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  1. RotF Voyager Mixmaster RotF Deluxe skids RotF FAB Optimus Animated Deluxe Jazz
  2. Hit up Target for their sale. With all total Discounts, got Leader OP, Deluxe movie Skids, and deluxe animated Ratchet for just over $50.
  3. I hope this scene makes it into TF3.
  4. In the last few days I've reeled in a nice handful of figures; Cannon 'Bee Ravage Voyager Crabitron Voyager Fallen Human alliance 'Bee And I went back and picked up a few of the figures from the previous wave I missed like Breakaway and Smokescreen.
  5. Ugh, god. I FINALLY started seeing some new 'Joes in the area. I guess working at Target does have it's advantages, since I can just check the gun and see if any of the surrounding stores have gotten any new stock. >_> The one I work at hasn't gotten anything in forever. We've had a wave 2/3 restock warming the shelves for months, but one of the other near Targets had just gotten a couple of wave 8 cases, so I picked up a Major Bludd and a Python Patrol trooper.
  6. Well, I went out today, mostly looking for 25th Anni. 'Joes, but was surprised to find a couple of Stealth 'Bees and Salvages at one of the Targets I frequent. I grabbed one of each, but still haven't found any 'Joes. It was nice finding those TFs, though, even moreso now that Targets are only charging $6.99 for them =)
  7. It still makes me sad that we both live in Minnesota, yet the toy selections seem world apart in the stores near where we live. You seem to have an easy time finding TFs and 'Joes, and I can't find them (particularly Joes) anywhere. The walmarts around here get a new case in, maybe once a month, and it's like a single case. I've gone to Walmarts, Targets, etc constantly, and I've only seen wave 6 in stores maybe twice, and I still have yet to see an armored CC. The pegs for Joes are always bare around here. Really? I'd have thought that since you live in Minneapolis the stores would get more figures in, since it is afterall the capital. My only guess is that in such a large area, there are a higher concentration of collectors and/or scalpers, who are buying up all the figures. Not that I really care that people buy multiples or anything, but it seems like every person who's found wave 7 thus far on the various forums I've been to have either bought the store out of every figure, or bought like, three copies of each figure. Ok, I can understand army building the generics and such, but do people really need like, 6 Snake Eyes...? It's what prevents everybody from getting a shot at these figures. I don't even know if they just aren't out in the area yet, or if I've just been totally missing them altogether. About the only wave I got lucky on was Wave 5, which I found complete back in like November of last year, then I never saw them all together again. I see IG Destro and Snow Job occasionally, but those are the only ones from that wave I ever see anymore. Wave 4 I never even saw until about January of this year.
  8. It still makes me sad that we both live in Minnesota, yet the toy selections seem world apart in the stores near where we live. You seem to have an easy time finding TFs and 'Joes, and I can't find them (particularly Joes) anywhere. The walmarts around here get a new case in, maybe once a month, and it's like a single case. I've gone to Walmarts, Targets, etc constantly, and I've only seen wave 6 in stores maybe twice, and I still have yet to see an armored CC. The pegs for Joes are always bare around here.
  9. I'm going to get Premium Prime, and I already have the original, but I'm passing on Premium leader Megs, and I don't have the original for him....Don't like the mold at all. I'd get all three leader OPs long before any leader Megs.
