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  1. Remember that domestic dust is made up of faecal excrement of dust mites (and other allergens produced by them) - and this faeces contains active enzymes that can actually kill cells within the human body, and the deeper the droppings can travel into the lungs, the more damage it can potentially cause. Scientists have currently identified seven different active enzymes contained in dust droppings, but there could be more. I saw an episode of hoarders where they left out some open Agar plates to test the air quality -- they found that the air in the kitchen contained thousands more airborne germs than can be found on an average toilet seat. i.e. it would be cleaner for this hoarder to eat off a toilet seat than in their own kitchen!


    And it just looks bad. Doesn't this guy take pride in his collection?


    the dust in this guys TF collection room. hasn't been cleaned in years. i'm sure his room doesn't have a exaust fan. who even knows if he opens up his bed room windows to air out the room. this dust build up, due to it sitting around for years isn't safe to breathe in.

    As I said before... doesn't he even PLAY with his toys?? Surely by virtue of playing with one's toys they get less dusty. That much dust on the toys indicates that they haven't been touched or moved in a jolly long time. I don't see the point of collecting toys if you're not going to play with them -- makes about as much sense as buying books and not reading them or buying food and not eating it. (o_O) Also, compulsive hoarding can be just a symptom of deeper underlying psychological issues.

  2. Part of the FUN of collecting is the HUNT! If it were just up to GETTING everything we want immediately, it's fricking BORING!

    I'd rather just find the toys quickly. Time spent hunting is less time I'm spending playing with my toys. Hunting sucks. I didn't mind it so much when I was younger and single... but when you have a family, spare time becomes more of a luxury and hunting just becomes downright annoying and frustrating. Then there's the increasing cost of fuel.

  3. I don't use eBay. Don't see the point. Seems like a lot of hassle and I'm constantly hearing stories of bad experiences from people who use it (this board even has an entire thread dedicated to it! Every time I read it I feel glad I don't use eBay). If I want to buy a Transformer toy, I'll go to the shops. I try to buy toys that I expect to like, so I seldomly have the urge to sell anything, and if I do, I usually sell/trade with other collectors easily enough.


    Did I mention there are NO FEE's. Restrictions? Just nothing Illegal. Like you can't sell your little sister because she steals all your mom's attention. No dead parrots here, unless you're a monty python skit.


    Oh and I'm the toy moderator, so worried about selling that Megatron WITH OUT THE ORANGE TIP??? Fa-get-about it! Oh wait, arn't KO's Illegal? As long as nobody is tryin to push a KO as the real thing, post away!

    Huh? You said "nothing illegal," then you said that selling KOs is okay as long as they're not being presented as the real thing, but selling KOs is already an illegal act. I can understand what you're trying to do, and kudos to you for being more ethical in the presentation of counterfeit toys, but the fact remains that selling forgeries is actually illegal regardless whether you inform consumers of the fact or not.


    But hey, I MUCH prefer seeing people selling KOs at least being open, honest and upfront in telling people that it's a fake than those who don't, or those who use ambiguous language like "Asian reissue", which is freaking stupid, because legit Takara(TOMY) reissues are technically Asian reissues too. Or people who say "Chinese reissues," which is also retarded because there ARE legit Chinese reissues out there, so that disclaimer alone doesn't necessarily say it's a forgery. Some collectable toy stores in Japan like Mandarake actually label all KOs with a sticker that says "Bootleg." There's no ambiguity -- they make it crystal clear that the toy is a fake. While I personally don't like/condone the sales of counterfeits, I do appreciate the fact that some sellers do at least inform potential buyers about the true nature of the product, thus removing the deception factor.

  4. That doesn't sound like collecting, that sounds like HOARDING, and compulsive-hoarding is a symptom of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder. Buying three of every Transformer seems OCDish to me.



    The squalor state of that collection indicates that he doesn't even bother to play with his toys. And if as Backfire has heard, the toys are actually all over the place and actually cluttering living areas and affect health are signs of compulsive hoarding. Methinks this guy needs help. I don't want to see his collection thrown away like on those hoarder shows on TV, but someone needs to come in there, grab ONE of every Transformer, pack them away, sell off the multiples for him, then freaking clean up the house and organise the remainder of his collection into a respectable collection. That way he'd have a clean house, neat looking collection, and extra money earnt from selling the excess toys. :)


    You want to sit on the couch? Dig your self a spot. Gota go to the bathroom? Dig your way in. Wanna go to bed, hope you like sharing your TF bed sheets with a hundred of his favorite TF's.


    I don't know who he is, but he lives in my general area. I can only imagine the broken bot dreams this guy has around the house, lord primus help him if he has a pet. Can you imagine the dust, grime and dander that lurks beneath the plastic gold?

    Lord Primus help him if he ever wants to bring a girl (or guy if so inclined) home!! I don't mean to sound mean, but seriously... that would have to massively interfere with one's romantic life. (o_O) Not many people want to go home to a potential partner who lives in a filthy cluttered squalor.


    I am glad that I'm over having to buy EVERYTHING TF related. I think Beast Wars broke me of that.

    To be fair, it's not this guy's obsession with being a completist that's the real problem. I know of two Transformers collectors - let's call them "Tom" and "Harry" (not real names). Tom is a completist - he has EVERYTHING and ANYTHING Transformers related. But his collection is stored in a large downstairs basement room. The collection is neat and tidy and does not clutter any living area of his home. Harry on the other hand has a relatively modest size Transformers collection, he is not a completist -- some may say he's more of a casual Transformers collector (although he does collect other toys like Lego etc. - but not a large scale collector of them either). Yet his home is disgusting... I've been there several times myself. The smell is unbelievable and makes you want to wretch. He has a cat which defecates indoors around the house (which is rather unusual behaviour for a cat - they usually always use the same area like a cat litter) - but anyway, because the house is so cluttered he's unable to locate all the cat excrement, let alone clean it up. Yeah. This guy's nickname is "Smelly Harry" -- I kid you not, and I did not make that nick name up (I don't call him that, seems rather cruel, but I know lots of other people who just call him "Smelly"). Most don't know that it's because his home just stinks so bad; he does shower daily, but as soon as he steps out of the shower the stench smacks him and re-skunks his whole body. I'm seriously not making this up -- another TF collector thought I was exaggerating, then one day I brought him over to Harry's house. At first he said, "It's not _that_ bad." Then I told him to go upstairs into the bedroom. He went up. He came down the stairs with a "OMFG" expression of utter shock on his face like he'd just been to Hell and back. He agreed that I wasn't exaggerating after that. ;)


    So yeah, one doesn't have to be a completist to be a filthy slob hoarder... and one can be a completist and still be neat and tidy. I don't see the two as being necessarily related. I think in this case we happen to have a completist who happens to be a slob. The guy needs help.


