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  1. Armada Tidal Wave. Thanks alot, ReverendNash!! :D :D
  2. It's not mine, took it from somewhere else.. :lol
  3. That "Ol' Timer" pic always makes me :rofl

  4. So... Hasbro's version, then? :shrug
  5. But, both Takara n Hasbro's versions suffer from the chipping chrome? Or it's just a case on Hasbro's?
  6. He's an evil robot crab, WTF more do you need seriously he's one of the best BW figures evar Well, that's the thing. "crab tank" sounds cool enough to warrant me having it. For your pre-purchase decision making enjoyment: *INTOXICATED* Must...resist...the...urge... >__>
  7. Before the end of 2008... I must... get... my own... BW Rampage!! :argh :argh
  8. Remaining :: #1 Lugnut #2 Shockwave #3 Swindle
  9. Emm... who were you again? O_o

  10. If you wanna blame, then blame it all on Hasbro alone. :animated Blitzwing is a solid figure, and I failed to see what's so :fail about :animated Blitzwing, apart from anti-Animated subjective opinions, of course. Interestingly, :animated Soundwave's based on Universe Soundwave's unused design.. :lol But gotta agree with you on this one. ;) Better keep our fingers crossed for the possible Universe Soundwave on the future yet to come. :lol
  11. Kinda ironic, Octane was just appeared for like, what? An episode or two? And got a Universe toy? While the most prominent triple-changer Blitzwing got no Universe treatment? :lol
  12. Counter Punch's face makes me wanna :rofl
  13. Blitzwing's a martial art practitioner..
  14. Actually, I wanted to. But there are two things.. #1 I haven't got Oil Slick, Starscream and Lugnut figures. #2 I haven't got much time recently, but I will try to make it. And apparently once this project went serious, gotta reboot the story... just a lil' bit different from above. ;)
  15. So, ahem, once upon a time, on the alternate universe ancient land far far away.. :shrug There's a young samurai, named Prime, people on his village also call him The Young Ronin. When his father died, he told Prime to carry on his legacy, bestows his son with their family's precious Azure Axe. Along with the Axe, he also gave his son a lifetime task, which is none other than to carry and protect the legendary Twin Deceptive Blades, which their ancestors obtained and sealed from the evil warlord, named Dai-Shogun Megatron. But, be warned, although these blades could also be used by Prime, the more he uses it, the more he'll get corrupted by the evil power of these blades. Prime must wards off all the evil doers that seek to kill him and take control of these accursed blades. Therefore, after the death and burial of his father, his journey begins. He faced countless bandits and crooks along his journey, until then, he's encountered by two of Dai-Shogun Megatron's subordinates.. Prime, "Who are you guys?" Soundwave, "I'm Soundwave. And he's Lockdown. We're here to obtain what's rightfully our master's." Lockdown, "Hands over those swords to us. Our master demands it, weakling. You're not worthy to carry these blades!" Soundwave, "Tch... Enough speech, hook-hand. Take it.. from him. Commence now!" *fast forward* After 2-hours battle, the result is... However, Soundwave & Lockdown are not offline, they're still barely functional.. And.. Prime, "Go back to where you came from, and tell your master, the Dai-Shogun Megatron, I'll be comin' to get him.." Lockdown, "Ugh... Damn, Ronin.. Next time... Next time I'll persona-... ughh... I'll exact my.. heeghh... revenge!" Prime, "Don't make me change my mind..." Then, Soundwave, Laserbeak & Lockdown retreats to their castle, Dai-Deceptifortress, located on Mt. Nemesis. At the castle's imperial hall, Dai-Shogun Megatron sitting calmly on his throne, accompanied by his concubine Blackarachnia, also with his lieutenant, Shogun Starscream stood by his side, and Blitzwing & Lugnut also on the hall.. Eventually, Soundwave & Lockdown arrives, and quickly kneel down to report their mission, and Laserbeak flies to perch on Dai-Shogun's throne. Shogun Starscream, "Soundwave. Lockdown. You've returned. Now, report on your mission to the Dai-Shogun!" Lockdown, "... Lo.... Lord Megatron..." Dai-Shogun Megatron, "Calm down... then speak.." Lockdown, "It's such a shame, but... we've failed you, my liege!" Lugnut, "YOU FOOL! Our grand and glorious Dai-Shogun will not accept such shameful defeat!" Blitzwing, "I concur with Lugnut, my liege. These two incompetents must be punished severely. And I have a pla-" Shogun Starscream, "Silence, you all! Let the wise Dai-Shogun decides..!" Dai-Shogun Megatron, "Quiet it, Starscream. Blitzwing, I'm interested in your plan, but not before I have my words with Lockdown & Soundwave.." Starscream & Blitzwing, "Yes... Yes, my liege!" Dai-Shogun Megatron, "You know, defeat is unacceptable within my elite ranks. Which is a shame if I have to banish both of you, my longtime loyalists, by my own hands. But.... But, I'll give you two... the second AND also the last chance to redeem yourself." Lockdown, "Thanks you for your undue kindness, Dai-Shogun!" Dai-Shogun Megatron, "And now.. Blitzwing. What plan do you have in disposal?" Blitzwing, "Ah yes, my leader. Here's my plan. I've heard of a wandering assassin goes by the name Oil Slick. His name's quite feared by warlords and people on the east province of Iaconshu. Perhaps, he could do us a little favor in this case, my liege.." Starscream, "Tsk! So, we're outsourcing now?! Brilliant! Simply brilliant, you three-faced freak!" Dai-Shogun Megatron, "Starscream!" Starscream, "Ah yes, I deeply apologize for the disturbances..." *tsk* Dai-Shogun Megatron, "Blitzwing. I'm interested and want to see how much useful he could be for us. Now, go find him and persuade him to join us... Take Lockdown & Soundwave with you just in case he refuses to join us... And for both of you, this is your last chance to regain my respect. Now go.." Blitzwing, Soundwave & Lockdown quickly kneels down, backs out, and take along them some of their soldiers to search for the mysterious Oil Slick. Meanwhile.................................................. Prime's realized he used the daemon blades way too much on recent fights, and felt that they're something wrong inside him... Somekind of maniacal laughter, maybe just his mere imagination, or maybe........ something else... To Be Continued. *This is loosely based on Afro Samurai, where hi-tech meets oriental story & settings* ;)
  16. Let's end this here, Megatron! One shall stand, and one shall fall! *holy smokes... TFA Cybertron Optimus Prime is the FIRST and LAST Optimus Prime that I truly like!!
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