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  1. Got in the rest of the Japanese Animated Family Mart gift stuff that was left out of my original order--all 4 keychains. Interesting enough I guess. I only wanted the Primes, but got the Bumblebees too. Also for in some G1 Prime stuff--2 kabaya super deformed Prime snap together kits from Freedomgundam, and then the G1 Prime radio face plate bit. I just still really wanna find more of the Super Deformed Prime stuff--specially the G1 version..anyone know anyone selling them?
  2. FINALLY! One of my most sought after never thinking I'd be able to afford/get one..One of the only true "Grails" I had--the 13" Palisades Devastator Statue is now mine!! Thanks to Devil Mazinkaiser of TFormers! This guy is just as awesome as I hoped--Came complete in his huge ass box, it's the coolest devy EVER! Now I just need to find room for him..
  3. Took awhile to get from this... To this.But now he's all better, and 200$ back in my pocket. To kinda show what all I had to do where sorta..
  4. This is what I got in the mail today..I'm beyond furious over this right now..I get an order in last week from KOToys..It's broken and missing a piece. I get an order in from China yesterday for some expensive family Mart stuff, the box was ripped and 4 items were missing..Have to wait for both people over there to resend and correct this..then I get this guy in today..eagerly awaited for almost a month now..I hear the box rattling around..I see the US Customs sticker marking it "Recieved Already Opened/Unwrapped" meaning the Chinese Customs went through it..and were kind enough to STUFF it back in there breaking everything from his head, to his hands, arms, back, legs, mirrors, chest..all of it! I've never ever had such bad luck with anything from overseas EVER..and these last 3 packages have all just been frustrating..and this, now being 400$ frustrating makes it even MORE frustrating..
  5. Pretty much took care of the Family Mart stuff in one fell expensive sweep..he was supposed to send the Key Chains as well, but they weren't in here...so, that shall have to be corrected..But got the ROTF Clear Leader Prime. Clear Ez Prime. Deluxe Non-Battle Damaged Prime. Prime glass. Prime and Megatron Super Deformed figures, in color and grey. Very cool haul that kinda hurt some...ah well :)
  6. I have all those new Lucky Draw Japanese Prime stuff coming in..The first to get here was this little key chain guy..very small, but cute enough.
  7. A nice package arrived today from BBTS and Ebay.. Optimus Kitty 6" BTS-03 Matrix of Leadership..It's about as unimpressive as reported, well, the backpack and the glued hands..but the Matrix is pretty cool. Takara Wingblade Optimus Prime and an original 80's drinking straw Optimus Prime.
  8. Congrats AP! Seems a lot of TF people are multiplying a lot of late.. I got the Voyager Clear 07 movie Prime, as well as the black clear plastic with gold chromed highlights and gold paint..and the plushie movie Prime from KOtoys--All in all, not bad, not great, but interesting display bits none the less. Nice quality though..no complaints there. The Gold chromes versions one foot was upside down, so I had to pull the pin and flip it--but that was no problem. Also got these guys.. KO Ultra Magnus to place in my FP armor..then I realized I already have a real extra Magnus from hasbro--so I didn't really need the Ko..live and learn. Then I got the Wonderfest Black nemesis Prime version--and that's just AWESOME! Great to finally have that one added. And then a KO Nemesis Prime to go in the Shadow Commander Dark FP armor. All the Primes are really nice..the 2 KO ones, Nemesis Prime and Magnus--Both had their forearms inside out--which oddly still works in truck mode, but looks odd in bot mode, so, I just switched those around and no problems! Also got the G1 Nemesis Prime plushie as well. All in all a really nice first haul from KOtoys--they ship well, fast, and relatively cheap too. I'd definitely do it again. Also got Alternity Magnus in as well. He'll fit in my white Primes collection nicely.
  9. Sami

    Transformer KO's

    I ordered from the the first time on the 20th--from KOtoys within 10 days I'd received my order--I never did get a confirmation email like their site says they'd send, nor did they respond when I emailed them to check on my order--I got the order in, and it was all fine--except one of the voyager clear Prime arms was broken--so I emailed them about that, and they answered last night..now to see if they're replace it or not--they just asked me for a pic of the damaged Prime but that was it.
