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  1. I found my MP Skywarp. He's not as horrible as I remember, but I've also spent several hours modding on him to fix some of the issues I have with the mold.
  2. ^ You got ripped off. The mold ain't worth more than $10.
  3. This thing is awesome, though it is a bit disappointing that the Minotaur seems like it would be just as strong as the complete combined mode. The dragon mode is sexy, by the way.
  4. I bet his mom looks at you weird. "Here comes that weirdo to bribe my child with toys and promises of repressed future memories." *glares* I still think this would solve everyones problem and make everyone happy and I will continue to support my idea until it is done :P Actually, I have a better solution: Instead of creating yet ANOTHER haul thread (seriously, WHY do we have two? There's only a SLIGHT semantic difference between them that only a couple people acknowledge anyway), let's just ignore everyone who gets butthurt over other people posting non-TF hauls. I mean, who cares if a couple people aren't happy about people posting non-TF hauls here? Any "fix" you could put in place will either be ineffective or cause more of a hassle than it's worth. It's unnecessary to try to "fix" this because it's not broken in the first place. By the way, I got a Power Rangers Mystic Titan in the mail today. Pictures if I get around to it, and I probably will for the lulz of the situation. :tfevil
  5. And the whole RETARDED thing is a good thing, not bad-" And really TransFan2 probably got what I said and how I said it which is the best thing........RIGHT????? And Liege, I have not showcased anything but TF's and it will stay that way for a long time, so when a MMPR shows up in my threads have a petition to have me banned........LOL! But really I am not joking! Please, put more thought in what you say. I can barely understand this post of yours. But regardless, calm damn, man. For a supposed 40 year old, you sure act like a teenager.
  6. I am sorry but fuck Power Rangers! PERIOD!~!! And sorry if I offended anyone with a MMPR fetish but these toys/series/movies are a GAY impression of a new take on Voltron. With posts like this, I still can't believe you think you can convince us that you're in your 40's. Where did I say anything that wasn't true ??? Check it... Plus, I'm not trying to convince anyone here of anything :roll I wasn't quoting you, Arden.
  7. I have my Yamato VF-1D, and my reissue Takatoku VF-1A, I think that will be enough for me. The rest of the Valkyrie figures always seem to have some horrible, horrible debilitating problem that shouldn't exist. The Yamato VF-1s are bad enough with their shitty shoulders.
  8. I modded it even further today, giving him the gun arm he had in his original toy form and in the show. Basically, I unscrewed the gun, cut off most of the plastic on the cap piece that threads through the gun and has the screw threads so it was rounded, cut off the back half of the gun and hollowed it out a little for the hand, and reassembled the gun onto his arm on the backside of the swivel such that when the gun is rotated up the hand goes into a little hollow and he has his gun arm. I think I may have also had to cut the swivel piece down, as well. It should be pretty easy to see what I did when I post pictures. The gun doesn't store spectacularly well, but it looks awesome deployed and it's only a little obtrusive stored away (like a centimeter past his hand. Nothing compared to what trying to stow the unmodded gun is like). The only change in fire engine mode is the gun's smaller and further back.
  9. I am sorry but fuck Power Rangers! PERIOD!~!! And sorry if I offended anyone with a MMPR fetish but these toys/series/movies are a GAY impression of a new take on Voltron. With posts like this, I still can't believe you think you can convince us that you're in your 40's.
  10. How well do the VF-25s hold together, structure and mode wise? From what I saw from Peaugh's reviews, the robot modes seemed kind of finicky. And what also of the Brera Stern Custom?
  11. So last night I flipped Inferno's gun around. Doesn't hurt the Fire Engine mode at all and it makes his non-combat poses obviously non-combat poses and his shooting poses obviously shooting poses. It doesn't look perfect when his gun is deployed, but it looks far more dynamic.
  12. I think most Arcees have that problem, I know mine does.
  13. I finally got Universe 2.0 Inferno in the mail. First time posing him his arms popped off the bicep swivels. Unlike some of the animated and movie figures where this severely deformed the plastic, due to its softness, there's very little wear on the connection and it's hard to just intentionally pop them off. The problem is in how tight Inferno's shoulder ratchets are. The solution: Take his arms off and jimmy an exacto knife into the gears of his ratchets, wearing them down and weakening the resistance of the joint! Now he's nice and sturdy and doesn't come apart at all!
  14. That is one huge MP prime. Does it transform? Please say "yes."
  15. They're to scale for me! My Demolishor is an Inverse Minicon! In ROTF, YOU plug into Minicons!
  16. Earlier I had Demolisher set up in an earth grinder mode and I had him standing(haha, yes, standing) over Rollbar so one of the earth grinders(tread) was posed above his head. "No, Mr. Rollbar, I expect you to die." EDIT: To a large degree, Demolisher feels like a machine oriented Mutant Transformer, akin to Razorclaw and his Mutant ilk.
  17. Here are the pictures of the bike mode:
  18. Duh. He's also quite a bit better if you turn the shovel around at the "elbow." While your doing that, take out the discs in those joints that work the Mech-Alive, round them out and shave them down so they're fairly flat and put them on the back side of the joints (you can leave most of the teeth, though, as knocking a couple choice teeth out will make the disc sit flatter). This will tighten the elbow joint quite a bit without having to use messy glue. Later tonight I'll see about posting a picture of Demolisher in his kick-ass bike mode with Brakedown riding him.
  19. His advertised robot mode is a piece of crap. Messing around with this guy and turning him into different stuff is awesome, though.
  20. I got ROTF Demolisher the other day. I'm surprised with him. I bought him because I had a couple half used gift cards and he was the only thing on the shelves I didn't have. He's easily one of my favorite figures from the ROTF line. It's not because of the robot mode shown on the back, it's because he can turn into so many cool things. For example, right now I have his wheels in tread form and positioned against his head block and his shovels are facing down so they can be used as legs. He looks like some kind of mining instrument. His treads look like some sort of earth grinder and can be positioned in a multitude of ways. Also, there's a kick ass bike mode with one tread a wheel and the other a tread. The arms flatten out along his sides and curl up. It looks sweet. He's almost like how people describe ROTF Soundwave, except better because he has one mode that actually looks like something. He's like a Cybertron construction vehicle (with a fast bike mode for quick transportation) disguised as an Earth construction vehicle, which is awesome. So, in summary, Hasbro sucks at playing with its own toys. If they had put any thought into what they were actually making, they'd advertise this as a quadruple change, with the two "standard" modes shown on the box and the two modes I talked about.
  21. "Do you remember HA Barricade?" :rofl
  22. Why hasn't this been pinned yet? :tfhuh
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