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  1. KO's should NEVER be promoted AS an original toy.


    I thirst for certain variants, and if a KO maker provides a variation that is either too difficult or expensive to find, or it simply does not exist anywhere else, I would buy the KO. Or else MAKE a custom painted version to my desire.


    I did purchase the original Fansproject City Commander, Shadow Commander and DiaCommander sets, I don't believe the new Shattered Commander set is from them, but I bought it none the less. I also bought an extra KO DiaCommander to make a custom PM Prime variation (I have yet to complete).


    On top of this, I have the US Magnus, Prime, and the Hasbro release of Nemesis. The KO Shattered Prime and the KOLD Overload - blue Diaclone version. In addition to this, to WEAR the armor, I have KO's or customs for each! While the loose bots stand along side.


    Before KOLD made the blue Overload, I made a custom.


    Right now, my issue is the Botcon 2012 Turbo Tracks. I WANT one for a resonable price, but the last toy show I went to, the only way to get it was to buy the set. So either I pay someone seperately a LOT of money, or take a normal one and paint it. Since I wanted to customize it and make the head more feminine to be Road Rage, I might be better off using a $10 tracks and painting it vs spending $100 on a real one.


    But what of other variants, like the Red Mirage Classics toy? I bought an extra Mirage for $20, planning on custom painting it red like the diaclone version. I waited and waited and then a cheap KO Red Mirage came out, for $14? I bought that and the green variant, just so I could have another car on a race track. I can now sell the Classics Mirage and keep the KO, or make the Mirage a different color, black perhaps?


    We as collectors gota do what we gota do. I for one am thrilled that CHM made the Deep Cover variants, and bought both. Sure the arms fall off and are made of clear plastic painted white, and one of them came to me missing a head, it's fantastic KO FAN based companies created affordable customs like this, and if my TF lineup is missing a variant that they can provide then I'm gonna snag it, or custom paint it my self.


    Now SOMEBODY remake the dang classics prowl into blue bluestreak so I can give up on trying to brush paint one. The dang hood is glued shut from the paint and it's a bloody mess!

  2. Hey, there used to be some Transfan gatherings in South NJ, I was just at NJCC and heard someone mention something about that but forgot to ask...


    Is this still going on? Where do I find out about these? Couple TF parts I am looking for, to make a custom or 2.

  3. Since its a new page, I wanted to get as much stuff out there as quickly as possible. I only have Thursdays and Fridays usually to work on inventory.


    Response has been greater from the Commodore 64 news group I hit, but I did get some requests for prices on my TF stuff.


    There are 4 Tables up there now and we hope more of you will join up. It's not just TF stuff, but for me, the majority of my inventory will always have TF's as the main focus. Buying, selling and trading.


    I hope to conclude the first round of sales requests this weekend, shipping out the bought items will be a LOT easier than discussing prices and getting the deal done. There is a post office in my office building, or the USPS around the corner for international mailings (yea apparently my place of business didn't like me sending international stuff the first time I was shipping things via Ebay, so there's a policy against it now...nice).


    We are coming to a couple toy shows in the Tri-State area. May 6th 2012 NJCC "Attack of the Toys" I will be selling some of my things AND handing out flyers for the Mart, with special discount offers. See you there.

  4. Beats me, never been there. Goal here is to post what ever you want (legal) and sell or trade on line, just as you would renting out a table at a flea market or toy show. Trick is, it's CHEAP. Free for now, yearly subbscription later is REALLY cheap.


    Check out what I have going on for sale TF wise.


    I have a lot more loose things coming soon.


    Right now my main things are TF's and C64 items. I got hits from around the world about the C64 stuff so far.


    Update. I have seen Crave on FB, never paid much attention to it. Just visited the site for the first time, I happen to be sitting here with the programmer to our site, so I'm glad you brought this up.


    I'm not giving them my credit card info, have had both my card numbers stolen over the last year so I'm really hesitant on using it on line now, so I don't know how much Crave charges to sell on their site.