  10. Well...complain, and you shall receive. After all of that talk about not being able to find the Wave 4 GI Joes I went out today (mostly looking for Incinerator, who I didn't find) I found ALL the wave 4 figures at two Targets. So I picked up the five of them I was missing (Scarlette, Duke, Helmed Cobra Commander, Air Trooper, and Storm Shadow) so the hunt for those is finally over at least. Now the only single-carded figure I'm missing is Wave 1 Snake Eyes. :tdown
  11. GI Joe hunting has been awful in my area. Single carded figures come around once in a never, and it seems like waves 2 and 3 are the only ones that get restocked. I haven't even seen a wave 4 or 5 figure since mid-December. Honestly, it's like the line is regressing back to the beginning of the entire line. I'll be sick if I see any more Buzzers, Hooded CCs, or Serget Stalkers. The pegs are basically full of those bastards. Then again, at least I've seen waves 4 and 5 of the singles at some point. Around here, the only two packs are the Scarlette/Hawk, CC/Duke, and Snake Eyes/Storm Shadow two packs. That's it. I saw the Dreadnok pack twice, and Destro/Breaker pack twice. The first time I didn't bother to pick either up, but the second time I picked the Destro/Breaker pack up. And then, for the first time just yesterday, I saw the Crimson Guard/Scarred Officer, and Battle Damage Snake eyes/Storm Shadow two packs, so I snatched them up. Honestly, the comics in those packs suck, I think. And my two figures in the CG/Scarred Officer are terrible. The bottom half of my Officer's right leg is bent at a really odd angle, making me wonder if the bottom half isn't actually the bottom half of a left leg. My CG isn't bad, but his left leg has that split from not being screwed together right. I might be able to fix it, but a lot of these figures seem to have that problem. The Snake Eyes/SS two-pack was pretty cool. I got bored of my single-carded SS pretty quickly, but I love characters with capes, and his bow is really nice looking. I also like the sort of maroon-ish color that breaks up the white. I also like the coloration of his weapons better than the wave 1 SS. I just wish I could find Wave 4 somewhere. The only single carded ones I have from that wave are Destro, Gung-Ho, and Roadblock. Those are the only ones I've even SEEN of wave four, not counting a helmeted CC that I'm kicking for not picking up when I had the chance. I'm just tired of seeing Wave 2 and 3 revisions. Jesus, get the Wave 4s around here, or just move on to wave 6.
  12. Within the last...few days...or so, I've picked up; Alt. Rodimus Alt. Ravage Alt. Rollbar Movie Deluxe Allspark Stockade Movie Deluxe Allspark Overcast Movie Deluse Allspark Jungle Bonecrusher GI Joe 25th Anni. Destro vs. Cpl. Breaker. My wallet hurts.
  13. i need a cobra officier still, and all of wave 5. other than the cobra officer i'm done with waves 1-4 Excluding wave 4, the only one I'm missing is Snake Eyes with Timber. I'd like to get a black timber variant, but from what I've seen, he usually fetches about $35 on ebay...I'm sure they don't put those out anymore, so I'll just settle for whatever I find.
  14. I actually passed on the first Nightwatch prime I saw...though I figure I'll probably pick him up sometime, once I get a more steady flow of cash (Start my new job in a couple weeks.) Anyway, like Thursday or Friday, I picked up an Evac, as well as Wave 4 Destro, Roadblock, and Gung-ho. Also picked up a second Iron Grenadier Destro (wave 5) and a generic "The Enemy" trooper back from wave 1, since he was only one of two figures I haven't got out of waves 1, 2, 3 and 5. Wave 4 I'm still missing 5 or so figures...
  15. I concur with all of the GI Joe replies. They're a pain in the ass to find. I frequently check no fewer than 5 targets, and two Walmarts, as well as a couple TRUs and K-Marts. Half of the stores don't even have pegspace for the 25th Anni. figures. Of the 5 targets, 4 of them I've NEVER seen restocked. One got restocked awhile back, and the GI joe section looked like a waterfall, but it was all wave 3 stuff, although there were a couple I didn't have, so I grabbed them. The TRUs I don't think have ever restocked either. One of the two Walmarts I frequent doesn't even have shelf-space, but the other one seems to get new Joes every week. That one isn't a 24-hour store, but they close at Midnight, and open at 6 AM. Usually, if you can get in there at about 11 PM Thursday night, or right as they open the Doors Friday, you can grab a few Joes. I managed to get all of wave 5, minus Crimson Guard this way. Plus, Joes are about, $1.10 cheaper there than anywhere else. Though I still have yet to see ANY of the Wave 4 figures anywhere. I know they're just single carded versions of the figures in the 5-packs, but I still want them, if not to just round out my collection.
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