    P.S.: I've lost touch with Harry for several years, but he recently got married, so he must have somehow changed himself and cleaned up his act (and home)! Either that or he found a woman who likes living in filth... but that's less likely. I'd like to believe that he managed to see the light and has changed himself for the better. :)

  5. Remember that UK continuity is meant to be the same as US continuity -- the UK comics were meant to be like an Expanded Universe, similar to say the Clone Wars series is to the Star Wars films. And when Furman took over from Budiansky, he explicitly made ties between the US and UK continuities to consolidate them together. The final events in the G1 comics like the Matrix Quest and thereafter could NOT have occurred without certain events in the UK comics having happened. Some of the US comics even make flashbacks to those events, like Deathbringer. And in the Matrix Quest they find Optimus Prime's body inside that funeral barge, which also came from the UK comics.


    So... seeing the Wreckers there again was confusing since a lot of them didn't survive the Time Wars (except Leadfoot who was never a member of the original Wreckers -- I suspect his inclusion is a nod to the Movieverse Wreckers). Likewise those Deluxe Insecticons who were members of the Decepticon Mayhem Attack Squad and were also killed. So what gives??? Here's some possible explanations:

    1) It's been 21 years since the end of G1. Perhaps in that time some formerly deceased Autobots and Decepticons have since been revived.

    2) The events of the Time Wars created an alternate universe, thus this universe would be one where Galvatron was never created and thus never travelled back in time. Thus in this universe any events caused by Galvatron's time travel never happened, but those unaffected by it (e.g. Death Bringer) still did. This would satisfactorily explain why those Wreckers and Mayhems who were killed in the Time Wars are still alive here if the events of stories like Target: 2006 and the Time Wars never happened. Wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey. ;)

  6. Really just heads and weapons for me, at least now I believe weapons all have standard sized handles.

    The 5mm weapon post thing actually started in 1984 with toys like Optimus Prime, Soundwave, Buzzsaw, Laserbeak, Frenzy, Rumble, Ravage, Starscream, Skywarp, Thundercracker and Megatron. e.g. G1 Optimus Prime and DotM Deluxe Optimus Prime can hold each other's weapons. :) There are plenty more G1 Transformers who can hold 5mm post weapons. But it was in 2003 with Transformers Armada that the 5mm post concept became almost universal. Every Armada Transformer can hold each other's weapons, and of course, the Mini-Con that transformed into weapons (e.g. Star Sabre) had 5mm posts that could be held by any Autobot or Decepticon ('cept Laserbeak... he sucks). The same pretty much applied across Energon and Cybertron, except for the Energon Dinobots - they suck too (worse still, they have no weapons of their own, and the lack of 5mm compatible fists means you can't give them an Energon weapon or Mini-Con etc. to hold :roll) So yeah, the idea of the standardised 5mm weapon post has been around since pre-Transformers (since the Diaclone and Microman toys that became the early TFs would've already had that design in place). :)


    Dark of the Moon Ultimate Optimus Prime is covered in holes for 5mm post weapons...


    ^Note the two versions of 1984 G1 Optimus Prime's rifles attached -- the "fat" rifle on the side of the trailer, and the "thin" rifle on the side of the very front of the cab (near the front right wheel). 1988 Ginrai's shoulder cannon is also attached to the side of the trailer (same mould as Powermaster Optimus Prime's shoulder cannon, but different shade of gray (dark metallic instead of light flat)



    ^Note 1988 Powermaster Optimus Prime's rifle on the top of the trailer

  7. Personally their should be a law & fine

    There is... it'd fall under either false advertising or misrepresenting your product or misleading the consumer (or a combination of them all).


    or Strike on a ebay sellers account added for selling ebay toys covered in cigar/cigarette smell.

    Isn't that why eBay has a rating system for users?? If people aren't going to honestly rate others, then well... that's those people's fault.


    because nicotene/tobacco has been proven to cause cancer & lung disease.

    I have no idea what nicotene is, but cigarette/tobacco smoke does contain a chemical called nicotine which is carcinogenic.


    so these ebay sellers are basically selling a envoirmentally un-safe toy to the buyer.

    I'm sure it's fine for the envoirment... just not so much for personal health.


    naturally I was too scarred to give the ebay seller a negative feedback or report him to ebay.

    Were you physically or emotionally scarred?? :O I understand that nicotine smell is stinky... but I've personally never been physically or emotionally wounded by it.


    because sometimes these guys seek out further revenge by stalking you on the internet or stalking you out on ebay. I figured it wasn't worth the trouble of putting my life in danger over a $15 dollar toy +$10 in shipping fees.

    Chicks dig scars. ;)


    I suspose I should at the very least call ebay tommorow & alert them. that their a is a seller out their selling & shipping out items with a heavily tobacco smell on them. that could pose envoirmentall unsafe hazards. which could cause buyers to get cancerr or their lungs ruined by breating in these heavily tobaco smoked on ebay items.