    First difference, crave appears to be rather complicated. Motto with our place is the more simple the better.

    Second HUGE difference is the Credit Card storage, we have NONE. There is NOTHING to steal from our site, we do not store card numbers at all. All transactions are between the buyer and seller, BigFleaMart has nothing to do with the deals made, so there is nothing for us to report anywhere else. BFM does scan for any 'Illegal' items and WILL remove them with out warning, other than that you can sell anything from Candles, Nick Nacks, Toys, Games, doesn't matter if it's $100 or $1.00, that's the sellers business.


    A lot of people are anti Face Book, only connection to FB at this point is what ever I post on my personal page about what I recently updated. I hear FB is about to sell all our personal info to advert companies... none of that on our site.


    I know a lot of people have shyed away from some of the auction sites because they disclose sellers income to the IRS, BFM won't track that sort of thing either.


    I have sold things on the Bay, at 2 Botcons and a dozen toy shows in the Tri-State area over the past 10 years, as well as local flea markets and even yard sales. At present this site combines the best of what these physical tables had to offer, with out the need to pack stuff up and lug everything across town or country.


    If you read my post on BFM, there was an article about someone who made $10K selling stuff on the popular auction site... it goes on to show how much the fee's and costs racked up, it's a HUGE difference. I don't know what Crave charges, I do know our site charges nothing for every sale, just the one time fee after the trial, exactly how it would be at a toy show or a flea market.


    Makes sense? It does to me, I'm tired of lugging 1/2 my unsold stuff back and putting it into storage every toy show or mart run. And I'm tired of the fee's and costs.


    This site can be as good as WE make it. Fun thing is, it's a little side project for us right now. I'm chatting with new people from around the world, Germans, Spain right now about some C64 games I have listed. I get to re-live the magic of these games and make some fellow collectors happy while getting stuff I don't want to a worthy home.


    Goal is to get rid of extra stuff from my collection, and have fun. Not to make money on the web site. If that was the goal, there'd be fee crazy BS to deal with like everywhere else.

  5. bigfleamart.com


    I'm getting more and more stuff up on my table to sell (or even trade).

    At present I have about 180 items! Cost from some popular sites with all those fee's would probably cost me an Arm and a Leg. Our site cost me next to nothing!


    This is no joke. I'm not some Spammer or Scam Artist. Just a collector trying to lighten his storage locker AND finding a better way to network with others and get things sold.


    The site is not intended to take the place of a real toyshow or auction site which could land someone a lot more money in a bidding war...but this does open the door to an easier and cheaper way to do business.


    Here's the list of all the Transformers and related that I have posted so far.


    Check out the site, DROP ME A LINE if you are interested in anything OR are interested in a FREE TABLE!



