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Found 34 results

  1. I`m seeing R.E.D. as i look as all of wave one of the new glorified action masters series with Optimus, Megatron and Soundwave. Can`t transform, sure, but how good are they otherwiseÉÉ let`s find out!
  2. Tonight on GotBot Goes Live, we dove into Pulsecon reveals and reactions, touched on an odd Fans Toys rumor, and Earthrise Scorponok rumor. We topped the night off with a fun unboxing!
  3. Found at Target. First time seeing this or even hearing if it. Hope we get a Cyberverse Deluxe of Megatron X. Found in Honolulu, Hawaii.
  4. Probably the best Studio Series Megatron we have gotten so far. Transformers Studio Series Megatron!
  5. “Prepare Yourselves to be Finished!”… Megatron and Reinforcements Cometh Soundwave knew that the Autobots eased down the Earth’s defenses to let in the first wave of Decepticons to the planet’s zone. He had those Decepticons become guinea pigs, with the exception of Artillertron and Six-Shot, to combat Straitway’s team of Autobots. Though something else is scheming afoot. Upon Megatron’s cavalry arrival, Soundwave had his team (consisting of Laserbeak, Ratbat, Reflector, Shadowblaze, Buzzsaw and Ravage) work together to knock out Earth’s orbit defenses. This allows Megatron’s reinforcement team to descend upon Earth without early detection. They now can help the other Decepticons in their first battle against Straitway and her Autobot regiment at their city base. Once Megatron and his captain-in-arms, Maulturret, along with his team rendezvous with Soundwave, they enter Earth atmosphere undiscovered and unscathed. Inevitably, his cavalry team reaches the battle site. Megatron sees the battle being lost, but to only care about one thing in mind… “WHERE IS THAT COWARD, PRIME?! I WANT HIS HEAD!!!” The cavalry of Decepticons arrive at the battle. The Autobots gasp at the very sight of Megatron; seeing him live-in-the-shell. “Oh my…NOOOO! It’s MEGATRON!!!” one of the Autobots, Moralina frets. The fresher Autobot recruits all over the ground base start to scramble in utter panic as they all heard her scream in fear. Megatron has a primary mission that he wants his mercenaries to carry out. He sends some of the attackers who are still active to breach the fortress walls. The primary mission: Infiltrate the Autobot fortress and locate the communications chamber to confiscate any transmission information history that may contain any leads to Prime. ~~~***~~~ The Decepticons continue to attack the Autobot city. A big blast busted a hole in one of the chamber walls of the fortress. Blurr, who is standing inside the other side of the blast, moves back in time to avoid the explosion caused by the blast. Various Decepticons shoot laser fire into the breached wall into the hole. Blurr, with panicky skill, fires back with an automatic laser rifle that shoots as if it were an AK-47 firearm. (He dodges laser fire quite effectively on his own two feet alone as well.) One Decepticon manages to fly in the hole. Blurr then defends the inner quarters but cannot do it alone. Kup quickly joins to help Blurr out to ward off the Decepticon. That one enemy is having the best of Blurr as Kup keeps the fight even. The Decepticon ignores Blurr while he tries to fire back at the ‘Con. The ‘Con then decides to go after Kup after Blurr misses horribly. “BLURR, HELP ME!!” Kup implores. (Kup’s mannerism in his voice was as if he actually were to say, ‘Help me, won’t ‘cha?!’) Vaportrail comes running into the quarters. He sees the enemy Decepticon attacking Blurr and Kup. He deploys his brown-colored, targeting-interfaced, view finding visors over his face. The loose-cannon of a ‘Bot is then so eager to let up his viewfinder visors. He brings up his handgun weapon tilted sideways, aims and THEN discharges his weapon… …Vaportrail aims directly for the enemy’s head but he hits the double barrel rifle off her left arm instead since she evaded his gunfire just in time. Blurr quickly watches her double barrel rifle fly off her arm, up and over past his head. Swell! So now Vaportrail has to switch to a secondary option. He devises a distraction by yelling out, “You’re not catchin’ ME…ya’ TIN CAN!” Vaportrail runs to the hallway to his left in hopes to lure the Decepticon away from Kup and Blurr. He dashes into the hallway and makes a diversion by emitting a motor sound coming from his left wrist. This was to make believe he transformed to burn rubber out of her site. The enemy now pursues him with vigor and reaches the hallway, flying, making a right-hand turn to the hallway where Vaportrail ran into. When entering the hallway, she quickly transforms into her jet form and opens fire until she reaches the end of the hallway. She changes back into her robot form only to find out that she has not located that pesky ‘Bot. She then flies on in search of the Autobots’ main communications room. With the trick of sound, Vaportrail comes out of hiding so he can reveal himself to Kup and Blurr. He drops out of one of the hidden crevices of the hallway in car form and then changes back into a robot before he lands. He discloses to Kup and Blurr his left wrist as he deactivates his sound effects trick device and boasts, “Told ‘chu she’s not catching my can,” leading the enemy off to a fake trail. Blurr brings up the fact that the Decepticon, whom Vaportrail had just let go, IS STILL INSIDE THE BASE AND COULD DO JUST ABOUT ANYTHING! Kup then bops Vaportrail on the back of his head with his right palm and bellows, “You knuckle-headed dimwit! While that dame flew past you, you could have tucked out and LET HER HAVE IT! Now she’s loose inside the base and could be anywhere!” The three of them then move on to warn Ether of the threat that could very well be headed her way. Ether gathers all the human pals and the rest of the Databots to escape the communications room where she and Mixsound are placed in charge. Before evacuation, she asks Ember to transfer Teletraan IV’s data wirelessly to Mixsound since his capacity can literally hold thousands of Terabytes of memory. Now, Mixsound is still in the armory room keeping communications throughout the base during battle keeping tabs on things. Then Ether calls on Amtract to erase completely everything that Teletraan IV had on its data banks. Ether and Mixsound would both have to work together and make plans for building yet another computer system. The Autobots will have to relocate to another area that is yet to be determined. Ether then remembers the warning Cliffjumper issued to her earlier…before the Decepticons even attacked the base. Cliffjumper of course trusted Springer, Kup and the few others who survived the last big war of 2005 who now guard this city. He did not put his full trust in the Autobots who were new in service and now guard the Earth at this base. Although he saw something in Ether, that he would place his great trust and unwavering faith in her. Maybe it was her prowess. Maybe it was her sense of responsibility and duty. She somehow earns his trust enough to tell her of this base’s escape tunnel. Megatron continues to storm the Autobot fortress. He to joins in to support his generals, Artillertron and Six-Shot. With Maulturret by his side, he is relentlessly frantic in stalking down Prime! At the base, pandemonium spreads amongst the Autobots of Megatron coming in with reinforcements. At her surprise, Straitway still intends to carry her new plan. Meanwhile, Novasonic is still in search for the communications center under Megatron’s orders. These orders go to whomever can breach the fortress’ defenses. In fact,…Novasonic is one of the new warriors of the air strike force. She was the Decepticon who shattered the fortress windows and blasted the hole through the wall that lead to the chamber that Blurr was posting. Her buddy, Trickslip, joins in by teleporting to where