfair/odd to the collector to not have something similar for the other three bots. The combiner/gestalt mode is a bit precarious and requires a bit of work to get it together and align all the folded wings, stowed weapons and so forth. As usual, he's top heavy for being a combiner and makes posing him slightly difficult at times. His head looks a little over-sized and I'm not fond of the clear yellow plastic antennae, I would have preferred a solid brighter color. I'm on the fence about either modding his chest piece or waiting to get the add on piece, however, if I mod it, I'll just be out the price of a hand drill and the destruction of a lesser wanted bot for the pin needed. Decisions, decisions... He has so much kibble on his arms that getting a nice pose from the waist up is not all that possible and again, the goofy fuselage/gun pod is just too gregarious to be of any real use(and I keep thinking I'm going to break off the spire at the end of the nose all the time). Speaking of nose pieces, I got Skydive through TFsource and when he arrived, the black nose piece had been literally ripped loose from the from fuselage. This was apparently done at the factory because the box was still properly sealed. I was a bit pissed off to put it gently. I sent an email to them and they got back to me and asked for photos which I initially offered, Rob stated that they would send me a complete new section to replace that one and I got it soon afterwords. I will say, if you decide to open any of them up, watch for small gears/ratchet pieces as they will go flying and are a bit of a pain to put back in properly. Suffice it to say I was mad about the damaged toy but the gang at TFSource more than made up for it, so their stock has definitely risen with me. All in all, I would have to give TFC a "C minus" on this combiner team. Good execution individually on the bots, but just a bit too over involved on the combiner mode with all the chunks attached but in a floating state . And even though I did like most of the aforementioned guns for the regular guys/limb bots, a nice standard gun or rifle would have been a nice thing to have, especially considering the cost. I'm currently debating about selling him off but have not made any concrete decisions yet.
  17. I want Steel Core, but don't care about the trailer unless it add's to the figure in bot mode.
  18. Interesting. Not 3 bills interesting enough however. If it goes domestic for about half that at TRU, I'll consider it.
  19. I was digginh on DD until I seen the lavender colored parts on him. Dunno about that, seems kinda..odd. I like Rhinox too but I'm not a beast wars collector. I have not read anywhere if he is voyager or deluxe class either but I'm guessing voyager size.
  20. T.J. Maxx is carrying FE Prime editions at their stores. I can't speak for which ones but I found FE Bumblebee, Starscream & Arcee at the one in my town. Finally picked up BB, now if I could just score a FE Cliffjumper, I'd have them all.
  21. I can't say for sure just yet, I still haven't put the stickers on that go inside the legs for city mode. I will mention that any stickers you do put on that have to go around corners/angles, like the orange stripes on his upper left shoulder, be sure to give them extra detail in applying them, they will come back up if you don't use something to secure them in place(I used a small plastic putty knife to rub them down(gently so as to not damage the sticker) and make sure there were not any air bubbles, took about three different times before they stayed down).
  22. Here ya go http://www.seibertron.com/transformers/news/generations-metroplex-sticker-error-two-stickers-misnumbered-in-instructions/27768/
  23. You would have thought by now they would have updated the images of Prowl since his doors are still reading "Highway Patarol". :shrug
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