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  1. Yeah, I can understand that. For better or worse, you want to exhibit your photography skills without "cheating" with photoshop. Or you could be like me and not know how to use Photoshop (I don't even own a copy) - I still doctor my pics with MS Paint! :D One of those shots of MP Prime I took was doctored with MS Paint. Can you spot which one? ;)
  2. Mike. - those pics look neat, the darkness kinda helps add to a realistic looking night shot IMO. Okay, here's what I hope will be the first of many -- Transformers Martial Arts poses! :) Here is a pic of Masterpiece Convoy demonstrating the eight basic stances used in Seven Star Praying Mantis Kung Fu. Note the following: * Please don't badger me about other Mantis stances that aren't pictured here. These are the stances from the Dabamabu ("Eight Great Horse Stances") form. I'm well aware that Praying Mantis has other stances outside of these core 8 (although those stances are all derived from these essential 8 stances anyway). * Yes, I'm aware that the stances are not exact. It's being demonstrated by a toy - and despite Masterpiece Convoy's articulation, he's no where near as well articulated as a human. These are as accurate as I could get the stances to look given the relatively limited articulation on the toy. I broke this toy in several bits just trying to get it into a proper riding horse stance... in the end I got sick of picking the bits up and fixing the toy, so I just went with an approximation. All of these stances are just approximations. (-_-) * Note that most stances have multiple various names, for example the horse stance is also known as the riding horse stance, the bow and arrow stance is also known as the climbing the mountain stance and the circle entering step is also known as the Jade Ring stance. I'm just using the stance names that I was taught and tend to generally use myself. I'm well aware that variant names exist for all these stances, thank you. A stance by any other name would still kick some ass. ;) Stance names are listed below... The stances are (left to right, top to bottom): 1. Horse stance. 2. Bow and arrow stance. 3. Empty step. 4. Single leg stance. 5. Side stance. 6. Jade ring stance. 7. Sitting twisted stance. 8. Seven star stance. I encourage other martial artists on this board to also add shots of their Transformers doing some Kung Fu Fighting! (^_^)
  3. wow, neat custom! Gothic Lolita w/ Teddy Bear Galvatron making love to said Bear Mmm.. goth lolicon fresh...
  4. Sounds kewl. Nearly reminds me of The Fallen from War Within. Btw the opposite of measurable is "immeasurable." :) :)
  5. Wow, Darkstar looks awesome! Also, I'd recommend ammending his profile - he should be a new Decepticon whose Spark was created from Galvatron's own Spark (thus effectively making him Galvatron's son). Darkstar existence would be unknown to even most Decepticons (even Starscream) and he could operate from the shadows like Galvatron's covert right hand - much like Mara Jade. Where did Doomtron get those hands from anyway?
  6. I should make more Famous Covers. ;) (View All)
  7. Panel 1 Driver: ROAD TRIP!! WOo! Panel 2 Green Ninja: Time for a pretend drive-by! Pow! Pow! Pow! Snake Eyes: ....... Caption: Translation: "'Tard." Panel 3 Snake Eyes: .... ....... .... .... .. ..... .........? Caption: Translation: "Does anyone feel like we've forgotten something?" Panel 4 Optimus Prime: Come back -- *hhff* -- with my -- *hff* -- trukk... God I wish I could transform! Swindle: Well... I guess it wouldn't legally count as bestiality... Human: SOLD!
  8. ...I had this rather lengthy conversation with a Japanese Transfan last week over why Hasbro had to use the "Rodimus" name instead of "Hot Rod"... it's just unheard of in Japan. :P
  9. Mike: Great photography! hwry: another famous cover! great stuff!
  10. That's why you buy them when they're on sale. You snooze you lose. :P
  11. Famous Screenshots - cool! It's nice to see my "Famous Covers" idea spawning off into something new. :) Keep it up!
  12. Downshift looks like he's doing a Disco Stu. ;) AAAAAAARGH! Optimus Prime is coming to illegally invade my country!!
  13. Ya know, when Pretenders first came out in 1988, I often thought, "these are pretty crap disguises... not only would they be too big to be human, but nobody dresses like that!" And I never really put much thought into it since then... Of course, Masterforce gave us the answer for the size issue (good old fashioned mass-shunting) and it finally clicked a few months ago -- of course! The Autobot Pretenders are supposed to be Space Marines!! DUH!! *Captain Obvious Classic!* They were even portrayed that way in G1, especially in Matrix Quest Part Four. So I decided to do this little shot... trust Grimlock to go toe-to-toe with a Zerg Hydralisk! Although the Pretenders' armour are pretty brightly coloured (although no brighter than some of the stuff you see in Warhammer) they do seem to blend in with other Space Marine figures such as the Starcraft Terran and Halo dude you can see in the same shot... ;)
  14. Lazerblast: Kudos for pulling off such a cool pose using a toy with such limited articulation! :)
  15. yeah, it's all that was left of a bowl of green-tea ice cream. ;)
  16. For those who may not have seen this thread before: Famous Covers :)
  17. Try it again, but take two shots - one with the toy, and one without. Then use the blank shot as a background template to fill in where that white stand is so it gives the illusion of flying. I did something similar with the Decepticon jets in my "More Than Meets The Eye" photocomic... mine looks Blot because I do all my 'tarded effects on MS Paint (I really need to learn how to use Photoshop some day), but you get the idea. I'd shot both these toys sitting on top of boxes to elevate them off the "ground" surface, and later cropped and pasted the background wall from a blank slate shot.
  18. Yeah, I saw some sticky stuff so I cleaned it. Someone here is getting a little too happy looking at these pics...
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