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  1. I don't see the shoulder thing as a defect, but as a design flaw. A toy's CORE function is to be played with - and by that I mean PROPER physical play where you make it go into full speed combat etc. (think of the way Andy plays with his toys in Toy Story), and not slow and casual posing/fiddling.


    So are you all saying that Red Alert _doesn't_ have this flaw?

  2. The surprise with Encore Fortress Maximus isn't so much the drop test thing, as Japanese toy safety laws differ from US laws; and Takara and Hasbro are contractually bound to not "cross contaminate" each other's market by taking in factors of each other's market into account when developing toys (unless the toys are co-developed on both sides, like say Armadaverse). What was more surprising is that other larger and expensive reissues have been notorious shelf warmers (e.g. Encore Sky Lynx, Metroplex, Omega Supreme etc.; I personally saw some of these toys shelfwarming in Akihabara last year). TakaraTOMY is taking a massive leap of faith in collectors by risking the reissue of Fortress Maximus, and I really hope that the toy does sell well, which should in turn encourage TakaraTOMY to reissue more big G1 Cityformers (e.g. Trypticon, Scorponok etc.). We all vote with our wallets, and letting toys shelfwarm is a clear sign of saying "No!" (although it doesn't seem to phase Hasbro's stance on Bumblebee).


    IMO the RRP for MP Lambor/Alert is too much. I managed to get MP Lambor for a cheap price (about $50, and it was the Amazon version)... but I was disappointed by the toy so I didn't bother getting Red Alert. I find the shoulders on my Lambor keeps popping out really easily when I play with the toy (note I said play, not just casually "fiddle" or transform, I mean _proper_ play). I found someone else's Lambor had the same problem, so it doesn't appear to be isolated to my toy alone. So yeah, wasn't impressed enough to get Red Alert (not while I'm still trying to save up for Encore Fort Max). If Hasbro releases a local version, I'll definitely get theirs. Hopefully it'll be cheaper than TakTOM's, though I'm sure the colours won't be as nice.


    Alternity's never been a line that's really interested me. A line that's smaller than Binaltech with no die-cast metal, but at the same (sometimes even higher) RRP... eep! Also the new GTR line is not without controversy (re: Japanese fan politics - not really worth getting into).


    Michael Bay and the next TF movie -- no surprise there either. He's often said things about the movies that turned out not to be true, so I don't believe anything anyone says about them until I see the films myself. Anticipating Michael Bay TF films is like going gambling... I can't wait to be disappointed. :P


    I don't collect non-current stuff... so I have nothing to say about that vintage stuff, but I can see that it's exciting for people who do collect them. :)

  3. "Popcorn movie" is exactly what they are. Which is sad, because we all know that Transformers COULD be so much more if directed properly. Look at Peter Jackson -- okay, the Lord of the Rings movies weren't perfect (I haven't seen The Hobbit yet, so no spoilers please), but they were a damn good attempt. They blitzed box offices and audiences loved them in cinemas and have continued to love them at home... people enjoy watching them over and over again. Jackson himself is a fan of Tolkien, and it shows.


    Bay admitted that he was never a fan of Transformers before he did the film, and when Spielberg first called him to ask him to direct it, BAY HUNG UP ON SPIELBERG. :O Spielberg and Hasbro then did a lot of work to convince Michael Bay to change his mind - he did... but there just isn't any of that PRIDE in making the films that we see from Jackson in LOTR, or Chris Nolan in his Batman movies etc. Hell, I have more respect for George Lucas and his Star Wars prequels than Bay and his TF movies. As flawed as the SW prequels are, at least Lucas does take pride in what he does. We are meant to care about the protagonists in the film - Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker etc. Watching the execution of Order 66 was pretty emotional, I thought! Hayden Christianson sucked playing "Romantic Anakin," but he _excelled_ at playing "Emotionally Tormented and Angry Anakin"! :D When you see Darth Maul kill Qui Gon Jinn, the audience is shocked... Obi-Wan cries out and your heart breaks for him. He's just lost his master, which for a Jedi Padawan is the closest thing they have to a parent. Compare this to the general reaction to say seeing Jazz being ripped in half or Sentinel Prime being killed... seriously, did anyone REALLY care that they died? I mean, not withstanding G1 nostalgic bias... so NOT including reasons like, "Jazz was my favourite Autobot in G1, it sucked that he died!" -- I mean, what did Jazz DO in the film that elicited the audience to emotionally invest and give a hoot about him so that they'd be upset at his death? Because if we look at the film in isolation, he was basically some random Autobot who snuffed it. You ask a NON-fan about Jazz's death, and I bet you half of them would say, "Who?" :P


