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  1. i've been gone for a long time, finally back. anyway, heres my november/xmas haul (the throw i got last xmas but it looks nice). only now do i realize just how much more joe product is out there VS tf stuff (thats not animated). that'll change when the second movie comes out i'm sure. oh, and in case you can't see it the board game with the flash is transformers Risk, and i'm missing Monopoly Mega Edition which i left with the wife so my mother in law could play it.... i'm a monopoly hound >_>
  2. about time i get a bloody haul!! got some early xmas money from pap and couldn't wait to hit the stores. picked up the G.I. Joe Conquest X-30 (farging stupid target out of rattlers!!), Universe Silverstreak (for $5, thank you target rain check policy!!), and the galvatron/sunstreaker robot hero's pack. so yea, i guess target was having a sell on the movie scouts. on the peg was a sign that had rain check requests and under those it said they could replace the scout for the a transformers universe deluxe toy. farg YEA!!! couldn't pass up streaker for a fiver. now to commence with the opening... i gotta say this conquest is alot bigger than i thought it'd be >_>
  3. Sorry for my ignorance, but who is that? ehobby exclusive clear rijie iirc. it's a clear BT variant of alternator mirage.
  4. yesterday i received my order of second wave of g.i. joe dvd battle packs. woohoo! two more pieces closer to a complete MASS device. i took all the junk off that serpentor and put them on my original release. looks much better now, but damn, footloose's lack of ankle articulation is killing me.
  5. checked the target website, it said they had the rattler in stock, get there and the computer's showing 2 on the floor, but they're no where to be seen. none in the back either. so i was either beat to it by a minute or two or some stupid employee has them stashed somewhere. so, i got pissed the farg off and went to walmart and picked up Universe Ironhide, and Sideswipe. i'm disappointed that i couldn't get the rattler, but i'm happy as hell i found those two. i really wanted ironhide. Thursday i picked up the G.I. Joe Firebate and F.A.N.G./V.A.M.P. sets. also, i ordered the Arise Serpentor, Arise! and Pyramid of Darkness DVD sets from HTS. hopefully i'll be getting those soon.
  6. pics or it didn't happen!!! where you located? dude its 2 day old news on tfw2005.com with pics..... awesome, where they showing up at? i don't belong to tfw. TFormers is the only transformers forum for me XD
  7. holy shot man, where the hell you been? nice to see you posting again!
  8. WOOHOO!!! my b.a.t. from ST53 came in the mail today!! man this is one of the best joes of the line JMO heres to hoping for some new universe love soon.
  9. damn you, we have too many dogs already and you make me want another pup -_- be careful, they're more addictive than plastic >_> I drove 1100+ in one day to get him or he was gonna be put down. !!!NO FRIGGIN WAY!!! New TFs are on the back burner though exept the real good ones till I get him all trained and caught up on his shots and medacine though. I've had him for 1 day though, and yeah he's a pansy, but he's such a chick magnet that it all works out!!! He's a just a good boy :tfevil seriously? there better be something wrong with him, putting down good healthy dogs for no reason at all is bullshot :tfmad
  10. damn you, we have too many dogs already and you make me want another pup -_- be careful, they're more addictive than plastic >_>
  11. god i hope target has them in stock when i go home >_> i'm stopping at one target and if they don't have them i'm going an hour out of my way to check the other...
  12. so, i got a little cash for my bday. not a whole bunch, but enough. used it to take a trip home, and bought some stuffs. BDAY HAUL (will post pics later.... as soon as i find the usb cord -_-) TF Universe Silverbolt (farg the haters, this dude rocks) TF Universe Powerglide (ugh... legs are super skinny and sucktastic. the bot is nice, transformation is ok. really debating on taking him back...) Modern Era G.I. Joe Cobra Battle Android Trooper (B.A.T.) barley snagged this guy and thanks to a fellow board member i'll be getting another in the mail. seriously, one of the best figs of this line. glad i'm able to get two of the first release ones. he's the only guy i don't mind buying two of (that doesn't come in a set) Modern Era G.I. Joe Arctic Snake Eyes. missed this guy the first time around, can't believe the wave got re introduced. loving it. Modern Era G.I. Joe CP Iron Grenadier Destro & Iron Grenadier. (not as hard to find as the B.A.T. but htf none the less) wasn't able to snag the variant, but i'm happy to have the set. this destro isn't as nice as the carded one (nobody expected it to be), but the IG is nice and the comic is good too. the lighter color brings out destro's details more, and i like that. still can't believe i'm going to have three of him though >_> Transformers Universe Legends Jazz, Hound, and Megatron (what can you say about these guys really? they looks alot better than the movie legends though JMO) Chrome Skull Cigarette Lighter, License Plate Bolts, and Valve Stem Covers. Flaming Skull Decals (for car) 2 Ceramic Skulls a set 4 small plastic skeletons.... see a pattern here? i'm decking my car out in skeletal stuff >_> got the 4 little guys hanging around, three from the dome light and one from the rearview, and put the ceramic skulls in the back dash... which brings me to my next item... set of 4 12v blue LEDs. 2 i put inside the skulls on my back dash, i'm saving the other two for later plans... 1 blue LED bar. this is wired in with the LEDs to a light control box in the dash which lets me control them. this allows me to have them fade in and out or beat with my music and lets me hit the switch in case of law enforcement (cheesy? yes, but i love it for some reason). last but not least my mother in law gave me three spinning mirrored display stands. they're pretty small i'd say designed for 1/25 scale cars, but i'm loving them. i'm going to put my xmods on two of them. just need to figure out what to do with the third... sorry for the paragraph...