Novasonic is. The hole in the fortress wall Novasonic blasted is how Trickslip was easily able to gain entry. Just by seeing the hole, Trickslip can teleport inside the other side of the hole and keep on teleporting her way through inside the base until she can lock on to the coordinates Novasonic has sent her. Soundwave has given Trickslip a data extraction device in order to carry out this mission. He also gave such devices to select others in case they may make it inside the fortress. Now…there are two Decepticons inside the fortress! ~~~***~~~ Espina, the Chief Autobot advisor of the city and Remedios, the lead Autobot medic have heard gunfire INSIDE of the base from a distance. They heard it from a random hallway on their way to Straitway’s command room. They realize that they have to defend any Autobot from attack within the base, no matter the cost. “Do you hear that?” Remedios faces Espina to make sure she is not imagining anything. “That’s coming from inside of the fortress,” Espina confirms. The two of them scurry off using their audio receptors to guide themselves towards the unseen raucous. While Ether rounded up Allyson and both of the children, Braden and Jonah, Mixsound joins in and carries Denzel, Abraham and DeAndre’ to safety. Mixsound now joins with Ether. She was very thankful for Cliffjumper for giving her the heads up on the escape route plan. Amtract and Ember were accompanying all of them for the protection of their organic life form companions. Mixsound transforms into a small computer terminal device and accesses the base’s security system to pinpoint where the Decepticon was in the base. “Any word where that Decepticon is?” Ether prompts to Mixsound. “She’s headed towards where Teletraan is!” he updates. Quickly he transforms back into his robot form and continues on the move with the others to safety. Mixsound had no idea however of Trickslip, THE OTHER DECEPTICON, slipping through the base by teleportation and accompanying the first Decepticon intruder. ~~~***~~~ Both Decepticons now have to work together to try to figure out how to extract any information concerning Prime’s location. They had to find Teletraan first in order to do so. Trickslip and Novasonic came across only two Autobot guards. Strangely, they looked like training bots for some reason. A pair of such buckets of bolts they were. The two Decepticons easily take the guards down and successfully locate the data-communications room. Teletraan IV is right in their sights! Suddenly the alarms blare out and the lights surrounding the two flare red. Unfamiliar and unauthorized personnel has intruded the computer room. Steel gates shudder down between them and Teletraan IV. In case another steel gate seals their way out, in urgency, Trickslip quickly warps Novasonic out of the fortress. The contingency trap Ether has set worked wonderfully as the two Decepticons were forced completely out of the entire base. The two ‘Cons never even knew the Databots have erased all of the data bank information completely out of Teletraan IV anyhow. This was thanks to Databots: Ember and Amtract. Novasonic and Trickslip both had to report to Megatron and abort their primary mission. On top of this, Optimus Prime couldn’t be found ANYWHERE… ~~~***~~~ The battle proceeds. Maulturret and Megatron tried to take out some of the major building structures and defenses of the fortress from outside of the base. Megatron receives a radio signal from Novasonic reporting the operation being a bust. Megatron transforms from tank to robot form with Maulturret along to follow. He turns to his captain-in-arms at his right and says, “Our first mission is aborted. We go on with this task…DESTROY EVERY AUTOBOT IN SIGHT.” From the command tower, using his abilities, Audiocrash picks up Megatron’s announcement to Maulturret to scrap their primary mission to hunt for Prime and proceed to killing all the Autobots in the city! He springs out of his console panel from his storage data media form, straight into a mini revving red racecar and then changes to his robot form in a salute to report this news to Straitway. Straitway has just returned from a secret meeting with someone. ~~~***~~~ Straitway, the Autobot fortress leader, reaches for her extra armor. She inputs a code on a keypad mounted on a wall in the command tower. A secret door reveals itself to open up a revolving closet with her armored gear on deck. Sundown reaches the command chamber and sees Straitway armoring up. He sees no reason for her to armor up, even though she would be going against Megatron. She was powerful enough to take him on without armor, Sundown thought. Straitway saw the battle slipping ever since the Autobot Earth guardians lost their composure after seeing Megatron in person for the first time. She did not like the looks of things even if the battle was slipping by a slight margin. However, with Megatron here, Straitway wanted to seal his fate…not to allow his forces to win - this - battle! “I’ll be ready for Megatron and the Decepticons with a little something extra.” By this, she means her extra armor and firepower. Sundown however sees past what she tells him and figures out a deeper reason why she has to armor up. “It’s because of those guys! They mysteriously show themselves here and YOU’RE practically gonna' give yourself up?!!” Sundown saw no sense or validity in sacrificing herself for the sake of the ‘squad of strangers’, even if they proved to be allies. “YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW EXACTLY WHO…” -“This must not be spoken to anyone…,” she looked at him sternly. “ANYONE!” she repeated. “Well, hey…for one, you know how he would feel about this.” (Sundown is referring about Pike-Up. Sundown knows Pike-Up has certain feelings for Straitway.) “You are to join up with Downshifter and continue to follow under his command. They are all meeting up at the escape route out of the city. Don’t even tell him about this discussion,” demanded Straitway. “Whoa…so THAT’S what’s up?!! Is it him?... “I mean our boy, Downshifter is a cool commander, but to have him carry the weight of th…” Straitway’s diversion has succeeded. “It’s because if unbeknownst by Megatron, Delta-Fervor will be his first likely target. Delta can take great care. Megatron won’t realize someone else has it.” “Alright… but wait! What escape route are you talking about?” “Radio Ether! She’ll fill you in.” Easily convinced about the subject concerning Delta-Fervor, Sundown buys along with what Straitway was saying to him and finally goes off to join the others in escaping. ~~~***~~~ All of the Decepticons are now on the hunt. The fortress is taking in heavy damage and the battle starts to turn over to the Decepticons’ advantage. The visiting Autobot committee are now covering the Autobots who are making their escape. This was a front as not to become too obvious that the other Autobots were evading the battlegrounds. This team of ‘Bots definitely seem like they can hold their own…just enough to hold out the Decepticons for the time being. -- Soon, those Autobots all see a heavily armored jet, flying in pink and orange, laced in white stripe and black decals, zoom from a high tower structure. STRAITWAY MAKES HER VALIANT ENTRY!! ~~~***~~~ Maulturret looks up in the air and sees what is coming their way…and it’s approaching at a rather fast speed. “We’ve got another pest to worry about!” he exclaims. Straitway swoops in and starts her attack on random Decepticons. She then mercilessly deploys her volley of lasers AND missiles directly at Megatron and his surrounding company. Megatron blurts out to Soundwave to inquire, “SOUNDWAVE! Who in blazes is that Autobot firing at us?!!” Soundwave reports his analysis: “– OUR-EARTH-SURVEILLANCE-UNITS-INDICATE-SHE-IS-THIS-AUTOBOT-CITY COMMANDER… – IDENTIFICATION: STRAITWAY. --” The light rust-colored, strong, husky and astute Maulturret