    TF - Action Master KO Prime Truck

    TF - Animated S - Blitzwing

    TF - Animated S - Lug Nut

    TF - Animated S - Optimus Prime

    TF - Animated S - Shockwave

    TF - Animated S - Wreckgar

    TF - Beast Machines - Black Arachnia

    TF - Beast Machines - Night Scream

    TF - Beast Machines - Noble

    TF - Beast Machines - Obsidian

    TF - Beast Machines - Snarl

    TF - Beast Machines - Storm Jet

    TF - Beast Machines - Tankor with box

    TF - Beast Wars - KO White Armorhide

    TF - Beast Wars - T-Wrecks

    TF - Beast Wars Ice Bird MOC

    TF - Beast Wars space ship figurines set

    TF - BOTCON - Catscan

    TF - BOTCON - Sandstorm

    TF - BOTCON - Cyclonus

    TF - BW - WM - TM - Blue Rat Trap

    TF - Classics - Lugnut

    TF - Classics - Megatron and Prime 2 pack

    TF - Classics - Power Glide - Maroon MIB

    TF - Classics Dirge MOC

    TF - Classics Grapple 1

    TF - Classics Grapple 2

    TF - Classics Grapple 3

    TF - Classics Scourge MOC

    TF - Diaclone Fortress X parts

    TF - Diaclone Switchblade KO

    TF - Energon - Red Alert Loose

    TF - G1 Collectors Brief Case

    TF - G1 Pencil set

    TF - G1 Starscream Clip

    TF - G1 Voice Changer Boxed

    TF - G1 Wheeljack Clip

    TF - Gobots - Frenzy

    TF - Grimlock/Swoop combiner

    TF - Machine Wars - hoist MOC

    TF - Masterpiece US Skywarp MIB

    TF - Masterpiece US Starscream MIB

    TF - Micromaster Jet Lot

    TF - Movie Lock thing

    TF - OMEGATRON - Loose/MIX

    TF - Override Triggerbot loose

    TF - Parts - Omega Supreme lot

    TF - Powerbots Helicopter

    TF - Pre TF Shackwave 1

    TF - Pre TF Shackwave 2

    TF - Pretender decepticon lizard guy paint

    TF - Pretender decepticon shark guy

    TF - Pretender Deluxe helicopter guy

    TF - Pretender Deluxe Red Car guy

    TF - Pretender Human with helmet - gray

    TF - Pretender Human with helmet - red

    TF - Pretender Human with no helmet

    TF - Pretender Motorcycle Deluxe

    TF - Takara Robot - Bomber train set parts

    TF - Takara Robot - Guardian Jet Police

    TF - Takara Robot - Land Bison Drill

    TF - Throttle Bots set

    TF - Transformers movie w optimus case

    TF - WST set of 4 seeker jets

    TF - WST Thrust in original box

    TF - WST Ultra Magnus - glow in the dark!

    TF Classics - Dirge

    TF classics - Slug Slinger

    TF Classics Jetfire

    TF G1 Clip Starscream

    TF G1 Clip Wheeljack

    TF Heros of Cybertron - Ratchet

    TF Heros of Cybertron - Megatron W Laserbeak

    TF Motor Jumbo

    TF Pentabot

    TF Pretender - Cloud Burst

    TF Pretender - Cross Blades

    TF Pretender - Sky Hammer

    TF Pretender - Vroom

    TF Takara Brave Big Powered - Shovel

    TF - VHS - Beastwars Pilot

    TF - VHS - Transport to Oblivion

    TF - VHS - Beastwars Transmetal Pilot

    TF Univ - Bruticus - 3 headded dog

    TF Universe Ramjet



    Here's some related items that might interest you.


    MR 09 = Dumper

    MR Anime Book Set of 2

    MR 11 = Dozer

    MR 11 = Dozer

    Plastic Cowboys, Army and other men

    Power Rangers - KO orig MegaZord parts

    Robotech - RC truck transformer

  6. So far I posted some cool stuff.


    Diaclone Switchblade Tripple changer, lose


    The Diaclone Fortress X body, missing a lot of accessories, but still a cool display piece.


    I have a boxed Frenzy voice changer from G1


    Soon I'll be posting more, and more.


    The site just raised the limit to the photo's so that makes things easier for me to skip shrinking the picts before posting.


    I have a G1 Throttle bot set

    Some deluxe pretenders comlete

    some other odd ball items as well.


    Check it out.

  7. Hey, most of you know me, Backfire aka The Weeter, transfan, customizer, fan fic writer and buyer/seller of our favorite subject, Transformers.


    Well I have sold toys at Botcons, toy shows and on line through Ebay, even real flea markets, all the while taking notes on what worked and what was really a pain in the arse. Ebay just costs too much money in fee's. Sneeze and you get charged a buck! And these toy shows, though I LOVE the atmosphere, are really a pain to load up the truck at the crack of dawn, drag my stuff across the state to set up on some little 6ft table and hope I don't have to take 1/2 of the same stuff home.


