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  1. The best way to combat scalpers is to NOT PAY SCALPER PRICES. Wow, it's really _that_ simple.


    Goki's Golden Rule: Pay original retail price or less. Never above. If I can't find a toy for close to RRP then I just don't get that toy. We all vote with our wallets and the best way to combat scalpers is to NOT give them our business.

  2. The only new Generations toy I have so far is FOC Optimus Prime, and I noticed that the card says "Generations" but the front insert in the blister says "Fall of Cybertron," which I found interesting (cos none of the WFC Generations toys ever had that). But I think Brawn is packaged in the older style Generations packaging that doesn't specify any sub line.


    I didn't know he was packaged as Generations. I guess you could put him in wherever you want though. I found out that Generations FoC Shockwave is in the Prime toy line in Japan. At least I read that somewhere.

    Is FoC even coming out for the Japanese market? Also... TF Prime and WFC/FOC are officially all part of the Aligned continuity family anyway.


    Don't blame me... Hasbro did it.

  3. What about a repaint of Voyager Breakdown as TF Prime Brawn? (considering that they're going to repaint Legion Breakdown as TFP Fallback)

  4. ...is this Brawn meant to be part of TF Prime continuity or Classicsverse? I can see how it wouldn't fit in with Classicsverse - another problem with the highly stylised nature of TF Prime (they're not the most cross compatible moulds out there). But if it's meant to be part of TF Prime, then I don't see the problem. After all, there are plenty of other TFPrime characters who look vastly different from their G1 namesakes (e.g. Starscream, Soundwave, Laserbeak, Breakdown, Knock Out, Megatron, Dreadwing, Skyquake, Arcee etc.)

  5. Building them is surprisingly easy, which was something I discovered when my previous units were just dropped at the end of my driveway, they didn't really come with instructions, no pre-drilled holes, just the raw materials to put them together, so I kinda had the figure out how to do it on the spot, after all that I'm confident I could copy the design, and rebuild some more as long as I can find all the materials locally, which should not be a problem.

    Hmmm... *rubs chin* I've always lacked confidence when it comes to building anything... but maybe I should try reverse-engineering an Ikea Billy bookcase. Would save me a lot of money for sure... and I could possibly make the shelves deeper too.

  6. You know that the difference between the classes isn't actually about size - they're price points.

    Cyberverse Breakdown is a Legion Class and sold at the Legion Class price point ($7) whereas say Cyberverse Bulkhead is Commander Class and sells at the Commander Class price point ($18 - though I got mine on sale for $15 ;)). And yes, I'm sure North American prices are much cheaper than this... don't rub it in for us poor sods living in the rest of the world. :(

  7. I'd like to think that my collection is alright for someone who doesn't have eBay. :) Almost all entirely bought from regular retail stores -- paid regular retail price or less for most of these toys. :D I took these photos back in early July, so they're not the most up to date... but I only photography my collection once a year (and it always gets outdated as soon as I've finished doing so). I also forgot to photograph my Marvel Crossover TFs, but I only have 2 of them. ;) Meh. :P


    And there's one thing money can't buy -- a lifetime's worth of memories growing up & living with Transformers! :D












    1984 series





    1985 series





    1986 g1_1986.jpg


    1986 series






    1987 series






    1988 g1_1988.jpg


    1988 series





    1989 series




    1990 series



    1991 series



    1992 series



    1993-94 series




    1995 series



    Machine Wars



    Beast Wars Series 1



    1997 ikebukuro_makku.jpg <---it's Rhinox vs Shadow Panther inside that bag!


    Beast Wars Series 2 & Beast Wars II



    Beast Wars Series 3 & Beast Wars Neo



    2001 melbmeet.jpg


    Beast Machines series



    Car Robot/Robots in Disguise




    Unicron Trilogy





    http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y227/goktimusprime/Transformers/Collection%202012/collection2012_d_armadaverse_e.jpg <---w/ Animorphs & Universe/Timelines


    "Planetformers" & Power Core Combiners






    Binaltech & Alternators (mostly Binaltech)



    http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y227/goktimusprime/Transformers/Collection%202012/collection2012_f_binaltech_c.jpg <---w/ BT Asterisk, Alternity, KISS PLay & Titanium Series


    Star Wars Transformers












    2007 moviemeet08.jpg










    Music Label, Disney Label, Kre-Os, Optimash Prime & Bot Shots



    Meal Toy Transformers



    Transformers Prime





    Robot Masters & DVDs/CDs



    Transformers comics, magazines & books





    Transformers in packaging (some are sealed, some are loose in package)




    Not pictured: MISB Dark Crumplezone, loose on card Gentei Thundercracker


    2012 osakameet_tigerconvoy1.jpg

  8. Goktimus, I think most of everybody's issue is that Hasbro is charging more, but you're getting less. Compare War for Cybertron Optimus Prime to the Fall of Cybertron version. The WFC version is bigger, at least twice as complex and has more paint apps. All of that for $9.99 in most U.S. areas. FOC Prime is a good figure, but not worth the $15 they're charging for it. Like a lot of people have already said, I don't mind paying more (I'll probably buy less figures because of the increase), but I want to feel like I'm getting my money's worth.

