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  1. Got Animated Ironhide and HFTD Battle Blade Bumblebee... Animated Ironhide is nice. It's got a well-thought-out transformation, a decent alt mode, and the 'bot mode has a lot of character. The accessories are meh; I usually leave them attached to the back of the vehicle/backpack. Also, why is he orange? o.0 Battle Blade Bee...is a disappointment. The cannon is yellow & doesn't even remotely look screen-accurate. The axe is backwards. The figure is just so lanky & scrawny, and the chest is wrong. The transformation, like ROTF Bee, is overcomplicated & the alt mode doesn't fit together right. (Though unlike ROTF Bee, he's actually a bit taller. -_- ) The only good things are the flip down mask & the poseability; he can pull off some pretty awesome poses. He's fun to fiddle with, at the very least. In short, he's an undersized, anorexic HA Bumblebee with a couple extra unnecessary features.
  2. I like him too, the figure itself is actually a lot of fun, if a bit awkward...I just wish I hadn't paid $13 for the thing. -.-
  3. DOTM Cyberverse Shockwave Fusion Tank playset... Ugh, just don't. The Shockwave figure itself is nice, but mostly for the robot mode (which has awkward arm articulation.) The main vehicle mode doesn't fit together right & just ends up looking like a purple pile of Cybertronian poo. Plus none of the base/combined modes look right, either. Definitely not worth $13.
  4. *sigh* alright, deep breath... RTS Legends Megatron - BEST of the RTS legends. Pretty decent articulation for a legends-class figure, too. Just a great figure all-round. RTS Legends Optimus Prime - Also good, but not as good. Lacks poseability in the legs, but the arms are decently articulated. I know it's kind of stupid to grade legends figures on articulation, so I try to go easy on 'em in that department. OP is fun, but definitely not the best. RTS Legends Starscream - Really fun to transform, but shite to pose. The interesting transformation is worth it, though, and considering I only paid $2 for each of these (except for Megs...had to get him off evilbay) I think I got more than my money's worth. RTS Legends Gold Bumblebee - I'm so burnt out on Bumblebee at this point...I mean, it looks good, the transformation is fun, and the Goldbug homage is just a little refreshing after the slew of 'bees we've had lately. This figure is probably more one for completists, though, ESPECIALLY if you already got the Classics 2.0 Legends Bumblebee (which I missed.) Generations Deluxe Thunderwing - I'm not quite sure what possessed me to buy this figure, as I'm not too terribly keen on the design & I know very little of the character...I suppose I did it to fill out my Classics Decepticon ranks on my shelves. Having said that, he's actually a really cool figure. Both the jet and robot modes are badass; the robot mode hits the late-G1-Decepticon look right on the head, and the "stealth" jet mode looks great despite having a folded up robot mode on its underside...a fact which, pleasantly, reminds me of Energon Megatron. In short, a great 'Con to add to your Classics collection. Human Alliance Basics Tailpipe - I'm so glad these are $5 now at Walmart, because I'd never pay more than that for this thing. That being said, I feel like I at least got my money's worth. He's not the best motorcycle-former, but he gets the job done. The human figure, of course, is crap, but somehow doesn't look too bad riding the motorcycle despite being comically undersized for the job. The "targetmaster" is shite, though I imagine it (in gun mode) would look better being held by a substancially larger figure. On a side note, the headsculpt just screams "Gobot" to me. If this figure were orange, it would make the perfect Dart homage...actually, now that I think about it, it could make for a decent movieverse Wreck-Gar in that colorscheme, too. He's got that square-head look that Animated Wreck-Gar had. If you're on the fence & you're like me, in that you like motorcycle-formers, I wouldn't recommend him. The alt mode works, but at the same time kind of looks like a motorcycle-shaped clusterf**k of robot part...but it's fun enough, I suppose. A solid 5.5-6 out of 10.
  5. No pics, but today I got a Generations Dlx Thunderwing, HA basic Tailpipe, and one of those Mcfarlane Halo anniversary figures of Master Chief.