    I'm looking forward to seeing the next TF film too, because it's Transformers and as a TF fan, that's enough to get me excited. :P But I'm not expecting to be seriously impressed by it. My expectation is that I'll love the film after watching it for the first time in the cinema, but then get jaded after a second or third viewing... cos that's what happened to me with the previous TF Bay films. Like I said, it's like dangling keys in front of a baby - incredibly exciting the first time, but not after the novelty wears off. :(

  4. Well money's kind of important, so I think it's very valid to complain about overpriced toys. I don't know about the rest of you, but I absolutely HATE paying above regular retail price for ANY toy. And every time I see a toy being sold for above RRP or someone paying above RRP for a toy, my instinctive reaction is...


    You're charging/You paid HOW MUCH?!?


    I very rarely ever pay above RRP for a toy - cos every dollar above RRP that is spent on a toy could be spent on other things. Like more Transformers. :D

    e.g. I know someone who spent $1000 on a G1 Fortress Maximus.

    I spent $300 on Fortress Maximus. I spent $300 on Brave Maximus (MISB), and Encore Fortress Maximus is set to cost approx. $300 too. So in effect, that person has spent MORE on his single Fortress Maximus than I would have spent on THREE Maximi!



  5. Yeah, I want a deluxe class Smokescreen too. Not just the Knockout repaint from Takara. I want an individual mold. But so far, the beast hunters line looks too much like Transformers have landed in The Savage Land!!

    Not even that. When Transformers landed in the Savage Land, we got the G1 Dinobots! These guys are NO where near as cool!


  6. You left out Superion.



    yup, and my point was that the Autobots SHOULD feel like they're overwhelmed, not that they were overwhelmed, the powers are either divided too evenly, or skewed wayy too much in the good guys favor. Seriously look at Car Robots, with how many Autobots, and Autobot combiners that were on earth at the time, the Predacons should have been defeated and captured by the end of the first episode.


    The only series that has presented a "good guys are vastly overwhelmed" standpoint would be Beast Machines, which was literally the only thing good about the show, it was too bad they screwed up the character designs, and wrote the show so horribly (technorganic? Really? And Cybertron was once an earth-like world? Nope) that it made that aspect completely unenjoyable.

    Beast Wars is almost evenly divided between Maximals and Predacons. In Japan almost all Beast Wars toys could be collected either individually or in versus sets, which shows how evenly balanced the factions were. :) I agree with you about Beast Machines - it did show the goodies as being overwhelmed, but not necessarily done well, especially in Season 1 where there was just LOTS of running away from Vehicons. "Next time on Beast Machines: We run away from more Vehicons... again!"


    Armadaverse and Animated also seemed more evenly balanced out. Movieverse would be better balanced if not for the endless Bumblebee and Optimus Primes they keep pumping out. :( Transformers Prime also shows the Autobots being overwhelmed with their use of Vehicons too.


    But yeah... toy companies believe that "hero" toys sell better than "villain" toys, so they tend to produce more heroes than villains. And Transformers isn't quite as bad as some other toy lines. Next time you're in a toy aisle, have a look at Batman figures and count how many Batman toys there are on pegs versus say Bane or Joker or any other villain. Although it's been getting worse since Hasbro went Bumblebee crazy. *sigh*

  7. I wish I had a lot of money, ya know?


    I would get on a plane everytime someone mentions the dinobots should have been a combiner. I'd then find the person's house, knock on their door and then muster all my nerd rage to falcon punch them in the face once they opened that door.


