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  1. TF Prime toys are out?!? :eek The latest things we have here are DotM and Rescue Bots... which are CRAP. And not because they're PlaySkool Transformers, I like PlaySkool Transformers and I have some of them (First Transformers, 1-2-3 Transformers, Go-Bots/Big Adventures etc.) -- but the Rescue Bots are seriously epic fail. :( Maybe cos I got those big electronic ones that DON'T EFFING TRANSFORM! :fire - and of course, the "Product does not convert" disclaimer is in itty-bitty tiny-arse writing... Grrr... I'm gonna bring 'em back to Target and get my money back dammmmnnnit. I already opened Heatwave but I haven't opened Chase yet. *sigh* Stupid impulse buy -- they were on sale at nearly half price, but even then I feel MASSIVELY ripped off and I want my money back!



















  2. Ebonsabre: I don't see why he can't, though I haven't tried it myself. Other than a few cosmetic changes, the only significant retool is the fact that the fuel tanks can be removed and combine to form the gun - but that shouldn't effect the toy's ability to combine with Leader Jetfire. If I can be ever bothered trying, I'll post pics. :P

  3. Please read the FAQ and Preamble in Post #1 of this thread thoroughly before posting on this thread to avoid asking questions for which answers are already provided.


    Thank you.


    Tripredacus: the answer to your query is in the FAQ, here:


    Can the rules of the Universal Counting Method be changed?

    No. That would render the data from previous years' surveys useless for comparison. Rules can be clarified as new toy concepts come in. In most cases the existing rules can cover new stuff' date=' but in exceptional cases where it cannot, then a new poll will be formulated to create a new rule - but the existing rules cannot be changed.[/quote']


    As you know, everyone was given the opportunity to discuss and debate the individual rules for counting. That ship has now sailed. Because the entire purpose of this survey project is to collect comparable data, the rules for counting, once set, cannot be changed.


    Thank you for understanding.

  4. :alert Please Read Carefully Before Voting or Posting on this Thread! :alert


    Frequently Asked Questions


    How do I count my Transformers for the annual poll?

    In order to participate in this poll, you are required to count your Transformers as best you can according to the Universal Counting Method (UCM) - see below. You then round your count to the nearest hundred and vote accordingly.


    What is the purpose of the annual poll?

    To determine the average size of a Transformers collector's collection and observe any changes year by year. Like so:



    Who made the Universal Counting Method?

    The UCM was not made by any individual Transformers collector, but rather by the community. In 2006 and 2007 a series of polls was conducted among TF collectors from around the world deciding on what people thought should and shouldn't count in a common method of counting Transformers. The articles in the UCM are based on the results of those polls. There have been a few new polls since then, and the articles in the UCM continue to reflect what the majority of participants voted for. Thus the UCM is based on a majority consensus.


    What if I don't agree with one or some of the rules of the UCM?

    Whether you agree with all of the rules or not is up to you. Not everyone will agree with all the rules in the UCM - not even I agree with all of the rules, but the rules are based on a majority consensus. If you choose to participate in this survey, then you are required to adhere to the Universal Counting Method, whether you personally agree with all of the rules or not.


    Can the rules of the Universal Counting Method be changed?

    No. That would render the data from previous years' surveys useless for comparison. Rules can be clarified as new toy concepts come in. In most cases the existing rules can cover new stuff, but in exceptional cases where it cannot, then a new poll will be formulated to create a new rule - but the existing rules cannot be changed.


    I don't like this. I don't even agree with this annual survey thing.

    Then you're welcome not to participate! This annual survey is completely voluntary. Nobody is forcing anyone to participate in this project and count according to the UCM if they don't want to. If you choose to participate in this survey, then you also choose to accept the rules of the survey - if you don't like the rules, then just don't get involved.


    I have less than 100 Transformers, or I have over 1000 Transformers - yet this poll only adequately counts collections numbering between 100 to 1000 toys. How are collections smaller than 100 or larger than 1000 more accurately represented?

    There are two parallel polls. Anyone who clicks on "100 or less" or "1000 or more" will be required to also vote on the relevant parallel poll so that more accurate information about collection sizes in those categories may be obtained.