    As far as Deluxes are concerned, we've been paying $25-30 for them for years now; probably since after Beast Wars/Machines -- so from RiD or Armadaverse onwards we've been paying this price for Deluxes. I agree that getting less sucks, but the prices of Deluxes here isn't going up. Well, it has at Myer ($35), but I don't buy TFs from there unless I can't find it anywhere else and it's on sale. (-_-) The one thing that did bug me was the price of the Commander Class... they're smaller than Scouts which retailed for $15, yet they're $3-5 more expensive! (>_>) That was stupid. I'm definitely not fond of paying the same price for less... but we're not paying more for less here atm <knock.on.wood>

  9. Meh... I don't like nor dislike the look of this toy. If I see it in a local store for a decent price I might consider picking it up, but I'm not going to bother importing one.

  10. I use a combination of two things: metal tool shelves and bookcases. Bookcases are better but tool shelves are cheap. :P Surprisingly tool shelves hold a lot of toys as each shelf is pretty deep, but they're wobbly and not terribly stable. So wooden bookcases work pretty well -- the most ideal for me have been Ikea's Billy, but they're not cheap (we pay about $70-80 each here). Alternatively, if you have any carpentry skills then put them to good use and just make your own shelving units. I can't build stuff to save my life, so I'm dependent on buying shelving. :( But yeah, I envy people with such skills... you can just custom build shelves as per your needs.


    That Singaporean Metroplex shelf looks nice but terribly impractical for anyone with a large collection and limited room space. It'd be fine for people with smaller collections though (and who aren't intending on expanding them much I suppose).

  11. SHUT UP!!!


    We pay $25-30 for Deluxes in Australia too! In fact, that's the standard price for Deluxes in most places outside North America!! Oh my freaking god, $15.73?!? We pay $18-20 for our COMMANDER CLASS figures, and $15 for SCOUTS! It would be a DREAM for us if we could buy Deluxes for just $15.73!! (T-T)


    Next time you think a toy is too expensive, spare a thought for the rest of the planet outside USA/Canada who typically pay:

    + Legion Class = $7

    + Scout Class = $15

    + Commander Class = $18

    + Deluxe Class = $30

    + Voyager Class = $50

    + Leader Class = $100


    ...and unlike the Euro Zone, the Australian economy is strong! The Aussie Dollar is STRONGER than the US Dollar, and yet we still pay way more for our toys!! :( And before someone asks "So why don't you just import from America?" the answer is because US and Canada Post - for some stupid reason - charges ridiculous amounts of money to send things to Australia. Seriously... if I send something from Australia to USA or Canada, Australia Posts charges me a LOT less than what US or Canada Post charges to have something sent here. You guys have cheaper toys, but you get seriously ripped off by your postal services for the cost of international postage. So go bring your pitchforks to your local post office and get them to make their prices cheaper!

  12. To don't have to get kids anything (other than essentials like food, clothing etc.). You're the parent - if you tell her no, that damn well means no and nothing else. Kids need to learn that when an adult in position of authority (e.g. parent, teacher etc.) tells them to do something, it is NOT open for negotiation. So long as that adult is giving them a reasonable instruction they - as children - have NO right to question that instruction. I often tell kids that the only time they can question or refuse an instruction is if they are told to do something illegal or unreasonable. Being told that they can't have a toy is not illegal and not unreasonable - the child just needs to shut the hell up and do as they're told by their parent; anything else is nothing more than utter contempt and disrespect.

  13. I've passed on my TF Plushies and PlaySkool Transformers to my daughter and bought some Rescue Bots for her. I also let her play with my Happy Meal toys and Bot Shots, but they're technically mine. I still count all our Transformers as mine though. :) I don't know if she'll want to collect Transformers on her own when she gets a bit older... but if she does we'll probably just have a shared/amalgamated collection.


    She only plays with Transformer toys under my supervision. That's a legal requirement because I have gun Transformers (G1 Megatron, MP Megatron, eHobby Megaplex) in my collection room, and by law nobody can be in there without me. The room is always locked when I'm not home. She's pretty good though -- she never tries to touch my Transformers without permission. If she so much as accidentally bumps one of my toys she starts crying because she knows she's done the wrong thing, even though I've never told her this or ever scolded her for it -- she just knows that she shouldn't be touching daddy's toys. :)

  14. MP Sunstorm

    Utd Artfire

    MP Soundwave (Amazon exclusive)

    MP Lambor (Amazon exclusive)