    Like seriously, right in the face, as hard as I could

    likeaboss.jpg +1 QFT


    haha. wow. Raiden was cool but really didnt get much screen time in Headmasters.

    The toy's a piece of crap. Oh sorry, pieces of crap. Being compatible with toy train sets is cool, and it's cool how they can couple in train mode and all... but the individual robots are weak, and the gestalt mode is pretty ordinary, even by Diaclone standards. Out of the Diaclone gestalts that made it into Transformers, the Construction Robo (Devastator) set was clearly superior, and I can see how Hasbro chose them over the Train Robo (Raiden) set.


    Although Predaking and Abominus look cool, I was never a fan of beast transformers let alone, beast combiners.....

    I like the Beast Wars gestalts - they represented a significant advance in Transformers gestalt toy engineering that had been started by Lio Kaiser (which I would argue was the best designed of all the G1 gestalts), because they have all self-contained combiner parts. Magnaboss and Tripredacus' heads, feet, connecting points etc., everything was contained in the toys. Unlike many other gestalts, it wasn't dependent on accessories to complete the combination. You look at Devastator - that needs SO many accessories to connect the Constructicons together. You lose stuff like the head, forearms, fists, waist plate etc., and you're screwed. The worst you can do with the BW gestalts is lose the weapons, but you can NEVER lose anything that makes them combine. Short of just breaking the toys horribly, the BW gestalts will _always_ be able to combine!


    We saw this engineering continue in Car Robot/RiD with JRX and Build King -- same engineering concept, but with vehicles (bullet trains and construction vehicles) instead of beasts. Energon took a step backward because the hands and feet were detachable accessories, but Legends Class ROTF Devastator used the same concept (oh, so did Combiner Class Devastator, but that doesn't really count since those vehicles can't even freakin' transform into robots). But yeah, the Beast Wars gestalts were the first Transformers gestalts to have 100% fully self contained combining parts.


    I like that there are more Decepticon combiners than Autobot Combiners, I always felt that the Autobots should seem as though they are outnumbered and darn near overwhelmed, always hated that there are more Autobot toys than Decepticons in every line, that's part of the reason I'm adding Gobot characters into my Neo-G1 lineup, mostly as extensions of Dr. Arkeville, even the Guardians.

    I don't know if I'd say "overwhelmed," there are only slightly more Decepticon/Predacon gestalts than there are Autobot/Maximal ones. If we look at G1* alone, it's evenly split with 11 each.





    Guard City



    Road Caesar









    Battle Gaia




    King Poseidon**

    Lio Kaiser






    ^11 per side


    But I know what you mean about the goodies often outnumbering the baddies though. Especially now that Hasbro insists on putting a freaking Bumblebee in EVERY assortment, and guys like TF Prime RiD Vehicon is shortpacked. Imagine if it were the other way around... TF Prime would be so much cooler IMHO!



    *Original G1 only, not including reissue variants like Verserker Sixwing

    **Yes, I've counted King Poseidon and Piranacon separately because they are technically different characters

  8. Sometimes i wonder, if his movies are so terrible then how do they make so much money in the box office? Usually its the opposite

    Because his movies are visually spectacular and quite enjoyable to watch the first time. Michael Bay is very good at shooting dynamic action scenes and creating a magnificent sense of scale with the Transformers. The movies portray the Transformers as "Giant Effing Robots" better than any other medium. The problem is that there's not much more to them beyond that. Things like special effects and action are merely tools for telling a story -- and while Bay uses these tools very well, he doesn't really use them to tell a story; and that's where the movies fall flat.


    A reviewer once described Michael Bay and the Transformers as an adult dangling car keys in front of a baby. At first the baby is absolutely enthralled and delighted, but then completely loses interest once the novelty wears off. A good movie is one that you can enjoy after watching it many many many times... like say the original Star Wars trilogy. A lot of people found Revenge of the Fallen tedious after watching it for the second or third time, whereas you could watch The Empire Strikes Back ten times and still love it (if anything, watching it again makes you like it even more :)).