    For example, here's last year's results for collections under 100:


    And for collections over 1000:






    :alert Please do NOT troll this thread by posting any vents against the Universal Counting Method or the annual poll project, or how much you disagree with the UCM rules etc. -- if you don't like this sort of thing, then just walk away from this thread. :deadhorse The purpose of this thread is for seeking clarification about the UCM or asking questions relevant to the annual survey


    Participation in the annual survey is voluntary - but if people choose to "play the game" then they need to stick by the rules of the game. If they don't like the rules, then don't play.


    Thank you. :)




    :justprime: THE UNIVERSAL COUNTING METHOD :justprime:




    "How many Transformers do you have?"

    "What's the size of an average Transformer collection?"

    These are questions that we often hear as Transformer collectors.


    The Universal Counting Method was created to allow fans to:

    1. Participate in collection count surveys.

    2. Provide a fair way to compare collection sizes.


    The definition of what should and shouldn't count as a "Transformer" in one's collection count greatly varies between individuals collectors depending on individual opinions which makes it ineffectual for individuals to compare collection sizes or effectively participate in surveys if every collector has a different method of classifying and counting Transformers.


    For example, imagine 2 Transformer collectors. They both own 2 G1 Seaspray toys in their collections. That's all. Transfan A decides that doubles count whereas Transfan B decides that they don't. Thus Transfan A considers himself as owning 2 Transformers whereas Transfan B considers herself as owning 1 Transformer. Despite the fact that both of these collectors own the exact same toys in the exact same quantities, Transfan A's collection count is 100% larger than Transfan B's simply because of discrepancies in their counting method. Now imagine this discrepancy on a larger scale when comparing collectors whose collection count would number in tens, hundreds or over a thousand and you can see that the disparity exponentially increases making collection size comparisons grossly unfair and rendering any data gathered from surveys about collection sizes useless.


    Due to the arbitrary nature of Transformer classification, it is not possible to formulate a single system of counting that everyone would completely agree with.


    As a result, during 2006 and 2007 a series of polls were conducted over numerous Transformer forums with collectors from various countries voting on what they considered to be the "correct" way of classifying and counting Transformer toys, and thus the Universal Counting Method was born based on the results of majority votes.


    It is a counting method made by the people for the people. Is it the "best" counting method? There's no real way to answer that because we all have different opinions on what is the "best" or "correct" way of classifying and counting Transformers. But considering that each Article in the Universal Counting Method is based on majority votes, I believe that it is at least the fairest method of counting Transformers for the purposes of comparing collection sizes and participating in surveys.


    The Universal Counting Method has not been officially endorsed by Hasbro Inc or TakaraTOMY Co., Ltd. It has been made by fans for fans. This system is not necessarily intended to replace everyone's personal preference for classification and counting - you can count your Transformers however you want to. But if you want to compare your collection count with others or participate in a collection count survey then you need to ensure that you and others are counting by the same method to make the comparison or results fair. The Universal Counting Method exists as a pre-made method that you can choose to use for such purposes.




    * ARTICLE 1: What Is A Transformer?

    A Transformer is legally defined as any product created under licence from Hasbro Inc. and/or Takara(Tomy) Co., Ltd under the "Transformers?" logo. As a result:

    1/ Pre-Transformers do not count as Transformers. Although they may have been manufactured by Takara, they were NOT done so under the Transformers? logo.

    2/ Knock-Offs/Bootlegs do not count as Transformers. They are not manufactured by Hasbro or Takara(Tomy) and they are certainly not released under licence from HasTak.

    3/ Any other kind of non-Transformer transforming robot toy that's not really a Transformer does not count as a Transformer. This includes your Macross, Gobots (Machine Men), Machine Robo etc. - again, if the toy is not manufactured under HasTak licence under the "Transformers?" logo then it doesn't count. It's as easy as that.


    * ARTICLE 02: Nebulans, Master Robots, Motorvator partners, Pretender/Crossformer/Dinoforce shells and Action Master partners and vehicles do not count separately. e.g.:

    - Triggerhappy & Blowpipe = 1 Transformer

    - Landmine & his Pretender shell = 1 Transformer

    - Action Master Sideswipe and Vanguard = 1 Transformer -- in total these all count as 3 Transformers.

