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  1. Wow... Windcharger was a pegwarmer here. Although they're all gone now because stores massively discounted their TF toys to clear space for DotM.




    Welcome to another episode of CAN DEVASTATOR EAT IT??


    In today's episode we ask: can Revenge of the Fallen Devastator eat Transformers (2007) Devastator? It's the battle of the namesake!


    And here we have Legends and Deluxe Decepticon Brawl from TF1, but in the film this character was called Devastator. They're accusing ROTF Devastator of taking their name and they want it back! What will ROTF Devastator do?



    Against all odds, the Brawls remain optimistic. "Give us back our name!" they cry.






    I guess that settles it, ROTF Devastator can eat not just one, but _two_ TF1 Devastators! Tune in next time when we ask the question; can Devastator eat Fortress Maximus?!

  2. Yeah, ROTF Bumblebee is a fail figure. And I don't like the headsculpt - it may be screen-accurate, but it looks too "cute". I much prefer the head sculpts on TF1 Deluxe Bumblebees.

    I too was bitterly disappointed with Animated Lugnut, but found myself pleasantly surprised with RtS Lugnut. That toy is what the Animated one should have been.

  3. Welcome to another episode of: CAN DEVASTATOR EAT IT??


    In today's episode we ask: can Devastator eat a collector?


    Devastator has found a collector!



    Not being one for civilised dining, he'll just grab him with his hand






    "Worst action pose, ever!"



    So there you have it folks, Devastator can eat a collector! Stay tuned for the next episode where we ask: Can ROTF Devastator eat TF1 Devastator?!

  4. I wish I could have got a Sideburn figure... I hate you at times, Ersico :lol

    Meh... that toy doesn't appeal to me at all. I can see they've done it and I can see why it would appeal to some people, but just not my cuppa.





















  5. JYNCE: so cool that you found a Rescue Bot Optimus Prime!! I haven't been able to find any of the transformable Rescue Bots. :( Only those stupid accessories and the even stupider non-transformable electronic ones. :( :( (and even they're hard to find!! :eek)


    Hip-Hoptimus: do the Cyberverse playsets interconnect with each other? (I have a few, but haven't tried yet :P)

    As cool as they seem, IMO the G1 Micromaster playsets were cooler (and a LOT cheaper) :)



    ...but on the plus side, I like how all the Cyberverse weapons are self-contained and not detachable* like with the G1 Micromasters... especially the ramps!!!


    *or at least anything that is detachable has a place to go in all modes - you're not 'forced' to cast them aside.




    Who wants to play a game? :) You know how Hasbro's releasing a lot of new Star Wars toys but on old school card backs? Well, what would it look like if they did the same thing for Transformers? So the rules of this game are simple - take a Classicsverse toy and place it in the box or on the card of their G1 counterpart!


    Here's some that I've done...


    BRAWN vintage_brawn.jpg


    CYCLONUS vintage_cyclonus.jpg


    JETFIRE vintage_jetfire_tray.jpg




    Now for legal reasons Hasbro may not be able to use the original G1 Jetfire box art, so here's an alternative version of them using Classics Jetfire art on the G1 box (hastily done up on MS Paint :P)



    Now go forth and try this!! :)

  6. Mmm... ambiguity fresh. I wouldn't post it in a review thread, because a bunch of photos plus quick comments =/= review. A review should be a detailed and critical and analytical appraisal of a toy... not just a "Lookee what I got!" post or video which some people do and call it a 'review.' I might get around to reviewing the toy when I have the time to sit down and actually write a proper one. :)


    Breaker: We pay $9 for our Legion Class toys (though $7 if you can find them on sale)! I got my Rodimus vs. Cyclonus on sale at Target for $25 which I thought was a good price, cos a single deluxe usually retails for $25-30 ($35 at Myers!).

