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  1. I didn't have to pick it up; SMJ delivers. :07laugh
  2. TF haulage from ShoppingMallJapan.. Finally got my Lucky draw STD Convoy!!! :yay :cjdance :yay
  3. My loot from the past two weeks: Botcon '96 Onyx Primal (VIP edition) Cybertron Optimus Prime/Wing Sabre 2-pack (US Edition with DVD) Alternators Rodimus Real Gears Booster X-10 and Longview
  4. This week's hauls; it's been very good :thumb, but my wallet's a cryin' :tflaugh July 24th first Haul (All except Beast Convoy were from the same seller! :)) BM Primal Prime Universe Nemesis Prime Universe Optimus Primal (non-CD box variant) BW Big Convoy Micron Legend Black Convoy BW C1 Beast Convoy (Grey Version) July 24th second Haul (All from AgesThree&Up) GC-02 Excellion GC-07 Micron Team E-hobby Orion Pax/Dion July 24th third Haul (Loot from ShoppingMallJapan) GX-02 Soundwave Micron Legend Crystal Convoy S-RHF 01 Kamen Rider Faiz/Autovaijin S-RHF 02 Kamen Rider Faiz (Accel Form) S-RHF 04 Kamen Rider Delta S-RHF 05 Kamen Rider Faiz (Blaster Form) Boukenger Go-Go Crane Boukenger Go-Go Mixer DX Drake Zecter Keiko Kitagawa "Dear Friends" photobook Yumi Egawa "Love" signed photobook (x2) SPD: The Visual of Dekaranger July 25th Haul TRU Reissue Ultra Magnus (from TFsource) Movie Jollibee Optimus Prime (x2) July 26th Haul (All from TFW2005 member Cyberdramon) GX-01 Noisemaze GC-17 Autovolt Gaoranger G-Phone
  5. G2 Orange Devs (courtesy of member ultraprime). Thanks Andy! :thumb :thumb
  6. Hauls from the past week: Shopping Mall Japan Sentai/KR/TF Haul Deepdiscount.com Haul and a TFW2005 forum purchase
  7. Been too lazy to upload them, so here are my hauls from the past six weeks... May 7 HLJ Haul GX03 Soundblaster 2 x RID (mini) Optimus Prime (Japanese packaging variant) 1 x Scourge/XBrawn 2 pack 1 x SD-12 Dinobot May 8 Haul Classics Ramjet May 10 SMJ Haul PLA-Kit Grand Convoy PLA-Kit Grand Scourge Box of Act 09 Armada PVC Magiranger Magilend Magiranger Travelion/GoldGrip Phone TRU Exclusive Timeranger Providus Base KR: Delta Driver KR: Faiz Blaster Sawai Miyuu dvd Mami Yamasaki dvd Yumi Egawa dvd Yumi Egawa photobook May 17 Haul 2 x Gobots Optimus Prime Gobots Megatron BW Optimus Prime vs Megatron Alternators Mirage Botcon '96 Dealer's Exclusive Onyx Primal May 22 SMJ Haul Boukenger Go-Go Changer Boukenger GoGo Drill Boukenger Gogo Shovel Loose Dekaranger Chess Pieces Galaxy Force E-Z Collection BW C-1 Convoy (Burning) BW C-1 Convoy (Crystal) BW C-1 Convoy (Black) May 23 Haul Alternators Meister May 25 Haul MP-05 Megatron May 30 Haul courtesy of HotSpot17 Classics Ultra Magnus/Skywarp