  9. Ok, places like TFsource are BUSINESSES, their objective is to make MONEY.

    100%+ seems like a far too high a margin to me. I could understand maybe $80-90... but $140-145?? Seems a bit steep.


    guessing you have a friend, or personally have the ability to qualify for said exclusive, so you paid the basic cost of the figure to those that qualify.

    It's not a credit card exclusive Transformer. It requires purchasing a copy of the "Transformers Generations 2012" book and then filling out the order form that comes with the book. And you can order up to 2 Artfires per order (so if you don't want the book, you can ask a friend who's buying it to do a pair order). I bought the book and did the pair order.


    This is what you can expect from places that offer the services that TFScource does, if your Artfire arrives damaged where will you send it to be repaired/replaced?

    I would contact either Million publishing or TakaraTOMY's customer call centre (they have two - one in Tokyo and one in Osaka).


    Also take a look at your everyday household items, if you knew how much it cost the retailer to get it on the shelf, your head would explode, not to mention retailers can mark most items down past 70% and still make a profit.

    Yes, but to me there's a reasonable limit before I say, "Alright, that's too much," and for me that's above the regular retail price (RRP) for an item. In Australia Voyager Class Transformers retail for approx. $50. Now I know that's already marked up WAY above how much it costs Hasbro to manufacture, distribute, market and sell the toy and that they're making an obscene profit margin on top of it. But I begrudgingly accept it and as such, I really do NOT ever want to pay _above_ RRP for anything. $64 for Artfire... I begrudgingly accepted it because it's cheaper than the alternative of paying for a G1 Artfire today (which I would never be willing to do since aftermarket G1 prices are so high). The most I've ever paid for a Voyager was $80 for BotCon Spark/Pyro - so that was x1.6 above RRP for me. Paying $140 for a Voyager would be equivalent to paying nearly triple (x2.8) the RRP for a Voyager.


    That being said I still only paid $57 for mine, due mostly to the fake Artfire preorder that was listed months back, as well as a constant dialogue with their customer service department. That, and I spend a crap-ton of money with them, mostly because it's nice to support those who really only want to make obtaining these great japanese, and 3rd party figures as easy and convenient as possible.



    Speaking of Artfire, E-hobby needs to get off its butt and start making the Encore reissue of G1 Artfire.

    Considering that it's been 8 years since Stepper was reissued, I'm not holding my breath for an Artfire reissue. :(


    I just can't justify paying that much for Artfire. This is just my opinion, but I like Inferno. He is in my top ten list of all time favorite Transformers. So I can't get Artfire since he uses Inferno's mold. I excuse Grapple since he and Infernonised the same mold in G1, but it seems to cheapen the classics mold by using it for Arrfire. It just looks like a special edition of Inferno. And no, I don't mind repaints and retools, but certain molds just don't need to be recycled over and over again. If you all like Artfire, I'm not knocking you at all.

    But G1 Artfire was also a redeco of the original Inferno mould... even closer than Grapple considering that he was still a fire engine (but retooled to accommodate the Targetmaster). So it makes sense of this Artfire to be a redeco of Inferno too. I'm personally over the Inferno mould though... I already have United Inferno and Grapple, and BotCon Pyro... that's already 3 different versions of the Classicsverse Inferno mould. If they reissued Artfire as an Encore, I'd happily get that and skip this Artfire.

  10. Look at this objectively, follow this link:


    Scroll right down to the first post/article.

    See where it says:


    1個 6000円(本体価格4800円+送料・手数料・消費税1200円)

    2個 11400円(本体価格9600円+送料・手数料・消費税1800円)

    That means:

    x1 toy for ¥6000 (AU$67/US$70): ¥4800 ($54/$56) for the toy, ¥1200 ($13/$14) for postage, handling and consumption tax

    x2 toys for 11400JPY ($128/$133): ¥9600 ($108/$112) for the toy, ¥1800($20/$21) for postage, handling and consumption tax

    ...so for anyone who joins in a pair order, then it works out to be ¥5700 ($64/$66) per toy. Yes, there is also the cost of shipping the toy out of Japan which of course varies depending on where you live and method of postage etc., but at the maximum cost of $70 per toy, you're looking at an increase of SEVENTY DOLLARS PER TOY <---precisely double the original cost of the toy, and then you add the cost of postage on top of that (unless you make an additional purchase from them to get free delivery, and I bet that's only within the United States (so it's completely meaningless to non-Americans like me)).