    There IS a better way! http://www.bigfleamart.com/


    A buddy of mine has been taking notes, hanging with me to come up with a really simple and easy on line flea market set up. It's still NEW and subject to some changes, but for right now I have about 100 items up for sale, cost me 1 small flat rate for EVERYTHING, just like if you were to rent a space at a local flea market or a toyshow. No fee's if you post something for $1 to $100 %'s. No fee's on how much you sell something for! NADA! Just the starter fee to open a table and you can post what ever you want (within reason!) There's even a wanted section where you can post what you are looking for.


    At the very least check out my stuff, Backfire2187. If you are interested in anything, drop me a line. All transactions are between the buyer and seller, the store does not have a hand in any of the transaction, though items are monitored for any 'improper' items, like you can't sell your Grandma for crack!



    If you decide to become a vendor, just fill out the forms and we'll hook you up. If you can post a picture on Facebook, you can post something for sale on your own table. It's really simple to use, and unlimited on how much you want to sell, did I mention there are NO Fee's after the opening fee (at this time, extras down the road might require a small fee, like advertising space and things like that.)


    If you are sick of getting dinged every which way with Ebay, tired of trecking across the countryside to haggle at shows, and want a better, cheaper way to post things on line, check us out!


    Let them know Backfire sent ya!

  8. I bought a KO Alternators Nemesis Prime so as to make a custom Diaclone Magnus aka Powered Convoy, and stupid me didn't notice that it came with the ABT Upgrade gastank set that transforms into his gun.


    Not only that, but mine came with 2 sets.


    Yippie! So TFsource has them for $30 a piece, so I just saved $60.


    I bought the thing months ago and it's been sitting on a shelf at my old home all this time.


    One of these days I will have to get my real BT Prime and real Nemesis out and they can fight over who gets the extra rifle, because one is for Overload/Nightwatch here.


    Hmm, probably should make a White version also...


    Mind you, I had to glue the tank section back together on one of them so far, but $30... WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

  9. The size of the PE Reflector BOTHERS ME!!!! Has since day 1. That's the only complaint I have for the original set I dropped 100 on. I would show it to some friends of mine and they'd ask "You paid how much for that little thing?"


    The fact that the KO is made of such lousy plastic doesn't take away from the awesome design of this toy. On my future shelf, I am going to have the set, as is, with the real PE in front in camera mode, along side Sonicron and the rest.


    Maybe I should have stuck with the blue spark Soundwave and just sprung for one instead of Sonicron, but having just the white one is not good enough to make the cut of THE Classics G1 Decepticon spot.


    What to do for a Blaster is the next question...

  10. G1 Shockwave, plastic likes to break where the chest meets the back, especially at the shoulders.


    G1 car bots like Prowl, windshields.


    Classic story back in 84 when my friend Chris got a G1 Prowl, I slept over and was playing with Prowl while he was playing a game on the C64. We went down to breakfast and when we can back up the door was broken off. Still do not know how that happened, but he tried to make me give him the door off mine, so I snapped it off and broke the thing in front of him so both our doors were busted.


    TransMetal 2 Dragon Megatron, the wings break with ease.


    Jetfire G1 Wingpod attachment hinge

  11. I really don't like the way that Shattered Glass Soundwave looks....


    I agree on ML Soundwave though, I would love to pick that guy up someday....


    Music Label Soundwave, especially with the Reprolabels for him, looks fantastic with my Classics figures.




    Of course, I suppose at $30, Sonicron would be the more econimical choice, where as good luck finding a sonic blue Music Label soundwave for anything less then $100, if not more.



    Since most of my toys are in storage while my wife and I find a house, I did a quick photo shop of these picts and added the KO PE Reflector over top of the original.





    If I were you, I'd get the KO set and have it hold the original in camera mode, just as you have the little megatron gun in Screamers hands.

  12. It really is amazing how far we have come as a fan base, for some cleaver transfans to get together and make fantastic products like this thing. Watched a couple reviews on youtube, apparently the BTS company improved on the mold for the B figure - soundblaster, but some of the reviews just didn't address some of the same issues I had.