    - For the purposes of this poll, Barricade's Frenzy will also not count as separate Transformers under this article's definition.


    * ARTICLE 03: Micromasters and Mini-Cons count individually. e.g.:

    - A complete Air Strike Patrol = 4 Transformers (Whisper, Tailwind, Stormcloud & Nightflight)

    - A complete Mini-Con Air Defence Team = 3 Transformers (Sonar, Jetstorm & Runway)

    - Hot Shot & Jolt = 2 Transformers

    - Overload & Rollout = 2 Transformers -- in total these all count as 11 Transformers.


    * ARTICLE 04: Only the component members of a Gestalt team count. e.g.:

    - Devastator = 6 Transformers (6 Constructicons)

    - Superion = 5 Transformers (5 Aerialbots) -- in total these all count as 11 Transformers.


    * ARTICLE 05: Individual combiner robots count individually but multi-in-1 components do not. e.g.:

    - A complete Constructor Squad = 6 Transformers

    - Battletrap = 1 Transformer (not 2)

    - Magmatron = 1 Transformer (not 3) -- in total these all count as 8 Transformers.


    * ARTICLE 06: Bases do not count. e.g.:

    - 1984 Optimus Prime = 1 Transformer (combat deck doesn't count separately)

    - Airwave = 1 Transformer (his Micromaster Station doesn't count separately)

    - BW Diver = 1 Transformer (Niagara Base doesn't count separately) -- in total these 3 Transformers are belong to us.


    * ARTICLE 07: "Peripheral" Transformers, drones and pilots/drivers do not count. e.g.:

    - Metroplex = 1 Transformer (Scamper, Six Gun and Slammer don't count)

    - 1984 Optimus Prime = 1 Transformer (Roller doesn't count separately)

    - Luke Skywalker/X-Wing Fighter = 1 Transformer (Luke Skywalker pilot doesn't count separately)

    - BTA Alert = 1 Transformer (Kuruma Ai doesn't count separately) -- in total these are 4 Transformers.

    - Blackout's Scorponok figurine will also not count as separate Transformers under this article's definition.


    * ARTICLE 08: Decoys, Statues, busts, PVCs, meal/candy toys, kits etc. do not count. e.g.:

    - Super Collection Figures don't count

    - Mega Collection Figures don't count

    - Mighty Muggs don't count

    - Be@rbricks don't count


    * ARTICLE 09: Variants count. e.g.:

    - Red and yellow Cliffjumper = 2 Transformers.

    - Original 1984, Classic reissue, Takara reissue, Ghost Starscream and TFC reissue Starscream = 5 Transformers -- in total 7 Transformers


    * ARTICLE 10: Multiples count. e.g.:

    - 2 Seasprays = 2 Transformers.


    * ARTICLE 11: Only the transformable 15cm Titanium Series Transformers count.


    * ARTICLE 12: Transformer Juniors and "non-mainline" Transformers count.

    e.g. Choro-Q Transformers Revoltech Transformers, Transformers etc. count.


    * ARTICLE 13: Microman Transformer humans count. e.g.: Kicker, Ga'Mede.


    * ARTICLE 14: PlaySkool Transformers count.


    * ARTICLE 15: Quintessons, Beastformers and Build-figures count. e.g.:

    - Alpha Quintesson = 1 Transformer

    - White Leo = 1 Transformer (NOTE: Battle Beasts do not count as Beastformers and thus do not count as Transformers)

    - Transmutate = 1 Transformer -- in total 3 Transformers


    * ARTICLE 16: Transformers Plushies count.


    * ARTICLE 17: All transforming movie Transformers count (e.g.: Cyber Slammers, Fast Action Battlers) but non-transforming movie Transformers do not (e.g.: Robot Replicas, Beatmix Bumblebee).


    * ARTICLE 18: Loose and sealed Transformers are counted in the same way.

    e.g.: A Micromaster Combiner Squad counts as 6 Transformers regardless of being sealed or loose


    * ARTICLE 19: Only Transformers in C-6 condition or above count

    i.e.: junkers don't count but anything that's not a junker counts.

