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  1. Masterpiece Magnus: Awesome. Masterpiece Grimlock: Awesome, but his damn right arm/leg is loose because of the damn electronics. Yamato 1/60 VF-1D: Awesome, though it feels a bit fragile in the shoulders.
  2. So I just ordered MP Magnus, MP Grimlock and a VF-1D 1/60th scale Yamato. It'll all arrive on the 17nth or the 18nth.
  3. ^ I feel like both Arcee and Ratchet were rushed, but, also, I can't find a damn thing Hasbro could have done to improve them, aside from a couple pegs here and there to keep some parts together.
  4. Screw the shocker, the SPOCKER is where it's at!
  5. Shouldn't it be "Wheelie keeps pulling a puppy on your leg?"

  6. If you look at the swing bar and the crevice it goes into, you'll see that there's nothing for it to snap into. The only thing, aside from gravity that keeps it in place is the head, which also doesn't lock into place. What I've done to make it stay solid is I glue some stop to the swing bar so it can't rotate all the way into place and I wedge it up against the head's piece. This makes the head not sit flush, but it does make him look more dynamic and he's solid now, so I like it. I also love how this figure can cross his arms if you don't keep his arms flush against his body.
  7. I got Defender Optimus Prime today. I like the idea behind the mold, but I wish there were a way for the torso to snap together. If I'm missing something or if anyone knows of a documented mod to fix this, I'd be extremely grateful. As it is, I'll find some way to fix it. Right now I'm thinking the easiest thing to do would be to make a peg system for the head's hinge. Anyway, I have nicknamed him "Nudimus Prime." I also got ROTF Deluxe Ratchet. I wasn't expecting to like him and his under kibble isn't as horrible as I though it would be, either.
  8. ^ Hardly a "Perfect Effect" figure, though, considering that it doesn't turn into a tape.
  9. ^ Why is it that everyone knocks on SkyStalker's spring loaded feet? It's not like the springs are powerful enough to topple him, nor do you have to manually spread them whenever you set him down. When you're holding him, it makes him look like he's flying around. It's unnecessary, sure, but it's unobtrusive and works well.
  10. I got Arcee and Ratchet today. They're both OK, but I'm not thrilled with either of them. Ratchet's the best, overall, but Arcee's robot mode is better than Ratchet's. However, I did pick up Leader Magnus for $10 when I was at TRU. He was clearanced and the packaging was heavily damaged, though the figure was perfect, except for those damn knee caps. Magnus is freakin' AWESOME. EDIT: I was hoping that since these are so late in the line and Hasbro's had a long time to work on them, the TRU exclusives would have really nice plastic. WRONG! Ratchet's ball joints are all ready powdering and getting loose and Arcee's lower left leg is getting floppy. Such a shame too, because I had started really liking them, too. And keep in mind, this is from the first damn DAY of having these guys.
  11. ^ You do know the lower wing parts on the Ransack mold peg into his elbows, right? It's quite a solid connection, so it should alleviate any problems you have with the wings.
  12. I got Human Defiance Barricade today. His legs are... Weird, and his arms have some hinges that don't make sense, considering there's no reason for them to be there. Part of what makes his legs so odd is a little bit of plastic on each thigh that keep him from being able to use his legs normally, so I ended up modding the thighs for normal movement. However, I love this figure. His alt mode is the most solid of all the HA figures and the robot mode is almost as good as HAmblebee's. His saw hand is really cool, too. I was annoyed at HAmblebee not having a right hand 'cause I'm right handed, but I have no objection to the left hand being a weapon, especially a cool one. Overall, he's really solid, especially in alt mode, but you won't like him until you mod his thighs.
  13. Ouch, the Classics Grimlock mold. I feel sorry for you, man.
  14. OH MY GOD IT THE GOBOT BUG BITE. Seriously, that looks like a movie version of THIS: http://www.toyarchive.com/Gobots/SuperGobots/BugBite.html
  15. I got a reissue of the Takatoku Valkyrie mold, a VF-1A piloted by Hikaru Ichijo. It's awesome. I also got Masterpiece Skywarp, who's cool, but a little dissapointing 'cause of how poorly he tabs together in robot mode. And finally I got Bludgeon. I love him, but I'm afraid the tank turret might eventually snap off. When I look down his collar in tank mode I can see horrible stress marks around the rivet hole. Fortunate for me I have a surplus of medium sized ball joints and sockets I can use to fix it if I never need to.
  16. Classic Prime? I haven't checked in a while, but the price for it on ebay can't be too high yet, can it?
  17. On Dirge, I've stopped using his knees. His feet are poseable enough to support any stance he'd need knees for anyway and messing with them is aggravating with the wing kibble. Instead I leave the wing hinges on the knees in the Jet mode position, which makes them far less unwieldy. They bump into his arms a little bit, but overall it's a much cleaner experience with no loss in poseability. It's also much easier to tweak him into a stable stance.
  18. ^ Yeah, Dirge is excellent. By the way, does yours have this weird problem where the cockpit and the top of the fuselage don't line up right until the legs snap into them? I think it might just be mine with the arm kibble pinned through at a slight erroneous angle. It's not too horrible, as I don't feel like the plastic is being stressed when it's forced into the proper place by the legs and it's undetectable in both modes. I also wish that his tail were painted in gold too, that would have been nice.
  19. Are you talking about TM Scavenger? He's pure awesome! How DARE you dislike one of the best BW molds!
  20. I just found a MMPR 2010 Dino Megazord. While I wish he had more poseability, he's still awesome.
  21. HAks: Human Alliance Skids. And I figured out an alternate transformation that makes the back kibble look much better.
  22. HAks. He's awesome. His back kibble can be a bit troubling, but it's nothing too much. His curler bending arms are kind of annoying, but not too horrible.
  23. Got Jolt today. The way his shoulder/backpack doesn't lock in pisses me off. It's like Animated Jazz all over again, but without the style. I do, however, like his transformation and car mode, so it's not all bad.
  24. Got Leo Prime/Convoy today. The Leo Breaker mold is... Strange, but not unwelcome. It took me a couple hours of messing with him to understand how the arms are supposed to work, same as with Animated Swoop and his weird arms. The legs could have been done a lot better and I wish there was a reliable place to put his tail when he's not holding it.
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