  10. And yay--FINALLY! No more wasted trips to TRU in a smoking engine car..
  11. And with this--just like that--my G1 collecting is all done and over with :/ but Yay at the same time..this has been fun.
  12. Guess you could say--today was a good day! Reissue/KO G1 Menasor Giftset from Iofferseller T800pro--AWESOME! Came amazingly well packed--Took me about 10mins to get into it actually..It's MINT! Can't wait to add it to my collection--also got another G1 reissue Reflector--my real G1 version is in need of some repairs, so, time for a switch :) Also got the Fansproject Bruticus upgrade set..WOW. That's all I'm saying..WOW.
  13. Got the PP01 complete with Anime head! Yes!! And then that clear Prime thing from the Rodimus 2 pack..Eh, still hate that mold, and the clear plastic is nice but way to much regular plastic makes it kinda look half assed..
  14. Thanks to Mumps I got in the new EZ Legends TRA Gold Prime and Elite Guard Prime :)
  15. Wasn't expecting this when I went out tonight..My local walmart had Prime and that tank repaint whatever his name is..This Prime is all sorts of great--specially compared to the original Voyager mold.
  16. Oh he's just NICE! Black Animated Convoy, MISB G2 Bumblebee, and a G1 Pretender Bumblebee that I got because some how I ended up with Reprolabel stickers for it..Cool little figure though none the less.
  17. Found a HA Jazz while out grocery shopping..so that was odd. He's a neat little figure..Detail wise he's really impressive. Really showcases what the HA scale can do. But better still, yesterday I came in and found my G1 Quickswitch near mint and complete--but GOD is he cheesy. How did the decepticons get that cool Sixwing figure..all bad ass and what not..and the Autobots got this...block? But on a cooler note, I got these 2 Super Deformed Prime figures in..I got 2 of the 3--someone beat me out on the other gorilla Prime one..Still seeking the G1 Super Deformed :/ ah well..the hunt continues. All that's left before I complete my G1 collection now is a complete Raindance and one left Hosehead small gun/ear piece..
  18. Came into work today to find a crushed box from China--But inside was a perfect clear animated Prime and then the Fed Ex guy delivered a large box which had a SDCC Blaster and Prowl in it! Pretty good day here!
  19. Ok, some recent purchases here..Starting off, and most importantly, a complete G1 Brainstorm, and he has now been restickered with some excellent Reprolabels that I got back at LamerCon. Now, movie stuff and Generations etc.. And then lastly, I found this Korean Prime on ebay..I way over paid for it for what it was..I was hoping for something more like the G2 Prime they put out that was all white and green and red and gold etc..And this one fits in that..but, just not as well. It's still diecast metal, chrome, stickers and plastic etc..it's nicely made..But, with a very cheap trailer etc..And it comes with one Powermaster gun, and the other gun is from the God Ginari shoulder gun. Again, it'll go in the collection, but now kinda wish I got it for about 50$ cheaper or so..
  20. So, last week/weekend was rather fun, and particularly nice when it comes to hauls.. Originally wasn't planning on it, but since Shawn was able to get a Govt. vehicle, we decided to take advantage of it and went on up to Toronto for the morning..Unfortunately we couldn't stay more than an hour. But we were able to do enough damage :) My husband--(how weird is that huh?) isn't into TFs or anything..but he is good at dealing down prices. I'm more the type to just pay and get it..we work well together. Got there probably around 1030 or so. Parked over at Tim Hortons to avoid the parking fees. Walked right in. I had this asian guy sniff me. Creepy. And then I saw this gorgeous girl with some amazing scarification work done on her back--I'd never seen any done in real life, so it was cool to see. She was nice. But yeah, so, we went in to shop. Shawn got the Optimus Prime/Gi Joe statue bit for only 40$!! It's #001!! I've never been able to find it, so that was pretty cool. Then he got the Unicron statue with Rodimus, Arcee and Daniel as well for 40$ it had some cracking, but nothing that superglue couldn't fix and now it's mint! I found one of those plush Optimus Prime keychain bits you see on KOtoys.com, I got just a Prime..Was gonna get a Nemesis Prime, but, nah. It's stupid, but it's a Prime. Oh, and Vangelus's custom set arrived saturday--I even got the Luckydraw Red version of the gun--Really