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  1. G1 Shockwave meets DotM Shockwave


    DotM Shockwave says to G1 Shockwave, "Hey look at me, I got something you don't - two hands! I can do all kinds of cool things... typing, playing the piano, playing the guitar, playing the violin, playing the organ, but best of all..."


    "...I can clap!"








    G1 Shockwave: <sad.face>


    And so G1 Shockwave walks away in defeat while DotM Shockwave walks away triumphant.


    ...but DotM Shockwave has neglected to realise that he shares the one significant weakness with his cycloptic G1 namesake...


    A lack of depth perception!






  2. I picked up Ultimate Optimus Prime last night at Kmart for $89 ($31 cheaper than the standard retail price!) :D


    Had a quick fiddle and took some photos which I'll post later... but overall this toy isn't as bad as I thought it would be, although I can definitely see why some people would be disappointed in this toy. I guess it might be because I had really low expectations for this toy, and I've refused to purchase it at the full $120 RRP - so considering that I got it at a cheaper price, I'm satisfied... but it's definitely not the greatest Optimus Prime toy out there - the cab robot is definitely highly simplified (and shrunken) to compensate for the trailer; which was to be expected. But there is some elegance to its simplicity (it is nice to have a TF that doesn't have a super complex transformation)... just needs to be cheaper.


    As for the claim of it being the "biggest" Optimus Prime... yeah, that's a stretch -- clearly the claim is based on the length of the Butterfly mode's wingalings. Wingalings aside, the Butterfly mode's height is tall, but in a walking on stilts kind of way. The butterfly mode is also a brick with bugger all articulation other than the head and arms... not much better than Powermaster Optimus Prime's super mode. (>_>) The truck w/ trailer mode is big, but I suspect that the Target exclusive MP Convoy w/ trailer might be bigger in vehicle mode. I don't have this toy, but some of my friends do, so I'll take some comparison pics next time I get the chance. The grey colour of the trailer is underwhelming (although it's not the usually awful "Hasblo" Grey). The Mech Tech weapon is a block - they shouldn't have bothered with it -- would have preferred to see the budget better spent on the actual figure itself. And it looks a bit ungainly attached to the bottom of the trailer.

  3. ...that's more TF

    aoi than I wanted to see. :/ <shudders>


    Now for something less homoerotic*, another MSPaint enhanced action shot:





    *Not intended as a criticism against homoeroticism, but it's not my thing. ;)

  4. Is that all those pics are done with? I thought for sure it was some complicated program. I might give that a try now...

    Pretty much. I also use Irfanview to adjust image sizes and occasionally for some effects like greyscaling, blurring etc. That's all.


    Dont you worry about the sunlight hitting your toys? I dont put anything near a window (even indirect sunlight) for fear of yellowing.

    I usually keep those blinds closed. I just had them opened to take those photos. :)



  5. Wow... I find Rodimus a lot easier and less frustrating to transform than the Seekers. Though Megatron's the freakin' worst. (-_-) I transformed both Hasbro and Takara Rodimus last night (so I effectively transformed the mould twice)... wasn't so bad. You get used to it after a while. The Seekers I find frustrating cos too much crap pops off when I transform them. Grimlock is definitely the easiest MP by far.


    Mindset on the other hand wouldn't be so bad, if they had given him a new head sculpt.

    Indeed. Had the head been sculpted to look more like the original Mindset, and if he'd been a Decepticon instead of an Autobot then I would've grabbed this toy. What's the point of homaging the Mindset name if you're not even going to get the faction right?? But that assumes Hasbro knows what they're doing... I mean, this is a company that gave us:

    + A homage to Erector sold as a Decepticon called "Mudflap."

    + An Autobot in the movieverse homaging the Decepticon name Mudflap, even though there was already a Decepticon in the Movieverse with that name (while Paramount may not have known this, they would still have to get everything approved by Hasbro who should have flagged this and asked Paramount to use a different name).

    + An Autobot in the movieverse with the name of a Decepticon named Jolt. Again... Hasbro should've picked this up. Consequently canonical material renamed this character "Dead End," but then Hasbro and made that confusing too. Nuts.

  6. Oooh! Love seeing room pics. :) Here's mine (some of you would have already seen it from my collection pics thread)










    What about the robot? :P :P





    lmao love ur mspaint work!