    Mate... if someone's going to DOUBLE the original price of a toy that's still current (this toy's only just been released), then it had better be delivered in a lead box cased in gold, presented on the bare belly of Karen Gillan (or Chris Hemsworth for those who are so inclined ;)). I paid ¥5700 ($64) for my Artfire... so I'm expecting mine to be delivered in a generic cardboard box by some hairy Australia Post worker with the top of his bum-crack showing. :P



    Disclaimer: No offence to Australia Post or its employees. Hairy bums and all. :)

  11. I thought Hasbro was going all illiterate and calling this toy "Lazerback," though I'm glad to see that it's being called "Laserback." I still haven't forgiven them for "Lazorbeak," "Wind Sheer" and "Scattor." I know Takara comes up with some weird names, but they're not marketing their toys at an English speaking demographic, and their employees predominantly don't speak English (and those who do would speak it as a second language). Hasbro markets their toys at English speaking markets, and I'd wager that most of their employees do speak English... some probably speak it as their first and ONLY language (thus I find such acts of butchery against the English language inexcusable).


    TFPRiD Vehicon's been as rare as hen's teeth for me. I've ever seen him ONCE in stores (and that was when I bought him). I only intend on getting one... not a fan of getting doubles, especially if it's short packed. I'm building my own little army of Vehicons but where none of them are actual doubles.



    L-R: First Edition Vehicon, Jet Vehicon, Arms Micron Vehicon, TFPRiD Vehicon

  12. One issue with Smallest Transforming Transformers is child safety regulations -- those things are tiny and have lots of very small parts which may (or may not) pass US safety standards. They don't even pass Japanese standards for children, which is why, if you look on the packaging, they are explicitly labelled "For Ages 15 and Up". <shrug> Sometimes Japanese toys fail US safety standards, other times US toys fail JP safety standards. I don't know if STTs would have passed Western toy standards or not, but it's may be a possible factor, even if someone at Hasbro were considering adapting them for their markets.


    Also... STTs came out 9 years ago... if you really wanted one, you should've just bought it then and there. They were readily available and pretty easy to find ('cept for the chase figures), and reasonably affordable (they were just regular retail store figures). But I think that goes with anything... if you want something, get it while it's out. Hasbro gave no indication that they were going to release it themselves -- you could have just bought them and left them sealed for a few months or a year to see if Hasbro would release it, then open it after they didn't. I mean, this year I bought the following toys from Japan because I wasn't sure if Hasbro was going to release them or not: DotM Deluxe Leadfoot, DotM Deluxe Quejack, DotM Deluxe Soundwave, Transformers Prime First Edition (they've never been released in Australia - and I don't think Hasbro released FE Vehicon at all did they?), TF Prime Arms Micron Skywarp & Breakdown... now at the time I purchased these toys I wasn't sure if Hasbro would release them locally. Even now there's still a chance that they could do Breakdown and it wasn't necessary for me to get one from Japan. But I wasn't willing to take that risk because I really wanted Breakdown, so I got one from Japan (crappy stickers and all :().

    Now in the case of DotM and TF Prime, I think Hasbro should release the toys that Takara has (maybe not Skywarp - he hasn't appeared in the show). It's inexcusable how they never released Leadfoot, Soundwave and Quejack -- and where the hell is Deluxe Mirage?!?!? But in terms of Robot Masters and STTs which were Takara-exclusive lines, I don't see any obligation on Hasbro's part to release those toys here. There would have been a lot of RM toys that might have shelf-warmed... Star Sabre, Victory Leo, those random repaints of Machine Wars, G2 and Beast Wars moulds etc. Optimus Prime and Starscream would've sold... Mirage maybe (though as a repaint I don't know if he'd fly off shelves)... as for the others, I'm really not sure, because we got or were still getting those moulds in Robots In Disguise. Like, how would Gigant Bomb and Smokesniper sell next to Dreadwing & Smokejumper? Kids will get either one set or the other... one of those sets would end up shelf warming due to cross-competition with each other. Although Hasbro doesn't seem to care about doing this when it comes to Bumblebee... :roll :P