    One stated that the deck would not stay closed with the cassette inside, I found that if you hold the button down, close the deck and then release it locks safer and secure. I have had MANY G1 soundwaves, and KO's and one of the most horrible breaks on the toy is the dang cassette door tab. Impossible to fix so that it works ever again with replacing the whole door. So I ease the door closed by holding the button down and then releasing when closed.


    I really don't care that the buttons don't actually work on the toy, they look great and have fantastic detail. I have the Blasters from Microchange where the buttons DO work, as well as the speakers in his legs, so I think unless this thing was made to actually record and play back sound, it doesn't matter to me.


    The blaster worked with using a special cassette that was a radio, the dial on the side of the chest actually tuned the frequency on the AM dial for the cassette. I wonder if they could have engineered a YackBack type of record and play back cassette for this toy? That was a fairly small device, simple and would nail the voice recorder idea.

  13. I finally exchanged presents with my oldest friend, and he bought me a Sonicron figure.


    Now I have a Music Label White Soundwave and think that toy is really great, so this new update to the original had a lot to live up to.


    Robot mode is fantastic looking on display. All the parts to his weapons fit inside for tape deck mode, including the barrel of the rifle. It features 2 heads to choose from, though I prefer the one that is already attached. The only thing so far I don't like about robot mode is this long flap that extends out his rear. I may have transformed it wrong but I don't believe so.


    Likes: Pose-ability is great. Details are outstanding, every little button and label on the toy is great looking. Buttons are clear red which look cool. Tape deck is spring loaded and pops out nicely. Captures the character well.


    It DOES work with the original cassettes, which is really cool.


    Ball and socket joints, of sorts for the head, wrists, waist. Just about every joint works well. Great looking on display as a robot.


    Cassette deck is great looking too...IF you can get it to transform with out breaking. I gave up on my first try, the 3 tooth tab and groove connectors have me worried they will break or wear. It's just with the legs I am having some difficulty, the rest is fairly easy, except for bits that had fold out doors, like the arms and head. YOu have to pry open a flap or door so that the body part can swivvle away, that's not easy, at least on the first try. Then there is the mid section that can push into the torso. It has a spring loaded section that locks it into place, problem with that is it seems to jam a bit. I just used a pen to push down from the inside to pop it back into robot mode.


    What I think they should have done is used the magnets found in the boxes flap and put them in the legs to hold them together instead of these 3 tooth tabs.


    Which do I like better? It's a tough call. ML SW is cool, plays actual music, but doesn't work with the original tapes, plus mine is white, so it's shattered glass SW. The headphones that made into rumble and frenzy were a good idea, just think they could have executed it better.


    For $30-40 I'd go with Sonicron and probably NEVER transform it. I may wind up having to tone down the overly complicated tab system for transform if I am to transform it again, ruining the value.


    I hope somebody comes out with a cassette transforming Rumble and Frenzy that works with this thing.

  14. This season for my Xmas present to my self, I bought a few KO toys that I had my eye on for some time. With the recent demise of KOtoys, I figured one last bash incase everything suddenly became scarce.


    I picked up the Binaltech Smokescreen Red-White and Blue KO toy. Nicely done. Diecast and plastic like a Binaltech, quality is pretty good, detailing is fantastic, just a few minor paint errors or scratches. I had to modify the hole for the hood hatch hinge (say that 3 times fast) so the peg would rest where it belongs. Other than the usual wobblie midsection part common with these KO BT's, it's pretty great. The only thing I will change is the head, needs to be blue, and perhaps slap on a 38 sticker on the hood and doors. Other than that great toy.


    KO Targetroid set of 4. I have no idea what I'm supposed to do with these things. The Megatron is great, very posable and detailed, Optimus is kinda lame, as is screamer and roddie. I think the trigger or handle for the gun mode got lost in translation somewhere along the line. I am interested in how the real megatron-like TR works and might consider getting one. The gun mode for optimus reminds me of gun mode for one of the kronoform watch bots or a blockman. They really should remake that line with more poseable blockbots like Dave B made.