  6. DOTM Deluxe Barricade - An impulse buy, but definitely worth it. Idk why everyone hates on him so much...he's a great figure. Highly recommended!
  7. Yeah, that seems to be the general consensus as far as the headsculpt goes. *Sigh* he'll likely get sold, or back-shelved, once I acquire a Battle Blade 'Bee. And with Lugnut...well...I've never owned a single Animated figure. Just not a fan of the aesthetic. I liked RTS Lugnut because he was semi-believable as a regular TF. I could just see him duking it out with the likes of HFTD Highbrow, or other vintage-looking, rivet-covered Autobots. :awsum
  8. So, over the last week, I've been able to score two figures... After searching everywhere for a RTS Lugnut without success, I decided to give into my plastic addiction & look elsewhere for a fix. At a local discount store called Ollie's, I bought a ROTF Deluxe Bumblebee for about $5. Firstly, once I got the figure out of the packaging, some immediate quality control issues were present...most noteably, the hip joints were ridiculously loose...like KO-loose. However, some clear nail polish took care of that. Second issue...when I attempted to transform him into vehicle mode, the thigh panels weren't fitting right into the rear end of the car because there was too much flash on the tabs. I promptly sanded the tabs down & they seemed to fit right after that, but this brings me to the biggest gripe on the figure... Transforming the figure into vehicle mode is a HORRENDOUSLY frustrating process. The front end seems to all fit together okay, but fitting the arms together is a trial because the shoulder joints on mine are so tight...then you get the legs/back of the car and that's where things really start to fall apart. Nothing fits together right, and you have to fiddle with the damn thing CONSTANTLY to get it to finally look even just a little bit presentable. Terrible, terrible flaw that really cripples the vehicle mode and any fun you might have with the transformation. However, the robot mode is quite exceptional. Possibly the most movie-accurate 'bot mode I've seen for movie Bee that I've seen so far. The headsculpt is nice, and the painted eyes add a touch of cuteness to the figure; a nice, if lazy nod to the character's personality in the movie. The grey color of the plastic look nice, there don't seem to be any areas suffering from lack of paint apps, and articulation is superb. Although, I wish they had given the figure two hands instead of the cannon on the right hand. As previously mentioned, the headsculpt gives the character a friendly look that a two-handed design would have suited better, rather than the "battle-ready" one they went for. The figure comes with a projectile that, thanks to a clever bit of engineering, can be fired from the cannon arm. It's also made of a cheap, ghastly orange plastic and looks like something a five-year-old drew on a picture stuck to your fridge. All-in-all, though, it's a perfect figure for spending $5 on, but had I spent any more, I would be sorely disappointed. Now, for the second figure...a few days after scoring bumblebee, I mozied into the Marshall's store closest to me, just to see if they'd restocked anything. Of COURSE they had one RTS Lugnut amongst their voyager selection, which I promptly nabbed. Let me begin by saying that I've never been a fan of TF Animated, which is why I passed on this guy to begin with. However, after watching a few reviews, I decided I wanted him. He just looked like a fun toy. Having bought him, I am not disappointed in the least. In robot mode, Lugnut stands a little short for a voyager, but not so short that it's ridiculous. Besides, it wouldn't be the first time Hasbro undersized a figure (cough cough Universe Classics Galvatron cough cough) only this time, they have a perfectly good reason for it, which I'll get to later. For such a beefy, big-bruiser type figure, they didn't skimp on the articulation. The arms are slightly limited due to the transformation, but it's perfectly acceptable for the figure. The fingers are even individually articulated, which is a very nice touch. Another nice little quirk is the moving jaw gimmick; however, it only works if you have the head looking straight. Turn it to the side & the jaw is restricted. Still, not a bad try on Hasbro's part. Transforming the figure is lots of fun, if a bit fiddly at first. The upper body may give you a bit of trouble, as getting everything to line up to fit inside the plane's nose can be a bit tricky. However, once you've finished that, the rest is a breeze. Everything fits together quite nicely, and there are even some interesting bits of engineering to be found, such as the bulky robot arms becoming the wings. The vehicle mode is also a lot of fun. It's subdued and militaristic enough to be mostly believable, but aesthetic touches such as the shark's maw painted on the sides of the nose & the "warning" stripes on the engines are pleasant nods to the animated character. While the plane is no longer than any other voyager jet-former you will encounter, the wingspan is MUCH wider. The plane is even quite swooshable, provided you don't shake it around too much & knock the wings out of place. Perhaps my favorite thing about this figure is the sheer character of it. The color scheme, paint apps, and the body design of it...it all just screams "DECEPTICON!" to me. The somewhat vitage'd alt mode and headsculpt also give the impression that Lugnut is perhaps an aged, combat-worn warrior, but is still fully capable of ripping an "Auto-Bum's" head off! (A la Emgo's mascot :tflol ) All-in-all, he's definitely worth the $10 you'll fork out for him at your local re-sale store. I'm glad for that price, too, as I likely wouldn't have bought him were he the regular voyager MSRP.