    ...everything else I'm just waiting till I find it at local retail. I try to buy all my Transformers from local retail stores if I can, only resort to pre-ordering if it's not possible... as you can see, everything on my pre-order list are Japanese non-retail limited exclusives... stuff that I'll never find at my local Kmart. Also, pre-ordering makes it cheaper cos you can get early-bird discount! :D \(^O^)/

  15. I'd LOVE to cover my bed in Transformers bedsheets and pillow cases! But wife won't let me. :P So I have my TF pillow cases draped along the window of my TF room (helps reduces the amount of sunlight beaming in). Heck... if it were up to me, I wouldn't even have all my Transformers in one collection room, they'd be spread throughout the entire house! :D Hehehehe... I did that once when I was single and living on my own... kinda funky having Lightformers in the toilet and Trakkons in the bathroom. :P

  16. It was just announced, this guy is going to appear on the next season of HOARDERS!!!!

    lol, called it :)


    And a bunch of KIDS are going to surround the house, waiting for scrap transformers to fall off the trucks as they shovel out the contents of this guys house...

    Kids nothing... adult collectors are gonna be camped outside, drawn like a flock of pigeons fighting over breadcrumbs! :D

  17. Opening windows is a huge problem because it's sooo hot. All the time. The humidity never stops. It's 85 degrees right now but it feels like 97 because of it. You walk outside and choke.


    The hottest day in recorded history was 57.8° (Aziziya Libya, September 13 1922). You're lucky to be still alive after 85-97° considering that it's only 3° below boiling! :O

  18. There are so few toys out there that I wanna buy atm -- so the plus side is I'm saving money*. :)



    *Which I'm using to pre-order Japanese exclusive stuff like MP Sunstorm, MP Lambor, Utd Artfire etc.

  19. I got the original MP Starscream, Skywarp and Thundercracker when as soon as they came out (thus I paid retail prices for them all) ... so I personally don't see the need to get MP11 or this Thundercracker either. I've seen side by side comparison pics between the original and new MP Starscreams, and both versions seem to have pros and cons (new one looks better in robot mode but old one looks better in jet mode - new one still looks to be just as crap an action figure as the original though :roll).


    As nice as the retooling may be, the RRP for these new Seekers is more expensive than what I paid for the originals. I really can't justify collecting the MP Seekers again. :/ I've already pre-ordered MP Sunstorm anyway, so I will have a version of the new MP Seeker mould. If they make other new characters based on the new MP11 mould (e.g. Acid Storm - or better yet - Ramjet, Dirge and Thrust), I'll get them. But I'm not gonna get Starscream, Skywarp and Thundercracker all over again.

  20. You can never completely eliminate dust -- where humans live, so will dust mites. But regular cleaning etc. reduces/minimises dust.


    Things I do to help reduce/miminise dust:

    + Clean regularly. Floors are swept & mopped once a day or second day, carpets are vacuumed at least once a week.

    + If possible, get rid of carpet. We removed all the carpet downstairs and replaced it with wooden floorboards. Unfortunately for my Transformers they're located upstairs which is still carpeted - but that carpet gets vacuumed regularly.

    + Open windows to aerate home and reduce dust build up. It's harder to do so atm during winter... but during summer time I definitely leave more windows open when at home.

    + My Transformers collection is in a collection room which serves NO other purpose other than to house my TF collection. As a result, this minimises human traffic and the toys don't get as dusty compared to when I used to have them in a shared-purpose room like a study/computer room, living room or bedroom etc.

    + Playing with your toys regularly also helps to minimise dust build up. And it's fun too. :D


    Some people also use electronic dust-zappers to help remove air-borne dust particles. I haven't done this yet... kinda thinking about it though. A friend of mine has one, and when I'm in his collection room I can hear it intermittently zapping softly as it removes dust (it's not a loud/sharp zap like a bug-zapper, more like a quiet crackle). But his toys are all still heaps dusty... but maybe because his toys were in his bedroom (he's since moved and now his toys are in his lounge room - and he has a pet). I have no pets (other than my daughter :P).

  21. As far as Deathbringer, while yes the character was referrenced in US comics as a nod to the UK comics, it could have happened regardless in either continuity. The funeral barge did appear during Optimus Prime's funeral in the US comics before he was shot off-planet, he was in it. Also it is fact that not all of UK continuity fits in the Marvel G1 timeline, don't believe me look up Earthforce.

    Earthforce is the exception, not the norm. The majority of the UK stories were meant to fit into US continuity -- that was always Furman's intentions. That's why he often used toys that didn't appear in the US comics so that he could do with them as he pleased without worrying about contradicting US continuity.


    Earthforce happened because Hasbro wanted Furman to promote the 1990/91 Classic reissues. And even then he did attempt to tie it back in with the US continuity (re: #75 - we see members of Earthforce with Grimlock after he used the Ark to slap Unicron in the face). It didn't work of course, and Earthforce has since been officially rendered out-of-continuity... can't wins 'em all. ;)

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