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  1. Increase the ISO on the camera, make the picture size bigger so you can scale down to get rid of the grain, turn on all the lights in the room, color correct the photo after you take the picture.
  2. GOOD GOD, MAN, DON'T USE THE FLASH. Otherwise, nice.
  3. WFC Prime: He's a pretty vanilla truck and his robot mode looks nice, although it's a bit too crowded, especially in the shoulders and legs. The transformation is nice, but there's nothing in it that tickles my fancy. I think I'd like it more if he were a size class larger. Too much packed into too small of a package: Everything suffers for the quantity and nothing besides the durability is done exceptionally well. He's good, a solid 8/10, but he doesn't brighten my day, if you know what I mean. WFC 'Bee: 'Bee is s super sexy little pill bug shaped car. It's sleek and round and fun to roll around. He's a bit of a shell former, but enough happens that it's not boring. Unlike Prime, his transformation is quick and easy while still being intricate and deep. The robot mode is nice and big, although he does look a bit too childlike for my taste with his big, doofy, happy face and his clown shoes and lockdown hands. I think if he had a bit of a furrowed brow he'd look much more awesome. I don't mind his backpack too much, that's how he looked in the game. I just wish that the gap between his chest and backpack had been filled somehow. Over all he's much better than Prime in that he knew what he was going to do and what he wasn't going to do: a much more focused transformer with better results. HA Jazz: Jazz has a sexy car mode. Jazz has a sexy robot mode. Jazz has a fucking terrifying transformation. Why? Because his goddamn windshield is the only structural joint between the front/top and back/bottom halves. It's so easy to accidentally put pressure on the windshield that I have to spend more time than I'd like on transforming him just to ensure I don't stress the windshield. Is it as bad as I'm making it out to be? No, the windshield is probably made of decently durable translucent plastic and it's curved, so it's much stronger than just a flat piece. It still worries the fuck out of me. Aside from his transformation, Jazz is amazing. Great articulation, great aesthetics, and a truly novel weapon. HftD Screamer: I love this guy. He has a big, heavy jet mode that looks amazing and a big, bulky robot mode that articulates like crazy. His transformation is fun and he's all around satisfying. The only thing I don't like is how the crotch piece connects to the upper body, it wiggles too much and I feel someday, like within two or three years, it will wear out too much and leave his lower body a floppy mess. I'm sure I could fix it, but it's still annoying. Hopefully my fears are unfounded, because he's too awesome.
  4. I actually ended up taking the windows out. The Pontiac Solstice mode now has its windows rolled down. As far as Jazz's imperfection... It's how easy it would be to simulate his fate. I mean, really, the only thing holding his guy's two halves together is his WINDSHIELD, which isn't too bad, considering it's curved plastic, but it's still worrisome.
  5. ^ 'Bee and Barricade. Fuck Sideswipe. The Twins are... Ok, I guess, but you NEED 'Bee and Barricade.
  6. What will his armor transform into?
  7. Very good as far as the ratchety-ness of the knees - however, if you widen the stance a bit, his hips can give somewhat easy - I would imagine it could be worked on, but he's also a bit top heavy as well. The knees of my Takara Grimmy were super tight, as well, but the hips and thigh swivels were pretty loose. I ended up shaving a little off the ratchet mechanism because it felt like I would break something I had to use so much force to bend his knees.
  8. ^ How are the joints on his legs? My Takara Grimmy had really weak legs and I had to spend a good deal of time beefing them up. EDIT: I forgot my new figures. *facepalm* I got RotF Brawn. He's... Decent, I guess? He's got WAY too much kibble and his hips are really weak. The transformation itself is pretty "meh," although I did like his arms. His legs are just frustrating, especially with his hip kibble. He's hard to hold, boring, and I don't know if I'll keep him. Maybe if I fiddle with him more I'll like him, that certainly happened for me with Universe Prowl, but I'm doubtful. I also got RotF Deadend. I've had Sideways before, but he ended up being destroyed for... Certain... Reasons I'll not get into here. I remembered loving Sideways except for that damn bright red, so I picked up Deadend. He's awesome. I don't know if it's mine, or if Deadend in general is slightly better quality, but my Deadend stays together much better than Sideways ever did. Also, he rolls much better. Well, "roll" is the wrong term, he drifts very smoothly, which is a cool change of pace from most car transformers. I don't remember Sideways drifting, but he might have.
