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Found 2 results

  1. The Attack Begins!!! In this Autobot city lays a transmission tower. Inside the tower, Audiocrash is accessing Teletraan IV. Audiocrash is analyzing all of Earth’s defense systems to see what is going on with the orbit’s security. Through Teletraan IV, this diligent Databot can publicly alert all the military stations of Earth of when the Decepticons may arrive. Straitway will know exactly what to do when Audiocrash gives the word on when the Decepticons are near Earth’s entry. The both of them are in the command chamber…just keeping watch…and waiting… Elsewhere on the planet, a military base of defense is being prepared for the raid. Located along the east coast of the country, north of the country where the current Autobot fortress is, Brandcall is the liaison between the Autobots and the humans. This mini-bot communicator is needed when matters concern of planetary defense. When corruption occurred internationally amongst the nations of Earth before the moment of peace, Brandcall was at that base keeping things intact. He definitely comes in “handy” to services leaders, top officials, including the United States leader when in his advanced, multi-use BC-611 style transmitter form. Thanks to Brandcall working with Homeland Security, the nations’ feudal disputes had quelled down. Launchute just cannot imagine why the base is shaped oddly like an equilateral, five-sided building structure from a bird’s eye view. She asks that to herself every time she lands there. In service to the U.S. military, Launchute is always proud to help. The dark-brown camouflage colored Airbus A400M aircraft, who can convert to a Marine Corps MV-22B Osprey Tiltrotor and also to a jet for space travel, has a caring attitude and always is protective of her fellow Autobots in arms. ~~~***~~~ Alerts soon blaze the military bases around the world. Audiocrash sets off the worldwide signal. Brandcall receives it and then tells Launchute. [Brandcall]: “The Decepticons!! Launchute…they’re here! They’ve now arrived!” [Launchute]: “Yes, Brandcall…I think I already could tell due to all the commotion Audiocrash sent to almost EVERYBODY IN THIS WORLD.” Straitway’s plan now takes root… The world’s military prepare themselves only to find out that the invaders were all going to only one geographical area. It’s somewhere in the middle of Mexico. Decepticon forces from outside of the orbit all congregate towards that one spot…which was also a part of Straitway’s plan. This way, no other location on Earth could be subject to Decepticon attack for the moment. However, the only place elsewhere to worry about is Farhan Ramjattan’s high school. Pipes, Outback, the rest of the Throttlebots along with the Protectobots are on their way there now. Carnage was at hand at the C.W. High School in the “Ohio” province. It seems as if Decepticons there were already attacking students as soon as Audiocrash detected the Decepticons entering Earth’s orbit. Let us all hope the Protectobots and the Throttlebots ARE NOT TOO LATE to save the rest of the student body there, along with the staff and the faculty. Meanwhile, the other Decepticons take part in the assault. -- They have reached proximity of the Central Mexican Plateau Autobot base!!! -- Now, the other Decepticon general, Artillertron, leads the attack… ~~~***~~~ Above the plateau’s horizon, a myriad of entities are viewed from a distance. Those objects rapidly start to approach closer and appear larger. Very soon after, those flying foreign objects start to storm the base directly. A yellow, heavily armored body raises his right arm and commands, LET THEM ALL HAVE IT!! Artillertron’s squadron meets up with Six-Shot’s to begin the onslaught upon the city fortress. Laser blasts start to rain down on the fortress… ~~~***~~~ Downshifter is running towards a defensive weapons control panel. He pulls down a double-barred lever to open up a steel barrier hatch (like an auto garage door) and presses a button to deploy a set of six turrets. As Downshifter controls the panel… {the comic page shows a split-screen. [Left side: Downshifter’s hands operating the defense control, Right side: The hatch opening up with the weapons ready]} Downshifter runs over to the firing controls, from which he uses its view-finding camera to aim towards wherever the six-turret gun system is pointing. (The fire controls are around the corner keeping Downshifter safe.) It did not take too long for the Decepticon forces surrounding the air to take down that weapon defense section. Downshifter takes cover from the explosion of the enemy fire, goes back to the controls just in time to raise the lever back up so that the steel barrier closes back down. Wisely, Downshifter checks the barrier before it completely closes. Downshifter spots a Decepticon jet, Backslide, closing in to take siege through the opening. Downshifter opens fire with a laser handgun and brings him down. Downshifter then radios his subordinates to rendezvous with him. As the Wrecker commander of the Autobot City fortress, Downshifter heads out. The Wrecker commander reaches a safe section of the base. He locates an area with a vertical ladder tunnel passage. Downshifter climbs up the ladder to the roof. He then meets three bots on the top of the ladder and orders out, “All a’ you… GET – DOWN here NE-OW’!!” The three ‘Bots were on the roof fighting a fight that was overwhelmingly grueling. The four Wrecker Autobots are fighting against enemy forces on the rooftop. Downshifter goes and assists the three Autobots to ward off “fly-by” Decepticons coming from all directions while trying to avoid his own subordinates from being hit. Currently on the rooftop, there are the three ‘Bots. Torqueshift, being the protector, Vaportrail, trying to be maneuverable and agile dodging