    I got a KO Seacon set, reason being I don't have a KO Seacon set. I have KO sets of all the other G1 combiners and those colors makes it lookg good to work with the Energon Sharkticon. The main thing I noticed is that I think they made the turtle bot too small. I have yet to examine the toy out of the package but everything looks like it was included from the original series, cept some of the bots were dummed down, meaning that they all used to be interchangable, not some can only be legs and some can only be arms. For a display piece and the cheap price, it should be interesting for the shelf.


    ANOTHER PE Reflector set. This time I was able to piece together 1 nice set out of the 2 I have, all 3 purple heads and feet, the center bot has a purple chest while the side bots have green. Their arm colors keep the purple and green going, purple shoulders and green arms for the side bots, the opposite for the center bot. I chose the purple lense with green sides, and the green shield to round it off. Unfortunaltey the green shield has some gaps on the front of the camera edge, which is a shame but having a good looking reflector means I will have to live with it, perhaps fix it. Capped it off with the mirrored lense finish. NOW I can have this toy in bot mode on she shelf for display and not have it jump out as UGLY any more.


    I'll post pictures at another time. Working on a cool Dinogeist custom that I hope to have finished soon.

  15. Now that Hasbro likely shut them down, Hasbro can bring all the great figures KOToys was 'counterfeiting' to the shelves. [/sarcasm]


    Actually, you'd think maybe that would happen. So KOToys made a successful web page business selling some remade toys that Hasbro and takara didn't bother to make them selves. You'd think maybe a little bell or light bulb (oh wait, traditional light bulbs are illegal now arn't they?) would go off and they'd realize HEY, old school collectors are eating this stuff up. We could make some money if we sell this stuff?


    I'm just pissed because there were more variations they could have made for us that Hasbro and Takara were not going to. I'd want a BLUE Bluestreak classics toy, Just have to paint one my self.


    I think as long as the other stores focus mainly on the third party products they should be OK. I think KO toys would have been ok if they had just kept making variations like Deep Cover.

  16. I had the same thought about them going too far with the dino cassettes and the headmaster heads.


    I would have been happier if they produced the cassettes but reversed the colors so there was definitely a way to distinguish the KO from the real thing. Now I'll never have that set.


    I got almost the entire seeker series from them, at least I have that.


    I hope they come back in a different manor, I was considering some of those kits, I WANT MORE SUNSTREAKER HEADS.

  17. Their store is closed, message board just says it's closed as of today.


    Anybody know why?


    Where am I supposed to get my cool (KO) variants to add to my collection of originals that Takara/Hasbro didn't make???


    This wasn't supposed to happen until 2012!!!!

  18. I've told this story before so I will tell it again as short as I can.


    NJ Toy Expo, 1997ish, Men in black production. Hasbro was there.


    They presented different versions of Optimus and asked fan's like me (whom they knew my former handle with out me telling them based on my old custom work - IE they knew me) Pictures are now what we know as Animated Series Optimus for one. There was a Anime styled Optimus but I don't believe it was anything like the Bay-formers.


    Hasbro and Takara have more things under wraps then most of us will ever know.


    Problem is right now the big thing is the movie line and the latest series, Prime. Personally, I like the Animated series the best and hope they bring that back some time.


    We had gotten our dribs and drabs for the collectors and that keept us going, however now I don't believe the Generations/Classics/Universe line is being continued so now what??? That's where the third party groups come into play.


    We have evolved. I'm an old school customizer my self, some of my ideas were remade and mass produced, even improved upon. Cool. But now we have smarter people productionized their work and can produce products that can hit collectors like us that can afford to pay a little more for specialized toys.


    Back to the front, right now Hasbro has their 2 hands in play, the movie line and the latest series, prime. All their products should work with these series - advertising tha promotion with the "long toy commercial" of a series.


    I can look at some of the new toys coming out from Hasbro, and see a lot of potential for a custom character, or appreciate it for the playable work of art that it is. It might not have the appeal as the old school toys but I'm glad the line is still around that I can share some of the moments with my nephews.


