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  1. The Predacon (Or rather called The Forged) Ser-Ket hails from the Transformers comics and is a downright lethal character! Lots of fan requests poured in for me to make her so here's my crack at Ser-Ket. She of course is made from a Transformers Beast Hunters Ripclaw and features a double ball jointed head as well as a new closed-mouth look which I very much prefer. You'll need to unscrew the head and do some cutting/fitting to get her mouth closed but it's pretty straightforward. Her elbows are also modded with ball-joints which greatly improve her posing. She was given a dragon-ish p
  2. This custom Transformers Prime Slipstream was a very request custom and people asked me to make her from the same Beast Hunters Starscream mold I made the updated Airachnid from. More of the spikes/fins were removed from the mold and sanded down to form a more normal seeker body. Slipstream's head is a new sculpt that features a mix of Arcee's and Starscream's featured including some new ears. She was painted with Testors and formula P3 Teal/Grey/Purples and sealed with a semigloss varnish to prevent wear. Her missiles came from an Avatar tread-bike of some sort and were modded with 5mm diamet
  3. If you had any G2 Transformers you may have owned the smaller Matchbox sized 'Spy Changers'. Motormouth is from the Go-Bots series similar these and here I've customized a Deluxe version of the blue pickup. Motormouth was created from a Transformers Prime Kup body and Power Core Combiner modded Double Clutch head. Some Bot-Shots sawblades from a Ironhide with trailer deluxe set were given 5mm silly-straw posts so they could plug into his forearms. He was basecoated with Testores Model Master Acryl royal blue/red then sealed with Testors One Coat Lacquer 'Clear wet look' spray. Now he's ready t
  4. This Transformers Prime custom Beast Hunters Ripclaw features two easy to do mods and one not so easy to do. Her neck mod involves buying a set of the double ball joints from Big Bad Toy Store and removing her old one, drilling down into the neck piece so you can glue in the ball cup. The other ball post end snaps perfectly in her head socket. For her ball-jointed elbows I used TF Movie Depthchage's elbows, cutting the originals off at the red swivel peg and drilling into that to mount the gold ball cups. While Ripclaw's bio mentions the character is a 'She' there's still argument in t
  5. It turns out the actual Transformers Prime Arachnid toy was pretty terrible and nothing I tried could save her from being a pile of jointed polygons. So I did what any customizer would do in this situation, kept her head and tossed the body. Airachid would soon be reborn as 'Black Airachnid'. To do this I used the Beast Hunters Starscream mold and trimmed down most of the body spikes, wing hooks, and hollowed out more of the inner chest. Airachnid's head was modded to fit and suddenly the figure started to look more and more like her. She's a jet in this format and I still needed to in
  6. Hot Rod is here once again to take on the Decepticons! I really liked the Vehicon design in bot and alt mode so I went to figure out who else could benefit from it. The base for this custom Transformers Hot Rod is of course a Vehicon with a PCC Skyburst head, scout Dead End hands (they snap right in as does the head) side pipes from a Cybertron Swerve, and spoiler off some non-tf vehicle. Hot Rod was painted with metallic red Testors one coat Lacquer as his base and sealed with their Wet Look one coat lacquer clear which really holds up in terms of durability. I had to drill down the chest win
  7. Whirl is one unstable and dangerous Autobot as he's portrayed in the comics and I decided to recreate him IDW style. Here I used a Generations Springer mold and modded it with movie Ravage lower legs, an armored core head, Kre-O scorponok claws, and c-clip weapons. The claws instead of hands really work well to distinguish Whirl as do his new bird-like lower legs. The front gun can be pegged underneath when you transform him and the c-clip weapons can be folded against his forearms or placed on his wings. One comic-style paint job and semigloss seal later he was ready to...uh...whirl into acti
  8. Transformers Prime has all sorts of awesome re-designs for characters and new designs for ones we've never seen before. Arcee got a sweet new motorcycle design and has been beating up the clunky Vehicons since the first episode! Well that changes now with the addition of my custom Motorcycle Vehicon, or Cyclocon I guess you could call them. Created using the First Edition Arcee mold I modded the Vehicon head and hands on to it, removed plastic and re-pegged the chest plate so it comes together, also modding the front steering column to come down in the back further. The original arm gun was sh
  9. Just a heads up for all you customizers out there, the best ball joint kits on the market, YellowSub/Hobby Base Ball Joints are available from Big Bad Toy Store! Until now only place to order these was from Hobby Link Japan or another import site and we were stuck paying international shipping/exchange rate fees. Not anymore! These are the same ball joints I use in all my online customizing guides and great for making ball jointed heads, wrists, feet, waists, etc. The basic Ball Joint sets have 3 different sizes in each package come in clear and grey. They even have the off-brand Revoltech sty
  10. Starscream really needs a voyager class mold and with a little bit of work I bring you the back-stabbing Decepticon this week. Starscream was created from a RotF Mindwipe and head from a Kre-O Starscream. His wings were modded to stay extended and the bent tips removed. I straightened the knees and modded the feet so they don't have the bird-ankles anymore. The arms were spun around and modded so that Null Rays made from TF Prime Kup blasters could be affixed. One classic looking paint job later and Starscream was ready to take to the skies! More pics here---> Starscream
  11. Movie Megatron is back and this time he's...a tank! Wait, he was a tank before too but now it's Generation 2 style green and purple. Megatron was made from the DotM voyager Shockwave body mold with various tweaks like foot spikes removed, shoulder pads added, and hands from an Iron Monger replacing his clawed ones. The head came from an Fast Action Battlers Megatron and a double joint system was created that allows his tank turret to sit on his shoulder or in the middle of the vehicle. I went with symmetrical purple sections instead of camouflage and gave him a basic weathered look but without