Decepticon fire as Sundown also dodges enemy fire. They all work together to watch each other’s steel hides while the Decepticons flying by are exchanging laser fire with just the three of them. Downshifter joins in and makes some shots and scores a few direct hits on Decepticons. The enemies who are hit however manage to remain in flight (not enough firepower.) Later on during the compromising situation, Sundown re-discovers a defense cannon. He reaches to one of the corners of the roof to deploy the defense weapon that submerges from the roof floor. He starts shooting powerful blasts from the cannon…but misses all of his shots. Vaportrail dodges enemy fire and manages to get some hits using his handgun. Torqueshift also gets some hits in carrying two handguns while also protecting both Sundown and Vaportrail. Downshifter is dishing out single shots in defense while helping all three of his subordinates. Afterwards, Downshifter gives the command again, “Everyone…NOW!” Sundown gets off his gun turret and transforms into an orange colored Ford Camaro. He rolls to where Downshifter was waiting. Sundown rolls off the ladder passage past Downshifter in car form, transforms, flips and lands on the ground on his feet. Then the other three Wreckers jump down and land to join Sundown. They all run on foot to try to reach safety at another section of the fortress. Laser fire rains down in front of them as they run. Downshifter yells out, “C’mon…THIS way!” The Wreckers turn around and run in the opposite direction. Downshifter leads and transforms into his bright, yellow Ferrari 458 Speciale car form and then everybody else transforms with him. The four of them are in vehicle mode while Downshifter explains to his team his orders. Downshifter is with Torqueshift to his right, a dark orange colored Ford Mustang GT. Sundown is rolling behind him and Vaportrail beside Sundown to Sundown’s right side; while Vaportrail, a golden-yellow Pontiac Fiero, is behind Torqueshift. They are all in vehicular mode; in two-by-two formation. The city Wrecker Commander leads his three Wrecker soldiers into rolling inside the safe inner tunnels of Autobot city towards their next objective. The tunnel was as wide as any major street you would find in the middle of the city of Los Angeles located in the U.S. Translucent, laser-impervious glass enforces the tunnel’s roof. The city’s tunnel serves as a two-way traffic passage, which leads to other branches of the fortress. It is certainly handy to travel through in case of an attack (The Matrix forbids… oh wait…) [Downshifter]: “Vaportrail, I’m gon’ need YOU and Sundown to ward off Decepticons away from “Torque” and I.” [Sundown]: “Just US two?!” [Downshifter]: “We don’t need them knowing about Springer and the others being here.” [Torqueshift]: “…Or else they’ll question them about Prime.” *(Hint – The ‘Cons WILL know that those Autobots indeed know without a doubt where Prime really is.)* [Sundown]: “Yo, WHERE ‘those fly-boys at?!!” [Vaportrail]: “I – I don’t think they’ve arrived yet.” [Downshifter]: “Torqueshift, you’re wit’ me to go find and help Springer!” [Torqueshift]: “Right!” They all separate into their two groups. Sundown and Vaportrail manage to reach a hiding spot behind a column structure from the Decepticons on their side of the base. Sundown turns to Vaportrail… “Look, why’ we the ones that gotta’ be the decoy targets?” complains Sundown. “I mean… well yee--yeah – I’m kinda’ hoping the ‘Cons actually catch Springer, though,” Vaportrail scoffs. “Well see, that’s all on YOU that you’re not alright with Springer. Tch, boy… you were acting the punk-ass at “Sky” that time ago though. Why ‘it had to be all ‘DAT witchu’ ANYWAY? That’s why YOUR scrapped behind got COURT marshalled!” Sundown exclaims with discernment. Vaportrail sighs, “I don’t know why everybody was exhaustin’ themselves over her in the first place. Anyhow…she’s now in a much better place…” Before Vaportrail could elaborate further about Skylance, enemies have fired a shot; the laser round hits the column right in between and above their heads. *Both are running in separate directions forcing to split up* ~~~***~~~ The numerous Autobots in the city were already up-in-arms in the Decepticon flurry of terror. Looking up in the sky, no one, including Straitway herself, knew of what was coming next… ~~~***~~~ Now, a space cruiser starts to approach the battle area from miles up. The cruiser looked as if it came in a strange shade of green as it cleared from the auburn adorned clouds. The cruiser continues to descend and it is still closing in towards the battle as if it were to intervene the conflict down below. As the space cruiser swoops in, the battling Transformers below have already noticed it approaching. The cruiser will now be in range to execute whatever intention its occupants tend to carry out. A sentient being lurks his head out of the shuttle door opening. It turns out to be some kind of “he-robot”. Hanging on to a safety handle with his right hand, from the left side of the cruiser, he looks down at the entire battle scene from a bird’s eye view. {1. The page then zooms out from his left optic. 2. Zooms out from his face. 3. Zooms out to his upper body. 4. Zooms out to view his head down to where his knees are; which he then turns his head to his right facing the inside of his cruiser, lifts his left arm up to point to the battle site as he faces back in the direction of the battle site.