then says, “No matter which “way” she’s named, the only way she’s goin’ is DOWN…RIGHT NOW!” He fires once towards the air from the tank barrel on his back. Then transforms back into a tank and tries firing at the airborne attacker. Straitway answers back with two homing missiles coming right at him. Before any warning from Megatron yelling, “SCRAMBLE!”, Maulturret already has transformed into robot form. He didn’t even need Megatron’s warning for him to move. Others although were a bit slow on their feet (or to get off their feet to fly out of the way in ample time.) Maulturret flies out just to avoid the two homing missiles ready to kill him. The missiles themselves just hit ground as Maulturret times himself skillfully. The explosion of the missiles making contact with the ground made other surrounding Decepticons feel the impact. - - KABOOM!! - - The two missiles luckily missed all of the Decepticon targets. “So. THAT’S her…Straitway,” Megatron grumbles. Maulturret, Soundwave and Megatron had to take evasive action. Soundwave and Maulturret try to fire at Straitway as she dives in for her fourth strike. Megatron takes to the air and meets Straitway at her altitude level. Moving at high velocity, the Autobot City leader does not relent. Megatron fires with his black, chrome cannon on his right arm. HE MISSES… Straitway then fires straight at Megatron while flying full speed toward him. Megatron drops altitude by using the Earth’s gravity and aims directly upwards to fire from underneath her while she speeds by him. Megatron avoids collision AND attempts to score a hit with this intelligent method. His enemy executes a ‘barrel roll’ to avoid his fire with pristine skill. The jet then circles back and starts firing again. ~~~***~~~ A bunch of narrow escapes made for the Decepticons ever since Straitway first flew in. After Megatron regroups with his minions, Tripper, a soldier under Maulturret’s small division, runs to him. “Megatron! We’ve got to look at things this way. I’d say in order t-t-to take out the city, you would have to take out th-the queen, then y-you take out the city!” “Hmm…perhaps. Perhaps so. Maulturret! You and the Beasticons go after the escaping Autobots! Use caution and attack from a distance. Even if they may not prove formidable, they will outnumber you. They may stand a chance against the likes of even you. Amoraliss will be needed for assistance. Everyone else…TAKE THAT AUTOBOT DOWWWWWWWWN!!!” The other Decepticons are haplessly missing their single main target; being Straitway. ~~~***~~~ The Decepticon captain and the Beasticons see Autobots fleeing to try to make it back inside the base. In his cognitive processor, Maulturret is wondering what chance do those Autobots have by fleeing inside the fortress. ‘Don’t they know that the entire place will soon be surrounded?’ he thought to himself. With him, the Beasticons: J-Rad, Blooddusk, Flamespan, Loophole and Horizon, see some of those Autobots running for cover indoors. They all then combine into Amoraliss by the time one of the Autobots makes it inside. The other remaining two still running are mercilessly pelted and pierced with automatic gunfire emitted out of twin Uzi gun weapons. One gun with her right hand shoots one Autobot and the other gun shooting the other ‘Bot with her left. The two Autobots, one female, the other, male, fall to the ground in charring smoke. “YOU'LL DIE AS YOU DESERVE TO!” Amoraliss tucks her head between her shoulders before completely transforming to separate into the five independent robots afterwards. - - Straitway closes in straight for Maulturret and the Beasticons. In haste, the Beasticons immediately form back into the giant, Amoraliss. - - Meanwhile, Maulturret goes after more Autobots that he finds are trying to escape. Straitway fires at the giant AND Maulturret. Luckily, the laser shots missed Maulturret, but two speeding missiles directly hit Amoraliss before she brings out her twin Uzi weapons to counteract. She goes falling down like a toppling skyscraper. The city leader circles back again to FINISH off the grounded Amoraliss. Maulturret is the only Decepticon to defend his downed, giant partner. With Amoraliss and Maulturret’s demise at her hands, Straitway dives in at them for the score. Maulturret, having the proportional strength of fallen Autobot: Brawn from years past, the Decepticon captain picks Amoraliss’ body up from the ground by one of her legs and swings her like a fly swatter to knock Straitway as she dives. - -He misses the swing!!- - Maulturret whiffs out, as if a baseball batter has just “struck-out”. With care, he lets the giant robot down by continuing his rotation until he levels and eases Amoraliss back towards the ground safely. Straitway circles back around and lets off a barrage of an attack, almost sparing no expense of ammunition. Some of the other Decepticons were mindful to watch Maulturret’s metal hide. They carefully aimed lasers cancelled out Straitway’s barrage…and saves both Maulturret and Amoraliss’ chassis. Outside of his normal character, Maulturret responds with a thankful, bulky thumb-up with his left hand to his fellow Decepticons. ~~~***~~~ With her previous attack deterred, Straitway shortly afterwards emits her flamethrowers and creates a huge wall of flames. The burning flames separated the supportive ‘Bots along with the escaping Autobots from the rest of the Decepticons. This was an extra measure Straitway had to take since Maulturret and Amoraliss survived her last attacks. ~~~***~~~ Minutes pass by and Straitway makes sure that ALL the other Autobots, including the new allies, have all escaped. Straitway now is thinking through her cerebral processor, “Okay. - - It’s been done.” She flies over to where most of the Decepticons were on the ground. The lowly minions were too afraid to face her in the sky, in fear of being shot down. That ‘Bot has too much firepower on her! They continue to try to shoot her down from the sky from the ground below just to be on the safe side. Megatron was the only Decepticon to face Straitway into the air…and HE was unable to nail her. That fact alone discouraged the Decepticons to even TRY to match her in air-to-air combat. ~~~***~~~ Soon, Straitway, the sole Autobot in air supremacy, starts to run out of Energon. The Decepticons couldn’t hit her in the air; they might have a better chance catching her on the ground… …As a last-minute distraction, Straitway places herself in a noble sacrifice just to let all the other Autobots evacuate the fortress. A yellow military armed Bearcat G2 vehicle approaches Maulturret. Artillertron transforms to size up the scene after Straitway transforms and bounds herself to the terrain. Amoraliss and Maulturret are recovering when Artillertron checks in on them. “Maulturret, guard Amoraliss! Just in case the Autobot tries something again.” After a good, hard effort for defensive survival, Maulturret complies. Artillertron heads back to join the other Decepticons to surround their common enemy. ~~~***~~~ “You, Autobot! Where are the other Autobots headed to?!” Megatron demanded. Straitway with her back against a secured entrance to the fortress stood silent refusing to tell Megatron anything. The surrounding Decepticons all step in closer toward her. Megatron also interrogates her about Prime’s whereabouts. Straitway resists every question Megatron throws at her. ~~~***~~~ THEN…the Decepticons reveal an ace-in-the-hole. There has been a mole working alongside Soundwave behind their entire mission; since the start of the secret Earth surveillance after the great global purging. - - Straitway looks at the Autobot walking from behind Six-Shot, and is totally a gasp. Her trusted supporting officer greets her by saying, “Hey there! Hello. It’s nice seeing you in this disposition, Straitway.” “…Espina?!...how COULD YOU?!!” Something was indeed afoot when the