    In any case, if you really want a toy, get it straight away. If you pass it up and wait, well... it's like crying over spilt milk, in'nit? ;)


  13. Basic Information

    Series - Transformers Masterpiece

    Sub-line - N/A

    Size/class - N/A

    New/remould/redeco - redeco of MP11 Starscream

    Wave - N/A

    Released here - N/A (released in Japan August 2012, Amazon exclusive)

    Approximate Retail Price - 13650JPY ($170)

    Approximate Size - 23cm

    Allegiance - Decepticon

    Alt-mode - F-15 fighter jet

    Main Features/Gimmicks - 'Masterpiece figure'

    Main Colours - amber, yellow, white

    Main Accessories - Coronation regalia: cape, crown, 2x shoulder-pads




    Note: This toy is a repaint of the new MP Starscream toy, so if you would like to know more about the core mould itself, please refer to an MP11 Starscream review.


    I never got MP11 (and I've yet to see one IRL), but I'm impressed by how solid this toy is -- a significant improvement from the original MP Seeker mould. The less vehicle accurate looking underside of the jet mode is an easily acceptable compromise for what is a much better action figure design. I don't know if the improvement is worth paying an extra 3650JPY ($45.65) for though... so considering the increased RRP I'm glad I skipped Starscream in favour of Sunstorm -- cos at least the exclusiveness makes the higher RRP easier to swallow (both MP11 and Sunstorm have the same RRP).


    The crown and shoulder pads are easy enough to clip on, but the cape is kinda cumbersome and gets in the way of some stuff in the back. But once you get it on it looks nice, but it's easy to mis-align during play. The cape's opening/closing gimmick is really nice. I like how the crown and shoulder pads are chrome purple... I wasn't expecting that. The transformation is simpler yet more elegant than the old MP Seekers, though clipping the main wings on can be fiddly/tricky. Same with manoeuvring the arm guns to the wings and back -- but I like how they tried to come up with a way to move those guns from the arms to the wings without actually detaching them, so kudos to TakTOM for the effort.


    The yellow and amber look kinda odd -- I think the toy would look better if they just made it primarily one colour or the other. But I suppose they wanted to break up the monotony (like on G1 Sunstorm), but honestly, the whites already achieve that. The airbrushing on the main wings is really nicely done, as is the "Tetrajet" logo on the sides of the cockpit area. Sunstorm has yellow "chopper flames" on his amber forearms, which is also a nice touch for the character. The toy pretty much features the same thing as all the other MP Seekers. It comes with a silver chrome "holographic pilot," which actually looks like a jet fighter pilot instead of another Dr Arkeville, so that's kewl.


    Recommended if you can get it at about RRP, which is already quite expensive (do ***NOT*** pay above RRP for this toy!). I give it 3 stars out of 5. A nice improvement, but the clashing yellow and amber is kinda odd, and there's nothing about this toy that justifies such the considerable hike in retail price.




    In robot mode w/ full coronation regalia



    Cape opened





    Robot mode sans regalia



    Comparison w/ G1 Sunstorm



    Chest missiles



    Jet mode. Inset: Flaming Tetrajet



    Radar dome & cockpit opened



    Air brake deployed. Inset: close up.



    Wing flaps down, engine canopy opened.


  14. Yeah... but I'm tempted by the trailer, Roller and Spike. :) I skipped MP04 even when it was released by Hasbro as a Target exclusive, cos as nice as the trailer was, it was an expensive item and it was "just the trailer" (no Roller). Hasbro's MP10 is slated to be approx. half the price of TakTOM's MP10 (which will make it even cheaper than MP Sunstorm's RRP!) -- so I'm definitely in to get me one of those. :D I intend to continue displaying MP01 in robot mode and Hasbro MP10 in vehicle mode. :)

  15. Ghost Starscream shelfwarmed for aaaaaages. Stupid overpriced TRU exclusive. It continued to shelf warm even after the price was heavily discounted. I've never seen a Masterpiece languish on shelves for so long.