    Cancerr... sounds like a disease for pirrates, arr. ;) I would report them to eBay if I were you. Still don't see the envoirmentall damage though. Whatever the hell an envoirment is. Sounds funky though when I say it in French ("On-vwah-mont"). ;)

  8. Amazon Japan has discounted the pre-order price for Soundwave down to the equivalent of $150 (much better than the $210 RRP). :) So I've already preordered mine. :D As for Starscream, yeah, I skipped that toy since I already have MP03 and Hasbro's TRU Starscream. Although I have pre-ordered Masterpiece Sunstorm, so I'll have a copy of this mould w/ coronation kit (albeit different colours), and it'll be a new character. :)

  9. Nope.


    I'd rather see a Transformers/G.I. Joe Crossover first -- that one would make more sense since both continuities HAVE actually crossed over several times! I know we had Energon Snowcat, but I'd like to see other GI Joe vehicles get made into Transformers. A Havoc TF would be awesome.

  10. If the seller didn't tell you that the toys stank of tobacco, then they owe you recompense because those toys have been damaged by the smell. Sure, the damage is reversible, but that's not the point. Imagine if I sold a toy with a photo of it looking clean, but in reality it was covered in a thick layer of dust and dirt. The buyer could clean all that muck off, but the fact is that the toy was not sold in the condition that it was presented as in the sale, which is misleading.


    *sigh* Another reason why I prefer buying toys minty new from retail stores.

  11. Meh, unless it's meant to be a G1 tribute, I don't care what she transforms into. I mean, Michael Bay changed Barricade from a blue and pink F1 racer to a black police car... nobody said nothing. If they make say a Generations Arcee toy, then I want her to be a car... because Classicsverse is about creating G1 characters with contemporary toy engineering. But aside from that... who cares? In each separate contained continuity, she can transform into whatever the hell she wants. Heck... she's even been a spider before!

  12. I have three questions.

    1. Who the hell are Serpentar and Dr Mind bendor??????? :fail

    2. Why do you post in double space? (it makes it harder to read)

    3. Are you aware that Transformers and G.I. Joe ARAH were both made by Sunbow. Flint Dille was a writer on both G.I. Joe and Transformers.


    ...if you want more substantial stories, go read the Marvel Comics. Larry Hama and Simon Furman's writings were far superior to anything Sunbow spat out.

  13. 1- It seems like Hasbro is copying Bandai's constant rebooted power rangers toy lines/series

    Umm... you do know that "Power Rangers" is an American concept, right? In Japan, these Super Sentai series are all completely independent. They get reworked into becoming part of Power Rangers, when originally they were completely disparate and unrelated series (much like say when Harmony Gold merged Macross, Southern Cross and MOSPEADA to form Robotech, or when Hasbro merged Diaclone, Microman, Dorvack, Macross etc. to make Transformers).


    Transformers hasn't really done this since 1986 -- since then most Transformer toys have been purpose-made exclusively for the Transformers line (even if some are later recycled for other lines). So this argument hasn't been relevant for 26 years now.


    2- I can understand the constant TF rebooted cartoons/toys lines. because Hasbro is a toy company that sells toys. Hasbro needs to create reboots for TF,so the toy designs & characters seem different & new to buyers.

    I see no logic to this argument. G1 gave us lots of new toy concepts; Jumpstarters, Dinobots, Constructicons, Insecticons, Scramble City/gestalts, Targetmasters, Headmasters, Powermasters, Pretenders, Micromasters, Lightformers, Motorvators et al., and it was all contained within a single continuity-family. G2 gave us more new concepts like Axelerators, Rotor Force, Laser Rods, Skyscorchers etc., and it was still part of the same continuity-family. Beast Wars then gave us a drastically different concept -- essentially reinventing the Transformers toyline, and yet it was still maintained in the same continuity-family. So was Beast Machines, but due to its awkward ending, they decided to do a complete reboot after it. But we haven't had another continuity ending that dead-ended a story like the ending of Beast Machines did with the G1 continuity family.


    As you said, Transformers is a TOY franchise... so the toys should dictate canon, not vice versa. Look at Classicsverse -- that's a toy line that's existed largely without widely accessible canon, and yet it proved to be quite popular (as opposed to the expensive DOTM film which still has toys shelfwarming atm). The thing I don't like atm is that Hasbro's treating Transformers as merchandise for the Bay movies and their own in-house series (e.g. Animated, Prime). The problem with this of course is that toys are engineered in a completely counter-intuitive manner... whereas Transformers are normally designed purely as toys (and thus engineers will typically take an alt mode and engineer it to a robot), media-based Transformers are done the other way around -- they're designed as robot characters first, and then it's up to HasTak to "translate" them into toys that can actually transform into alt mode. The end result is that media based Transformer toys are typically not as good as those which are designed as toys first. If you look at some of the better figures from the movieverse toy line, they're often characters that don't appear in the film; i.e. they're not media based.


    Transformers media used to exist as a means of marketing toys (the TV series were essentially a series of 25 min toy adverts), not the other way around. But recently the lines have become blurred, and increasingly we're seeing toys being produced to market the media. With the live action movie franchise, I can understand the need for this to happen (although this doesn't excuse the fact that HasTak have never given us a proper DotM Mirage toy), but I don't see it as being necessary for anything else. I'd prefer TF Prime if it were designed as a toy line first, then as media later... just like G1, G2, Beast Wars etc. Go back to focusing on Transformers principally as a toy line instead of producing them as film and television merchandise... because for me, that really takes a lot of the magic out of the toys when they're focussing more on "translating" screen images rather than engineering them as clever toys.

  14. What the hell is a "Defination??" :fail


    I can understand why the rebooted continuity after Beast Machines (since transforming Cybertron into a technorganic garden boxed that continuity into a dead end that's really difficult to continue from). But there's been too many reboots and it's as if continuity itself has become disposable, and I really do NOT like that. Because if you have PRIDE in your work, you don't go throwing it away and starting anew again and again. Look at George Lucas - I know that a lot of people have criticised the Prequel Trilogy, and I agree that there are some significant flaws in it and it's no where near as good as the Original Trilogy -- but to be fair, it is a decent set of movies and at least Lucas has enough pride in his work to maintain the same continuity. He wasn't like, "Oh man, lots of people don't like Phantom Menace, I'd better start again" -- Attack of the Clones continued straight from that, which was an improvement from Phantom Menace. And despite criticisms about that movie, he had enough pride in his own work to continue it again with Revenge of the Sith (which was better than AotC). And the Clone Wars series occurs within the same continuity as the films. Lucas doesn't go about disposing of his stories if he's unhappy with it -- he continues with it and tries to make them better.