Decepticons invaded Earth. Espina, the Autobot/Human relations diplomat, had been by Straitway’s side. She and Straitway were among the fresh Autobots who protected the Earth since the Autobots have ridden the planet of the Decepticons some odd years ago. Not only has Espina been worked with the Autobots and the Earth’s nation’s security, she also worked with the Earth’s military to be ever vigilant of keeping any Decepticon attack from ever coming to Earth again. She has worked closely with Launchute, her partner, Kamouflare and also Brandcall. Together, they kept any human organized terrorist factions from causing chaos from within the globe. But, Espina has also been a part of seizing military secrets and sending them to the likes of Shadowblaze, Reflector and Ratbat. While bearing the Autobot insignia, she aids in sending beacon signals to where the Autobots were; in this case, the Central Plateau of Mexico. The Decepticons would know where any Autobot protected sector would be located on Earth. Although Espina kept track of those things, she couldn’t keep track of one thing;…Spoiler! ~~~***~~~ *Earlier* Espina could have thought Prime’s transmission with the base could have been transmitted from ANYWHERE. Perhaps somewhere ELSE hidden on Earth. While the battle was at wage, Espina could not risk blowing her cover contacting Decepticons informing them that Prime was not here at the base. When with the Autobot medic, Remedios, Espina was with her to find out where certain gunfire was coming from. Espina knew to be partners with Remedios for she knew Remedios was strictly a medic; she carries no weapons. Espina herself also carries no weapons, for she is a peacekeeper between Autobots and humans…or so the Autobots thought. She has even taken care of the human companions on base along with Ether. During the chaotic gun blasts, Remedios and Espina run toward horrific sounds to see if someone might be hurt. That way Remedios would carry any possible wounded Autobots or humans they find to safety. Remedios was content having Espina around with her especially at that time of need; she would have needed a partner to carry any injured comrades aboard her as an ambulance. At that time, the small, hot pink Audi racecar, Databot: Spoiler, manages to find the two…reminding them they have no weapons. The two of them should not place themselves in danger during an evacuation. “We can just get emergency weapons from that other hallway before we reach the site!” Remedios sternly argues. “‘No time for that! Just follow me!” insists Spoiler. Espina then turned to Remedios and then back to Spoiler to say, “Follow you where?” “Just come follow, you…or do I have to say it again!” Espina has learned some of Spoiler’s abilities. She knew if she would have followed Spoiler to wherever she didn’t tell her to follow her to, Espina’s true allegiance would have been discovered. Prior to the attack, Spoiler’s role was to block any non-Autobot network to detect where Optimus Prime’s communication with Blaster came from. Here’s the ‘kicker’… Espina herself is no Autobot. If anything or out of anyone, Spoiler would be the ‘Bot to expose Espina sooner or later depending on when the time would count. The Decepticon spy would be wise enough to know at a time of Autobot crisis, she would be surrounded with nothing but Autobots (and a few small and tiny human germs.) It would have meant imminent doom for Espina if she were to remain with the Autobots. Besides, this battle here was now going to the Decepticons since Megatron’s appearance to the stage. No use playing pretend with the ‘Bots any longer. After Spoiler transformed to her racecar form, “Don’t worry, Remedios. I’ll go retrieve the emergency weapons and take care of things. You ladies go ahead,” Espina opts to part out of company. “You shouldn’t without me!” Remedios claims boldly. “Between the two of us, I am more the warrior, Remedios. It is better for YOU to be safe. Please,…go with Spoiler.” Remedios took Espina’s words to be best. She considered what she had said, for out of the both of them, Remedios was the medical chief. In agreement, she goes with Spoiler. Espina then floats off with wisps of wind as a tan-colored hovercraft while the gun shots have then stopped. Shortly after, an alarm sounds. She entered the red-lit hallway where the alarm replaced the sound of shooting noises. She had hoped to see fellow Decepticons there to either assist or hold back in safety in case any other Autobots were to be around to feign innocence. With the emergency weapons she has seized from the aforementioned hallway, she made her path out of the chamber where Novasonic blasted the breaching whole. ~She escapes to safety to reach one of Megatron’s generals.~ Megatron may definitely use her services in future missions. Espina is way too valuable of a Decepticon to be lost. Her safety must be ensured with the others. ~~~***~~~ ~Present time~ Megatron, looking angrily at the last true remaining Autobot, was quick to repeat himself after Espina’s shocking revelation. --“Autobot City Commander: Straitway. I ask you again, Where is he?” referring to Optimus. --“Megatron, he’s in the depths of your deepest nightmares!” Megatron then yells out and commands, “ESPINAAAA…FINISH HER!!!!!” as he transforms into his Walther P38 style gun weapon. -Megatron in gun form lands in Espina’s hands. -Espina slowly raises Megatron as a gun while giving out a condemning smirk. As she levels her right arm up parallel to the ground to point at Straitway, the Earth’s sun gives the gun barrel a shimmering sparkle. No matter the perilous situation, Straitway becomes ready to defend herself. - - She gets ready to fire at Espina AND Megatron. All of the female Decepticons who were present fire repeatedly at Straitway. Straitway’s defense armor keeps her life intact. The eleven enemies’ fire only managed to get her down to one knee. With determination, she slowly rises back up. (*Hint: The five Beasticons were down.) Then…all of the male Decepticons shoot her with one laser shot each. Still, THAT did not even seem to bring the titan-willed Autobot commander to the ground. They only manage to destabilize her balance from standing straight. (*Hint: Maulturret was recovering, keeping guard of Amoraliss.) While Straitway struggles to stand all the way upright, Espina has Megatron in hand already directly aimed for her. A single blast from the Walther P38 deals the final blow. Straitway goes down in a crackling, static blaze. She falls forth onto the ground. There where she stood with her back against one of the fortress city walls. The triple-changing Megatron transforms back into robot form releasing himself from Espina’s right hand. Espina and the other Decepticons start to fly off from the site. [Megatron]: “Decepticons! Commandeer that shuttle at the back of their base!” Straitway’s body is on the ground…lifeless. Her body structure now in unstable condition. Right when Megatron flies off to the fortress hangar, Straitway’s body then blows apart… By this time, Cliffjumper has lead Ether, Mixsound, Amtract, Ember and the human companions to the underground escape route. Goldbug helped Delta-Fervor usher the Autobots into a cellar in a secret chamber Delta-Fervor himself never knew of. The chamber leads into a tunnel where the six Trainbots in a connected line were waiting to be boarded. Braveshot knew where to go to on his own; since he is a Databot who helps Mixsound with a lot that goes on in the base… Allyson and Denzel are aboard Amtract in locomotive form. Tracer is seating both the children, Braden and Jonah, in his yellow Audi racecar form. Abraham Lee and DeAndre’ are both racing their way toward the tunnel inside the Mitsubishi EVO X racecar Databot, Ember. Audiocrash joins in. He sees Spoiler with Remedios also catching up. “Remedios! Spoiler! Was Espina anywhere with you?!” warns Audiocrash.