    Most toys that you find on eBay etc are C-6. They are in reasonably fine to good condition and are mostly in tact. They are not missing any major parts and are not too heavily worn with no significant damage. Gimmicks are still operational. They may or may not come with accessories, depending on the nature of the toy. They should come with any major accessories - so a Headmaster or Targetmaster would only be considered C-6 if it has its Nebulan partner. In the case of a Maximus, it needs to have at least the "Cerebros" component, because it can still form the basic robot mode w/o "Spike."


    * ARTICLE 20: Customs and kitbashes count. Remember that under ARTICLE01 only Transformers manufactured under licence from Hasbro and/or Takara(TOMY) and specifically marketed as part of the Transformers brand count, therefore only customs/kitbashes constructed entirely from legitimate TF products count.

  5. Megatron's Day Out:


    Playing on the little swing... whee!






    Got some competition there...









    More climbing...



    King of the ropes!



    Hanging about


  6. It's a retool of Buster Optimus Prime, so the fuel tanks can also detach and form the gun. However unlike Buster Prime, the chromes have been replaced with Hasblo Grey. :(

    Otherwise new retool & features are:

    + The red parts under the chest-windows have been reduced, which makes it more accurate to the DotM Optimus Prime CGI model (reference pic)

    + The abs are all new, more closely resembling Optimus Prime's new abs in DotM (reference pic)

    + No spring out blades - which means the arms can fully extend! (which ROTF Leader Prime can't do when his swords are retracted... so annoying)


    If anyone's wondering, no, the Jetwing pack cannot clip onto ROTF Leader Optimus Prime, but it should be able to connect to Buster Prime. This is because ROTF Leader Prime's fuel tanks cannot detach - and they have to detach in order for the Jetwing pack to fit on. The fuel tanks can then either be stored in two compartments in the Jetwing, or combine to form the gun. The Jetwing is quite heavy, but toy also comes with two supports which clip onto the back of Optimus Prime's heel which actually supports the toy pretty well. These heel supports are also stored away in the Jetwing's vehicle mode. And yes, the Gatling guns can rotate, but you have to do it manually, there's no push-button gimmick or anything that makes them spin.


    Here's a little photo comic that shows how the Jetwing assembles. ;)















    P.S.: I took this toy with me when I watched Dark of the Moon for the second time on July 2nd in the cinema... and I was playing along with the scene when Jetwing Prime appeared, eheheheheh. :D Zooooommm!!

  7. I picked mine up from my local Big W about 2 weeks ago. Spotted him at Myer and Toys R Us for AU$170 -- what a rip. Glad I waited until it came out at Big W for AU$148... still pricey, but better than paying Myer's or TRU's price. (>_>) I know some people who still think $148 is too rich and are waiting to see if it'll come down any further - but my local Big W sold out of Jetwing Primes about a fortnight after the toys came out, and I haven't seen them restock yet.


    Here's some more piccies:







    And here's a comparison between Jetwing Optimus Prime (L) and ROTF Leader Optimus Prime:



    I've also translated his tech specs card...


  8. Movie aesthetics are really popular with kids right now thanks to the live action moofies, so it's little wonder that they play an influence with TF Prime. And the TF Prime designs are a kind of "hybrid" between the movie designs and more orthodox Transformers "G1" designs (which is really inspired by Japanese mecha; the roots of Transformers (e.g. Diaclone, Macross etc.)). I've come to enjoy Animated since Seasons 2 and 3, but I'm still not a big fan of the cartoony designs. But I can look past design aesthetics if the story telling is good.


    After all, in the world of the Transformers things are often... More Than Meets The Eye! :D


    Some people criticised the episode "Convoy" for using humans as the primary antagonists, but I liked it. It's good to show that:

    + The Autobots have threats other than Decepticons and Scraplets from space

    + Humans can be formidable enemies and the Transformers aren't gods.


