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  1. After finding the head to a classics Optimus Prime under my desk (so that's where it went after his arms went to make Shockwave!) I thought to myself it's been a while since I made an Optimus. Of course he needed a body. Searching...searching... A Henkei Inferno caught my eye with the bright red colors, chest windows, and square arms. I removed his toes and blocked out his foot like Prime's using styrene, got rid of his shoulder lights, and Then repainted him with Tamiya spray lacquer. But he was still missing something. Smokestacks! I snagged the gun to classics Prime and modded it to attach
  2. So here I was racking my brain on where to get 5mm posts. I googled, called hobby shops, but the largest Plastistruct styrene posts was 4mm. So I got out my calipers and went shopping, measuring products off the shelf. In Walmart's soda aisle I came upon Silly Straws. They're exactly 5mm and only a $1.50 a package. These are solid, really strong straws made of ABS/acrylic or something similar that won't bend or squish. To cut them roll the straw on the table while rolling the edge of your knife along the top the same way you'd cut a Styrene rod, then snap at the score to make a perfect bre
  3. Good thing I checked before ordering them off of TRU.com, saved a load of cash. Check your brick n mortar TRUs first!Now go forth and plunder my fellow transfans. Oh the sale only applies to deluxes, not the voyagers. I checked.
  4. He's always hungry, tirelessly looking for his next meal. Every battle is like an all you can eat Autobot buffet for him. It's the Decepticon drone Scrapmetal! Wielding pieces of his victims he uses them as weapons, armor, or even a snack. Scrappy was made from a Topspin body, Insecticon head, and Megatron hands. Ball jointed wrists were added along with scrap metal panels from different transformers fodder and other parts. They plug into his Mech Tech ports so he can use them as weapons, armor, or as a snack. His color scheme was based off the Cybertron Scrapmetal drone and has a ton of metal
  5. Props to Shinobitron for doing this headswap first. Smoulder's head on Rescue Ratchet was a great idea! I took it a step further after seeing Playschool's new Rescue Bots Heatwave and wanted a fire/rescue vehicle but in regular TF style. I constructed some shoulder cannons from various parts and a blazing axe from a DCU weapon. An extended light bar came from movie Longarm. The knees were modded to allow him to stand straight up, shoulders panels modded to fold all the way in, and bumper that now swings down and locks the chest in place. Now Heatwave is ready to roll! The head mod requires
  6. When I discovered my Movie 1 bike Arcee had breasts but were hidden under pipes and chest plating I raged. Then the TF Prime gives us an Arcee without lips or a chest. ARRRGH. So here's an Arcee that's not afraid to show off her ladylike features! She was created from the DotM Sideswipe figure with the arm swords removed and attached to the door panels. I used the original movie Arcee head with a slightly modded mouth and took the black corset design from it as well. Some fodder parts and styrene created her now quite apparent chest features. She was given some modded Topspin guns that she cou
  7. Every time I looked at the Toys R Us Transformers Animated Arcee I was reminded that she looked nothing like the show's version, well aside from being pink and light grey. One thing that bugged me the most were the spikey elbows. I removed them by cutting diagonal across the elbow blade and mounting it to the windshield where it butted up against in her alt mode. With those gone she suddenly started looking much more feminine! Next came the removal of those weird shoulder pegs that she held on to in alt mode, painting in the missing light grey and pink sections, as well as black panel lines. I
  8. Here's a custom Generations kup with the non-cygar iGear head modded to have one and battle damaged. His door-panels were removed from his arms and holes drilled in the back of his legs so you could pin them there out of the way when in bot mode. Various weathering, splatters, and blast marks were added to him along with cracked windows and gouges to his vehicle and robot mode. Add some c-clip weapons, double chainsaw from a Spawn figure, and a giant GI Joe cannon modded with a 5mm peg to fit his hand, Kup is ready to keep on battling until he falls apart! More pics here---> Autobot Kup
  9. If you'll remember I did Decepticon Blackjack a while ago as the 1930's style gangster car. Here is Autobot Flatfoot his companion piece all decked out in police stylings. He was made from the Scout Hubcap figure with PCC Searchlight's small head. A light was added on top courtesy a part from a Koto Rockman/megaman kit and the exhaust pipes trimmed off the panels. A clear billy club attaches to his right hand via magnet and police stickers were printed out for the doors. I used Tamiya spray lacquer for the base white/black colors and then detailed them with Testors model master acryl and Formu
  10. This G1ish version of Megatron was made from what seems to be the most versatile mold in the DotM set, voyager Megatron. His head came from the classics deluxe 2-pack tankmegs, the fusion cannon is half WFC Meg's cannon and a GI Joe launcher, hands from a kotobukia Modeling Support Goods kit, and removable chest section from a Cybertron Red Alert. I spun his lower body around like I did with my Menasor so that the flat leg sections were inside and could be hidden in vehicle mode after being painted red. I made him a little taller using the hip modification and added toe panels to the feet.