    And in that regard, I'm personally quite happy to hear that Michael Bay has announced that the next Transformers film will NOT be a reboot. While the first three films had problems (especially ROTF and DOTM), at least Bay has enough pride to not chuck that all away and take the lazy option of restarting continuity. Rebooting, to me, just shows laziness and a lack of pride in a franchise. Larry DiTillio and Bob Forward knew nothing about Transformers when they were first employed to write Beast Wars, but they had enough pride to try and maintain it within the same continuity as G1 and G2.


    I can forgive the first reboot after Beast Machines - because that did not end well. But there's just been way too many reboots that the idea of a sustained Transformers continuity is getting to be a joke.

  15. FEs never came out here. I had to get mine from Hong Kong and Japan (thankfully all at RRP or less :)).


    Here are a few comparison photos:


    L-R: TFPRiD Wheeljack (top) & Generation Wheeljack (bottom), TFPRiD Cliffjumper (top) & FE Cliffjumper (bottom), FE Bumblebee (NYCC, top) & TFPRiD Bumblebee (bottom)


    (L-R): FE Megatron & TFPRiD Megatron



    The colours on TFPRiD Megatron are incredibly poor, and the plastic feels cheap. The shoulder pads interfere with articulation and the LED gimmick is just stupid. Both toys are actually terrible (both suffer from having the robot head sit on top of the jet canopy, and of course, a "WTF?!" alt mode), but TFPRiD Megatron is worse.


    (L-R): TakTOM FE Optimus Prime, TFPRiD Optimus Prime, HAS FE Optimus Prime



    Top to bottom comparison w/ show model: HAS FE, TakTOM FE, TFPRiD



    (L-R): FE Deluxe Optimus Prime & FE Voyager Optimus Prime




    The colours on HAS FE OP is cheap, especially on the gun which is black with silver speckles splattered on it, whereas TakTOM's gun is black with silver speckles mixed into the plastic itself (it's not a paint app). A much nicer appearance. Both suffer from these shoulder joints that don't lock in properly. I really don't like TFPRiD Optimus Prime. There's too much grey and the transparent blue looks bad. The engineering isn't as clever, it's more of a shellformer than FE OP. And the LED gimmick is failtastic. :roll The holes on the vehicle mode also looks bad - and it's smaller too. The only good thing I can say about TFPRiD Optimus Prime is that the chest is actually formed from the truck windows and doesn't use faux-kibble like FE OP, which some people see as an engineering cop out. But to me, the cons outweigh the pros on TFPRiD OP.


    ...and I found these photos off Google...


    (L-R): FE Cliffjumper & TFPRiD Cliffjumper


    The TFPRiD's robot mode may be more showlike, but the engineering is a cop out -- the FE is a much better designed toy and has a more interesting transformation. As a toy FE Cliffjumper is superior.


    I much prefer FEs over the TFPRiDs, although I've yet to see the following toys outside of packaging IRL for myself: TFPRiD Bulkhead, TFPRiD Voyager Starscream, TFPRiD Arcee. I've yet to see a TFPRiD that I thought was better than their FE counterpart.

  16. This thread is for the discussion of phonetics relating to Transformer words. :)




    I have two questions - just curious to see how people are pronouncing these words...


    #1) Scourge

    Who pronounces it as:

    * /skɜ;dʒ/ ("scurge") rhyming with "purge" or "surge, or do you pronounce it as...

    * /skɔ;dʒ/ ("scorge") rhyming with "forge" or "gorge."

    For me, I pronounce it as "scorge" when I'm using it as the Transformer name, but I say "scurge" when I'm using it as a regular word. Technically it should be pronounced as "scurge," but I say "scorge" if I'm talking about any Transformer with that name. <shrug>


    #2) Transformers

    I've always placed the stress on the second syllable, so I say "transFORMers", and every Australian I've spoken to pronounces it that way -- but I find that when listening to some Americans speak on DVD interviews and commentaries, there's an inconsistency. Some Yanks place the stress on the second syllable like we do, but sometimes I hear them place the stress on the first syllable and say "TRANSformers." :eek: -- but then when they use the verb "transform," they say "transFORM"... I don't think I've ever heard anyone from anywhere say "TRANSform."


    And in the Transformers Prime DVD, some people, including one of the Hasbro staffers, didn't seem able to make up his mind as to where the stress should fall! At one point he'd say "TRANSformers," but then later on he'd say "transFORMers"... :eek: I can understand different people having variant pronunciations -- regional accent differences or what not (or as TFP Ratchet would say, "hwat not" ;)), but usually people are consistent within their own accent!


    According to dictionary.com and the Cambridge dictionary web site, the stress is meant to fall on the second syllable. Which means that I (and everyone else I've ever met) has been pronouncing it correctly. But why do some people (seemingly some Americans) put the stress on the first syllable? Here's my theory...

    The word transform is pronounced as transFORM when used as a verb (e.g. "transform to robot mode"), but TRANSform when used as a noun (e.g. "binomial and integral transforms are types of mathetical transforms"), but AFAIK all words that use transform as a morpheme place the stress on "form" (e.g. Transformer, transformation, transforming, transformable etc.).


    I mean, whenever you wear lines like, "Autobots, transform!," or "Decepticons, transform!" etc., it's pronounced as "transFORM." How weird would it sound if Optimus Prime said, "TRANSform and roll out!" :rolleyes: So I personally don't understand the logic of pronouncing Transformers as "TRANSformers."

  17. I think with Armada it was a failed attempt from Hasbro to try and combine more g1 design characteristics but without the severe lack of articulation that g1 had. Obviously the minicons were a bit of a mess with some figures and did hinder things, but they integrated really well with others. All in all though, it wasn't really that different from most other lines. Had some good, some bad, and some ugly.