    Be glad that Hasbro (as far as I know) has not started a legal fury against these third party companies and totally shot down the wonderful things being created. All this keeps the spirit of the Transformers alive and creativity flowing. With out that, for me, it's just a bunch of toys.


    Don't count Hasbro and Takara out. Ever.

  19. I just posted the topic on my FB page, figured I'd carry it over here.


    What's YOUR favorite Holliday TF story?


    Mine was 85 or 86, I had asked Santa for Soundwave, and hoped that my sisters and I each got the TF's we wanted. My one sister got Skywarp and the other asked for Optimus.


    So I outfoxed Santa, about 3AM I woke up and snuck down stairs. I figured out which of my presents was Soundwave and smuggled it back to my room, where I played with the tapedeck and buzzsaw under the covers until I fell asleep again.


    Everyone got up and went down to open presents that Santa left us, later in teh confusion I shot back up stairs and brought Soundwave down. When my Mother asked when I opened it I just said awhile ago...


    Later that morning, I had all 3 bots hanging out, sweet.


    However, this was the year that Mom showed us the JC Pennies catalog, and we had to circle which transformer we wanted the most (so she could show santa) and in the catalog it showed the seeker jets coming with little people, which we now know as Drivers. I was puzzled as to where the little guy for Skywarp was.


    What's yours?


    More to the point, LET'S SEE WHAT YOU MADE!!!!


    TONIGHT!If I can get my wife off her 360.


    But Im interested on what youve done also.Pic?


    I'll have to snag my unfinished custom out of storage, just got married a couple months ago and most of my stuff is in storage.


    What I did with Leader 1 so far was to reverse the arms, so they bend backwards and still fit inside the chest cavity in jet mode. And swapped the knees so the legs also bend backwards. I actually got a couple KO's that came that way so fixing them gave way to the custom.


    What I have to do now is come up with a hinge so that the wings fold flat instead of spin around. I could use one extra wing actually but for now I'm using the unfinished thundercrackers wings. Fold them flat and customize the head to make it look like Leader 1's. Paint and slap on some decals. Everything else the way it's designed looks good.


    Tonight my mission is to go to a dollar store and find some plastic mirrors that I can cut up and use to customize the lense and flash for the KO reflector.

  21. I bought all the variations out there available. KO or Original. I started to make some customs, like a Thundercracker, but then they came out with a KO and I bought that...then they came out with the US version sof about $20 less so I yelled DOH!


    My next project is to make a Gobots Leader 1 out of a Starscream, and I'd like to make an all black Seeker jet. Or taking that cheap white and maroon jet, and redoing it in Jetfire colors. I think that would look cool!


    The CHMS KO's are so good, you don't need to go nuts making a variation, unless you want an original.


    More to the point, LET'S SEE WHAT YOU MADE!!!!

  22. http://forums.TFormers.com/talk/index.php?app=gallery&module=user&user=6066&do=view_album&album=1403


    I fell in love with the toy mold for Animated Arcee the first time I saw the toy. SO glad that Hasbro FINALLY released a decent version of Arcee after 25+ years!


    KO toys showed up with 2 more variants, the Medic and Chromia, blue and green. I spotted those and definitely had to get these little ladies as well. Prime's Angels! I just wish I knew where I put my original Arcee... DOH!


    KO toys had this great deal, get all 3 variants for 1 good price, so I immediately thought, CUSTOM!


    It's been 27+ years, TIME FOR NIGHT BIRD!!!!


    A little work to take the pink KO Arcee apart, primer gray most of the body. A dash of purple and black with a splash of gold and DAMN she looks GOOD!


    I posted a comment on KO toys forum but I'm outa storage space to upload. Figured I's share here.


    I really like how it turned out, and hope that it inspires the KO makers to try out this color skeme also!

    Maybe a nice black and silver paint application?


    Forgot to put the wings on in car mode, they are black. Have not decided on the racing stripes yet.



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