  11. Do you remember those brightly colored G2 Transformers Cyberjets? They're still ranked up there as extremely articulated figures for the time and I use to have them all. Here's my take on Air Raid, the black stealth plane. He was made from a Hunt for the Decepticons Terradive and Power Core Combiner Leadfoot commander head. LF's head has the perfect T-visor that the Cyberjets had and it's even yellow. His torso was modified so it doesn't flip around and fold, rather carving plastic out of the way so it sits flush in front. I airbrushed the odd blue shading on the back of his wings like the ori
  12. Communications Soundwave was made from a DotM Ratchet, WFC Soundwave head, hands, chest, speakers, and weapons. I carved out the back of Ratchet's knees so he could stand up straight, removed the claws and added fists, removed plastic so the shoulder wheels could fold over further, and carved out plastic above the waist so the bumper could fold down and lock. The WFC chest attaches in the gap where the bumper folds down and the speakers cover the wheels like caps. I made an antenna/light fixture for the roof and you can store parts inside/under the vehicle when transformed. I added a handle an
  13. Yep, it bends, the main body is flexible and so are the tentacles!
  14. Thanks guys! It was hard work, 2 weeks worth. Sorting through shelf after shelf of parts was soooo tedious. I probably got asked by the Home Depot personnel if I needed help like 20 times, lol.
  15. Here it is, the biggest custom I've made so far. The Cybertronian Driller from Transformers Dark of the Moon has surfaced! This sucker is massive, over 3 feet long and weighing four pounds. The Driller was made from all sorts of stuff, most found at Home Depot and Hobby Lobby. The main body is a long section of flexible plastic pipeline with electrical conduit for the four tentacles that extend out, all bendable. Drills from Iron Man figures were added, parts from Avatar vehicles, Neo Shifters, metal pins, Sigma 6 weapons, train track, miniature fencing, and other stuff was cobbled together to
  16. I heard people wanted a Shockwave with a yellow eye and the gun on the left hand but decided to go even further than that. He now has a ball jointed neck, ball jointed wrists, a G1 style smaller arm cannon, Cybertanium scimitar attachment, and swappable forearms/eye color so you can switch between G1 and Bayverse looks. I also added new articulated shoulder pads from a Megablocks Halo EVA kit to add some bulk to him. Shockwave's tank mode was redesigned with an articulated central turret base and new front end, removing the 'training wheels' and giving it a more solid look. A new longer hose c
  17. Dark of the Moon Megatron needed some serious upgrades out of the box so I rolled up my sleeves and hit the workbench for this one. First there's the new head and chest both from the voyager Revenge of the Fallen Megatron. I sculpted the inner damaged sections of the head and custom fit the chest with magnets so it's removable. Metal chains were added to suit the look of Megatron onscreen as well. His hands were build from scrap fodder parts like Spawn Interlink and Doc Ock claws and the new forearms came from different parts as well. Megatron's hips have been modded to give him more heigh
  18. "Acting as the backup car for his brother Topspin the drill-wielding Wrecker Twin Twist is also ready to do battle at a moment's notice. Outfitted with powerful Cybertanium drills, Twin Twist can burrow his way through most obstacles...especially Decepticons!" Twin Twist was created from the deluxe DotM Topspin mold with PCC Searchlight's commander head. His fist/claws were removed and given Revoltech Gurren Lagann hands and drill attachments to his weapons. Special reflective metallic eyes were inserted in place of the normal ones and he was given a paint scheme that pays homage to the G1
  19. My first DOTM custom is a little off the beaten track. With everyone doing combiners these days I thought I'd shake things up a bit by making something new, a combiner that doesn't combine! Wait, what? Introducing Dark of the Moon Menasor done as a standalone character. The theme for Menasor is that he's been repairing himself from different vehicles over the years, hence the patchwork colors reminiscent of the G1 combiner. He's made from the Voyager DOTM Megatron, new hands, PCC Huffer's commander head (which looked like Menasor's anyway giving me the idea) Hailstorm's chestplate, Neo Shi
  20. Thanks guys! Didn't I see that there was a Walmart listing for a 'human alliance soundwave' somewhere? I wish we get a classic version of him but for now this will have to do.,
  21. Thanks everyone! Next up I'm going to do one with all six legs like the thinner back legs. Need to find 2 Insecticons now and swap parts. Any particular color scheme you want to see?
  22. WraithVerge!! You're the resident kitbash-info guy! *salutes* I'm here to lend my talents and techniques to the team.
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