  6. In my newest Toyhax Review, I take a look at the Decal Set for the Walmart Exclusive Netflix Megatron 3-Pack.
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  18. A/N: This is my first real fan fiction as I bring together Transformers Prime and Mass Effect, creating an Alternate Universe where they exist together at the same time, producing a story that is both familiar and new to fans of both franchises. In the end, I hope you enjoy my story because I certainly enjoyed writing it. Thank you. PS. Transformers Prime and Mass Effect are owned by Hasbro and Bioware. PRIME EFFECT -CHAPTER I- Jack Darby stood at the window and looked out at the Earth before him, the Home-world of Humanity. As he marveled at the beauty of the blue planet, the young Man could not help but reflect on the events that had brought him this far in his life, since before he turned Sixteen, Jack's life was not what you would have called eventful. Probably in no small part to the fact that he lived in a small dusty Town in the North American State of Nevada, and that Town was called Jasper. He lived there with his Mother, June Darby. And he had a lot of responsibilities thrust upon him after his Father left early on in his child hood, something that she would not have wanted for her Son. But Jack never complained, completing any task given by her or dropped on his shoulders by their situation as a Mother and Son team. He even got a after-school job at the local Diner, so that he could help with the rent for their home. Jack never thought that this job would do anything more for him than help put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads. But after the events that happened next, the young Man would wonder if this was all really in Fate's control. Since one day he came across a beautiful blue Motorcycle in the Diner's Car-park, and it was this moment that would change his life forever. Because this Motorcycle turned out to be an alien robot or autonomous Robotic Organisms from the Planet Cybetron, as he would later be told. And this one in particular was Femme called Arcee who then took Jack and two other Humans called Raf and Miko to meet the rest of her team, which she referred to as 'Autobots'. There was Ratchet, the team's grouchy medic and Bumblebee, the team's scout. The team's heavy hitter and former 'Wrecker' was Bulkhead , while Arcee herself was the team's second in Command. The one in charge of the group was Optimus Prime, who was noble and compassionate leader. Jack and his new friends soon became part of the Autobots conflict against another group of Cybertronians called 'Decepticons', who were led by the tyrannical 'Megatron'. It was a war that had started on and consumed their Homeworld Cybertron before spreading out amongst the Galaxy and finding it's way to Earth. But the Teenagers new Alien 'friends' were not fighting alone as they had secret backing from the US Government, who's contact went by the name of Agent William Fowler. It was not always the strongest of alliances, but it held on and grew during the ongoing conflict between these two powerful groups of 'Transformers' even when faced with more threats like the treacherous Human group called 'MECH'. Over the years that the War raged on Earth, in secret of course. The Bots and Humans friendships blossomed, while also being tested at times. And the Autobots gained new soldiers to their cause...like Smokescreen, while also losing some too…..like Bulkhead and earlier before that, Tailgate and Cliffjumper, both had been close friends with Arcee. Every member of 'Team Prime' had a part to play, including it's Human members. Jack himself became a temporary bearer of Optimus's 'Matrix of Leadership', after the Autobot Leader was missing in action after the defeat a god-like being called 'Unicron' who inhabited Earth's very core. The Prime had chosen Jack for this purpose after witnessing how mature and responsible the Teenager was, seeing something in Jack that was more than meets the eye. After Optimus retrieved a powerful relic called the 'Star-Saber, the war entered an almost stalemate-like state for a few years as the Decepticons held themselves back in fear of the power the Autobots now possessed. But there were still skirmishes between the two sides, and Jack and Miko found themselves working alongside their friends in the field and gaining the kind of experience that others of their age would not even dream of. By the time that Jack had turned twenty one years old, he was already experienced in the ways of war thanks to his part in the Cybertronian Civil War. But it was at this point that the Decepticons made their presence known to the rest of the world for Megatron was furious with his failure to destroy the Autobots, after discovering the location of their Base near Jasper. So he unleashed the entirety of his Decepticons on Humanity, sending groups to attack major Cities around the Planet while the Con Leader himself attacked Washington DC. And while Jack stood at the window and looked down at the planet as he thought about all of this, he found himself recalling the events of that battle. 'As Arcee sped down the road in her Motorcycle mode with Jack on her back, they both could not help but wonder how the battle was going for everyone else. "I hope everyone else is doing alright, Arcee?" the twenty one year old said with a worried tone while looking down at her futuristic dashboard. "I'm sure the others are alright, Jack, I am more worried about what you had just been through with Starscream." the Femme replied with a supportive tone to her voice, earning a lopsided grin from Jack in return. "I have been through worse than that, Arcee, we both have. And besides, you scrapped that stiletto-heeled true and proper." he said back with a tinge of pride to his voice, which if she was Human would have made the Femme blush. "Thanks, Partner, but he had it coming…. that and more." "I know, but still…." Jack started to say before both his and her Com-links activated. "This is Ratchet, is there anyone in Washington who can respond?" the voice of the Medic said in a heightened and yet still grouchy voice. "We read you, Ratchet, what's going on?" Arcee replied as the pair sped through the devastated streets of the US Capital, heading toward the sounds of explosions and further fighting nearer it's center. "I believe Optimus is in trouble…" the Bot said back, making Jack's eyes widen in response. "What do you mean, Ratchet?" the Human asked, getting his words in before the Femme who instead kept her focus on the road as she let her Partner do the talking. "Jack, Optimus told me to ground-bridge Bumblebee and Smokescreen to assist Wheeljack and Miko at the Trinidad sector of the City, after the pair reported more Vehicon reinforcements overwhelming the Military there. But soon after I lost contact with him and have been unable to regain contact with anyone else before you." the Medic said back with a worried tone. "Well we are heading North West up Pennsylvania Avenue right now, Ratchet, so can be at the White House in a few minutes." Arcee spoke up as they turned onto the stretch of road. "Alright, Arcee, I will try to regain communications with the others in the meantime. Be careful." Ratchet said back. "Will do, Arcee out." the Femme replied before accelerating to full speed, making Jack tighten his grip on her as they sped onwards. Just a few minutes later and the pair entered the President's Park, immediately spotting their Leader as he was fighting a group of Vehicons and Megatron at the same time. "Optimus needs our help, Arcee." Jack said as he saw the Decepticon Leader knock his Adversary to the ground, destroying more of the South Lawn. "First things first, Jack." the Femme replied in an urgent tone as two Vehicons spotted them and opened fire, hitting the ground next to the pair. The force of the nearby explosion sent both of them into the air, with Jack flung off the Motorcycle in