  9. I located a RTS "Solar Storm Grappel" the day before yesterday. He's pretty cool, but I've got some issues... Both modes are a good homage to the G1 character, but the figure suffers from a lack of paint apps, especially on the legs. I'm glad I only paid $10 for it, because playing with it, it feels too cheap to be worth much more. The articulation is a little funny too...the arms are okay, but the legs can't pose too much due to the bumper/codpiece. Still glad I got him, though. He looks pretty good & the automorph-esque head reveal is a nice touch.
  10. So the day before yesterday, I went into Walmart & took a casual look at the Transformers section. Noticing they had both Generations Warpath and Thundercracker, I decided to go look for Wheeljack. When I looked through the Generations figures, they had only one Warpath & Thundercracker, the rest of the figures being Skullgrins & Thunderwings. I don't have Thundercracker, but he's the same mold as the previous classics Seekers & money is really tight for me right now, so I passed him up. However, I happened to notice a Transformer stuffed under the shelf with the MARS Convertors, and it ended up being Wheeljack, which I promptly bought. Today, I acquired some extra cash & decided to go back for Thundercracker. Of course he was gone, so I briefly considered buying a Voyager Skyhammer (as the Voyagers there were $17.88 or something like that.) I decided to drive all the way to the other Walmart, which is a good 15 minute drive...of course they had *no* Generations figures. I broke down & bought Skyhammer, which ended up being $18.98. Not only did I waste gas, I wasted money on a figure I wasn't that excited about. Damn me & my plastic addiction. Needless to say, Wheeljack is awesome. A bit shorter than Turbo Tracks & with some tweaks to the transformation, so he really looks like a different mold. Skyhammer is cool...good articulation & an interesting alt mode (I love helicopters!) However, his non-appearence in the movie leaves me wondering about where in my collection to put him...and also, regretting buying him. I'll have a bit more money coming in soon, though, so perhaps I'll find "The Cracker" then. If I don't...then what Deluxe should I buy next? Skullgrin doesn't appeal to me at all, but Thunderwing seems interesting...but what about DOTM figure? I've briefly considered getting Roadbuster, but I can never seem to find him. Also, if anyone happens to go to Ross/TJ Maxx/Marshalls and sees any of the Human Alliance figures other than Bumblebee, and/or(of course) Voyager Grapple, PLEASE pick them up for me! Thanks :)
  11. Okay, here we go... 1. HFTD Leader Class Starscream BEST movie 'Screamer figure I own. Great articulation, gimmicks that are actually cool, and a solid alt mode. Still not a fan of the Cybertronian glyphs, though. 4.5/5 2. HFTD Human Alliance Bumblebee Also, best movie Bee I own. A must-have figure for any movie Bumblebee fan. Need more money for HA figs! I kinda wish he had a right hand in addition to the cannon, though. 4/5 3. DOTM Voyager Shockwave What can I say that hasn't been said already? Great sculpt, great paint, great articulation. 5/5 4. DOTM Voyager Megatron Meh...the transformation is a bit fiddly, the cloak is frustrating, and the articulation (while great in some areas) is awkward in others. The sculp and paint are nice, though. A solid 3/5 5. DOTM Deluxe Starscream A really nice Starscream figure! Would like him much better if he didn't have the bloody mechtech weapons, and better wrist/arm articulation. Also, the wings don't line up quite right on mine. Lots of fun, though. 3.5/5 6. DOTM Deluxe Optimus Prime (Walmart Exclusive) Not the best movie Prime figure I own, but certainly one of the most fun! Good paint, good articulation, and a fun transformation. Again, though, he suffers from Mechtech-syndrome. 