great set--thanks so much Vang!! I will definitely continue buying your work! Now for the good stuff.. How about a mint/complete Punch/Counter-Punch to go with my TFCC version.. Another Override so I can put the first one back in box. He's pretty mint too! Complete Getaway..Slight yellowing, but at least it's even, so it doesn't stand out too bad..stickers are ok too. Mint/Complete Doublecrss, sparks work great, stickers mint! Complete Repugnus. Awesomely stupid figure..But no stickers. Complete Grotuseque--Nice, but needs new stickers. Mint/Complete Siren..that guy wasn't much for dealing but I got him to come down some. And he goes nicely with my Mint/Complete Nightbeat. I think that's his name. Now for the Decepticons..I'll just say that each one is mint, complete..and really cool. Headmaster Weirdwolf Headmaster Skullcruncher Headmaster Mindwipe Headmaster Horri-Bull (replaces the broken one I just got off Ebay) with instructions Headmaster Fangry (boy is he just silly.) Headmaster Apeface (just so minty right there!) Headmaster Snapdragon (had to repro his stickers-now minty too) Headmaster Squeezeplay (almost forgot to get him :/) Targetmaster Misfire Targetmaster Slugslinger with tech card and instructions MINT Menasor--no little guy weapons but full bot. Not KO. Mint G1 Rumble/Frenzy..Chrome is kinda ok, but figres are NICE! The best thing about all this was..It now COMPLETES my G1 Decepticon collection of everything up until Pretenders..cause those are just stupid. Now I just need Brainstorm, Quickswitch and that Raindance and Slamdance or whatever for the Autobot tape combiners, and I'm all done there too!! yay :D Then I come into work this morning to find this guy here waiting for me.. I still can't find the red/blue version..if anyone has one I'm willing to pay!! Anyways..Yeah..good times. Chansformer..I think I saw you. I was at this table with all the G1 stuff and the guy was asking you (I think he said the name Chans) to get a Fort-Max piece white for him..He had this dumb girl at the table with him who was just..useless. You guys need eye candy at a toy convention? Anyways, thought I heard the name Chans.. Met Mark Ryan..Shawn kinda made an ass out of himself by speaking too loudly that Bumblebee didn't talk, so how could he voice him..He's military, you have to keep them on a leash. Good times good times :) But you guys really need to stop with all that awful traffic coming into and away from that city..It's just never any fun.
  21. Cliche and cheesy..but new shoes..Love that smell! If I ever own a new car--that might be another smell I'd like too.
  22. Found a new Leader Prime and SeaSpray..I'll wait to open them one day.. Then I came into work today to find my TFCC Exclusive Punch-Counter Punch waiting for me, as well as a 100% complete Horri-Bull, and Doublecross..And better still-- JUST WON A 100% COMPLETE SLUGSLINGER WITH PAPERWORK, TECHCARD, HIS GUN ETC--ALL FOR 57$ Because the guy spelled the name wrong and it wasn't listed properly!! YAY!!
  23. I guess you could say..Today was a good day. I got a MINT G1 Misfire, with instructions, insert books, and UNUSED sticker sheet!! all for 66$! And THEN I got in a MISB G1 Override!! 25 years he's been sitting in there..It was almost impossible to find a decent one of this guy loose with good chrome and stickers..so, started from scratch and just got him still in his package..And then 5 minutes later.. Override had been freed and Misfire finally got decals!! Today I also got in my Repo stickers for Omega Supreme, Rumble and Frenzy, Punch/Counter Punch and Nightbeat! And I just won on Ebay a 100% complete Horri-Bull and Doublecross!! Oh, and this weekend I found all the new stuff.. Legends Optimus Prime and Rampage. Activators Prime, Megs, and Bee.. a new Cyberbot Prime, and Deluxe class Ironhide and Battle Blade Bumblebee..They had the jet and Ravage repaint as well..But I think I'm done paying full price for movie repaints, and then they also had all the new stuff, like the combiners and huffer etc..But I have no desire for that stuff, so, saving money. All in all, it was a good day.
  24. The 3 Wise Men came to visit me today..We small chatted some.. (anyone have a LEFT small weapon/head piece for hosehead?) I also got another Spinister to replace mine that had a broken propeller..But, the guy sent me one that it too, was broken..Ugh. Oh, and not shown, WFC Xbox version..But no free player for some reason...Oh well.
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