response. "****!" he shouted in return. but Arcee quickly transformed back into her bipedal form and caught her Partner with one hand, while changing her other into a cannon and firing back at their attackers. With one blast hitting an enemy Con directly in the spark chamber, while the other rolled out of the way as the Femme landed back on her feet. "I've got you, Partner." she replied, earning an affectionate smile from the Human as she put him back on the ground. "Never doubted you, Arcee..." Jack replied, gaining a quick smile from her in return as he equipped his rifle. "…now let's even this out and help Optimus." he added, earning a nod from the Femme as she activated an arm-blade with her free arm. "Let's do this." she said as the pair ran towards the battle unfolding before them, shooting at the other Vehicon as it took cover behind one of the trees. But they were now close enough to hear what was being said between the two leaders as they fought, gaining the attention of Megatron as he glanced in their direction while pinning Optimus to the floor. "Take care of that wretched Autobot and her Human Pet, Prime is mine to finish." he spat at the remaining Vehicons, who all turned their attention to the new arrivals and opened fire. Optimus though took this as his chance and punched the Decepticon Lord in the face, knocking him away and allowing the Prime to get back to his feet. "This will not by your day, Megatron." he said in a stoic tone, while his rival smirked back at him as he wiped some leaking energon from his mouth. "I have already won, Optimus, you just don't see it." he spat back before the pair charged at each other once again, trading blows as each hit they took erupted with sparks and squirts of energon. "I have put up with you and your wretched Autobots for long enough, Prime. And because of that, this world that you care about will now suffer the consequences….and burn." the Decepticon Leader added as he elbowed the Prime in the face, making him stumble backwards. "I pity you, Megatron…" Optimus began to reply as he recovered from that hit, while Megatron followed through with a punch to the Autobot's chest. But the Prime saw it coming and blocked the attack, countering with an uppercut as he continued. "…For we were once friends…" he added as he then grabbed Megatron and lifted him into the air. "…but there is no redemption for what you have done now." the Prime continued to say as he through the Decepticon to the floor, making him grimace as he rolled onto his front. "And who says that I want redemption, Optimus?" Megatron said in return as he got onto his knees, while the Autobot Leader stared back. "Because our species now stands on the edge of extinction and rather than watch us die slowly, like this war has made us do. So I would rather burn everything around me…" he added as he activated his blade, which slid out from beneath his arm-cannon. "…and feel your spark crush in my hands!" he spat before launching himself at the Prime, who activated his own blades and brought them up deflect the Enemy's attack. "We might have used up our life energy in this pointless war, Megatron." Optimus replied as he continued to defend against the Decepticon Lord's continuous attacks. "But there is always ho…" he started to say, before Megatron suddenly sliced the Prime's right arm off and followed through with a stab to his lower torso. "Optimus!" Arcee shouted after killing another Vehicon with her arm-blade, gaining Jack's attention as he felled another with his rifle. 'Oh no!' he thought as he saw the Decepticon Leader stand over their friend and Mentor. "I really have had enough of your sanctimonious drivel, and cannot for the life of me understand how we were ever friends." he said as Optimus bled out energon from his wounds and fell to one knee, with Megatron lifting his blade up for a killing stroke. "Time to meet the Allspark….Optimus Prime." But just as he was about to kill the Prime, Arcee suddenly jumped in and slashed Megatron across the face with her arm-blade, gaining a grimace from him as Jack shot dead the last Vehicon. "I will kill you, Megatron!" the Femme spat while quickly following through by firing her weapon at the Decepticon Leader, but he simply shrug the blasts off and knocked her to the ground with one punch which cracked her chest-plate armour, winding the Femme in the process. "You really wish to die before your Leader, very well!" Megatron spat as he swung his blade down at Arcee, but was suddenly stopped in mid-attack as the armour on his attacking arm exploded, earning a cry of pain from him. "What?" the Femme said before seeing Jack stand there with his rifle smoking from it's grenade launcher. "No one hurts my Family." he said with a defiant tone, earning a smile from her and a look of shock from the Decepticon Lord. "You?" he spat as he left Arcee on the floor and turned to face the Human, a look of pure hate on his face as he narrowed his red optics. "You have been a thorn in the Decepticon cause for far too long, Boy! I will enjoy ripping you limb from limb!"he said before lunging with a fist at Jack, who dived out of the way just in time as Megatron's fist hit the ground next to him. 'Got to make this count!' he thought as he landed on his front, before rolling onto his back and firing another sabre round which hit the Con Leader directly in his chest-plate. "Arrrggh!" he cried out as he reached to his damaged section, which had left his Decepticon insignia charred. Jack then used this distraction to get back to his feet and get some distance from the Enemy as Arcee watched with widened optics. 'Jack!' she thought as she tried to move, but gasped in pain as the wound Megatron had given her was still causing her trouble. So all she could do was watch as the Decepticon Lord returned his attention to her partner. "You will pay for that!" he spat as he then fired his Cannon at Jack, only for it to hit the ground near him. But the blast was enough to knock the young Man to the ground and wind him, while Megatron walked over and smiled as he saw his Enemy lying there in pain. "Jack!" Arcee screamed as she fought through the pain, trying to lift her cannon-arm up to help as the Decepticon aimed his weapon down at her best friend. But Megatron had heard the Femme and took pleasure in knowing his about to end the life of yet another friend of hers as inside of his Cannon's barrel began to glow with purple energy. "You die now!" he said as he prepared to fire but then suddenly Optimus came out of nowhere and barged into the Con leader, knocking the weapon away from his friend. "No, no more!" he shouted while pushing the Decepticon Lord away from Jack, who rolled out of harm's way before getting back to his feet and watched as the two Leaders clashed again. "You don't have what it takes to end this, Prime, but I do." Megatron spat as he blocked a punch from Optimus's remaining arm, while also reactivating his blade which slid out from under his cannon. But just as he was about to swing it towards his one time friend, Jack fired his last remaining sabre round which hit his left knee and shattered it in an explosion that made the Con Lord cry out in pain. "Arrrragh!" he spat as he began to fall forward, but Optimus instead punched him back in the face. The force of the hit made Megatron lean back while the Autobot Leader readied another attack. " Megatron, be gone...for good!" he spat before punching his former Friend in the chest and crushing his spark chamber inside, which made the Decepticon Leader's optics fade to black as his body went limp and fell onto it's back.' The shock of Megatron's death demoralized the Decepticons and they surrendered to the Alliance of Autobot and human forces who had fought side by side in the battle. Ever since that day, nothing was ever the same. As Megatron and Optimus realised in the last days of the war, both sides had used up all of their remaining energon reserves and so were