  8. Nice haul :eek :thumb Seconded :thumb :thumb I don't even have one MP05, let alone two.
  9. One week's worth of TF (and non-TF) hauls: Apr. 24 MP-02 Magnus Galaxy Force GS-01 BT-12 Overdrive Magiranger MagiPhone Magiranger UhzaPhone Magiranger GripPhone Kamen Rider:Faiz Chess Piece version 2 (x3) Kamen Rider: Kaixa and Delta DX belts (sans the Delta mover :() Apr. 28 /Transformercon!!!! BW 10th Anniversary Primal/Megs (thanks to FreedomGundam) loose (but complete) Classics Prime/Megs 2-pack and Nemesis Prime plus Target exclusive LOCs for $45CDN! Scamper with both arms Sixshot's gun WST Transformercon Exclusive Flamethrower x2 Beast Wars sketch signed by Alex Milne Alternated Masterpiece signed by Alex Milne "We are Cybertrons/We are Destrons" poster TF:TM promo poster Cybertron Menasor (from a pre-Transformercon trip to TRU) Apr. 30 Masterpiece Voltron x2 (the other's for a friend) May 2 C16 LioConvoy D33 Hydra D34 Crazybolt BW VS01 Convoy/Megatron (was MIB, but the posties trashed the box beyond usefulness) Gourai changer Sayaka Isoyama magazines: Shock & Pre-Pri Nao Nagasawa DVD: Blue Wonder Azusa Yamamoto DVDs: Az-Pink and Real Blue ...yep, definitely a record haul week for me; I can't remember getting so much stuff in such a short span of time. Oh, and if anyone wants Hydra and Crazybolt, PM me with an offer; I won them in a lot with LioConvoy and I'm not too keen on keeping them.
  10. Yeah, I hear you on the cost issue; I can't imagine being a completist with a line like SOC :tflaugh1 They are pretty pricey (retail wise); I was lucky enough to snag mine for $87 (plus $50 EMS shipping from Japan :redface ).
  11. Hauls from the past five days Onyx Primal Sam's Club OP TRU GodFire Convoy giftset ... and finally SOC Voltes V!!!
  12. You overpaid for UM/Skywarp since that was on sale for $13 recently (not sure if it's still going on). I guess you overpaid for MD-01 Megs as well. Everything else seems on par with what they usually go for though. Do those prices include shipping by the way?
  13. I've been neglecting this thread it seems.. :redface ...on to the TF (and nonTF) Hauls of the previous 4 weeks. GF Vector Prime Magiranger Talking Mandora Boy Tenkuu Scratch Magilamp SP License EZ Collection Galaxy Force 3 pack lot of Dekaranger books Car Robots Fire Convoy 1st Edition Box Go-Bots Optimus Prime Go-Bots Megatron Sayaka Isoyama/Roots Dark Ligerjack
  14. No, thank you dude. You were awesome to deal with (and you hooked me up with an awesome deal to boot)! :thumb :thumb

  15. Monday and Tuesday's haul: 6' Titanium Optimal Optimus (colour scheme is much better than BW OO's orange IMO) Magiranger TRU exclusive GoldGrip Phone BW VS-06 Convoybat vs MegaAlligator (from BBTS) :tfdance :tfdance :tfdance Hurricanger Senpuujin Hurrier (from BBTS) Alt Nemesis Prime (from CaseFresh) along with a couple of big faction stickers :clap :clap .... and the last TF purchase of the year... Cybertron Primus (with Uni heady goodness) :yay :yay :yay Edit: Forgot about these: Metroplex parts (from OmegaPrime2005)
  16. This week's haul: GF Master Megatron (courtesy of shockwave2005) GF Live Convoy GF Demolishor 3 Titanium WWOP 3 Titanium Optimus Primal and the piece d'resistance... Sayaka Isoyama's Tomoyo Photobook :drool :drool
  17. Low point that came in the mail: a few GranSazer figures and a Kamen Rider Faiz figure that turned out to be bootlegs; damn you eBay! Highs: GF Flame Convoy :tfdance Classics Megs :yay Shuriken Ball :clap
  18. Cyb Quickmix BW D-8 Blackarachnia (Jap) K-Mart Armada Prime & Jetfire Snake Eyes vs Storm Shadow 2-pack...
  19. GF Ligerjack SL Grandconvoy/Kicker Set :clap :clap and finally.... GoBot Optimus Prime :yay :tfdance :yay
  20. That they've done already if I'm not mistaken, since I remember my cousin having Voltes V on karaoke...
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