    IMO the thing that made Armada different from previous lines was the over-dominance of gimmicks that hampered with engineering. Energon suffered from this too, and it got better with Cybertron (but some toys still suffered from being too gimmicky). Yes, there were plenty of examples of too gimmicky TF toys before Armada, such as the G1 Battlechargers, Firecons, G2 Power Masters, Retrax and so on - but on the whole, these toys were the exception, not the rule. In Armada we had a LOT of Transformers being loaded with gimmicks to the point where it just got silly -- and soon engineering took a back seat to these gimmicks. A good toy should have a gimmick that _compliments_ the engineering without compromising it. That's what they managed to do with some of the Cybertron toys, like Downshift. If you absolutely cannot stand the Cyber Planet Key gimmick on that toy, you can throw the key away and never play with it... but Downshift is still an excellent Transformers action figure without it.


    But look at say Armada Hot Shot -- the robot mode, particularly the upper part, is compromised because of the Mini-Con gimmick. This gave rise to the infamous "WhY mY ShOuLdErS hUrT?" derisive fan term that soon became the unofficial catchphrase for toys that had engineering compromised by gimmicks.



    The ultimate problem with Armada -- and many post-Armada toys continue to suffer from this -- is when they try to base a toy around a gimmick, rather than designing a gimmick to suit a toy. Electronic sound gimmicks are notoriously bad as they leave this chunky block that cannot be separated... the toy has to be designed around it. There are a few toys that manage to succeed as good toys despite having sound gimmicks, such as Animated Leader Megatron, but many many others that suffer because of it, such as TF1 and ROTF Leader Megatrons. <shudder> And even with the better sound gimmicked toys, I can tell you they could've been better if they didn't have the sound gimmick holding them back. People just prefer GOOD toys, regardless of fancy gimmicks. Good toys don't need fancy gimmicks. Look at a lot of the Car Robot figures (new moulds), except for Fire Convoy and God Magnus, they didn't have sound gimmicks. Look at Classicsverse (CHUGUR) - most of them are great toys... no fancy gimmicks. And those that do tend to cop more criticism than those which don't (e.g. Universe Silverbolt and Boobglide).


    The Armada toys would've been significantly better if they weren't so gimmicky. Look at Universe Hot Shot and compare him with Armada Hot Shot -- the former is what the latter would have been if they didn't bother with the gimmick. I'm not putting gimmicks down per se, but they work better when used/designed cleverly instead of just bunging them into almost every toy.


    Every line is a little too this, or too much of that and always not g1 enough. But hey, that's just how it's always been and it's not going to change. The fact when some people don't like a particular line, or lines, and has to take it personally and make sure everyone and their neighbors know it every single chance they get to vent it. That's another one of the things that might not have made me quit collecting, but it has almost made me quit all message boards. Simply put, I'm referring to the times where people simply keep flaming everything in sight with nothing but a bunch of petty gripes.

    People are passionate - and that's a good thing. :) Public criticism is a mixed bag. You do get a lot of nonsensical rubbish, but you do occasionally get valid criticisms which warrant paying attention to. You look at newspaper editors; they receive tonnes of letters, a lot of which would be crap. But if they occasionally find one that's good, they'll print it to promote discussion/thought about news issues; and good editors will select letters presenting valid arguments from different POVs to give readers a balance of different opinions if they can. So in a way, the editorial team acts as a filter, removing all the rubbish comments that people wouldn't want to read.


    The problem with the internet is that there is _NO_ such filter! You read _everything_ that people post! And back in the really early days of online Transfandom (1990s), things weren't so bad because it was mostly the more dedicated fans who never gave up on Transformers who were online. The worst we got was the vocal "Trukk Not Munky!" minority, but they soon died off as they either came to accept Beast Wars, or left the fandom. Yes, there were a few annoying discussions that got posted... but ATT soon compiled a list of "disallowed discussion topics", like "FIRRIB." Simply because everybody was sick to death about it and there was nothing to gain from newbies coming along and trying to start another debate over FIRRIB or whether or not Brawn died in TFTM or whether or not Unicron could beat the Death Star and other pointless crap that nobody gave a hoot about. But back then, such posts were few and far between. Nowadays they're becoming more commonplace with people starting discussions like, "Let's make a list of all predominantly purple Autobot toys!" (-_-) So I understand your frustration and having to sift through all the noise in search of the occasional post that you actually find worth reading (and then wondering if that was worth all the time/effort you spent searching :P)


    Yes, RID was great. The figures were awesome. The Predacons weren't my favorite, but the Autobots were awesome!!! I also have thought that RID had a lot of influence on the Bayverse formers. For instance, RID Megatron reminds me a lot of the NBE 1 Megatron from the first film. And RID gave us some of the first "humanoid" looking bots that transformed into vehicles. While I liked Armada, it seemed a step down from RID and their realistic looking vehicle modes. Plus, we got a Scourge!!!

    The Autobots had more new moulds. The only new moulded Pred was Gigatron (Megatron), but he suffered from being a 6-changer, then 10-changer. Jack of all trades, master of none. I don't think CR/RiD had much influence on Bayverse. Remember that the movie franchise is unlike most other TF franchises -- normally Transformers are engineered as toys first, then media designs are created later; but with the movies, the screen characters were created first by Dreamworks/Paramount - Hasbro had some input - but it was mostly Bay's babies. Then it was up to HasTak to design product based on those designs. And designing Transformers as screen characters is complete counter-intuitive to designing them as toys, because animators design Transformers as robots first, and then work out how to make them transform into the vehicles, whereas toy designers take vehicles and work out how to transform them into robots.