    Cheers dude. :) I'm too 'tarded to use anything above MSPaint :P :P


    Here's another one:


  7. The toys aren't here (except the one) because Hasbro had changed how they release toys. They didn't want anything to change the brand recognition of the movie toys, which is obvious because everyone maxed out on their displays a week before DoTM hit. However, they probably COULD have released a Bumblebee, since it is similar enough, but then again there are at least 3 Deluxe DoTM Bumblebee toys which are shelf warming already.


    Should they have released Prime toys last year? Well they were still in RTS mode at that point, as well as the other items. Sure it doesn't make sense to not have toys out, especially with Hasbro's past performances. But they were trying to do too much at once! What if they did Prime toys before DoTM toys, then RTS and Generations wouldn't have come out!

    Or alternatively they could hold the release of the TF Prime show until after DotM dies down. Then released the toys and show simultaneously.


    Another thing to consider is the fact that the show is only on the Hub. Do you get the Hub?

    I don't have Pay TV, but we certainly don't have the Hub on Free-To-Air television. I only watch TF Prime on YouTube.

  8. I am surprised so many of you dislike the show. I am a G1 fan all the way, and I think this show is the best I have seen since G1. The voice acting and overall and the feel of the show is better than anything I have seen in quite a while.

    Yeah well, the G1 cartoon is overrated. I've always preferred the G1 comics. The writing in TF Prime is no where near the level of the old Marvel Comics or Beast Wars. Too many of the characters are treated more like caricatures rather than characters, which is also what the G1 cartoon did too.


    And character writing aside, other things which annoy me include:


    + Miko <---completely USELESS human. Characters who make prominent appearances yet make little to no valuable contribution to the story (and thus waste screen time) are widely disliked by fans. This is why many G1 cartoon fans hated Daniel Witwicky and Wheelie (and why official canon KILLED them off when Daniel was a young adult -- he and Wheelie sacrificed themselves as they were being swarmed by Nightbirds), and also why many Star Wars fans hate Jar Jar Binks.


    + Optimus Prime spouting clichéd one-liners rather than actually having realistic dialogue. Many have criticised TF Prime Optimus Prime of being a "quote machine"


    + Wheeljack... man this character sucks. First of all he's a freakin' MUNCHKIN (anyone who's played role playing games here will know that nobody likes a Munchkin...), and secondly... he doesn't TRANSFORM!


    + WHERE ARE THE TOYS?!?? Transformers is a toy franchise, damn it! The toys should be out before the show (or at least at the same time). Here we are watching the show and I haven't seen a single TF Prime toy for sale in stores yet! Boooooo!


    + Airachnid's beast mode... WTF?? Thank goodness she's ditched that now...


    + Bumblebee can't talk, but Raf can somehow understand him perfectly. Like that's not stupid.


    But there are some things I do like about the show, such as:


    + Cliffjumper's a completely different mould from Bumblebee! (too bad he didn't last long)


    + Arcee isn't pink or purple or any other stereotypically girlie pastel colours (although she does have some pink highlights, but they're subtle)


    + Jack Darby's mum is HAWT!


    + MECHA -- another group of antagonists other than Decepticons. It's not often we see human antagonists for the Transformers, and they're not lame like the human villains in Transformers Animated or the G1 cartoon. It hasn't been since the G1 comics that we've seen credible and non-lame human antagonists. Okay, the Mechanic was kinda lame, but ya know, there were plenty of awesome human antagonists in the G1 comics, e.g. R.A.A.T./I.I.I., Circuit Breaker, COBRA etc. Even Spider-Man was initially a protagonist for a short while (until he realised that Gears was a good guy), ditto G.I. Joe. Actually, I wish TF Prime had just used COBRA instead of making a new faction... why not? It's another Hasbro franchise. Then there would be the possibility of introducing G.I. Joe as potential allies for the Autobots later on.


    + Bulkhead: I prefer him over his Animated counterpart. Less goofy and ... stupid. The "big clumsy oaf" joke got really old fast.

  9. It's one of those Modeling Support Gear gattling guns by Kotobukiya. I painted it up and gave it to Kup just cause. Now I gotta figure out which other figure gets one. I bought two and was going to give one to RotF Optimus Prime. Just cause he needed a kick ass looking gun. Unfortunately, it's a bit small for him. He can one fist it without a problem just looks kinda silly with him.

    Get Jetwing Prime if you want a Leader Class movie Prime with gatling guns. ;) He seems to be shelf warming at TRU atm, although they're expensive there (Big W was cheaper, but they're all sold out there :P)



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