  9. I got Tuner Mudflap on clearance for $2. At first I hated him and wished that I had spent the $2 on some gum instead. I'm warming up to this guy, though. I figured out how to collapse his backpack as far as it will go and how to get it to tab onto his neck piece. I didn't like his car mode until I figured out how to set his legs so he could roll. Then I got over my HATE for this figure. I think what I like most is how most of his transformation joints are pretty weak and floppy (something I will fix), yet he's engineered such that nothing has any leverage on anything else and there's always something small, elegant, and really pathetic looking put in place that magically makes it impossible for this guy to flop around or implode. What I like least are his damn chest whiskers. He's by far not one of my favorite figures, but he's pretty cool.
  10. I wish Arcee would sit on me like that.
  11. Thats awesome right there!!! Man, the thighs on that Arcee look absolutely HUGGABLE.
  12. I agree, kill one of the haul threads and sticky "Your newest figure and your verdict." At least "YNFAYV" isn't the same thing to this thread as "Post your hauls here." But I suppose it doesn't really matter.
  13. And now the other day I received my VF-17 Nightmare Stealth Bomber. The jet mode's chubby, but solid and fun to "Whoosh" around. The robot mode looks awesome, but it doesn't have normal bending knees without modifying the legs slightly. There's plastic that obstructs the shin bending back. It's a really nice figure overall, especially after the knee modification, but I wish Kawamori weren't such a scatterbrained fool who can't help but give his otherwise extremely well done figures some sort of horribly debilitating flaw.
  14. Shush, no one really cares about the distinction.
  15. I got Alternity Megatron. He's awesome, but his legs are disappointing. I've tried beefing up the pegs, but that didn't work out very well. It helped the roof immensely, as it now will not unpeg easily, but it made it harder to get the side panels pegged onto the shin because there's no way to get enough leverage to put them over the now thicker pegs. I think I'm just going to tighten the false knee and slide the side panels in between the gray piece and the translucent piece. It looks better that way and it's more stable unless you pull on his foot.
  16. :wat Hybrid Convoy is THAT small? *whistles* It's like a Scout sized Legends figure!
  17. No jet mode pictures? You make me a sad Animaniac.
  18. ^ I really like the colors on that thing. Did Takara change the plastic quality on their Animated figures, or is it still the SOS? Some of the paint apps on yours look sloppy. If it's good quality, I might just import that so I can have a good Animated Seeker that looks awesome. EDIT: What are those purple VF-~ looking things? I've seen them before. What the HELL is that GIANT Devastator like thing and where did you get it?
  19. ^ It was called Dinozone in Japan, I believe, and Dinozaurs here, for sure. I want the T-Rex one and I also want to see more of these two things, because I may really want them: Drago Wing: Apparently Drago Wing can combine with Gigano Dragon. Those are the only two pictures of Drago Wing I can find, and neither of them really show off the figure well. And then there's this thing, Drago Draconus: http://www.geocities.co.jp/Playtown-Darts/3923/dinozone.htm Don't worry about it being geocities, apparently Yahoo, Japan hasn't stopped hosting Geocities. Still, I better archive that page, just in case. Also, here's the Google Translated version of the page: http://translate.google.com/translate?js=y&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&layout=1&eotf=1&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.geocities.co.jp%2FPlaytown-Darts%2F3923%2Fdinozone.htm&sl=ja&tl=en Anyway, that looks like it MIGHT be a prototype since it's so unpainted, aside from the chrome. From what I can tell, the humanoid mode and the dragon mode are only different in the heads. I wish I could find more information on these two Drago ~~~ things, because they could either be really bad, which is kind of likely, or really awesome. Either way, they're rare as hell. EDIT: Found two more pictures of Drago Draconus: Yeah, those don't show off the figure any better.
  20. The other thing behind Dinobot is my Bandai rerelease Takatoku Valkyrie, which stays in the box, facing away from all light sources when I'm not playing with it.
  21. ^ Finally, a picture of WFC Prime that makes it look cool. My dresser, decked out with my favorite, best, and most nostalgic figures.
  22. Damn you, Liege, now every time I see Alt. Skywarp, I mentally call him Ratbat!
  23. Y'know, the doors on the Alternity Seeker mold remind me of the runners on the MP mold.
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