    Transformers have had humanoid robot modes since the very beginning of G1. Unless you're referring to more anthropomorphic looking and fully articulated robot modes that transform into vehicles. In that case, they weren't really the first -- the first came from late G2 with toys like the Laser Rods, Combat Heroes and definitely the Cyber Jets. Then later Machine Wars with their Basic figures (which were abandoned G2 concepts/designs). But the engineering was improved over the course of Beast Wars, and Takara did take that engineering and incorporate it with licensed vehicle modes for Car Robot, and that was damn cool. :)


    They probably didn't influence Bayverse, but you know what they did inspire? Binaltech (and thus Alternators). :) The Takara engineers have admitted this. :D


    The only thing i agree with you are how Headmasters, Targetmasters, and Cassettes are not minicons. Not all the Microns turn into guns. Some of them turn into melee weapons. Would you also consider these guys Targetmasters even though they don't shoot at all?? i wouldn't. There were Minicons that turned into projectile weapons and melee weapons back in the Armada day.... The Minicons packed with PCC figures had the wonderful Minicon port just like all of the Minicons back from Armada. So if wanted to use them with my Armada toys, i could. How about all those TM BW figures that had Minicons/ports added to them and thrown into the Armada line? This Minicons didn't add anything to those figures. Last i checked, Micron was the Takara equivalent for Minicon so i'm going to have to disagree with you that minicons are still around. They do work as targetmasters but since, they're not humans in suits, i'm not going to called them Targetmasters with a capital T.

    The original toy concept of Mini-Cons is effectively dead.


    The Mini-Cons were my favourite part of Armada. These were small Micromaster-sized Transformers; most were jolly good TF toys in their own right, but who could plug onto larger Transformers and interact with the gimmicks. Many of the gimmicks were sucky, but the concept itself was kinda cool. But the Mini-Cons themselves are fully autonomously playable little action figures; and most Mini-Cons were sold separately without larger Autobots or Decepticons to interact with. You were encouraged to buy an Autobot or Decepticon for the Mini-Con to interact with, but it wasn't absolutely essential. They could all transform into little vehicles and do their thing. Even Over-Run who was Optimus Prime's Mini-Con could still be a jet and fly about without Optimus Prime. He wasn't only a gun.


    The PCC Mini-Cons are NOTHING of the sort. They are, as you pointed out, more like Nebulans -- who are really, from a toy POV, transformable accessories for Transformers. For example, if you have Pointblank but you lost Peacemaker... you can still play with Pointblank as a Transformer action figure. If you lost Pointblank but kept Peacemaker. Umm... you have a little dude who transforms into a gun but without its owner to wield it! TEH SUCK!! In this regard the PCC Mini-Cons and Arms Microns are a far cry from preceding Mini-Cons/Microns. They're NOT independent action figures, they're transformable accessories.


    So Mini-Cons, as independent action figures that could link with larger toys, that original Mini-Con concept is no more. So in that regard I would agree with the statement that "Mini-Cons are dead." They survive in name only (and are but a shadow of their original namesakes).


    my fan opinion below on this matter:


    Takara's headmasters,targetmasters,brainmasters & breastforce were not humans/nebulans in suits,they were tiny robotic beings.

    Erm... we're talking about the toys rather than the canon. (<_<) Doesn't matter if these little things are humans, nebulans, robots or fungi... they're still basically transformable accessories, whereas the original Mini-Cons actually had autonomous play value.


    I view the 1980's Masters,cassette bots,AEC minicons,PCC Minicons & Takara Prime Microns as all the same thing. with the Transformers their constantly evolving their technology. every TF toy line is in a different alternate universe.

    Evolution implies improvement or progress as one moves toward the future. i.e. things should be getting better and more awesome. I don't know about you, but I see PCC Mini-Cons and Arms Microns as an evolutionary step backward. (-_-)



    ^Arms Micron Fracas. A complete piece of crap if you don't have Scourge -- which nobody had when the toy first came out!! Just as well it was a store freebie.

  18. Wanna see balance? Try this! (no support assistance, just pure balance :D)



    Leadfoot's lightpiped eyes



    G1 Wreckers



    What if Wheeljack and Drift had a kid...



    Shinsengumi Bludgeon



    Perceptor shows off his balancing skills



    Look out! Here comes RtS Deluxe Optimus Prime!








  19. Because Hasbro's prices are so expensive outside North America, it makes their domestic prices on par with Takara's... so for me, Hasbro and Takara TFs cost about the same. So if the Takara version is better, I'll definitely get that since there's no substantial price difference (sometimes the Takara version works out cheaper). (-_-)


    Almost? Armada drove me to quit! After the awesome that was Beast Wars (show and figures) I was extremely annoyed by Armada. Perhaps my expectations were too high but even still.

    I think your expectations were perfectly reasonable. One would expect the Transformers franchise to get better as time progresses, not worse. That was one thing that drove people away from the later G1 figures (e.g. Pretenders) as people felt they weren't as good as the early G1 toys. Mid-late G2 was better than G1, BW was better than G2, Car Robot was better than BW... one would expect the next thing to be better. BM was worse than BW, then Armada was even worse than BM!! Jason X said that Armada Scavenger's not as good as BM Scavenger in jest, but he's absolutely right!! BM Scavenger is a far superior toy, especially given the relative size and price! Energon wasn't much better than Armada... Cybertron was the best of the trilogy though.


    I gave all 3 a shot (A/E/C) and they're all garbage. Some toys were passable but so few and far between. And I never saw an episode I enjoyed.

    Most of the better toys came along in Cybertron, but yeah, there were some pretty forgettable toys too. T'was a real unfocused mixed bag. The shows were never terribly good, but the English dubbing made it worse. I've watched both Micron Legend and Armada, and I gotta say, Micron Legend is better. Nobody gets called "men" in Micron Legend, and also the Autobots are actually portrayed as _different_ and distinct characters! I found that the Autobots all pretty much behaved and sounded the same in the Armada dub. I think they had different voice actors, but I couldn't tell... it was _that_ bland. Starscream came off as a rather tragically noble character in Micron Legend, but I found him to be just annoying in Armada and I wanted to slap him. :( I never bothered watching the dubs of Energon or Cybertron -- just stuck to Super Link and Galaxy Force. Super Link was alright actually... some parts of it actually touches on some heavy stuff, like when Kicker and Roadbuster (Ironhide) discuss the meaning of life! :O Galaxy Force is just annoying. I don't need to see it again in annoying English (watching it in annoying Japanese was bad enough). But none of the Unicron Trilogy is really outstanding... just mediocre at best. Beast Wars was still better than all of them put together.