  7. You'll never guess what I picked up from TRU today. :P


    G1 Hot Rod chillin' out with MP Rodimus Primes at TRU



    Visor, tools & mini-chest-Matrix



    "Hot Rod" w/ Matrix



    Rodimus Prime w/ Matrix



    Comparison between G1 and MP Hot Rod (robot mode)



    Comparison between G1 and MP Rodimus Prime



    Comparison between G1 and MP Hot Rod (vehicle mode)



    Comparison between G1 and MP Hot Rod (vehicle mode w/ guns)



    G1 Firebolt & MP Offshoot



    Unpainted driver's compartment :(



    Another view of the driver's compartment


    Rear view of vehicle mode


    G1 & MP Hot Rod (vehicle mode w/ Targetmaster weapons)

  8. TF Prime toys are out?!? :eek The latest things we have here are DotM and Rescue Bots... which are CRAP. And not because they're PlaySkool Transformers, I like PlaySkool Transformers and I have some of them (First Transformers, 1-2-3 Transformers, Go-Bots/Big Adventures etc.) -- but the Rescue Bots are seriously epic fail. :( Maybe cos I got those big electronic ones that DON'T EFFING TRANSFORM! :fire - and of course, the "Product does not convert" disclaimer is in itty-bitty tiny-arse writing... Grrr... I'm gonna bring 'em back to Target and get my money back dammmmnnnit. I already opened Heatwave but I haven't opened Chase yet. *sigh* Stupid impulse buy -- they were on sale at nearly half price, but even then I feel MASSIVELY ripped off and I want my money back!



















  9. Ebonsabre: I don't see why he can't, though I haven't tried it myself. Other than a few cosmetic changes, the only significant retool is the fact that the fuel tanks can be removed and combine to form the gun - but that shouldn't effect the toy's ability to combine with Leader Jetfire. If I can be ever bothered trying, I'll post pics. :P

  10. Megatron's Day Out:


    Playing on the little swing... whee!






    Got some competition there...









    More climbing...



    King of the ropes!



    Hanging about


  11. It's a retool of Buster Optimus Prime, so the fuel tanks can also detach and form the gun. However unlike Buster Prime, the chromes have been replaced with Hasblo Grey. :(

    Otherwise new retool & features are:

    + The red parts under the chest-windows have been reduced, which makes it more accurate to the DotM Optimus Prime CGI model (reference pic)

    + The abs are all new, more closely resembling Optimus Prime's new abs in DotM (reference pic)

    + No spring out blades - which means the arms can fully extend! (which ROTF Leader Prime can't do when his swords are retracted... so annoying)


    If anyone's wondering, no, the Jetwing pack cannot clip onto ROTF Leader Optimus Prime, but it should be able to connect to Buster Prime. This is because ROTF Leader Prime's fuel tanks cannot detach - and they have to detach in order for the Jetwing pack to fit on. The fuel tanks can then either be stored in two compartments in the Jetwing, or combine to form the gun. The Jetwing is quite heavy, but toy also comes with two supports which clip onto the back of Optimus Prime's heel which actually supports the toy pretty well. These heel supports are also stored away in the Jetwing's vehicle mode. And yes, the Gatling guns can rotate, but you have to do it manually, there's no push-button gimmick or anything that makes them spin.


    Here's a little photo comic that shows how the Jetwing assembles. ;)















    P.S.: I took this toy with me when I watched Dark of the Moon for the second time on July 2nd in the cinema... and I was playing along with the scene when Jetwing Prime appeared, eheheheheh. :D Zooooommm!!

  12. I picked mine up from my local Big W about 2 weeks ago. Spotted him at Myer and Toys R Us for AU$170 -- what a rip. Glad I waited until it came out at Big W for AU$148... still pricey, but better than paying Myer's or TRU's price. (>_>) I know some people who still think $148 is too rich and are waiting to see if it'll come down any further - but my local Big W sold out of Jetwing Primes about a fortnight after the toys came out, and I haven't seen them restock yet.


    Here's some more piccies:







    And here's a comparison between Jetwing Optimus Prime (L) and ROTF Leader Optimus Prime:



    I've also translated his tech specs card...


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