4/5 7. DOTM Deluxe Ratchet Ratchet is not my favorite character. I own the Voyager-class version of him & it is sooo full of meh. When I saw this figure on the shelf before the movie came out, and saw that it was a repaint, I had little interest in getting him. Having seen the movie, and having seen that he actually received a redeco in the movie as well, I decided to pick him up, and I was NOT disappointed! Articulation is great, the transformation is fun, and the Mechtech weapon is even a little fun! 4.5/5 8. Cyberverse Commander Ironhide All the tiny-transforming fun of Legends figures, now with articulation! And WEAPONS! I've had SOOO much fun with this figure. Sure, neither mode is perfect, but they're both respectable likenesses to their character models and worth every penny of the $7 you'll pay for them at Target. Ironhide is my favorite. 4.5/5 9. Cyberverse Commander Blackout I've always liked blackout, as he's the first Transformer you're introduced to in the Bayverse. This toy packs all the fun of the voyager (with the exception of the rotor-spinning-button) into bite-sized goodness. A great sparring partner for Ironhide! 4.5/5 10. Cyberverse Commander Powerglide Fun, but not as good as the previous two. The hip joints on mine are loose, and the plane doesn't sit on its landing gears right (it tends to tilt back due to the weight of the tail.) Still, a nice crossover between Classics and Bayverse toys. 3.5/5 11. Cyberverse Commander Megatron Also meh. Stubby tanker truck mode, awkward bent-legged robot mode. I'll probably get the Blastwave Base set so I'll have a proper vehicle mode, not one that looks like it could use Enzyte. 2.5/5 12. Cyberverse Commander Battle Steel Optimus Prime I have mixed feelings about this one. I got it instead of the original Cyberverse Prime because it has swords...which you'd think would be standard issue on most OP toys by now. I wish he'd came with the winged backpack AND the swords, but instead of the rocket pack, you get these huge cannons...which are okay, but not really my thing. Plus, you can't attach the swords like they are on most other figures (on the forearm,) you have to clip them into his hands, which looks awkward no matter how you do it. The figure itself has what appears to be a more G1-inspired paint scheme (IE no flames.) It also lacks in articulation. I'll probably still get the original Cyberverse Prime and combine them. 3/5 13. Cyberverse Commander Sentinel Prime I initially had little interest in the Sentinel Prime character. I also have little interest in transformers that turn into firetrucks. However, having bought this figure, I don't regret it. The firetruck mode is spot-on, and all the accessories are cleverly hidden into it. The robot mode, while slightly lacking in articulation and stability, more than makes up for it by having a great headsculpt and a set of PROPER accessories. 4/5 14. Generations Deluxe Warpath I don't know much about Warpath as a character, but this toy is AMAZING. It looks great in both robot and alt mode, and is as fun to play with as it is nice to look at! 5/5 15. Reveal the Shield Legends Trailcutter I got lucky & found this lone RTS Legends figure at my local Marshalls. I've checked all the other Marshalls, as well as TJ Maxx and Ross near here, to no avail. It's fun, but it is a Legends figure, so don't expect too much from it. If anyone has any suggestions as to where I can acquire the other RTS Legends, please let me know! I give this one a 3/5.
  12. went yesterday to TRU and walmart. TRU had these two, walmart didn't have jack diddly, with the exception of Animated Soundwave, and I'm not sure if I want to buy animated figs yet.
  13. The comics were $2/$5 each. The SDF-1 was $60. Cyclonus was $75. Overpaid? Maybe. Am I happy? Yes. :tflol
  14. Tom Kenny does the voice of Isaac Sumdac, but it doesn't say Starscream.
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