no longer able to maintain their bodies, which meant certain extinction for the Cybetronian species. But instead of succumbing to what Megatron had seen as the inevitable, the remaining Cybertronians under Optimus's leadership decided to transfer their sparks into the human like pretender bodies that the cons had been building, which originally was so that they could infiltrate Human society . As a way to show appreciation for their efforts to save Earth, the leaders of the planet allowed the transformers to build a city for both species to live and work together in peace and they named the city New Iacon. But after a few years Jack felt that he was no longer needed in the new Utopia that was being built and with Optimus's blessing joined the newly formed joint defence program. Arcee didn't take the news well but wished her close friend the best and told him she would wait for him to return. Miko joined the force too, but only so she could then work with Wheeljack, who had promised her a place among the Wreckers. Bulkhead had died during the war and Miko saw this as the best way to honour his memory. Raf had decided to join the Autobot Science Foundation and Bumblebee stayed with him, loyal friend to the end. Jack made a few friends during his training, one in particular named Kaidan Alenko. And he was part of the reason why Jack was where he was now. He was aboard the Alliance's newest starship, The Normandy. PRIME EFFECT Jack looked away from the window when he heard voices approaching him from behind. He turned around to see two men walking up to him, still talking to each other. One was an African-British man in his mid-forties. The other was a Caucasian man, who was in his early fifties but still in good shape considering his age. Jack recognized both of them. The former was Captain Anderson, the Normandy's commanding officer. The latter was Optimus Prime in his pretender body. Even after all these years Jack was still surprised whenever he saw the Prime. "So this is the young officer that you wanted to have on my crew." said Anderson as he reached out and shook the young man's hand. "Its nice to meet you again, Darby." "Same here, Captain." responded Jack. Optimus looked at both of them before speaking. "Yes, Jack has been a tremendous asset to my team during and after the war. And now that he is a officer in the Alliance, I believe that he could be of greater help to your ship and crew as it explores the uncharted areas of our galaxy." Anderson took a moment and pondered on the Primes words. "Well with your rank, Darby, you would become my XO. I hope you will be up to the challenge that goes with such a position." A slight smirk appeared on Jack's face. "Yes sir, you can count on me." "Good, well I am needed in the CIC, please join me there after you are finished with Optimus." replied Anderson as he headed to the elevator. "farewell, Captain." Optimus said. "Prime." Anderson acknowledged and as soon as the Captain was out of earshot, Optimus turned back to Jack. "So how have you been Jackson, it has been a while since we last spoke." Jack looked back out the window. "Well I suppose you heard about the incident on New Terra." "Yes, the colony came under attack from a large force of slavers looking to abduct the colonists and killed the majority of the security personnel. It looked perilous for the families there. But you took command of the remaining soldiers and even though they were still inexperienced, you helped them keep their cool and successfully drove out the slavers with hardly any casualties to your group." Optimus recalled with pride in his voice. Jack didn't know where to look, suddenly feeling very embarrassed by the Prime's words. "Yeah, those kids did well despite the desperate situation we were in. But they really deserve the credit, all I did was not abandon them." Jack sheepishly replied. Optimus looked at him. "You shouldn't be embarrassed by it Jackson, you showed them that they weren't alone and inspired them with the belief that they could overcome any threat or obstacle. That is one of the virtues of being a Leader, which again proves your potential to becoming a Prime one day. That was why I gave you the key to Vector Sigma all those years ago. I take it you still have the key on your person?" Jack nodded and undid his uniform's collar button and pulled out a chain that he wore around his neck. On the chain and glowing ever so slightly was the key. It had shifted to the size of a pendant (like most Cybertronian artifacts, it had mass shifting ability). Optimus smiled at Jack. "I see that the key still resonates with you Jack. It takes a very strong spark or soul as your people call it to make the key glow like that." Jack put the key back under his uniform and buttoned his collar. He looked up and suddenly saw regret in the Prime's eyes. "Optimus, what's wrong." "Jack, I am sorry I was not there for your promotion ceremony, I was forced to back out do to an incident between an Autobot transport and the Quarian Flotilla." Jack smiled and patted Optimus on the shoulder. "You shouldn't blame yourself, Optimus, I know you would have been there if you could. Mom was there and recorded the whole thing. When next you see her, I'm sure she show you the video. She shows it to everyone." Optimus's face brightened up and he took a breath before replying. "I did hear about that and I will ask her the next time we meet." Jack raised an eyebrow at that comment. "How did you hear about it?" "From Arcee of course, she attended the ceremony. You didn't see her there?" Optimus asked curiously. "No." Jack replied sadly as he looked away from Optimus for a moment, his memories of Arcee quickly overtaking his own thoughts. He had missed her as much as she was obviously missing him. But if that which had happened on the last night they were together had not occurred, then he might not have so readily accepted Optimus's suggestion to join the defense force. He faced Optimus, a little guilt showing on his face. "I didn't know she was there. I mean we have messaged each other while I was training, but I haven't seen her since I left for basic training." Optimus looked at Jack not quite sure as what to say. "Well I am not sure what had transpired between you two which has caused this predicament. But I think that whatever it is, you shouldn't let it get in the way of your friendship….." Optimus was about to say more when his com-link activated. "Optimus, its Ratchet. The world leaders have asked to meet you in New Iacon at the Decagon, it's about the new transit system we will be making available to them." The Prime put his hand to his audio receiver. "Acknowledged, Ratchet, I will be there momentarily." He then deactivated his com link and turned back to Jack. "It looks like I have to be on my way, Jackson. If you ever wish to talk about anything that's on your mind, just give me a call..." He said as he placed his hand on jack's shoulder and smiled at the young man. "..And I also want you to know that I am very proud of you." "Thanks, Optimus." Jack replied as Optimus smiled at him before turning away and entering the elevator, its doors closing behind him. Once he was at the CIC, Jack walked straight up to the cockpit and saw Anderson standing there talking to the pilot. Anderson noticed Jack and beckoned him over. "Commander, this is our pilot, Hotrod." The pilot stood up and looked at Jack. He was a Caucasian male who looked to be in his mid twenties. He had orange hair with yellow highlights. He smiled and offered Jack his hand. "Hi, you must be Commander Jack Darby, it's a real honor to meet the human who helped put down Megatron." "Thanks, so you are from New Iacon." Jack replied as he shook Hotrod's hand. "Yeah..though not originally, I was the one piloting the Ark when it landed on Earth years back. Prowl said I was one of the best pilots around so put my name down for this gig." Hotrod exclaimed proudly. "Well it's good to know that