} He then yells out… “GO!” -- A white colored jet bursts out of the space cruiser behind him, speeding out of the bay door opening. Many others in a trove start to scatter their way out from the cruiser into the laser-riddled sky, deterring the lasers already exchanging with their own onslaught of laser-fire. A robot, white and black in chrome paint, is inside of the cruiser. The robot hands another robot, with a purple paint-job, an armored-plated shield. -- Such as the shields that warriors were to use in medieval times for battle. The purple robot then skydives out of the shuttle with an adamant yell. “YEAH!!!!” She then takes out a laser pistol, which doubles as a light saber. As she falls while in mid-air, she swings at encroaching transformers melee style with the saber and uses the pistol for far range shooting while defending herself from various laser fire with her metallic armored shield. The robot who has the white and black paint, also later comes down to change into a helicopter with another robot who is hanging from her skids and firing a laser pistol at virtually every direction as to protect the helicopter who she is hanging on to…These robots were Transformers also! Other mayhem is ensuing as the battle takes in a surprising turnout with these warriors joining the fray. Six-Shot in his mind is now wondering who these interlopers are. Springer, one the Autobots hidden in the fortress is thinking the same notion. A screaming gray and pink colored fighter jet streaks upward to deter the invaders. One of the invaders sees the jet coming and boldly fires as he falls in mid-air. Just barely missing the approaching jet, the jet dodges skillfully, then bursts thrusters and zooms past the falling robot, and makes him tailspin and spiral out of order. The red head-cased robot comes to. Whilst in mid-air, he scoffs out, “Whatever!” The defender did not fire to kill him. The intruder survives the quick encounter. However, this encounter would have easily spelled curtains…for that speeding jet. Later as the strange cruiser lands, the commander of the unexpected crew tells one of the co-pilots steering the cruiser to land. He was indistinct on where exactly to land amidst the ongoing battle. While battle continues in the Central Mexican Plateau, Downshifter and Torqueshift meet up with Springer in one of the base’s armory rooms. [Springer]: “Who are those guys?!” [Mixsound]: “'Seems those weird dudes are fending off those “Deceptic-tanks” for us, man!” [Springer]: “If only Megatron were to show his face here, he’d also be catching some of this work!” Mixsound then sends a radio signal to Straitway notifying her of this news. Torqueshift takes initiative and runs to a side hatch he opens up. He takes out one of his handguns, sticks his left hand out of the hatch and fires at unsuspecting ‘Cons flying by in robot form. Torqueshift hits Stunticons: Wildrider and Drag Strip out of the air while flying since they were in robot form. He wisely closes the side hatch back in so no other Decepticons would see where the two shots came from. This is indeed a risk for the fact that the other ‘Bots, Downshifter, Mixsound, and most important of all Springer were in that room. No one would want Decepticons knowing which chamber they were located. Also with Springer there, if the Decepticons so much as see him here in this fortress, nothing good could come out of it. ~~~***~~~ A Decepticon flies and approaches a fortress cannon while the cannon turns to aim. The Decepticon blasts at the cannon before it fires. She transforms into a jet with a loud thunderous roar. She then turns to a corner and spots a structure of the fortress with windows. She then streaks by and shatters all the windows in ONE FAIR SWOOP! Autobots and humans inside are all ducking for cover from the shattering glass. Databot: Braveshot aims a gun out at one of the shattered window openings, but then he thinks over things a bit. He goes over and transforms into a data storage unit (thumb drive mode) into a control panel that connects to Teletraan IV to activate the gunning defense systems. Braveshot figured that this way, the other inhabiting Autobots, Delta-Fervor, Cliffjumper, Goldbug and Tracer could at least defend themselves from Decepticon entry. In addition, that would allow for more firepower defense than Braveshot could do on his own. He also had to think of their six human buddies who were with them at the base under their care. The broken windowpane spaces deployed gunning stations so the occupants could fight back any Decepticon who discovered the breach. Shortly afterwards, Tracer, quick on his feet, manually activated the emergency steel barriers to close up the windowpane openings. Before the windows were fully secure, a laser shot slips in. With a quick response, Tracer forms his armor shield out from his right forearm to deflect the shot from hitting DeAndre’, (20); Allyson, (26); Abraham Lee, (35); Denzel, (25); Braden, (9) or Jonah, (7). ~~~***~~~ Back at the command tower, Straitway receives a rather relieving message. Audiocrash at her side tries to sync in to the signal Straitway receives. “I only caught the end of that message. I know that was Mixsound. Straitway…what’d he say?!” Audiocrash inquires. “He sends in some very good news!” she answers with astonishment. With the last bit of information she collects, she makes haste to the fortress hanger in order to forge up a change in her plan. This battle, despite the ongoing attacks on the base, has given the Autobots the upper hand. Autobots knew of places to lurk out from secret hiding places from within the base itself. Heavy-duty cannons manned by Autobots themselves add deterring retaliation against the air strike forces of the Decepticons. For defense, the Autobots can take cover and hide within familiar areas of the fortress. Since this entire area is not mountainous, the intruding Decepticons could not have such places to lurk and make sneak attacks. Now there is the fact that those new band of robots, who now are discovered to both the Decepticons and the Autobots that they are indeed Autobots themselves. Things seemed like the Decepticon attackers have their days numbered.
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