  20. Note: This story takes place between the events of Revenge of the Fallen and Dark of the Moon.





    After Optimus Prime was killed in the forest battle but fortunately revived by Sam and the Autobot Matrix of Leadership in Egypt, Ratchet proposes to salvage Jetfire's remains and build a second spare shell for Optimus Prime. The rationale is that should Optimus Prime be fatally wounded again, then his Spark may be able to be transferred into the spare body, thus allowing Optimus Prime to survive. Optimus Prime approves.



    And so construction of a spare shell for Optimus Prime begins.


    N.E.S.T. satellites detect an incoming object approaching Earth. It identifies itself as an Autobot ship known as the Xanthium. But upon approach she is suddenly attacked by Decepticons, forcing her to crash land on Earth.


    The ship's captain, an Autobot known as Jinrai, is torn apart and is dying from his mortal wounds. His crew-mates quickly carry him to rendezvous with Optimus Prime and his Autobots. The Xanthium's chief engineer Wheeljack pleas with them to help save Jinrai. Optimus Prime and Ratchet quickly guide them to their base. Optimus Prime suggests that they transfer Jinrai's Spark into the spare body that Ratchet had been building.



    Ratchet and Wheeljack collaborate and work furiously to prepare to transfer Jinrai's Spark into the spare body.



    Spark transfer initiated. A brilliant flash momentarily blinds the Autobots for a few seconds. Was it the procedure successful?



    The shell rolls down the ramp. A sign of life or an automated response?



    The shell transforms to robot mode! A sure sign of life!



    The Autobots cheer and welcome Jinrai to Earth.







  21. I've had some Transformers stolen before... totally sucks. :( So sorry to hear about you losing your entire collection. :( :( I'd be like John 14:6 though - if I lost my collection I wouldn't try to rebuild it. Aside from time and money, the fact is I'd never be able to get my original toys back.


    For example, last time I got burgled, among the toys that were stolen were:

    + G1 1984 Optimus Prime

    + G1 1984 Megatron

    + G1 1985 Astrotrain

    + G1 1986 Ultra Magnus

    + G1 1986 Galvatron

    ...I've since been given another 1984 Optimus Prime (incomplete, but it was free) and I got another 1986 Astrotrain... but that's it. I'm not actively looking to replace the rest (I have reissues of them all) because the fact is, when I look at my 'new' 1984 Optimus Prime and G1 Astrotrain, they're NOT, and never will be, my childhood toys. These were toys from someone else's childhood that have been abandoned by their original owners and have now come into my possession. I can never love them the way I loved my childhood originals. It's like Andy in Toy Story with Woody, Buzz and his childhood toys (I can't believe he gave them away at the end of Toy Story 3!! That was such a SAD ending! Who does that?!? (T-T)). *sigh*


    That's the thing I really hate about thieves... they think that when they steal something, it's just a material possession -- but they never stop to think about the sentimental value of what they're stealing that's just _irreplacable_. :( It's pretty much like stealing a family heirloom or sports/war medals. Thieves just think, "They can replace these," -- no, WE CAN'T! :fire Gah... HATE thieves.


    i like the Prime toon and toys. Its a solid evolution from the bayverse. it's the first media based toy line that i wanted to collect most of the figures in.

    I've come to like the cartoon, but still not a massive fan of the toys. I'm generally not a fan of media based Transformer toys, as they're usually not as good as toy-based Transformer toys. If you've heard the audio commentary on the TF Prime DVD set, they explain how animators design Transformers as robots first, then work them into vehicles, whereas toy designers make them into vehicles first, and then engineer them into robots. So designing Transformers as media characters is complete counter intuitive to designing them as toys, and as a result, the toys are _always_ compromised. :( I much prefer the regular way that Transformers are made -- designed as toys first, then as media characters later, because then you (should) get better toys as the toy designers aren't restricted/impeded by trying to force the toys to conform to some media character likeness. IMO some of the better figures from the movie line were ones that never appeared in the films or games; i.e. ones designed primarily by toy designers and not based on media designs.


    Alternators and the CHUGverse are fantastic figures and would love to see CHUG continue in the future.

    I would definitely like to see CHUGUR come back. Can't believe it ever stopped.


    I've been at the point of giving up on the collection for the past couple of years due to the heavy amount of movie Bumblebee, and now Prime Bumblebee's, that are clogging the shelves. The local Argos is useless and the local Tescos has over stocked on Prime Bumblebee and Cliffjumper, and nothing else.


    The obsession with clogging the shelves with Bumblebee's makes it hard to care when many of the more interesting Transformers either don't get a release or simply aren't released in very many places. And online prices have fairly been shooting up, I'm trying to find a Human Alliance Soundwave and Barricade, but the prices are over the top, far more than I'm willing to spend.


    I have a feeling that the upcoming new Generations will be even harder to find while more Bumblebee repaints clog the shelves.


    They may as well just rename the entire franchise - Bumblebee - Milked to death all the time.

    ^this. :)


    I've been trying to find the reissues of Sideswipe and Rodimus Prime with no success while I'm also looking for a Prime voyager Bulkhead, also not released here.

    You guys missed out on Hasbro Commemorative Sideswipe and Rodimus Prime? Cos we got them in Australia and they shelfwarmed badly as all Hasbro reissues did... because they sold here for like about $75, double what you'd pay for the Takara ones from Japan -- even special import stores were selling Japanese reissues for $65-75... so for about the same price, most people just got the Japanese reissues! (full chrome, working missile launchers, extra box inserts, reversible display stand, tech spec cards...)


    But you guys should've gotten the Classic reissues in 1990-91 though. My first G1 Sideswipe was a Classic reissue that I got from that time (ditto Prowl and Tracks). It was weird... I got Classic and Action Master Sideswipe within just a few days of each other, so I had a reissue of G1 Sideswipe on one hand, and a non-transformable Sideswipe on the other! Conflicting!