    And I like the human villains in Prime a whole lot more than the human villains in Animated (SUV FTL!!). Raf just seems a bit too freakishly smart for a kid his age though... much like Chip Chase, only he's not a super strong pretend cripple. ;) :P Although Chip was a bit more believable as a young adult rather than a child.


    P.S.: And will SOMEBODY give Agent Fowler a flight suit and helmet?!? Holy occupational health and safety, Batman!!

  9. I think Car Robot is better than RiD. RiD cut stuff out for one thing, also things I preferred about Car Robot included:


    + Gigatron having different personalities in each of this modes, e.g. Gigabat being a bossy bully, Gigadragon being a menacing villain etc. I felt this wasn't carried through in RiD.


    + Despite popular belief, Gelshark/Sky-Byte does NOT speak in haiku. He just thinks he does. And in Car Robot this is something that Fire Convoy nitpicks him about -- technically what Gelshark/Sky-Byte prattles off is senryuu, not haiku. Senryuu is similar to haiku, but lacks the specific reference to nature which haiku must have (otherwise it's senryuu).


    ...and I generally just couldn't stand the dubbing. <shudder> Having said that, I can't wait to meet Neil Kaplan at Sydney SupaNova this year! :D Judging from the DVD interviews, he just seems like a really cool dude. :)


    Anyway, getting back on topic about TF Prime -- I do agree that Prime DOES try to make a more serious attempt at making Transformers more mature. But having said that, it's not working as well as the G1 comics or Beast Wars. There doesn't appear to be any real reason why these kids have to hang around the Autobots (don't their families worry? Are Miko's foster parents just plain negligent??) and in terms of dual appeal I think the show could be improved by:

    + More Autobot vs Decepticon action.

    + Remember, these are Transformers... in the Scraplets episode I don't think anyone actually transformed! Not much transforming in the Wheeljack ep either. Bah.

    + A continual story arc would be cool. Thus we would see the story gradually evolve as the series progresses. This is something that the G1 comics had, Beast Wars had and Animated also had, particularly in Seasons 2 and 3. You can have some "stand alone" episodes which aren't part of the overall continual story arc (e.g. "Transmutate"), but it'd be good to have more "complex" episodes that do weave into the overall fabric of the series' continuity (e.g. "The Agenda").

    + Two words: character development. It's what drives a story! As the series progresses we should see the characters transform -- not in a physical sense, but emotionally.


    I'll use an example from G1 (comics) and Beast Wars.


    1: G1 Grimlock

    At the beginning Grimlock was arrogant and stubborn, and was contemptuous of Optimus Prime always holding him and the Dinobots back because of their lack of a disguise on Earth. When Optimus Prime died, Grimlock was elected by the Autobots as their new leader. Absolute power corrupts absolutely and Grimlock became a ruthless tyrant, oppressing his fellow Autobots and even engaging in a civil conflict with other Autobots led by Fortress Maximus - only to be concluded by the presence of a common greater threat. But Grimlock later became one of Optimus Prime's most loyal soldiers -- even given command of Earthforce. When Optimus Prime died (again) after destroying Unicron, he personally named Grimlock as his successor (much to Prowl's great disappointment). Though he made a few mistakes in judgement, Grimlock did prove to be a better Autobot commander than last time as he did act with the Autobots' best interests at heart. And during G2 Optimus Prime was banking on Grimlock to disobey his orders and follow his heart - which Grimlock did, and saved Optimus Prime's arse. And Grimlock remained loyal throughout G2 and during the battle against the Swarm.


    2: Cheetor

    At the beginning of Beast Wars Cheetor was the immature and impulsive kid of the Maximal team. But as time progressed, he changed. By time he became a Transmetal he wasn't quite as rash as he once was, and even began resenting being treated as a youngling ("I'm not a kid... and maybe I'm not so nice either."). By time Cheetor became a Transmetal 2 he had grown from being the child to being the equivalent of an adolescent, or as Rattrap put it "Oh joy... cyber-puberty." :P By Beast Machines Cheetor had become a young adult... like a lot of young adults (think about what it's like looking for a job just after finishing your schooling - most people are qualified and feel competent, but lack sufficient work experience to impress some employers) he was qualified but lacked experience and thus was doubted by his fellow Maximals. But despite their doubts he did prove to be a competent leader.