our ship is in safe hands, Hotrod. Now if you will take us out of Earth's orbit, I want to see what the Normandy is capable of before we leave the Sol system. So we will be taking the ship on a shakedown cruise around the system." Anderson ordered as he beckoned Jack to follow him back into the CIC. "Aye Aye, Captain." Hotrod replied as he took his seat and started working the controls, taking the Normandy out of Earth's orbit and into outer space. Jack and Anderson stopped at the Captain's terminal next the galaxy map. "So have you had a good look at the ship yet since you have been on board, Commander? Anderson asked while looking over reports at his station. "Not really, Captain, I came straight up here as soon as I boarded back at Earth." Jack replied, earning a look from Anderson. "Well then, since we are not leaving the system yet, I see no reason for you to be up here right now. Take a few hours off and take a look around. I'll call you if I need you up here." Jack saluted the captain and turned to leave. "Commander, also your quarters are on deck 3 and your belongings are already there." Anderson added as he looked back at his XO. "Yes, Sir, thank you." Jack replied, earning and annoyed expression from the Captain. This made Jack swallow hard in return. 'Great, only been here five minutes and already irritated the Captain.' he thought to himself. "Enough with the sirs, I like to keep things informal with my XO's, okay?" he asked, making Jack smile and nod back. "Okay...Anderson." The captain returned the smile and returned to his station, leaving jack to his thoughts as he left the CIC. PRIME EFFECT In the hour or so after leaving the CIC, Jack had visited the engineering deck and Shuttle bay. He had met with the crewmen there. They all seemed like good, honest people who loved the job they each did. And he was pleased to meet each of them. But as of right now he just wanted to go to his quarters and relax until Anderson called for him. So Jack exited the elevator on deck three (crew deck) and made his way to the door to his quarters. He opened the door and walked in. He was stunned by how large it was. It had a full sized bed, office desk and standard furniture. No bathroom, guess that meant he still had to share with the rest of the crew. But he was very impressed with it. The last digs he had was the top bunk in the crew quarters. he walked over and sat down on the chair and rested his arms on the desk. He then looked over to the personal terminal to his right and activated it. The blue screen lit up and displayed three options, messages, Journal and ship database. He noticed that he had one new message and selected it. His eyes widened at the name of the sender. 'Arcee' he thought to himself. He felt his heart skip a beat as he opened the message and began reading it. 'Hi, Jack, I know we haven't spoken for a long time but I hope that in sending this message to you that we can change that. I don't know how else to say this so I will just go ahead and say it, I miss you. Ever since you left it has not been the same without you partner. In the time after you gone Miko left to join up and Raf and Bumblebee soon after and it seemed that the Silo was more like a tomb than the happy home that it had been for the number of years since the three of you had come into our lives. Ratchet at first looked like he appreciated the quiet especially since it was usually Miko and her electric guitar giving him a headache as he tried to work on his experiments but now it looks like he misses the company too. As for Optimus' he just focuses on his work which as gone up a lot since the war ended. Funny, you would think that it would be the other way round. But I can see it is just his way of getting by. But myself, I have found it really hard to go on each day and not see your face smiling back at me when ever I go out for a ride on your motorcycle (which I have kept in perfect condition) or watch the sunset as we used to do. I have tried to keep busy but I find my thoughts always drift back to you. Jack, I am sorry. If it was something I did I wish you would tell me. I mean very little has been said in the messages we have sent to each other in the past and I feel that we need see each other and get things straight. So I hope you read this that you will at least consider us meeting up. I will be on the Citadel for the next week or so with Optimus. Apparently Perceptor is having a hard time with the council (once again it is the Taurian Councilor causing trouble for him), and I heard that the Normandy will be making a visit to the station in that time so I hope to see you there, Partner.' Jack sighed as he contemplated whether or no to answer. He then highlighted the respond button and was about to press enter when the ships intercom activated. "Commander Darby, you are required on the command deck." A female voice spoke over the the com. Jack stopped and turned off the terminal, got out of his chair and straightened his uniform. "I'm on my way." With that he left his quarters and headed to the CIC, leaving his thoughts of Arcee there in his quarters. PRIME EFFECT Jack entered the CIC as Anderson was standing over the galaxy map. He saw Jack and beckoned him over. "What's the situation, Anderson?" Jack asked, though he still felt a little uncomfortable with that. 'Still not used to that.' he thought as stopped by the Captain's side. "We are receiving a distress call from Ultra Magnus at the colony on Eden Prime." Anderson said before turning to the Yeoman. "Put it up on the galaxy map." "Yes sir, I have worked it through several filters as it it is highly fragmented, probably due to enemy jamming." she replied as she typed at the olo-interface of her terminal. "Okay, show us what you have, Yeoman." Anderson replied as he and Jack watched the galaxy map change into the transmission as it began playing out in front of them. The image showed what appeared to be a battlefield with a man in red and blue armour talking in front of it. "This is Ultra Magnus,Autobot leader of the wreckers. The colony is under attack from the Geth, I repeat, the Geth are attacking the colony. We are outnumbered by superior forces and need assistance. Please hurry befo…" The transmission fizzled out and ended leaving all the bridge staff stunned. Anderson took a moment to ponder his thoughts before he straightened his uniform and composed himself. "Hotrod, set course for Eden Prime and take us into the space bridge, set condition one throughout the ship." With that the lights around the CIC dimmed and the alert sounded around the ship. Everyone went serious and took to their stations. Anderson turned to Jack. "Commander, I want you and Lt Cmdr Alenko to suit up and prepare to go down to the planet as soon as we arrive. I will also place another soldier on your team. Your orders are to find Ultra Magnus and the rest of the wreckers and find out why the Geth are attacking the colony and help in any way you can." "Yes of course, Anderson." Jack replied as he saluted the Captain. "We will be the first ship on the scene. I know the Alliance will have be sending other ships too but we have to do what we can in the mean time." Anderson continued as he turned from Jack and walked away to the cockpit. "Do you duty, Commander." Anderson finished and Jack nodded and turned to leave the CIC via the elevator. With that the Normandy flew up to the space bridge as it came to life with a massive bright portal expanding in all directions out of the device before the ship took off into it and out into the galaxy at beyond the speed of light.
  19. Not really sure where to put this, but here you go. Voice actors Frank Welker (Megatron) and Peter Cullen (Optimus Prime) are brought together in a single panel to answer questions but also crack jokes and have everyday conversation with each other as Megatron and Optimus Prime. Hope you enjoyed the video.
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