  13. THANK YOU!!! i went o kaybee to check it out (i read the sign, if your willing to fight with them you'd be able to get the new universe deluxe tfs 2 for 10 as the sign only says Transformers Universe Deluxe). i wanted to pick up a sharkticon but couldn't find anything else to pick up so i passed. however, i happened upon the Transformers Movie Chess Set for $7!! quickly snapped that up and went on my way, been wanting this for a while but i wasn't going to pay $30 for it.
  14. man i just wish hasbro would stop putting the arm weapons on the underside of the arm
  15. That is so cool! Man how do you do that? Eh nevermind. Photoshop or something right? that and some kind of figure stand probably. i highly doubt that figure being able to balance in that stance.
  16. lol, scroll through the hauls thread sometime. TransFan2 has something like 3 or 4 with at least two of them being MISB IIRC.
  17. picked up onslaught today, i think i may have ruined the keyboard drooling so much O_O
  18. while home and away from the boards i managed to pick up... G.I. Joe DVD Battle Pack Sets 1 & 2 G.I. Joe Single Pack Wave 9 (accept the bloody farging BAT!) G.I. Joe Comic Pack Wave 5 (accept farging destro and the iron grenaider) Transformers Universe Classics Series Galvatron i swear there has to be a farging scalper working at the wallycron down from the house. at least 3 cases of comic packs and 5 cases of singles and not a single farging BAT or the Destro/IG pack. i got there while the boxes where still on the farging pallets (well, the joe boxes where packed away into a cart). EDIT also, and while the dvd battle packs are mostly nothing but repaints, they're a bloody brilliant deal. for $20 you get 3-4 figs the B.A.F. MASS device and a dvd with about 5 g.i. joe eps on it. can't wait to complete the MASS. EDIT part deux oh yea, i forgot about the espresso machine i got from a thrift shop for $0.50. the woman told me she never tried it and didn't know if it worked or not, but for 50 cents you figure you can't go wrong. downloaded the manual from mr. coffee's website. turns out it came with a pot thing that wasn't with the machine (though i probably over looked it sitting near it at the store) so now it just makes espresso by the cup. can't for the life of me figure out the milk frother, but i rarely drink cappuccino anyway. hell of a steal though considering it sales for $50 on mr. coffee's website. also, it has just occurred to me that i've been watching too much bbc >_>
  19. If you wanna blame, then blame it all on Hasbro alone. :animated Blitzwing is a solid figure, and I failed to see what's so :fail about :animated Blitzwing, apart from anti-Animated subjective opinions, of course. Interestingly, :animated Soundwave's based on Universe Soundwave's unused design.. :lol But gotta agree with you on this one. ;) Better keep our fingers crossed for the possible Universe Soundwave on the future yet to come. :lol i don't mind the show that much when there isn't all the super villains running around, but i just can't stand the character... the whole Man-E-Faces approach and all god i need to get some choppers for my drednaughts. i'd forgotten all about that. at least we're getting zartan's swamp skier XD i need to break out my universe toys so i'm not so off topic >_>
  20. yes, thanks to the :fail that is the transformers animated character and hasbro being ice holes :tfmad they did give us prowl though. blitzwing is one of my favorite tfs. i even considered picking up animated blitwing but i can't bring myself to do it. i dont' even think i'm going to be able to buy animated soundwave, and soundwave is my favorite tf period. i'm hoping like to tommorow for a universe blitzwing and soundwave.
  21. oh yea. WW megatron just kinda... lays down lol. he's legs don't like to stay together either. i was just glad i was able to pick this guy up without buying another WW prime. See, I never saw WW Megs except in the TRU two-pack. i picked him up loose from a fellow tfan (satan's camaro) for $15.55 shipped. Hmm maybe I need to rework Counter Punch's face a little but what do you think of Punch? punch looks great, counter punch's face looks a little fat and the eyes are a bit big. looks good though :thumb
  22. oh yea. WW megatron just kinda... lays down lol. he's legs don't like to stay together either. i was just glad i was able to pick this guy up without buying another WW prime.
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