  12. After snagging the Asia exclusive Generations Cliffjumper I really liked the headsculpt but could only think of the body as a TF Prime Cliff. So off with his head! The body I chose was a Special Ops Jazz and went to work on making him a bit different from the waist down. Modifications include the lower legs were swapped so that he could still transform though his feet were backwards. The large foot became the shin panel and the heels modded to become the smaller front feet. The spoiler was removed for clearance and I modded quite a bit from the back of his legs to get really nice 'backwards' k
  13. "When all is said and done, when the years pass by with no change in seasons... and the only sounds echoing in the once thriving cities are that of machines, you know you've reached the End of the Road. With humanity near extinction the fight between Autobot and Decepticon still rages on across the irradiated wastelands of a dying Earth." The oldest of the Wreckers having seen countless battles Kup continues to fight the Decepticons on the wasteland of earth. Armored and adapted for the toxic desert terrain Kup's ventilation system filters out corrosive gasses and replaces them with the radio
  14. "When all is said and done, when the years pass by with no change in seasons... and the only sounds echoing in the once thriving cities are that of machines, you know you've reached the End of the Road. With humanity near extinction the fight between Autobot and Decepticon still rages on across the irradiated wastelands of a dying Earth." This week Ultra Magnus is given the post-apocalyptic look. This noble warrior has witnessed countless battles and seeks to bring justice to all Decepticons the Autobots encounter. He was created from a Voyager Sentinel Prime, modified Dirt Boss head, and
  15. "When all is said and done, when the years pass by with no change in seasons... and the only sounds echoing in the once thriving cities are that of machines, you know you've reached the End of the Road. With humanity near extinction the fight between Autobot and Decepticon still rages on across the irradiated wastelands of a dying Earth." Wheeljack enters the fray of post-apocalyptic Transformers with his deadly toolset and weaponry. He was created from a DOTM Topspin mold, Generations Wheeljack head/lower arms, and various fodder parts. He has a Gatling gun, chainsaw rifle, tendril saw, a
  16. Hmmm! That's kinda awesome, like Joe/Transformers crossovers!
  17. "When all is said and done, when the years pass by with no change in seasons... and the only sounds echoing in the once thriving cities are that of machines, you know you've reached the End of the Road. With humanity near extinction the fight between Autobot and Decepticon still rages on across the irradiated wastelands of a dying Earth." Shockwave joints the End of the Road post-apocalyptic Transformers theme with his cold and calculating demeanor inside an H-tank form for maximum destruction. Created from a deluxe Generations Warpath he has four C-clip weapons and a larger Gatling hand c
  18. The year is 2300 and humanity is all but extinct. The world is ablaze with an unchanging season of heat and the only sounds echoing in the once thriving cities are that of machines. But still the war between the Autobot and Decepticon forces rage on. Here I give you a frightening new vision of a post-apocalyptic Transformers. This End of the Road Bumblebee was once a Cyberfire Bee with all sorts of custom modifications with various fodder parts to give him a 'Mad Max' look. Rusted, oxidized, weathered paint effects were achieved with various layers of washes and sponge-on techniques. Chains, g
  19. Here's a cross between a Generations look and the Animated Transformers look for Megatron using the twin-propeller helicoptor form. The head is from a 2-pack Deluxe tank-Megatron, body from DOTM Skyhammer, prop engine joints from a megablocks Halo figure, and rotors from two of those PCC Searchlights. I modded a DOTM Jolt mech-tech weapon to fit under the helicopter folded up and extend to full size for Megatron's cannon. The props unplug and fit behind his shoulders or the blade attach on his forearms in robot mode. I hard-edge-highlighted everything to add detail and gave him some shoulder p
  20. Something was bugging me about my RID Vehicon. After looking at the figure and then at the on-screen character I realized what it was, the lower legs. The tires are visible on the on-screen Vehicon and sit up higher. However the toy's side panels don't rotate all the way around and sit lower to the ankle. There's a way to fix this. First cut the small purple tab by his knee off. This will allow the side panel to spin all the way around. However it will still smack into the front grille unless you remove a small section of plastic at the bottom. Now shave a bit more and angle it so the pane
  21. Just posted my review of Evac on the 5-Minute Toy Review. He's pretty neat aside from the missing forward ankle joint. The more I mess with him the more I like him. C-clips! Moving waist guns! Cool stuff.
  22. You are correct. But everywhere I go they're only mentioned for making Devy. I don't even know who owns the Targetroids. I only just learned about them a few months ago and I thought I was up to date on all that stuff.
  23. ((Since the review is twice as long as my normals ones I'll post half here. For the other half head over to my 5-Minute Toy Review blog and check out this amazing set!)) ------------------------------------------------------------------ TFC Toys got its name in the Transformers world by making the 'Hercules' (aka Not-Devastator) and has a new 2-part set out, the Iron Army. These original-character-bots are not based on a Transformers licensed character so you can't get in trouble for owning these and perhaps the first 3rd Party toy like this. I was absolutely thrilled to see a 3rd party c
  24. Not sure on just touch-ups. The paint-on metallics from jars just aren't shiny enough. Now if you want shiny metallics to cover a larger scale I'd use Tamiya Spray Lacquer metallics or those testors One-coat Lacquer metallics. Both did the job for my customs. And for true mirror-chrome you'll need a kit like Alcad or Killer Chrome.
  25. I answer a lot of emails each week and one of the most popular questions is "What tools do you suggest for customizing?" Well here's a list of my 'essentials', tools that I pick up every day to make my customs and couldn't properly customize without. These are the -exact- tools I use, down to the specific brand in most cases. For beginning customizers or seasoned pro's who just want to see what I use, here you go. Jin's Action Figure Customizing Tools Hope this helps, enjoy!
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