  22. Money has always been the one deciding factor that has made me almost quit. Another factor has been certain continuities, say like Energon and Cybertron. When those were out, I basically wanted to quit. Now currently, it's the Bay Verse and ts influence on newer continuities is making me upset, but as long as Classics/Generations and Masterpieces stay around, I'll probably keep collecting.

    Yeah... that's one good thing about Transformers atm, there's not just one single line dominating everything. If you don't like Bayverse, you can collect Animated or Prime or Generations or reissues etc. I think the early 1990s was a lot worse when Action Masters just dominated the toy line (especially in North America where those poor sods missed out on a lot of stuff that we got in Australasia and Europe, like the Classic reissues!). I think back then a lot of people saw the Action Masters, realised that they suck, then pretty much gave up on collecting. Little surprise that the Marvel Comics got canned shortly after, then not too long after that G1 itself died off. Then when G2 came out it initially just offered G1 toys repackaged, some repainted (badly - 'cept Sideswipe, he looked pretty kewl)... so mouldwise nothing new. So during that period fans were stuck with a bunch of non-transforming crap, then repackaged and repaints of G1 toys (the reissues were more appealing, at least they weren't given the "Day Glo 1990s makeover" (although some of them had rubsigns replaced with faction stickers - some also had the rub sign indents removed too)). By time G2 did give us new moulds toward the mid 1990s, it was too little too late... most people had already turned off Transformers.


    But in recent times we have had several TF franchises running consecutively, which gives people choices. :) Although the choices seem a bit narrowed down atm... right now we have the tail-end of DOTM trickling through (I just picked up Movie Trilogy Optimus Prime tonight (the Deluxe with the trailer)); but yet Hasbro won't give us stuff like DOTM Dlx Leadfoot, Que and Soundwave (sigh). Then there's TF Prime... we missed ALL of First Edition here and only have TFP RiD... but just the first wave or so. The new stuff - Arcee, Vehicon and Ratchet - has only been spotted in a very small number of isolated locations... currently rare as freaking hen's teeth. :( And NO Classicsverse stuff! What's with that?? Why no Generations or Reveal The Shield? :( It's almost as if Hasbro's expecting to ride off the coattails of the movie franchise's success, but that's only gonna last so long. Are they hoping that Bay is going to pump out another film and ride off the success of that film? There seems to be not much future scope/vision. The same thing happened 12 years ago -- Beast Wars got axed, then replaced with Beast Machines, which was really riding off the coattails of Beast Wars' success. Then when that started winding down, Hasbro needed to come up with something new by 2001 - and remember in January when Hasbro said that they would NOT be importing Car Robot?? Then about a month later at Toy Fair - surprise surprise - Robots In Disguise!! With cardboard mockups because they had no physical product samples ready to show retail buyers! Why, it's almost as if Hasbro came up with that idea at the last minute!! </sarcastic.surprise> :P Then a year after that... NOTHING! 2002 was a freaking annoying year of bugger all toys to buy! It was the 2nd worst year to be a TF collector IMO other than 1995. Those are my two least favourite years for TFs. Even Takara wasn't doing much other than pumping out G1 reissues -- which was great for filling out your G1 collection, but a lot of Japanese fans were aching for NEW products! It was only toward the latter part of that year that we heard about Armada -- and most of us folks outside N. America didn't see them in our local stores until 2003... so 2002 was really a pret-ty dry year.


    I don't blame you for being turned off by Energon. That was pretty ordinary. The fact that the 1989 Multi Force gimmick works better than the 2004 Powerlinx gimmick says everything. A person who's relatively new to TF collecting recently came over to my place, and I showed him the Multi Force guys whom he'd never heard of before, then compared it with the Energon Powerlinxers... he was amazed at how the Multi Force TFs were, for their size and vintage, better engineered than Energon Powerlinx. Each Multi Force Autobot has a different head (and identity) when combined, e.g. Wingwaver is NOT simply Wing stacked on Waver - a new head pops out when Wing is on top. Whereas when Hot Shot combines with Inferno, it's just Hot Shot's head sticking out and sitting atop of Inferno. The Multi Forcers also have simple but neat looking vehicle modes - unlike Jetfire's ridiculous jet mode or Ironhide's abomination of a vehicle mode with that absurd head sitting on top! Multi Forcers can also all combine to form a gestalt robot -- Energon Powerlinxers can't (and their weapons can all combine into a mega-weapon - Powerlinxers can't). Multi Force were awesome by 1989 standards. Energon Powerlinx TFs were forgettable by 2004 standards!


    Cybertron was a mixed bag. There were some crap figures like Leobreaker, but some great toys like Downshift. But on the whole, I thought Cybertron was the best out of the Unicron Trilogy lines for one crucial reason -- the Cyber Key gimmick is not as "invasive" as many gimmicks on Armada and Energon toys. i.e. the engineering in many figures weren't badly compromised by it. Look at Downshift (later repainted as Movieverse Big Daddy). It's a nice solid robot mode that transforms into a really neat 1970s/80s style muscle car. The Cyber Planet Key gimmick is discreet and doesn't interfere with the toy badly. Totally different from say Armada Hot Shot (or worse, Armada Scavenger) or Energon Ironhide who are toys that suffer from suckness because they're engineered around dominating gimmicks. A gimmick should be engineered into a toy... a toy should not be engineered around a gimmick! And that's something else that made a lot of Classicsverse toys so awesome too -- many of them don't rely on gimmicks. They're most just nice, well designed Transformers who simply transform from robot to vehicle and back - but the do it well! Their robot modes look good, the vehicle mode looks good. They don't need fancy gimmicks to make them awesome! And often, fancy gimmicks tend to make toys suck... just look at Combiner Class ROTF Devastator! Even the current TF Prime RiD Voyagers suck because of their gimmicks... how bad does Optimus Prime look with all that transparent blue and grey? (which they could've added more paint apps for if they didn't blow money on the stupid LED weapon gimmick). Don't even talk to me about the bag of suck that is Voyager Megatron...

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