    I think good character development is fundamental to any good form of story-telling.

  10. I want Prime to last as long as possible. I'm serious. I'm personally enjoying Prime but I can see that there's room for improvement too. The reason why I want it to last is because I'm really sick and tired of continuity reboots!! Although Transformers has always had multiple continuities from the beginning, we never really had a fully continuity reboot until Armada. That means that for 18 years (1984-2002) we enjoyed reboot free continuity. Generation 1, Generation 2, Beast Wars, Beast Machines... all were part of a single "continuity family." Armada came along and killed this by rebooting continuity and creating a whole new continuity family for Transformers. And since then we've had reboot after reboot. Enough damnit!!


    Just because a story may have problems doesn't necessarily mean we should disgard it. Writers can try to make it better. Take Animated for example. Except for Megatron Rising, the majority of Season 1 sucked IMO. Just way too childish with a lack of character development (the Animated TFs were treated more as caricatures rather than characters). Season 2 saw improvement, though somewhat sporadic - it had some great eps, it had some crap eps (Society of Ultimate Villainy anyone?). Season 3 on the other hand was when Animated got really good and is my favourite season of Animated. It had continual story arcs, character development, drama, as well as lots of fun and action for the kiddies. Then Hasbro went and canned it just as it was getting good... gee, that sure felt familiar (*cough*Generation 2*cough* *cough*Beast Wars*cough*) --- aaaand of course, Animated Season 3 is the only Season of Animated which was never released on DVD. <swear.words>




    So rather than just giving up the ship, I'd like to see them try to salvage it and turn it into something good.

  11. Can't return it and say it was defective can you?

    It's okay, I'm happy to keep this toy. I was never expecting it to be great, and quite frankly we're not going to see it sell for any cheaper than this here unless I'm willing to wait a year or so.


    $97 is cheap for a Devastator here. Just to give you an idea of how cheap. I went to my local Big W near my home on Wednesday and there were LOTS of Devastators everywhere, but it was still selling at the RRP of $170 so naturally I passed on it. However on Thursday the toy was discounted to $97. That afternoon I _rushed_ to the nearest Big W from my work, arriving at 16:00 and they were all sold out. A staff member I spoke to told me that there were people lining up in front of the store just before opening, and when they opened their doors people came in and cleaned them out. I said some rather bad words and then raced off to the Big W near my home - when I got there, again all the Devastators were sold out! I wanted to fcuking CRY! I then spoke to a staff member who saw I was quite visibly exhausted and upset, so he checked the back room and found one last Devastator that for some reason hadn't been shelved!


    So yeah... considering all the effort I went to get it and how I'm unlikely to find it so cheap any time soon, I'm happy to hang onto it. :) The mouth gimmick is lots of fun. ;) I made my first Devastator "Nom Nom" pic.


    "Can Devastator Eat A Nerd?!"






    nomnom_nerd3.jpg NOM! NOM! NOM! NOM! NOM!



  12. Got ROTF Combiner Class Devastator on sale ($97 where the RRP is $170). Even at that hefty discount I still feel cheated. :( The vehicles do indeed look too Fisher Price and the actual vehicles' design, engineering and transformations are really simple. It's like, more complex than Happy Meal Transformers but simpler than PlaySkool Transformers. (-_-)


    My verdict: don't get this toy. If you really want it, wait until it's more heavily discounted in the future.

  13. Games of the XXIX Olympiad, TF style! :D



    A: Archery

    B: Athletics

    C: Badminton

    D: Baseball

    E: Basketball

    F: Boxing

    G: Canoe/Kayak



    H: Cycling

    I: Diving

    J: Equestrian

    K: Fencing

    L: Football

    M: Gymnastics

    N: Handball

    O: Hockey



    P: Judo

    Q: Modern Pentathlon

    R: Rowing

    S: Sailing

    T: Shooting

    U: Softball

    V: Swimming

    W: Table Tennis



    X: Taekwondo

    Y: Tennis

    Z: Triathlon

    安: Volleyball

    以: Water Polo

    宇: Weightlifting

    è¡£: Wrestling

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