    The Target exclusive Masterpieces, Ultra Magnus and MP04... I wouldn't exactly say that they 'shelf warmed', but they didn't fly off shelves either. Ditto the Hasbro versions of MP01 and MP Rodimus to a lesser extent. I've heard that MP Skywarp (which was a Toyworld exclusive here) kinda shelfwarmed too, though we don't have Toyworlds in Sydney so this is only based on what I've heard/read rather than what I witnessed first hand.


    Hasbro's TRU exclusive Starscream has got to be the hottest selling MP I've ever seen -- I remember seeing that thing come out just before Xmas, and by new year's they were all sold. And people who were waiting for post Xmas sales were complaining that they couldn't find any! Not surprising... I imagine a lot of collectors like me who got 'burnt' with Takara's underwhelming "Greenscream" quickly seized the opportunity to get a nicer MP Starscream (not just in terms of colours, but better plastic quality too).


    ...a friend of mine mistakenly thought my MP03 was some rare exclusive MP Acid Storm! :D Not a bad idea of a personal retcon! :)

  16. I've seen and handled MP10 IRL, it is a very nice looking toy. Shame about the smaller size and being all plastic though. The robot and alt modes are tight, but IIRC it doesn't have some of the neat features from MP01, like the shock absorbers in the ankles and wheels. But still a very nice toy in its own right - and of course, it comes with the trailer and Roller (MP04 (which was released by Hasbro as a Target exclusive) didn't come with Roller). But as nice as it is, I'm not prepared to pay the asking price -- especially because I already have MP01.


    I'm looking forward to getting Hasbro's version though at approx. half the price of Takara TOMY's, although judging from pictures the Hasbro colours don't look as nice. The darker colours on the TakTOM version does undoubtedly look better... but in terms of value for money, I'll wait for the Hasbro one. I just spent $170 on MP Sunstorm (the single most expensive MP I've ever bought), so... yeah. :P

  17. Actually, I think that's a fair point and I should have made that a poll option.

    Okay, if you think that only those sold individually should count and those that aren't shouldn't, please REPLY on this thread and say so (or just say "Option C"), and I will count those. If you have already voted yes or no and you would like to amend your vote, please say so. e.g. "I voted Yes, but I would like to change to Option C".


    Thanks. :)

  18. =================



    This thread poll is now null and void. Please use >>>this poll<<< instead. Apologies for any inconvenience.



    I recently got Transformers Prime War Breakdown and Skywarp who come with Zamu and Balo -- two Microns that you have to construct.


    Now, considering that the Universal Counting Method does not count Targetmaster partners, I feel that these Arms Microns also shouldn't count. The Arms Microns themselves don't even feel like proper Transformers action figures, to me they're like just these transformable accessories that you have to assemble yourself. I didn't even want to count PCC Mini-Cons (but alas, the majority voted for them to count).


    So let's put this to the vote -- should we be counting Transformers Prime Arms Microns separately or not? Be aware that this vote ONLY affects Transformers Prime Arms Microns - the ones that you have to assemble yourself. Previous existing Arms Microns (e.g. Misfire, Fracas etc.) and Mini-Cons will not be affected by the results of this poll (they will all continue to count). We're only talking about these "model kit" Arms Microns.


    Thank you for your participation. :)

  19. There's two emotions tha trump your golden rule: Temptation and Regret

    That's exactly how I feel about Ultimate Optimus Prime. But I got him on sale for below RRP, so it's no where near as regretful than if I'd paid above RRP for this toy that is - till this day - still shelfwarming. Keeping to the RRP rule minimises the level of buyer's remorse. ;)


    Why did you remind me that I don't own a DOTM deluxe Soundwave?

    You'd better not look at this then...


    :P Just teasin' ya dude. :D I only got this toy because I was able to get it at RRP. If you can't find this toy for around RRP then I don't blame you for not having it. I wouldn't if I couldn't.

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